Baby Games for Kids Apps

Holy Bible. Baby Puzzles 1.0.6
Sticker puzzles for baby - Holy Bible.Educational games for boys and for girls from 2 years and older.Holy Bible - the great ancient book that encompassed all thewisdom of the spiritual development of human. Baby are morefamiliar with the Bible since childhood. For baby our puzzles maybe the first step to get acquainted with the Bible.Sticker Puzzles consist of a background image, which isnecessary to place the characters of great book. To solve puzzles -drag characters in their place. When the puzzle will be collected,will be a new image. Between levels there are bubbles that baby canburst. For baby time with a game will be funny and useful.- Learn while you play- Early Child Development- Biblical characters- Colorful soap bubbles- Designed for boys and for girlsWith our game - Holy Bible becomes closer to children.
Railway Math for smart babies 1.0.9
Baby railway - funny learning mathematics andtraining reaction for babies.Be sure - your baby is smart and clever.Tech Math with funny Train
Kids puzzles. Funny cats 1.0.1
Free puzzles with kitten and cats for babies -are classified as educational logic games for toddlers up to 7years. Baby love to collect puzzles with different animals: dogs,horses, and of course cats and kitty and play with them withpleasure not only for boys but also for girls. Your toddlers willdelight in the colorful pictures which depict a variety of kitty,together with a pleasant sound design gameplay fun runs and not byconstraint.Educational games for kids and toddlers, a very importantcomponent of modern development. Free funny baby puzzles with cats,kitty and kitten, is a great opportunity for parents and baby tospend time having fun and useful. The solution is simple logicassignments positively affects the development of the baby memory,concentration and perseverance. Control of the game is made simpleand the child will not be difficult to play with them without thehelp of parents.Free educational puzzles with funny cats for baby and toddlerson mobile devices have become a trend in the category ofeducational games.
Kids Phone 1.0.2
Kids Phone - educational games for boys andgirls.Kids love to imitate their parents, they like to play withmobile phone or tablet.Our educational Kids Phone includes 5 mini-games and allows thegame to learn: the numbers from 0 to 9, the colors, musicalinstruments, animal voice and notes.The game "Kids Phone" localization in 21 languages: English,French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,Turkish, Chinese, and others.In the learning process, baby will be able to click on thenumbers and listen to how they sound in their native language.Learn the colors of the rainbow, listen how sound musicalinstruments, how voice different animals. And learn musical notes.All this is available in one app for baby - Kids Phone.Develop an ear for music and learn the numbers with oureducational mini-games.
Putin's Yes or No Magic ball 1.2
Magic balls are not in trendtrend is Russian presidentPutin knows Everything.Ask him can you drink beer today and he will answer.If you do not want to work ask mr Putin - he will tell your boss togive you holidays.Will you have sex in this month - Russian President Knowsall!!!!
Froggy. Crossing Roads 1.0.4
Froggy. The classic game -crossingroads.Help the frog to move on the level. To do this it will benecessaryto cross many dangerous roads. Collect all the coins arescatteredthroughout the level and hidden in the trunk!Forward and only forward! Crossing the road is not easy. Ontheway Froggy will meet different obstacles: arrows, fireballs,spikedwheels, circular saw and other dangerous obstacles. Frog canmovein any direction. Tap on the screen in the direction inwhichshould move the frog.Collect the coins! Carefully cross the road. Help Froggyfrogsafely get home!