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Cheats - GTA Vice City 2.1.5
In this app you will find all cheats and codes for GTA Vice Cityfor Playstation 2, Xbox and PC. You will also find one button tosave your cheats in favourite, and later you will be able to see itvery fast.The cheats and codes are: Player, world, vehicles,etc...In English 100%
Electrical shaver 1.3
With this application, you will be able to do jesting to yourfriends, as this application will simulate that is electricalshaver, with the differences of other application in Google Play,this application use the proximity sensor (if it has), and if youput near in your face, the application will sound more strong andlook more real.Extras functions:- You can use the vibrationfunction, and you can deactivate if you want.- This applicationwill indicate battery percentage, and will use the led of theelectrical shaver, to be more real.The application is available in16 languages​​: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian,Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic,Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Traditional Chinese.Advice: To workwell, the sound system should be strong. (Change volume)
Flags and anthems of countries 1.2
Available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French. ForSmartphones and Tablets.The world's largest encyclopedia aboutflags and anthems of countries is available for Android.They havebeen carefully collected and treated step by step so that the userexperience is fantastic.There are 197 countries and the applicationallows viewing sorted by continent, or all together. In eachcountry the flag is displayed, the capital, can play 10 seconds ofthe anthem that is stored on the phone, or the ability to hear thefull anthem if you have Internet connection, in addition todisplaying basic information of the country.
Quiz of world flags 1.2.1
This game will test your knowledge about the flags of every countryin the world. You have flags and anthems of each, and using both,and you have to figure out which country it is.There are two modesfor 1 player and multiplayer, and each of them possess several gamemodes. In 1 player mode will "by continent" which will select thecontinent you want to play, or "world" where you have severallevels of difficulty, but in this case all continents will be mixedto a bit more complicated.With the multiplayer mode you can playwith your friends on the same device and test them to see who getsthe most points.You will also have the maximum rating in each test,detailed statistics and many things with which you will spend a lotof fun and intense moments, alone or with your friends. Do youthink that you will get to 100% complete? Dare to try.This game hasall the flags and anthems of the world, about 197 countries,carefully selected to not make mistakes and so enjoy a game asundisputed.Available in English, Spanish, German, French andPortuguese. For Tablets and Smartphones.
My travels: Your travels 1.2
Have you done some traveling and would you like to have them allstored in the same place?Mytravels is your application because itcan save all your trips completely interactive and can access themwhenever you want. You have two options, using a list or a map,showing different options on each button.The application is fullyintegrated with the latest from Android, and you can sharelocations with other applications such as Twitter, Facebook, email,etc.. And you also have the option of passing a photo to theapplication directly, to save quickly without having to open theapplication in full.Also if you connect it to Facebook with thecorresponding button, enjoy advantages over other users and you'llhave the ability to post on your timeline the place visited pushinga button.Go ahead and try it, the download is free.Available in 9languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch,Polish, Portuguese and Russian.
Electrical shaver free 1.6.3
With this application you can spend good jokes to your friends, asit will simulate that it is an Electrical Shaver, with thedifference compared to other Google Play applications, this Appwill use the proximity sensor of the device, so when you close tothe face, it will emit the loudest sound and it will seem morereal.Extra functions:- You can also use the vibration function,being able to deactivate it when you want.- Indicator of percentageof energy, and also by some led in the razor, to look more real.Theapplication is available in 17 languages: Spanish, English, French,German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Korean,Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Rusom, Traditional Chinese andSimplified Chinese.TIP: For optimal operation, the volume of thedevice should be high.
C. D. Marista Badajoz 2.0.4
Aplicación oficial del Club Deportivo Marista de Badajoz.En estaaplicación encontrarás todas las categorías de los deportesfederados: Fútbol, baloncesto, atletismo y voleibol, así como otrosdeportes. Y de cada deporte dispondrás de la foto de cada equipo,además de los horarios de los próximos partidos y los resultados.La aplicación tiene la opción de activar notificaciones y así estarenterado de los resultados y horarios al instante.Puedes visitar laweb del club en la siguiente dirección: application ofClub Deportivo Marist Badajoz.In this application you will find allcategories of federated sports: football, basketball, athletics,volleyball and other sports. And each sport offers complimentaryphoto of each system, including schedules of upcoming matches andresults. The application has the option to enable notifications andthus be aware of the results and schedules instantly.You can visitthe club's website at the following address:
Floppy Sea 1.4.3
Floppy Sea comes to android!A very addictive videogame which you'llplay hours and hours. It's very simple, the character is a fishthat you only have to touch the screen as much as you need in orderto advance.Unlike other games, once you finish the game, you havethe option to share a screen capture with your score so as tochallenge your friends to get a better one.Are you ready?
Brain Express 1.4.1
Brain Express is a game that will test your brain. You have 4 playmodes: Memory, agility, speed and logic, with more than 80levels.Are you ready to play?
Cheats - Pokemon Go 1.1
In this application you will be able to find all the cheats andguides for Pokemon Go.You will see all the objects that areavailable, how to get experience, how to get rewards like Pokéballsand potions; and see all types of Pokemon, with their strengths andweaknesses.Are you ready to be a great trainer?English 100%
InstaSquare Pos 1.5
InstaSquare Pos is an app which you canuploadyour pictures to Instagram without cropping, with blur effectoryou can add border in one color, and if the picturehasgeographical position, the app will keep it.You also have templates for collages with several pictures.In this app you will be able to:- Blur effect.- Send to Instagram.- Share with social networks: E-mail, Twitter, Facebook...- Save in your smartphone.- Crop/Adjust the picture.- Change the border color.- To turn the picture.- Add a geographical position.- Make collages with several pictures.
Sports4App 1.2.7
Sports4App, la App para hacer deporte en compañía.Si por ejemploquieres jugar al fútbol y sois 3, puedes conseguir al resto de tuequipo a través de la App, y sumar al evento a gente de tus mismosintereses. Si no encuentras un evento, crea tu el tuyo propio,diciendo la fecha, hora y lugar, y sólo tendrás que esperar.Podrásleer los comentarios y valoraciones de los jugadores, para sabercon quien vas a hacer deporte. Se puede valorar la deportividad, laasistencia, así como si ese jugador juega acorde al nivel delevento. También puedes hacer un comentario.Podrás chatear con elresto de usuarios de forma totalmente privada, ya que en Sport4Apputilizamos un sistema de encriptación para que nadie más pueda leerlos mensajes. Además, en cada evento tendrás un grupo y así poderchatear con el resto de compañeros.Busca a tus amigos y síguelos.De esta forma podrás escribirles rápidamente así como invitarlos alevento que quieras directamente, ellos recibirán una notificación ysólo tendrán que aceptar.Integración total con Facebook pararegistrarse, iniciar sesión así como para buscar otros amigos quetambién usen la App.Hay más de 30 deportes, entre los cualesdestacan: Fútbol, baloncesto, padel, tenis, voleibol, running,paintball, kart y airsoft.Sports4App, la mejor App para quedadasdeportivas en tu ciudad. ¿Te lo vas a perder? No esperes más ydescárgala gratis.Sports4App, the App for sports in the company.Iffor example you want to play football and are 3 you can get therest of your team through the App, and add the event to people ofsimilar interests. If you do not find an event, create your yourown, stating the date, time and place, and you can expect.You canread the reviews and ratings of players, to know who you're goingto do sport. It can be assessed sportsmanship, attendance, and ifthat player plays according to the level of the event. You can alsomake a comment.You can chat with other users in a totally private,because in Sport4App use an encryption system so that no one elsecan read the messages. In addition, each event will have a group soyou can chat with other colleagues.Find your friends and followthem. This way you can quickly write and invite them to the eventyou want directly, they will be notified and will only have toaccept.Full integration with Facebook to register, login and tofind other friends who also use the App.There are over 30 sports,among which are: football, basketball, paddle tennis, tennis,volleyball, running, paintball, kart and airsoft.Sports4App, thebest App for sports meetups in your city. Are you going to miss it?Do not wait and download it for free.
PosCar - Where is my car? 1.2.1
Where is your car? With PosCar you can save your car's locationwhen you park and you can find it later. Is your car in the garage?It will not be a problem!Likewise, you can share the location onSocial Networks directly by WhatsApp.Do you use the car with familymembers?You can share your virtual vehicle with as many familymembers as you want and they can also see where you left yourvehicle. If you wish, you can send them a notification at the timeof parking.Save the location automaticallyAssociate the car'sBluetooth with the virtual car of the App. When you turn off theengine of the vehicle, the location will be saved automaticallywithout removing the mobile from your pocket.Save a photo of theparkingAre you in an garage? Take a picture of the car's locationand this way will not require use of the mobile's GPS. You can alsoadd notes to explain in more detail where the vehicle islocated.Parking meterWhen you save the vehicle's location you canset the time limit to remain with the car in that place. You canalso set an alarm to receive a warning before the indicated time.Doyou have more than 1 car?You can create 1 or more virtual cars andeach one can save the location and the correspondingdrivers.WidgetAdd a Widget to the home screen and this way it willnot be necessary to open the App to save the position.