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Paper Toss 2.1.1
Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled up a piece of paper andcounted how many times you can make it in a small trash can? Hasyour boss ever gone out for a quick bite while you and yourco-workers see how far you can move the trash can away and stillmake the paper shot? Have you ever brought in electric fans to makethe shot even harder? Backflip Studios is happy to announce that wehave brought this amazing and hilarious experience to the Android.This game is oddly satisfying . . . much like tossing a real ballof crumpled paper into a metal trash basket. So realistic, you willthink you are stuck in an office killing time.Gameincludes:-Gorgeous graphics-8 levels of varieddifficulty-Innovative flick control-Animated paper-Real officesounds-Varying wind speed from fan impacts paper flight-Verbalabuse from angry co-workersLet us know what you think. Paper Tossis brought to you by Backflip Studios, creators of absurdly funmobile games like NinJump, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of DarknessDefense & more. Search the Play Store for "Backflip Studios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for gameannouncements and other updates.
Spellfall™ - Puzzle Adventure 1.6.0
Match Tiles. Cast Spells. Conquer Evil. Spellfall™ is a uniquetile-matching puzzle game where you cast magical spells to defeatevil monsters. Along the way, you'll master new spells, grow morepowerful and acquire new equipment to aid in your fight. Evil hasmet its match! • Match 3+ Spell Tiles • Cast Powerful Spells •Defeat Wicked Monsters • Equip Gear & Abilities • Work YourMagic! Each monster match-up includes an increasingly challengingtile puzzle board. Match three fire tiles to cast a fire spell.Match three water tiles to conjure a water spell. Line up four ormore matching tiles to inflict even mightier damage. Defeat theevil beasts and you'll be rewarded with better weapons, specialabilities and magical powers needed to overtake more fierceopponents encountered later in your journey. Cast out the darkspirits and save the world from ruin. Spellfall is a match for theages. Play Spellfall today. It's free!
PLAY-DOH Jam will no longer be supported andwill be removed from the store beginning on December 23, 2017. Weare also discontinuing support for the PLAY-DOH Jam app as ofJanuary 23, 2018, which means that we will not be making anyupdates to the app’s content or functionality after thatdate.If you still have PLAY-DOH Jam installed on your device you cancontinue to play the game as usual. If at any point you uninstallthe game, please be aware that you will not be able to reinstall itfrom your app store.Any purchases you’ve made in PLAY-DOH Jam will remain available touse in the game, but it will not be possible to make new purchasesstarting on January 23, 2018.The entire Backflip Studios team wants to thank all of you, ourloyal players, for your support of PLAY-DOH Jam. If you have anyquestions, please feel free to contact the support team far can you get in this official PLAY-DOH® game from BackflipStudios and the makers of Clay Jam?In PLAY-DOH Jam, you play as a rolling PLAY-DOH ball, squishing andsmushing your way through a fantastical, colorful PLAY-DOH world!Drag your finger on the screen to make a path and roll overPLAY-DOH targets along the way. The more you squash with yourPLAY-DOH ball, the bigger the ball becomes and the faster it rolls.Roll over tons of awesome powers for special bonus boosts. Justwatch out for the big PLAY-DOH beasts at the end of each level.Hurl your PLAY-DOH ball to take them down with a splat!Game Features:● Hundreds of monsters & items● A whole PLAY-DOH world!● Crazy characters to make & collect● Unique, intuitive, tactile controls● Endless fun for PLAY-DOH fans of all agesPLAY-DOH Jam is free to download and contains in-apppurchases.>> Install PLAY-DOH Jam today!______________________________PLAY-DOH Jam is made by Fat Pebble and brought to you by BackflipStudios and Hasbro, Inc. Backflip Studios makes absurdly fun mobilegames like Paper Toss, NinJump, DragonVale, Spellfall & more.Search the Play Store for "Backflip Studios" to see all our games.Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for game announcements and otherupdates.PLAY-DOH and its logo are trademarks of Hasbro and are used withpermission. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.Thanks for playing!•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
NinJump DLX: Endless Ninja Fun 3.1.1
NinJump Deluxe, the hit sequel to the wildly popular NinJump game,includes all the same ninja climbing fun in entirely new,heart-pounding settings with all new enemies and power-ups. NinJumpis now 100% more deluxe! Jump your way past sea monsters, witchdoctors, snakes, monkeys, fire-breathing dragons and enemy ninjas.Collect shields and amazing new power-ups along the way. Hit threematching enemies in a row for a bonus power-up boost. How far canyou get? Stay alive! With over 100 million downloads, NinJumpDeluxe is one of the most popular mobile games of all time. Acceptno substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"App of the Week" ~ Apple AppStore"It's a fast-paced game with great graphics""These enhanced levels are a lot of fun" ~SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● New Pirate, Jungle & Castle levels●Simple, single-tap gameplay● Sea Monsters, Ogres, Dragons &more● Awesome power-ups & shields>> Install NinJumpDeluxe today. It's FREE! ______________________________NinJumpDeluxe is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdlyfun mobile games like Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army ofDarkness Defense & more. Search the Google Play Store for"Backflip Studios" to see all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios onTwitter for game announcements and other updates.
Paper Toss Boss 2.1.1
Paper Toss Boss: more papery, tossy, and bossy than ever before!(It’s cool, tossy is a word now, don’t worry about it.) There aretons of things to throw and oodles of things to throw them at!Score.-16 unique items to toss, from classic wads of paper to theepic rubber band ball-10 dynamic environments of varying difficultyin which to toss around -Break, blow up, and burn the objects foundaround the office-Toss stuff at the Boss and other co-workers toannoy them (in game, not real life — but we won’t tell if youpretend it’s real life)-Missions offer challenges to show off yourpaper (and non-paper) tossing skills in exchange for awesomerewards-Moving targets, bank shots, and bunches of baskets willtest the true prowess of your paper tossing skills -Power-ups boostyour scores and mix up the gameplay for a variety of fun ways totoss -Google Play leaderboards and achievements so you canchallenge your friends and smite your adversariesRemember thosepesky “Hey, you hit me!” co-workers from the original Paper Toss?Well now you can throw right at them! (You devil, you.) You’llstill score points for flicking wads of paper into the office trashcan, now with a handsome new ergonomic design! Plus, try yourskills with flaming paper balls, tossable bananas, tomatoes,grenades, and other fun stuff to hurl in classic office settingsand more. What are you waiting for?! Get tossing!Install Paper TossBoss for FREE today!PLEASE NOTE! Paper Toss Boss is completely freeto play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money.If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-apppurchases.______________________________Paper Toss Boss is broughtto you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile gameslike DragonVale, NinJump, and Transformers: Earth Wars, and is aproud partner of Hasbro, Inc.
Seabeard 1.5.2
Follow in the footsteps of the great captain Seabeard and discovera giant ocean teeming with islands to explore! Live life at yourown pace and choose your own path - whether you have ambitions ofbeing a world-famous chef, fearless archaeologist, or deadlywarrior, you can realise those dreams.Awarded “Game of GDC” byTouch Arcade.WORLD IN YOUR POCKETDiscover a rich, charming worldthat you can jump into anytime, anywhere. The oceans of Seabeardare filled with surprises around every corner.MAKE NEW FRIENDSMeetthe Doza, Yorubo and Nook tribes and the fascinating charactersthat inhabit Seabeard’s villages, farms, holiday resorts anddungeons. Seabeard’s “Perpetual Adventure Machine” will ensure thatthere is always a villager in need of your help.RECRUIT AN EXPERTCREWEngage in a huge variety of activities: from sailing andfishing to combat and cookery. Build your team from a one-man bandto a crew of legend!REVIVE YOUR TRADING EMPIRESet sail to discoverlucrative trading routes and source rare and valuable items.Rebuild the legendary trading capital, Accordia, and hire thefinest market traders.CONQUER THE SEASSet sail to encounter thechallenges of the ocean, from feeding whales and rescuingshipwrecked passengers to battling with menacing sea monsters.GETCREATIVEWhether building out your island to attract visitors, ordressing up your crew in outrageous styles, there are countlessways to personalise.PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDSExplore the Islands ofyour friends, trade with them and tell them what you think of theircrew!Seabeard is completely free to play, but some game items canalso be purchased for real money. Seabeard requires an internetconnection to play (3G or WiFi).>> Install Seabeard today.It’s FREE!______________________________Made by HandCircus,creators of the critically-acclaimed Rolando series and brought toyou by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun games likeDragonVale and Paper Toss.
DragonVale 4.16.1
Discover the most popular dragon collecting game in the world! Canyou hatch them all Your dragon-filled fantasy park awaits inDragonVale! Breed, hatch, and raise over 500 different mythicaldragons. If you’ve got dragon mania, DragonVale is the game foryou! Features ★ Grow and harvest Dragon Treats, then feed yourdragons to level up ★ Baby dragons to mythical dragons, nurtureyour majestic fantasy animals ★ Enter your dragons in fun races andsend them on quests to win epic treasures and Dragon Cash ★Discover new dragons, decorations, habitats, and activities duringspecial seasonal events ★ Explore space by collecting specialGalaxy Dragons ★ Collect and categorize your city of dragons ★ Keeptrack of all the dragons you hatch and breed in the Dragonarium ★Connect and share with your friends online ★ Team up with friendsin the Cooperative Breeding Cave ★ Send gems and gifts to friendsin DragonVale ★ Dragon eggs! Spectacular visuals and sparklinganimations ★ Impressive and unique art for each egg, baby,juvenile, adult, and elder dragon ★ DragonVale is accompanied by anoriginal soundtrack written by our award-winning composer Legendholds that dragons are fierce, fire-breathing monsters - butDragonVale proves that these fantasy creatures are more than justbreeding beasts. From cute and cuddly, to massive, time- bendingcreatures. DragonVale has it all. Build and decorate beautifulfloating islands in the sky to create your ultimate park. Yourpark, your Dragons, your DragonVale! Play DragonVale today! It’sfree. _______________________________ PLEASE NOTE! Some game itemscan be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases. DragonVale requires aninternet connection to play. DragonVale is brought to you byBackflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile games and a proudpartner of Hasbro, Inc.
NinJump 3.1.1
Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-paced ninja running game, yourgoal is to climb as high as you can while avoiding evil squirrels,dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars, exploding bombs& more! Effortlessly scale the side of buildings with ninjaagility. Tap to jump from one wall to the other, slashing enemiesin your way. Hit three matching enemies in a row for a bonuspower-up boost. Grab shields for protection. Watch out forobstacles & ledges. Stay alive! With over 100 milliondownloads, NinJump is one of the most popular mobile games of alltime. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You really need togive NinJump a try" ~ TouchArcade"NinJump is a game that's wellworth playing" ~ Gamezebo"There’s no reason not to give NinJump ago" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● Amazing power-up boosts!● Ninjas,throwing stars & bombs● Various enemies & obstacles●Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja fun>> Install NinJumptoday. It's FREE! ______________________________NinJump is broughtto you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile gameslike Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of Darkness Defense& more. Search the Google Play Store for "Backflip Studios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for gameannouncements and other updates.
NinJump Rooftops 1.1.0
Jump into this addictive, action-packed sequel to the mega-hitNinJump™ game franchise, which has been enjoyed by tens of millionsof fans around the world. NinJump Rooftops is a fast-paced gamewhere your goal is to jump between rooftops, avoid obstacles,defeat enemies, and stay alive as long as you can. Jump, slash& run for your life! Grab coins & jade crystals along theway to upgrade your ninja abilities. Hit 3 matching enemies in arow for an epic power-up boost. Fly through the air on a zip wire.Dodge throwing stars, deadly fire pits & evil squirrels.Experience full-on pandemonium riding on the back of askyscraper-sized panda. Master the mighty ninja "double jump",where you jump, then jump again in mid-air, defying all laws ofphysics & logic. Whatever you do, just don't fall off the roofor let the baddies get you. Stay alive! * Jump, slash & run asfar as you can * Defeat foes to get awesome powers * Double jumpfor endless fun * Play with all-new abilities & upgrades>> Install NinJump Rooftops. It's free!______________________________ NinJump Rooftops is brought to youby Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile games likeNinJump, Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of DarknessDefense, & more. Search the App Store for "Backflip Studios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for gameannouncements and other updates. Thanks for playing!
DragonVale World 1.26.0
We’ve hatched an all-new DragonVale game! Enter a magical 3D worldof dragon-filled adventures. Once you start collecting, you won’tstop. These fiery buddies love to roam and they need a skilledcurator to help them thrive and explore. Build habitats, farmplots, and other creature comforts to make your dragon sanctuary aparadise. More dragons will fly in as they see your experiencegrow. It’s up to you to discover every dragon in the land andrecord it in your magical Dragonarium ledger. Trade resources withother players, visit their parks, and gift gems to each other in abustling community. There are also structures to help power up yourpark like the Boost Brewery and the Arcane Airship. Save up theright materials, and you’ll be able to customize your strategy.-Discover over 280 dragons -New Crystals guarantee an enchanteddragon -An epic Zodia dragon flies in every month -Bring backalmost any dragon with the Bring ‘Em Back boost! -Keep limited-timedragons around a bit longer with the Encore Boost -Brew potions tospeed up nearly everything, even brewing other potions! -Increaseyour desired breeding odds with the Rarity Remedy boost -Feeddragons to make them grow from baby to juvenile to adult-Experiment with spells to alter dragon appearances -Elevate yourpark with a dizzying array of decorations -Complete quests andAirship orders for rewards -Participate in limited-time events todiscover brand new dragons and decorations -Meet the witches andwizards that help you maintain and upgrade your park -There areeven stories to read about your favorite dragons! -By the way,there’s a free reward every day just for checking in on yourdragons Install DragonVale World for FREE today! PLEASE NOTE!DragonVale World is completely free to play, but some game itemscan also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases. DragonVale World requiresan internet connection to play. ______________________________DragonVale World is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers ofabsurdly fun mobile games and proud partner of Hasbro, Inc.
MONOPOLY Towns 1.0.10
MONOPOLY TOWNS brings the MONOPOLY board game to life in an epictown-building experience! Build your own unique town by buyingproperties, collecting rent, and building lavish hotels. Expandyour empire, then trade and sell goods to other towns.MONOPOLYTOWNS features:• Buy houses, build hotels, and make a fortune!•Expand and unlock more properties to really rake in the money.•Customize your houses each time you upgrade!• Stylish MONOPOLYdecorations for each property type.• Use businesses to fill orders,supply the Railroad, and trade with friends.• Buy and sell withother towns! Visit the Auction House to make purchases or put goodsup for sale to friends and neighbors.• Roll the dice on theMONOPOLY Island and make your way around the board.• Collectrewards like Community Chests, Chance Cards, and Free Parking!WiFior cellular connection is required to play. The MONOPOLY TOWNS appis free to download, but includes optional in-app purchases. If youdon't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.Requires iOS 8 or later, and currently iPhone 5, iPod Touch 6thGeneration, iPad 4th Generation, or iPad Mini 2 or newer.MONOPOLYand all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are usedwith permission. 2017 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.MONOPOLY TOWNS isa family-friendly, simulation game. Thank you for playing!