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Eye Scanner Lock Screen Prank 1.9
Balalina Soft
Have fun with this eye retina scanner that can also be used asphone lock screenINSTRUCTIONS- Press the "Scan" button and wait 3scan cycles or until the info text color turns grey then lift yourthumb to unlock the phone.- The eye scanner lock screen prank appcan be used as a lockscreen for your phone!Enjoy!
Volume Booster 2.0
Balalina Soft
Get the most advanced volume booster yet. New and improved designand visual interface makes it easy for you to just slide the volumebar to the maximum. Just press the boost button and enjoy yourcrisp and clear music volume for your phone.Don't waste any moretime searching your phone's menus to find the volume settings, justopen volume booster plus and press the boost button. You will makeyour phone ring louder, you will hear your call voice better, youwill listen to music at maximum bass and volume.The volume boosterplus will increase the volume for all seven of your phone’s soundstreams:- music sound volume (this is the music volume, bass soundvolume, etc)- alarm sound volume (this is the alarm sound)-notifications sound volume (the notifications include SMS sounds,Email sounds, etc.)- ring sound volume (this is the ring sound)-system sound volume (other system sounds like low battery, etc.)-voice call sound volume (the voice volume for you call partner)Byusing the sound booster plus your sound volumes will now be as loudas possible so go ahead and give your phone a new sound performancerating.We do not increase the volume over their maximum limits toensure that no damage will occur to the speakers.We will be happyto hear your suggestions for improving volume booster plus.