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Your Story - Zoo Adventure Free CYOA 1.1.8
You are the hero of this adventure.In a school trip to a Zoo thingsare going weird. There are 25 different ends, some of them aregood, some of them are bad. About 50 different animals in thisstory.In this adventure you can learn about animals or meet withprehistorical animals. You must be careful while facing withsmilodon or help for run mermaids.This is free version of app withadds. In full version of app there is no advertisement and nointernet connection to read.Choose your own adventure.Choose yourstory for kids. Text adventure.
İstanbul Polisiyeleri 1.0.0
Bu hikayenin kahramanı sensin!Cinayet Büro komiserisin, HaydarpaşaGarı’nda bulunan cesedin izini sürüyorsun… Fakat bu yol, pek çokbaşarısızlığa gebe. Tek bir mutlu son var; ona en kısa yoldanulaşabilecek misin? Yoksa İstanbul’un karanlık sokaklarında,acımasız sonlar mı bekliyor seni?Kendine güveniyorsan, cinayetinalfabesini çözebileceksen; bu maceraya atılmaya hazırsındemektir!You're the hero of this story!You Homicide BureauCommissioner, are you allowed the body takes in Haydarpaşa TrainStation ... But this way, many fail to conceive. One had a happyending; Are you the shortest way to reach him? Or the dark streetsof Istanbul, is expecting a brutal end for you?If you trustyourself, If you can solve the murder of the alphabet; You're readyto embark on this adventure!
StormBrainer - Find Ideas - Random Photos 1.0.1
Brainstorming from a random word and related photo
Your Story - Zoo Adventure For Kids 2.0.3
This book written for young men an ladies. There are 25 differentends, some of them are good, some of them are bad. There are about50 different animals in this story.You are the hero of thisadventure. In this adventure you can learn about animals or meetwith prehistorical animals. You must be careful while facing withsmilodon or help for run mermaids.In this version of app there isno advertisement and no internet connection to read.Choose your ownadventure
MoS: Top Football Manager 2019 - Choices reigns! 1.2.01
Each pro level top football manager wants to reigns over the worldchampionship 2019. Now it's your turn. Swipe your top footballmanager fingers to the left or right to manage team. Start yoursoccer career as a soccer club manager. Be the one who gave thefinal decision rule! Don't lapse your champion cup target!⚽Features of Top Football Manager:⚽ Manage Team! This is a superfast football game. Your choices will not only reign on the topeleven. However, the elections also affect the fans and money. Themost important thing is that you do not lapse from the worldchampionship. Give Decision Rule! Among the people you willencounter: There will be many entertaining and interesting types ofpeople, such as referees, top eleven candidates, talent hunters,rival team coach, announcers, fans and even team cheerleading...Choices reigns on your destiny. You will be either top footballmanager, or your coach of football job is going to end. Have Fun!Ok, you're a soccer club manager and the job is important. But youdon't have to sell your soul for champion cup target. You don'thave to lapse fun-looking decision rule for success. Who knows,maybe they'll offer you surprise options in the future. 😊 Open AllAchievements! We have an advanced system of achievements. Open themall! Challenge all your friends at the top football manager goal.Some achievements: long-time manage team, enthusiastic fans,discovering new characters, playing soccer career daily, making topeleven very happy… And many different, mature and interestingachievements. The World Championship will be won in the reign ofyour soccer career. It's a super fast football game, don't beafraid to make mistakes. You are assigned to take the 2019 championcup as pro level soccer club manager. But there are many differentways to complete this task. never give up trying! Not Finished. Asa coach of football; the only task is not to manage team, you caneven change the team's color if you want. If you are a successfulsoccer career, you may get a job offer from new teams. If the topeleven is not enough for you, you can buy pro level playersrecommended by observers and increase your chances at worldchampionship. And many other features ... Extend your reign as longas possible, create pro level top eleven, fight against each enemycoach of football, and find new ways to get fired super fast inthis super fast football game. Or take the 2019 champion cup as asoccer club manager and reigns the world championship! FAQs andsuggestions: 🔦 How can I play? To read two possible options, pressthe card and slide it slowly to the left or right. Choose thedirection of the decision rule, for continuous reigns on yourdestiny. Remember: Every selection you make will have results foryour soccer career now and in the future. 🔦 Do I need a certaintime to get a champion cup as a coach of football? No. Just don'tlapse the target, make the right choices, have a lot of fun andkill some time.
Servis Formu 1.7.0
Elle doldurulan servis formları ürün üzerine yapıştırılan QR kodilehızlıca taranır. Diğer alanlar ekrandan hızlıca doldurulur.Servisçalışanı ve imzalar atıldıktan sonra istenilen formattahazırlananform mail ile gönderilir. Hand-filled service forms arequicklyscanned with the QR code pasted on the product. Otherfields fillquickly on the screen. After the service worker andsignatures arelaid, the form prepared in the desired format issent by mail.