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com.erakk.lnreader 1.1.52
The BakaReader EX is a new project for reading Light Novelstranslations from the website. Enabling you todownload the Novel content and read it offline, while alsoproviding other features: - Keeping track of yourfavorites/wishlist; - Bookmark feature for multiple novels; - Getback to reading your last viewed novel with the click of a button;- Check the teaser list for a preview of what's to come; - Downloadentire novels, or only the parts you want. Having problems? Afterrecovering a backup, some novels might not display contextproperly, or after an update. Just re-download the novel'sinformation (go to the novel list, long touch on the novel anddownload novel info) For chapters not displaying correctly, attemptto re-download the chapter (long click on the chapter >download). Regarding other languages: Added alt. language parserfor Indonesian, Polish, and French, visit baka tsuki forum forother language. Complete changelog can be checked from Settings> Version or check: or You can also helpwith coding, ideas or bug reports by accessing the GitHub webpage(, sending anemail to the developer or accessing forums:*Note: I rarely read the comment section, please go to baka-tsukiforum.*