BYJU'S – The Learning App
Fall in Love with learning!Stay on top in every subject with classes from India’s bestteachers including Byju Raveendran, using state of the arttechnology for visualization. Understand and master all conceptsright from High School Foundation Class 6-12 Math & Science toCompetitive Exam Prep like JEE, AIPMT, CAT & IAS.Features:- Engaging Video Lessons: Designed by India’s Best Teachers, theseunique video class modules will give you complete understanding ofeven the most complicated concepts in such a simple way that youwill fall in love with learning. Special Modules on ICSE, CBSESample Papers for Class 7-10 students and AIPMT & IITJEEcoaching for Class 11-12 students.- For CAT Aspirants, video lectures directly from Byju and Santoshthemselves and complete test series (over 200 chapterwise tests)and 20 Full Length Mocks.-Complete syllabus coverage: The modules are planned in a way as toprovide complete coverage of all state-level Boards, ICSE and CBSEsyllabus for class 10, 9, 8 and 7. Complete IIT JEE Preparation andAIPMT Preparation for Class 11-12.- Chapter wise Tests for Class 7-12: Large collection of fulllength and topic based tests including IITJEE and AIPMT Mock Tests& ICSE and CBSE sample papers for class 10 to 7. Also practicetest based on Class 10th Question Papers for CBSE, ICSE & StateBoards.- Detailed Analysis: View detailed analysis of your progress andperformance which will help you plan even better and improve yourperformance.- Personal Mentors & Guides: Get your doubts cleared by ourmentors who are from top institutions like IIT/IIM – lay solidfoundation for IIT JEE preparation.- Adaptive Learning: Learn in a way that works best for you throughour adaptive learning modules which are designed to cater to eachstudent’s personal learning needs.With 6.5 Lakh+ likes on Facebook, we are the most liked EducationCompany on Facebook!Proven Results: Thousands of Our students have been using themobile learning and tablet training modules for CAT, IAS &IIT-JEE coaching successfully and have consistently secured topranks in all competitive exams. With a total of 87 Civil Servicesselections, 4 rank-holders in IIT top 100, a success ratio of 1 outof every 7 student getting an IIM Call and thousands of happystudents & parents, all in the launch year of this new mode oflearning itself, we have proven beyond doubt that a love forlearning can and does produce great results!!Awards that came our way- Although we don’t consider this of primeimportance, it makes us feel extremely proud that our work has beenrecognized by almost every major media house. A few notablementions are -1. CNBC TV18 Crisil Emerging India Award for Education2. Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India and Fast 500 Asia Award3. NDTV Profit Business Service Excellence Award4. ET Now Education Excellence AwardOur vision is to make learning such an enjoyable process thatstudents begin to learn not just for exams, but for life!!
Think and Learn | Class 4 & 5 2.0.4
FALL IN LOVE WITH LEARNING! Help your kids master Math and Scienceconcepts using engaging and immersive video lessons that explainevery concept in the curriculum in a simple, yet fun way. TheBYJU’S Math & Science App for class 4 and 5 is speciallydesigned to offer younger children a platform to explore the worldof numbers and basics of science through games, interactive videos,and quizzes. Delivered by some of India’s best teachers, the uniquecombination of games, simulations and fun byte sized videos helpstudents understand abstract and complex concepts of Math andScience easily. Offering an effective learning experience, the appcreates personalized learn journeys for individual students basedon their proficiency levels. In the BYJU’S Math & Science app,experiential learning is driven through games. This strengthenstheir foundation as well as helps them understand how Math andScience concepts are applied and used in real life. The app offersa complete and comprehensive learning program for Class 4 & 5students across– CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IGCSE and more. Itdevelops all essential skills that are needed to help preparestudents to do well in school building a solid foundation for asuccessful future in education. FEATURES ★ Engaging Video Lessonsdeveloped by India’s best teachers ★ Application and Simulationgames to guide experiential learning ★ Interactive puzzles andquizzes ★ 1000s of testing and practice questions designed asgameplay ★ Consistent motivation and rewards system ★ Completesyllabus coverage – broken down by all chapters and concepts ★Analysis and Reports – Receive reports on your child’s progress andproficiency ★ Personalized Learning – games, questions and lessonsadapted specifically for your child 100% KID-FRIENDLY CONTENT Thisapp does not feature any advertisements or pop-ups that caninterrupt the learning experience for students. ENGAGING PLAY Themain aim of this app is to teach children concepts in an easy andfun way. Use of gamification helps maintain high level ofengagement among younger audiences. This will help them get overthe fear of Math and Science by learning it in the correct way! Theapp has been designed as an exciting adventure map where all topicsand concepts are explained in the form of games, educationalvideos, interactive puzzles and activities. PROVEN RESULTS 93% ofthe parents reported an improvement in their children's gradesafter using the application. Millions of our students have beenusing the mobile learning and tablet training modules for variouscourses successfully and have consistently secured top ranks in allcompetitive exams. We have proven beyond doubt that a love forlearning can and does produce great results! ABOUT BYJU’S BYJU’S isIndia’s largest education company and the creator of India’slargest K12 learning app which offers highly adaptive, engaging andeffective learning programs for students in classes 4-12 (K-12) andcompetitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, etc. Launched in 2015,BYJU’S has become the most loved and preferred education app forstudents across age groups. ☆ AWARDS ☆ Here is the list of notableaccolades that we have received - 1. Business Standard Start Up ofthe Year Award (2017) 2. Express IT Awards Newsmaker of the Year(2017) 3. Winner of Amazon Mobility Awards for EstablishedEducation App of the Year ( 2017) 4. Winner of CNBC TV18 YoungTurks of the Year Award (2017) 5. Winner of Deloitte TechnologyFast 50 India and Fast 500 Asia Award (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,2016, 2017) 6. Winner of Reimagine Education Awards for the BestEducational App (2016) 7. Listed as the “Best Self Improvement” Appin India by Google Play (2016) 8. Winner of VC Circle Awards forEducation Company of the Year (2016) 9. Winner of Global Mobile AppAward-Education (2016) With over a million likes on Facebook, weare among the most liked Education Company on Facebook!
BYJU'S KG, Std.1-3 | Disney • BYJU'S Early Learn 3.1.0
Learning is fun, engaging and comprehensive with the Disney •BYJU'S Early Learn app! A special offering from BYJU'S (Think andLearn Pvt. Ltd. - India’s most valuable EdTech company) incollaboration with Disney India, this app will open doors to aworld of knowledge. The personalised experience offers customisedsmart interactive journeys that seek to adapt to individuallearning patterns. The application features Disney’s timelessstories and characters, including those from Disney Princess,Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, Lion King and more! The app offering isbuilt on the content expertise of BYJU’S, enhanced with Disney’sengaging stories and beloved characters. The program offers afirst-of-its-kind integration of offline to online ‘learn by doing’experience with digitally enabled worksheets that offer real-timefeedback. The application creates a friendly environment andtransports young minds to a world of interactive videos,educational games, engaging quizzes, and activities. The app hasbeen diligently crafted by the in-house R&D team of 1000+creators at BYJU’S. Key Features: • Features Disney’s timelessstories and characters, including Disney Princess, Frozen, Cars,Toy Story, Lion King and more • Personalised learning programs foryoung minds • 1000s of animated videos, games, stories andinteractive quizzes • Interactive games designed to pique curiosity• Experiential learning activities and digitally enabled worksheetsthat aid hands-on practice and offer real-time feedback • Astate-of-the-art parental reporting system that offers detailedlive progress reports ABOUT BYJU’S BYJU'S is India's largesteducation technology company and the creator of India's largest K12learning app which offers highly adaptive, engaging and effectivelearning programs for young learners in K-12 and competitive examslike JEE, NEET, CAT, etc. Launched in 2015, BYJU’S has become themost loved and preferred education app for students across agegroups. BYJU'S helps in developing essential skills that are neededto help prepare students to do well in school, building a solidfoundation for a successful future in education. BYJU’S drivesexperiential learning through engaging games and interactivequizzes. This helps students strengthen their foundation as well ashelps them understand how Math and Science concepts along withEnglish Arts are applied and used in real life alleviating theirfear of exams. BYJU'S uses state of the art technology to ensurethat learning modules are supplemented with unparalleledvisualizations. The BYJU'S App has been designed to help make everystudent fall in love with learning and make education moreenjoyable.
Think and Learn | Parent Connect 3.4.0
The app helps parents stay up-to-date with their child’s progressand performance from BYJU’S Learning App. A child performs bestwhen her parents help her in her studies on an ongoing basis. TheParent Connect app is designed to provide the real-time update tothe parents that helps them be more involved with child's progress.Feature: 1. In-depth progress for each subject at the chapterlevel. This helps parents have a better study plan for their childand focus on the chapters that are lacking. 2. A quick glancethrough recent achievements by the child. Time to celebrate thoselittle successes. 3. Graphical representation of the amount of timechild involved with the BYJU’S Learning App. Understand how muchtime the child is studying each subject. 4. Test and Practiceperformance for each subject. Parents can know the subjects thatneed more attention. 5. Suggested actions for each subjectdepending on progress and performance of the child in each chapter.The app aims to build a stronger and closer connect between parentand child. The app is a great help for parents to know when theirchild needs immediate attention. Parents’ motivation and attentioncan help a child study lot better and Parent Connect app is a greathelp for parents in that direction.
Think and Learn | Tutor+
Tutoring app for BYJU'S Premium Users. BYJU'S - Tutor App is thelatest offering from BYJU’S (World’s most valuable EdTech company)to help students learn from teachers in real time. Students can nowconnect with tutors on demand or in pre-scheduled sessions on aninteractive live platform who will help clear doubts and gainconceptual clarity! How students can use the app: Clear doubtsanytime and anywhere - Connect with tutors to clear yourdoubts in real-time and learn better. Learn together - You candiscuss each topic, solve problems and understand concepts togetherwith tutors. Complete learning goals - Clear doubts andcomplete topics to get to the next level of your learning journey.Study sessions before exams - Revise core concepts and solvequestions with tutors to excel in your exams. Attend pre-scheduledsessions - Students can now get enrolled in a course & attendthe pre-scheduled sessions on various topics in a course and learnfrom best teachers. Choose topic to learn - Students can now choosea topic that they want to learn even in a pre-scheduled session
Discovery School Super League
Discovery School Super League (DSSL) is India’s favourite scienceand maths quiz contest. DSSL is a critical thinking andaptitude-based quiz competition where students can go fromrepresenting their schools to representing their states in anationally televised contest and win amazing prizes along the way!Close to 60 lakh students from over 17,000 schools across 400cities in India compete every year in this mega-event. Winnersstand a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to NASA and loads ofother prizes. Here’s how you can participate and win incredibleprizes. *Eligibility* Students from class 3 to 10 are eligible totake part in this competition that is held in three rounds.Students are divided into three sections Sub-juniors: Class 3-4Juniors: Class 5-7 Seniors: Class 8-10 *Rounds in the competition*Round 1: School-level A multiple-choice question quiz is availableon the DSSL app. Students will get 30 mins to answer 20 questionsin this single-attempt quiz. Three toppers from every school (onefrom each section) will progress to Round 2. Round 2: State-level Amultiple-choice question quiz will be conducted at a state-level.Two toppers will represent their state in Round 3. Round 3:Nation-level State-level winners will compete at the national levelin a televised round. *Rewards and goodies* Three teams (thewinning team, the first runner up and second runner up) along withtheir respective school principal/teacher will win anall-expenses-paid trip to NASA(USA), in addition to cash prizes.Every participant will receive a BYJU’S Scholarship worth Rs 5,000,which can be redeemed, on any BYJU’S course. Every participant willget FREE access to BYJU’S-The Learning App for 60 days In-depthanalysis of their critical thinking skills and aptitude tounderstand their areas of strength. Participation certificate fromDiscovery and BYJU’S *Key features of the DSSL App* Free access tothe Round 1 online test Four practice tests to help prepare for thefirst level of the DSSL competition Immediate access to theDiscovery / BYJU’S certificate Easy access to claim scholarship andrewards Don’t miss this chance to compete in India's Favouriteinter-school contest of the year! Download the Discovery SuperSchool League App now to participate.