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barcod scanner 1.32
Barcode Scanner application is a powerful barcode scanner,completely free, designed for tablet and phone. Barcode Scanner appis a small but powerful barcode reader and qrcode scanner andbarcode generator app. Barcode scanner+ which allows you to accessinstantly valuable information on your smartphone in one singlestep! qrcode scanner app offers fast, seamless and incrediblyfunctional reading of any qr code, barcode, matrix code and gettingthe most vital contact info from anywhere! For detailed help,please visit FASTAND EFFECTIVE barcode Scanner app to scan code fast and enjoyexclusive deals, coupons, competitions and videos on the go. Makeuse of the scan qr code feature and access websites and Wi-Finetworks or find the next store around you. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIEScode reader app enables you to get the contact info from anywhere.It can be your new business contact from a networking event, oryour possible client or customers you need to impress. Just openthe app and add contact details to your address book in no time atall! GET THE NEEDED INFORMATION You can also scan the qr code ofproducts to know more information about them, scan urls, images,cards and many many more within a few seconds! Simply get theneeded information fast and effectively. FAST DECODER OF ANYBARCODE Our scanning and decoding technology is also integrated inour other successful app Barcode Scanner. Because of that and theextensive quality code used to create QR Code Rader, our app isable to scan and decode any barecode: QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec,PDF417, 1D Product and many more! BARCODE SCANNER FEATURES: Why youneed to download and install QR Code Reader on your smartphoneinstead of other QR code scanner apps? Because of the uniquefeatures, read more about them bellow: • Smart History: ✓ Powerfulsearch feature to find history item quickly. ✓ We will save allscanned qr codes for you in the history tab. You can easily accessto them later anytime and anywhere. ✓ Have many saved content? Youcan easily use our powerful search tool to find the content thatyou are looking for. ✓ Even you can sort the history items so thatyou can find it easily. • Viewfinder color: ✓ We developed a newfeature that you will love! Now, you can choose the viewfindercolor that you want from the settings tab to make the qr code morevisible. How does it work? It's that easy: just point the camera atthe QR Code and our QR Code Reader will immediately display thescanned content! Don't waste any more time typing a web address,contact details or Wi-Fi access passwords on your Smartphone. So,what are you waiting for? Download QR Code Reader and Scanner andenjoy the best free scanner app ever! Our code reader and codescanner technologies are one of the best and most successful ones!See why we are constantly adored by our active users. Get it freenow! NOTE: We are always striving to provide the best userexperience for our users. We are also looking for your feedback,suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to contact us at"" so we can continue to bring you thebest experiences and updates.
Barcode Scanner 1.62
Looking for a powerful QR code reader and barcode generator thatsupports all major barcode formats? If your answer is yes, thenBarcode Scanner is just the perfect app for you right now. BarcodeScanner is the fastest and most user-friendly QR code scanner&QR Code Reader app available on the play store. By using thephone's camera, our barcode reader will quickly scan and recognizethe information of barcode. When scanning a QR Code, if the codecontains a website URL, you'll automatically be taken to the site.It’s fast, easy and secure. The best thing is that our QR Codereader app is Free, Fast, Secure, Easy and you can use it withoutlimits! For detailed help, please visit How BarcodeScanner Works: 1) To work with our app and start scanning yourbarcode, you will have to simply open the app, point the camera atthe code, and you’re done! There is no need to take a photo orpress a button. QRCode Reader will automatically recognize any QRcode your camera is pointing at. 2) When scanning a QRcode, if thecode contains a website URL, you will automatically be taken to thesite. If the code just contains text, you'll immediately see it.For other formats such as phone numbers, email addresses, orcontact info, you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.Want to create your own barcode or QRCode? It’s very easy with ourapp and you can create your personalised barcode with yourinformation easily and fastly. You can decode text, urls, ISBN,email, contacts information, calendar events and much more usingyour smart phone camera. So, what are you waiting for? DownloadMusicpad and find & promote events near you in a few seconds!We are always striving to provide the best user experience for ourusers. We are also looking for your feedback, suggestion orrecommendation. Please, feel free to let us hear from you at"" so we can continue to bring you thebest experiences and updates.
OCR Barcod Scanner [Text Scanner] 1.13
This is best image to text (OCR) mobile app with highest accuracyand quality. You can expect 81% to 99% success rate using this app.So, it is powerful & handy Text Scanner app, that you can useregularly to scan images. This app is built with Barcod Scanner aswell, which you can use to scan any barcode or qrcode. So, its allin one, Barcode Scanner plus OCR (text to image scanner). Why OCR ?How it is useful and how it simplify your life ? ● Use as an imagescanner in data entry work. ● Used to automatic vehicle numberplate recognition. ● Printed papers or documents can be convertedto text accurately. So that do not have to manually re-type. Youcan save time. You can avoid typing errors. ● 58 languagessupported. ● Higher accuracy and success rate. ● Can be used toscan business documents, passports, regularly used invoices, bankstatements, receipts, insurance copy, book & projectsdocuments, hand written document scanning, tickets and official IDcards and many more. ● Highest speed of reading and accuracy. ●Supports Camera capture, pick image from your Gallery. ● Supportshand writing documents. ● Add additional note for result. ● Editnote and result after scanning documents. ● Copy and Share scannedresult. ● Detailed scan history with latest material design andswipe to delete feature. Permission: ● CAMERA: permission is usedto scan barcode. ● STORAGE: permission is used to store barcodeimage, also used to store selected or captured images into yourlocal device to show it as history item. Also used to read imagefrom you gallery when you select scan image from gallery. OurPromise: We are not collecting, using or distributing any sensitivedata, information of our valuable users. So, feel free, relax andkeep using app. Please feel free to send mail, feedback from app ifyou find any bugs, issues or want any feature. We are alwayslistening to our users. Note: ● OCR functionality will only work ifyou have active internet connection. ● Handwritten text issupported but again accuracy depends on quality of yourhandwriting.