DivPad - Step by Step Math 5.6.2
Now supporting the complete set of addition, subtraction,multiplication, division and square root. DivPad computesarithmetic operations on decimal numbers, providing detail on eachstep, as if done by hand on a blackboard. The procedure can be'replayed' to review individual steps. Useful for learning andchecking math homework.
Word Columns Free 1.2.1
Puzzle game. A Columns/Letris variant, the goal is to spell as manywords as possible using falling block of letters. Words can beformed horizontally and vertically, direct or reverse.Scoremultipliers are awarded depending on word length, game level andspecial chain reaction combos.This is the free, ad-supportedversion of the game. An ad-free version will also be availablesoon, at special price.
MySudoku 1.2
Play, solve and write Sudoku puzzles. Hundreds of boards areincluded, and you can create your own. Clean, streamlined interfacerequiring minimal typing.Features:Pencil marks calculator(automatic or manual).Hint engine supporting standard sudokupatterns (singles, pairs, triples, hidden and locked candidates,X-Wings, nice loops, forcing chains and more).Unlimitedundo.Brute-force solver.Now also available: MySudoku PRO, includinga thousand new puzzles!
Automatic andritxol 1.2
Generador aleatorio de apotegmas posiblemente polémicos.Elcontenido producido tiene intención exclusivamente satírica ynorefleja las opiniones de ninguna persona existente.Randomgeneratorpossibly controversial maxims. The content is producedexclusivelysatirical and does not reflect the views of any existingperson.