Banda House Apps

Pee Starter 1.02
Banda House
Shy bladder (paruresis)? Having problemspeeing in public places? Have no fear, Pee Starter is here!Press the button to play one of 5 built-in pee-in-a-toiletsounds that might just get your wee going all over the place.Or, you can just turn it on when you're in the bathroom and youdon't want anyone to come in!
Memory Frame 1.1
Banda House
Forgetting things? Reminder apps take too muchtime? With the Memory Frame widget, you will have those problemssolved. Just tap the widget to take a picture of something thatwill remind you of what you need to do! Or, take a picture ofsomething or someone special, who you want to see every time youuse your device.***IMPORTANT*** THIS IS A WIDGET (it doesn't have an icon inyour apps)
Create & Destroy 1.2
Banda House
Create & Destroy is a simple andextremelyfun building game.Create simple & amazing constructions out of small blocksandblow it all up when you're done.