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Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers 0.1.8
Outlaw Riders is the first of its kind mobile racing game whereyou're gonna ride your motorcycle and fight the online battlebetween riders from around the world. Real players in real-time onyour screen. Climb high the rating board! Earn money, get respect,and prove everyone you are the best by customizing and upgradingelite motorcycle collection of your choice. Arm yourself completelywith a variety of realistic lethal weapons, not forgetting toimprove your racing and combat skills. Join a gang or start yourown with other bikers. Enjoy fighting in grand battles and racingagainst other gangs or loners. Explore dozens of spectacularuncharted territories in this crazy motorbike lifelike atmosphericadventure. Get on your motorbike and get your motor running! It'stime to show who's the real king of the road! Join the race! Fuelthe blood with adrenaline!