Balvinder Singh Apps

Hit and Go 1.0
1. Hit & Go is an Interesting gameappspecially designed to build confidence and Dedicationin kids and Adults and for entertainment purpose.2. This is very simple game to play in which a Ball collectthehighlighted items and moves to the Destination.3. Player can move the Ball by rotating the device alongitsAxis.4. If Ball collects the items displayed on the screen andreachesto its destination then The Current Level will completedand It willenter into the Next Level.5. This game has Twenty levels to complete. As one leveliscompleted the next Level gets Tough and increases the interestofthe user.6. While playing the game If Blue Ball hits the Red Ballthengame will over.
Just get Jobs 1.0
Description of the app1. Register as Buyer or seller (on successfulregisterationverfication code is sent on user entered mobile numberuser willenter that code at login time and proceed)2. Buyer can view the list of services provided by the admin(buyercan select a particular category and post a new job underthatcategory). Buyer can use GOOGLE MAP to view the locationwhereservice is reqiured to be done3. Seller can set a partiuclar radius under which they wanttorecieve the job3. PUSH NOTIFCATIONa. when new job post by buyer, when seller is confirmed, when jobisapproved,when dispute is raised on the job seller getthenotificationb. when seller bid the service buyer get the notifcation, jobiscompleted by the seller,job is cancelled by the seller4. PAYPAL integration in app5. Can update the profile details
Find Lawyer 1.0
Ask A Lawyer wants to put your mind at easeandrelieve the stress of not knowing what to do. Giving you thecomfortto know you are making the right decision.Courts, laws, and the legal areas is a complicated field andcanbe a confusing process. We're here to help, ask any questionfromhow to get start to what you should be doing. You can even getalawyer right away to get started on your case.With our professional attorneys you can ask any legalquestionsand get an instant response straight to your email.The primary purpose of this app is to allow people to getlegalhelp, possible representation, and find out answers to anygeneralquestions they may have from our lawyers for FREE!Feel free to take advantage of our Instant RepresentationFeaturein order to get a lawyer started on your case today.