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American Iron Avenger 1.4
American Iron Avenger is the hero of this awesome free Androidgame, from a series of amazing superheroes from the future thatfight to save the worlds in the Bad Wolf Universe! American IronAvenger is the new identity of Steve Willow, a former policeofficer of the Rosewall Police Department, that almost lost hislife while investigating the murder of his late partner. Stevebecomes the victim of an accident at an experimental testingfacility which led him to his prime suspect, whom will eventuallyprove to be Steve's savior and help him become American IronAvenger. Now he must train to become the protector we all needagainst injustice, violence, corruption and apathy. American IronAvengers armor is made from a mix of strong metals with a steelbase, powered by a small nuclear reactor that gives him mobility,speed and strength to capture villains. American Iron Avenger usessuper jump abilities to get fast from one destination to another.Our robotic cop is in his final test stage, to see if the realsteel armor can hold up to his extreme power and speed. Play thisnew amazing game for free and enjoy! By constantly supplyingAmerican Iron Avenger with nuclear power cells, you ensure to reachthe greatest of his capacity. Maybe only a little extreme, but forsure it is fun to play and hard to master. Jump from building tobuilding at increasing speed while collecting as many power cellsas possible. Beat your friend's high-score! Test your endurance andreflexes! Take huge leaps from rooftop to rooftop! Enjoy!
Motorcycle Racing Sim 2014 1.2
Hello bikers, we present you, the official motorcycleracingsimulator of 2014 that is the newest most amazing 3dmotorcyclesimulator, racing game, filled with adrenalinepumpingchallenges.Race on your local nascar track and then progress to themostamazing and spectacular racing tracks filled with crowdsjustwaiting for you to crash and make a show. Embark in themostrealistic racing experience with our next gen graphics andsimplecontrol system, designed to immerse you in the worldofsuperbikes.All you can think about is torque and horsepower, well you landedinthe right place my friend, you can experience the mostamazingmotorcycle simulator of all times.JUST DON'T CRASH! The new and exciting free to play 3Dmotorcyclegame with amazing next generation graphics that stand outin anenticing racing experience!Ride out our superbike on simulated international grand prixracetracks, enjoy the engine's sound, while realistic torquephysicsand lots of horse power will help increase your speed, beatthetimer to gain experience on moto gp race tracks, the only thingyouhave to do is JUST DON'T CRASH!Biker boys get ready for the most realistic experience youcanhave on a supersport motorbike! We hope you are not one ofthoseHarley fan boys, but one of the real riders ready to take onachallenge on a real motorcycle like Yamaha, Ducati,Kawasaki,Honda, Suzuki and BMW.How good a rider are you? Can you keep up with thechallengingrace and beat the timer?With the simple innovative and intuitive UI and controls,yourgameplay becomes more fun!*How to? Tilt sideways to steer, tilt forward/down toaccelerateand touch the screen to brake or stop. Simple!If you like motorcycles, races and 3d games, you have to atleasttry this motorbike racing simulator.
Iron Avenger Origins 1.191
IRON AVENGER - Infinite Warfare is the gameyou have all been asking for! Use upgradeable weapons and suits toshoot down enemy robots and protect the city from destruction allin 3D!Bad Wolf Games is proud to present in 2016 the new and updatedversion of Iron Avenger! Please remember it`s a free game and thatwe can improve it if you ask.This awesome yet free game is the ultimate combination betweenaddictive game play, lovely graphics and the obvious most awesomecharacter in a mobile game! Even Iron Man feels ashamed of himselfwhen compared to the Iron Avenger.Features: - progressive enemy difficulty- energizing shooter gameplay- multiple character skins- upgrades and special weapons- super flight power- awesome 3d mobile graphics (obviously)- achievement system- optimization for older devicesStory :The story of our hero is not a love story or a sad story, maybe noteven fit for a hero. He was nothing more than a simple soldier,ordered to test the new model for heavy combat, the Iron Avenger.Who else but the military could have the funding for such anexpensive suit of armor! But in times like these the people neededa hero. So they turned to a mere soldier in a suit! They called himIron Avenger thinking he was some kind of man of steel, little didthey know who was hiding in that suit and what was goingon...Who is Iron Avenger? Is he a hero or a simple soldier? Maybe youcan find out.
Blocky Gang Run Of The Tomb 1.0
Blocky Gang Run of the Tomb is an exciting endless runnergametailored made for mobile devices. Tap to jump or turn, doubletapto perform the cool acrobatic leap. Avoid the deadly trapsandobstacles, and don’t get caught by the giant fire ballchasingbehind! HIGHLIGHTS: - Addictive endless runner gameplay. -Manycharacters ready to be unlocked with coins. - Daily rewards
Justice Bat : Streets of Crime 1.04
Enjoy entailing fighting in Justice Bat : Streets of Crime -therealistic and amazingly-exciting arcade fighter super herogame.Control the Bat Titan - one of the most iconic super hero duostofight in battles and defeat evil villains. Alternatively, joinyourfriends in multi player story co-op! Villains with variouspowerand weapons attacked the city lead by their bosses. TheTitanPhoenix superheroes duo is the only thing that can stop theRise ofDarkness.. Can you help in the fight against evil? It’s timetodefeat the increasing number of dangerous villains. Startyouramazingly exciting fighting adventure with Titan Phoenix! 👊DEFEATTHE EVIL VILLAINS IN THRILLING BOSS BATTLES An amazingarcadenostalgia game play is brought to modern times with themostbeautiful realistic graphics and the most dramatic soundeffectsfor yours and your friends ultimate satisfaction. Play acampaign,arcade or start a multi player story co-op. With simpleon-screenjoystick for moving, jumping and fighting with your herocharacteron this arcade action game, you need to defeat the evilvillains inawesome boss battles. Compete with your friends in amulti playerarcade! 🎮 VARIOUS GAME MODES, HINTS AND HEALTH PACKS Onthismultiplayer arcade you can choose to play various game modestotest your skills such as the campaign mode, the multiplayermodeand the arcade mode. Challenge yourself or compete againstotherplayers, start new games or continue playing games you’vealreadystarted, all possible with this multiplayer game. Also, thesuperhero fight game offers you hints to help you progress andgetfurther and health packs that you can collect to help you healwhenit’s need. 🏆 UNLOCK NEW AREAS TO FIGHT IN AND GET THEHIGHESTSCORES By progressing and getting further in the arcade gameyoucan use your achievements and scores to unlock new areas tofightin, keeping you interested in playing and hooked to thisexcitingand realistic arcade fighting game. Challenge yourself andyourfriends to play this action arcade and try to defeat all theevilvillains on your way to become the ultimate hero and winthehighest scores on the multiplayer arcade. 💥 JUSTICE BAT STREETSOFCRIME ✅ Amazing arcade nostalgia game play brought to moderntimes✅ Beautiful and realistic graphics ✅ Join your friendsinmultiplayer story co-op ✅ Compete with your friends in multiplayerarcade ✅ Defeat evil villains in awesome boss battles ✅Multiplegame modes ✅ Unlock new areas to fight in ✅ Hints andhealth packsto help you progress ✅ Get the highest scores to becometheultimate hero ✅ Free superhero fighter for download ---Downloadone of the most amazing action arcade super hero games in2018!Fight in battles, compete against friends and try to defeatall theevil villains on the way. Download Titan Phoenix now onGoogle Playfor FREE!
Iron Avenger - Infinite Warfare RPG 4.04
A powerful force overwhelms the city of Fairview – you are theonlyhope, grab your suit of power armor and become the superhero weallneed. Fight your way through enemies in Iron Avenger :InfiniteWarfare – the most thrilling superhero Action – RPG – setin amodern environment, under attack by an evil force. Exploreasuperhero game brought to life with console quality graphicsandinnovative, yet, easy to learn combat system that allows youtocreate and master your own play style where you can approacheachfight in your own way because of the open worlddesignedenvironment. Collect power ups and use your abilities toreach intothe heart of the enemy base, and put an end to theterror. STUNNINGENVIRONMENT ✅ High performance and beautifulgraphics effects ✅Open world approach ✅ immersive modernenvironments THE ONLYSUPERHERO RPG ✅ Choose between multiple armorsuits ✅ Level up andupgrade your favorite suit ✅ Unlock specialalternate skins foreach armor ✅ Use each suit`s special abilitiesto help you succeed✅ Each suit favors a different play styleIMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY ✅Fight epic boss fights ✅ Story driven gameplay✅ Every game run isslightly different ✅ Superhero missions andabilities ✅ Dozens ofdifferent enemies with different behaviorsSHORT INTRO The year is2019, a mysterious force emerges from thedepths of FairviewUndergrounds. All conventional military effortsto combat thisforce failed. With all civilians successfullyevacuated the has a new plan of action : deploying theirexperimentalmulti-purpose integrated weapons and protection system,designatedXMK1. Nicknamed the Iron Avenger by some generals whoapparentlyenjoyed reading comic books. You take on the role ofMajor JackPalmer, a US Air Force ace pilot who is tasked withoperating thenew hi-tech suit and eliminating the enemy threat.Your suit isdesigned to supply the necessary firepower anddefensivecapabilities for your task. Not only does it not hinderyournatural movement but in the later stages it greatly augmentsyourspeed and maneuvering capacity.
Rocket Exploder 0.65
Your mission is simple destroy as many enemy tanks as possiblewhilemaking sure you can also take out the big boss.
Iron Avenger - No Limits 2.366
Iron Avenger - No Limits, is back, in 2017, more powerful thanever,explore the city seen as never before, unlock new armorclasses, andupgrade them to help you escape. This awesome yet freegame is theultimate combination between addictive game play,lovely graphicsand the obviously the most awesome character in amobile game.Features: - infinite non repetitive stages (every timeyou play thelevel is different, you have to think fast) - rhythmgame play thatkeeps you entertained for hours - multiple characterclasses andskins - level up your armors - multiple stages withdifferentscenery and new game play mechanics - awesome 3D mobilegraphics(obviously) Upcoming - multiple characters with differentspecialpowers -even more complex stages -achievement system-optimizationfor older devices ( nobody gets left behind ! ) Story: The story ofour hero is not a love story or a sad story, maybenot even fit fora hero, he is nothing more than a simple soldier,who else but themilitary would have funding for such an expensivesuit of armor, butthe people....they needed a hero, not a soldier.So, what did thepeople do, they turned a mere soldier in a suit,not even made ofiron, they called him Iron Avenger thinking he wassome kind of manof steel, little did they know who hid in thatsuit and what wasgoing on....... Who is Iron Avenger is he a heroor a simplesoldier, maybe you can find out.....
Hammer Hero 0.1
Asgard is under attack by a horde of enemies, deal with themandfinish off the bosses to save Asgard.
Superhero Arena 1
Play as a superhero or supervillain and defeat the other players.