Ball State University Apps

bConnected @ Ball State 4.1
bConnected is a mobile app for students at Ball State University,providing quick and easy access to your class schedules, classmatesand instructors, grades, and other important academic information.Access your information when and where you need it most. Features:• View your course schedule for current and future terms; • Viewdetailed course info, classmates, and instructors; • Add yourcourses to your calendar, add your classmates and instructors toyour contacts, or find your courses or instructors on the map; •Create connections – a "favorites" list for all the people youinteract with at Ball State; • Find all of your academic history,including midterm grades, final grades, and semester and cumulativeGPA in one place; • Locate Testing Labs on campus and view currentseating availability; • View your address and Ball State ID; • Viewyour advisors, including name and contact information; • View yourpending degrees; • View your academic performance; • Access quicklinks to other Ball State apps, such as the Campus Map and ShuttleTracker.
bConnected for Galaxy Note 2.0
----------------------------------------------------Redesigned specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note line ofdevices, bConnected provides anytime, anywhere access to your classschedules, grades, tutors, campus rideboard, important academicnotifications and events. Designed for phones and tablets,bConnected provides information when and where you need it most.You can also create connections based on your classmates, tutors,course instructors and rideshare buddies.With the S Pen functionality integrated throughout the app, youcan create rich and meaningful content, then share it with yourconnections, email Mom and Dad, or post to Facebook. Whether youare taking notes for class or collaborating on a group project;scribing meeting minutes and task lists for their organization;journaling expenses for awards and grants; or simply having funwith friends in the residence halls, the S Pen provides a greatmobile experience.Download bConnected today and start connecting with the campuscommunity!IMPORTANT! This version is specifically for the Samsung GalaxyNote line of devices. All other phones and tablets should downloadthis version - comes packed with loads of features for the 2012-2013academic year:- S Pen note-taking capabilities for courses, events, and campusrideboard- Course schedules with classmates, instructors and tutors- My Connections – a “favorites” list for all the people youinteract with at Ball State- Final course grades- Midterm course performance- GPA- Tutoring information for University Core Curriculum courses- Important academic reminders and notifications sent throughoutthe year- Campus rideboard for sharing rides- Events, viewable by category and month- Academic performance- University holds- Photos of campus buildings for courses and eventsA demo account is available if you don't have a Ball Stateusername - just use the following credentials:Username: bconnectedPassword: demo
Ball State Achievements 2.2.22
Ball State Achievements allows Ball State students to completeAchievements and receive Rewards simply by participating in thecollege experience. Students may choose from several categoriessuch as Athletics, Academics, Culture, Exploration, and more tofind Achievements they are interested in completing. Uponcompletion, they will be rewarded with Experience and Bennies thatthey can spend in the Store to purchase real merchandise from theBSU Bookstore!
CCIM Reports 1.0.4
CCIM Reports is published by the College of Communication,Information, and Media at Ball State University.
Step In. Speak Up. 1.1
Step In. Speak Up. provides students with resources and contactinformation they can refer to when faced with sexual assault,dating violence, and stalking. KEY FEATURES - Define sexualassault, dating violence, and stalking: learn what to do in eachsituation - Define bystander interventions: learn what to do if youare witnessing an act of violence - Instantly connect withreporting options, campus resources, and off campus resources
Ball State University Map 4.0.4
Take a personal tour of campus featuring over 75 buildings and morethan 200 hot destinations.Explore every corner of Ball StateUniversity in Muncie, Indiana, and navigate the college experiencefrom the palm of your hand. Features a searchable list ofbuildings, departments, and landmarks.Created by the Digital Corps.
Ball State Commencement
Ball State Commencement is a source ofinformation for graduation and the commencement ceremony forstudents and attendees. You can find basic information on the dayincluding a parking map and schedule. Before the day of theceremony, download the app to find a checklist of tasks that mustbe completed before graduating. You can browse a list of localrestaurants and hotels as well as a list of frequently askedquestions you may have before and after graduation.
BSU Athletics 3.0.1
BSU Athletics is the official app for interactive annual reports,media guides and more for Ball State University sports.
BSU Now 1.0.0
BSU Now is the official app for student media and immersivelearning projects at Ball State University.
IPR 2.4
The new Indiana Public Radio app lets you listen to the live IPRbroadcast anytime, anywhere! Get instant updates from the IPR Newsblog, find out what’s happening in the community, and catch up onall of your favorite local shows.Look at the upcoming IPR scheduleand be notified when your favorite broadcasts are about to begin -from All Things Considered to Car Talk.Listen to your favoritelocal shows: Community Connection, Indiana Weekend, MorningMusicale, and The Scene.Indiana Public Radio’s (IPR) mission is toinform and entertain through exploration of the arts, events &issues. While presenting a global perspective, IPR seeks innovativeways to focus on the performances, activities and concerns of thecommunity. IPR will strive to become a model of community serviceby using the unique ability of the radio to be a catalyst forpositive change.
BSU Field Trips 1.0
We packed our sack lunches, our parents signed the permissionslips, and we’re wearing extra sunscreen so we can hit the road onanother amazing Ball State Field Trip!The leader in “electronic”field trip experiences (that’s us!) is back with all-neweducational content presented in an all-new way. In the years we’vebeen away, students have gotten smarter, technology is everywhere,and budgets are tighter. So, we’ve reinvented the way we produceField Trips to address all these changes and to bring you an evenbetter classroom experience.For this Field Trip season join us aswe explore “Indiana Pioneers: 200 Years of Incredible Hoosiers andBig Ideas.” Using this brand new app, students can join us inexploring many of Indiana’s State Historic Sites, State Parks, andother locations that tell amazing Hoosier stories in celebration ofIndiana’s Bicentennial.We’ve filled this app with one-of-a-kindexperiences for students to explore. Using video, photos, articles,interactive activities, 360-degree video experiences, and more,students will be immersed in these stories like never before.Forteachers, we’ve made it even easier to use this app forin-classroom instruction. Our fancy new website ( full of lesson plans that tie directly back to all the goodiesstudents explore using the app. (We got your back… we’re teachers,too!) Plus, if you’ve ever joined us for our live Field Triptelevision broadcast, we have a few new tricks up our sleeves. Thisapp is the gateway to even more interactivity during the live show.(Think of Platform 9 3/4… it is kinda like that but for educationaltelevision!)Whether you set students free using our “Explore”option, or you guide them through the “Classroom Activities,” youwill find a completely new and engaging experience meant to takeyour classroom “on the road” to places students may otherwise neverget to visit. Hop on the bus and join us!
Ball State Chirper 1.1.0
This app was made for students, by students to enjoy during theirfourish years at Ball State. With the features below, you can dropa Charlie Cardinal in your group chats, be obnoxious at sportingevents with either the chirper noisemaker or the sing-along fightsong, and pass the time with some Ball State-exclusive games.Features include: Chirping noisemaker Ball State-themed stickerkeyboard Charlie Destroyer of Worlds Fight song lyric video