BOOLit entertainment Apps

Dragon Fly High 1.2.1d
Become the cute dragon and fly and soar highin the sky, collecting bonuses to increase your speed, time andhealth. Secret at a certain speed happens.How to play:- tap on the screen to move the dragon to that spots- tap on the dragon to use dragon fire breath. Good for removingflying obstacles- collect bonuses to replenish your health and time or to increaseyour speed- don't use fire breath on bonuses as they will decrease that whichthey should replenish- try to reach the speed of sound and break the sound barrier- get the as far as you can- be the fastest in the worldFeatures:- Simple touch controls- Fire breath- Effects that make the experience that much more of an adrenalinrush- The cutest little dragon you ever seen- Leaderboards- Achievements- Graphics can be altered for better performance- Optimized for any screen size
Pit Runner 1.5.1c
Escape from the sewers. Jump to freedom butdon't smash your head on the ceiling or drown! There will be blood!Addictive game with retro graphicsHOW TO PLAY:- quick tap for a small jump. Use this for jumping across the gaps.Be careful not to jump to high so you don't break your head- tap and hold for a high jump. This is for jumping to the nextlevel and scoring points.- wall jumps are executed by jumping on walls. But again be carefulnot to jump on a wall that is under the celling. You will surelybreak your head and dieFeatures:- simple one touch controls- great retro graphics- fun and challenging- leaderboards- simply awesomeI wanted to make a simple running and jumping game, that's easyto pick up and play. A lot of addictiveness factor.
Tilt planes vs. aliens 1.1.0b
Aliens have invaded Earth and it's every manfor himself! Defend yourself and blast those aliens like we didback in the day of classic retro gaming! Chose the plane you feelmost comfortable with and fly trough the endless sky. Be the bestalien slayer in the world if you can! Simple to play butchallenging so its never boring! Try Tilt planes vs. aliens!Endless fun and best game you could have on you android device!How to play:- tilt your phone to move the plane up or down. You can invert thetilt in options- touch the screen to shoot- for every flying saucer destroyed you get paid, for everyspacecraft destroyed you get paid- buy planes with money- buy all the planes in the tier to advance to the next tier- destroy anything to score a point- be the bestFeatures:- 18 unique planes to buy and unlock- unique controls- awesome retro graphics- awesome retro sound- in game ester eggs (can you spot them)- online leaderboards
Fortune Cards Fun (TAROT) 1.6
Have fun reading fortunes to your friends orreading it for yourself. Every card has its own description of whatit means and what it stands for, so you can easily read what thefuture hold.IMPORTANT!Hello all! Thanks to everyone who downloaded this app andsupported me with ratings and comments. I would just like to informeveryone that I am not a profesional fortune reader nor do Icompletely know how to read fortune cards. I once bought a pack ofcards for about 5$ and thought it was good silly fun for reading tomy friends but I also understood that people do know how to readthese cards and are very good at it.I made this app in the same spirit as if you went to a store andbought a pack of tarot cards exept I am giving this pack away forfree. The way cards are read differs from person to person and itis up to you to find a way that best suits you. If you dont knowhow to start google it.If my app prevents you from reading the way you would like pleasesend me an email what you need and I will try to inplement it.Thank you all!
OrBrix: brick smash 1.53
Different take on a classic arcade pingpongbrick smasher. Control the paddle by rotating your phone. Hitthebricks to destroy them. The 30 original challenges andstunninggraphics make this a "must have" for you android device.Collectjewels and by upgrades like more life, better paddles, moretimeand more for challenge mode. If you don't like challenges andaremore of arcade style gaming then play arcade mode. Compete intheworlds leaderboards classic arcade style.How to play:- tilt your phone to move the paddle. The paddle alwayspointsdown.- destroy bricks by hitting them with the ball- collect crystals by hitting them with the ball- touch the bombs to make them explode. Upgrade this bonusforbigger radius- buy upgrades with crystals to make challenges easier for youFeatures:- Accelerometer controls- 42 challenges spanning from easy to advanced modes- Buy upgrades with jewels collected from challenge mode- Arcade mode for those targeting the highest score- Beat your friends in the leaderboards- Have awesome fun