BTFIT: Online Personal Trainer - Fitness Class
Working on your summer body for next season? Download the fitnesscoach BTFIT to have access to abs classes, fitness dance and cardiodance classes, yoga training and more indoor exercises. All of itwith a personal trainer online to define a fitness routine for yourhome training. Either you want to lose weight and build muscle,start a healthier routine, obtain a better body shape or improveyour physical conditioning, BTFIT will help you to achieve yourgoals with workout class. This year is the one in which you’llbuild muscle and achieve the summer body of your dreams! You needto get to know BTFIT’s Online Personal Trainer. Yoga Training,Abdominal exercises, Cardio Dance, Fitness Dance to do indoorexercises to build muscle, lose weight and build the body shape ofyour dreams. Do home training! Get the best personal trainers forindoor training. Enjoy the better body shape through a home workoutroutine. BTFIT connects you with a personal trainer that helps youexercise at home. The workout app, your personal trainer online, isavailable to personalize your workout. Accomplish the fitness bodyshape faster through indoor training and get ready to achieve yoursummer body. Access yoga exercises, fitness classes, abdominalclasses, cardio dance, fitness dance, bootcamp and more! WORKOUTROUTINES All you need is 15 minutes per day of home training to getthe fitness body you always dreamt of. Exercising at home is easywith personal trainer online. Personalized exercises with a fitnesscoach to build muscle, lose weight and have the perfect body shapefor you. With the fitness tracker, you can follow-up on how manycalories you are burning in each exercise and your overallperformance with your fitness plan. TONE YOUR BODY WITH A FITNESSPLAN Using the workout app BTFIT, you’ll be able to workout onlineor offline. Do you want to workout at the gym? Exercise at home?Wherever you are, it’s easy to do your workout routine and get yourideal body shape. Personal trainer online and fitness tracker onthe app to make your fitness plan easier in a home training. Groupfitness classes and fitness coach to motivate you at any time inyour workout class. YOGA TRAINING CLASSES Strengthen your body andmind practicing yoga. Improve your physical conditioning andflexibility with a home workout routine. 15-MINUTES WORKOUTROUTINES Reach your goals working out with a personal traineronline! A fitness plan that fits into your schedule. Indoortraining to get the fitness body you want. GROUP CLASSES Workingout can be much easier when you have other people pushing you.Including workouts in your routine is a lot easier with the GroupClasses. New classes added every day, so you can workout when andwherever you want! ABS EXERCISES Learn how to make abdominal,conquer the six-pack and build the muscles of your dreams. Abs andstrengthening exercises to guide you through your journey to afitness body doing exercises and abdominal at home. BOOTCAMP In thebootcamp classes, you have access to 20-minutes high-caloriesburning exercises! Practice intense workout anytime. Use theworkout app to get indoor training. CARDIO DANCE When you dance,you improve your physical resistance. Exercise at home! Lose weightwhile having fun with the cardio dance group classes. ONLINEPERSONAL TRAINER BTFIT Fitness app allows you to have access to apersonal trainer online to do indoor exercises. Get custom workoutsto accomplish the fitness body you want within your bodyspecificities and goals. Home workout routines selected for you!Abdominal, fitness dance, cardio dance and more indoor exercises tobuild muscle with workout class! Sign up for BTFIT Premium and tryout a home workout routine! Workout at home with the help of thepersonal trainer online. Install the workout app and access fitnessclasses, cardio dance, practice yoga, abdominal and keep track ofyour performance in indoor exercises using the fitness tracker!