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Prelims Guru: IAS / UPSC Free Test Series(English) 3.26
Prelims Guru is free IAS prelims test series application / app tohelp you evaluate and track your progress regarding UPSC / IAS /CSE / State Civil Service Preliminary Exam preparation. Anyone whois involved in IAS/UPSC preparation knows the importance of mocktest for UPSC prelims (or preliminary) examination and so do we.Hence this application is aimed at serving the IAS / UPSC aspirantsin their IAS preparation. Prelims Guru app is completely optimizedto meet your UPSC / IAS / CSE / State Civil Services preliminaryexamination preparation needs. IAS preparation aspirants can usethe app as ias prelims question bank with answer. We sincerelybelieve that knowledge and opportunities should be available toeveryone inexpensively. With this idea in mind we bring to youPrelims Guru app. Prelims Guru app contains free tests covering thewhole syllabus for UPSC / IAS / CSE / State Civil Servicepreliminary examinations which will help you in your IASpreparation/ State Civil Service preparation. The syllabus isdivided into parts ( for better coverage ) and respective referencebooks are provided for your reference. Also, you can attempt onlyincorrect questions from your last test attempted and learn fromyour mistakes. We are in the process of bringing to you previousyear's UPSC / IAS / CSE prelims test papers with complete analysis.In addition to being an ias question bank with answer, it also actsas a guide pointing out your mistakes and helps you in rectifyingthem. We help in providing a level-playing field to all theaspirants who do not need or have access to coaching institutes (orhuge amount of money to pay them) as well as 24x7 working dataconnection. We believe that IAS prelims test series should beavailable to every aspirant free of cost so that he/she can gaugehis/her potential and not left behind in the race of getting intoprestigious civil services. With this vision in mind, we aspire tobring to you comprehensive IAS / UPSC preparation app in the duecourse of time instead of just being an IAS prelims question bankwith answer. Prelims Guru app is under continuous development andimprovement. We analyze user feed-backs and customize theapplication so that better user experience and features can beprovided to help aspirants clear their IAS examinations. We arecommitted to help you with your IAS / UPSC preparation. Your IAS /UPSC preparation begins with your prelims and this application /app is first step towards building an application for all your IAS/ UPSC preparation needs. Our vision is to empower every aspirantto compete with the best in IAS / UPSC examinations. IAS / UPSCpreparation requires constant practice so that you can learn abouttime management and ways to analyze and understand the questionproperly. For that reason, to help you with your IAS / UPSCpreparation, we have launched monthly test series based on completesyllabus. More features will be added in due course of time...!!Stay with us ...!! Note: You "DO NOT" need a working internetconnection to use this app. Currently Available Features in theapp: * 2018 Test Series * Mark questions as favorite for quickrevision * All India Ranking * Prelims Countdown timer * OfflineMode (No internet connection required) * Tests stored for futureanalysis * Attempt incorrect questions * Pause and resumefunctionality in tests. * Two modes for taking tests (Real - forevaluation , Practice - for learning) * Graphical Analysis of yourperformance
UPSC Public Administration 1.0.6
First things first: This app does not claim to cover the notes ofthe "entire syllabus" (yet!) of Public Administration subject ofexaminations conducted by UPSC, or other State PSCs. The contentsof this app are simply the notes that were used to present thelectures on the YouTube channel of the same name ("UPSC PublicAdministration").Having started the YouTube Channel "UPSC PublicAdministration" with the sole aim of providing quality contentrelated to 'Public Administration' optional subject of UPSC Mainsexamination, it became inevitable to share the notes of thelectures being taken, so that aspirants will benefit in theexamination. Apart from UPSC aspirants aiming to become efficientcivil servants (IAS, IPS, etc.), this will also benefit all theaspirants of State PSCs who have subjects related to PublicAdministration. Also, if an aspirant becomes an IAS officer, thetraining that he/ she undergoes, contains topics from PublicAdministration optional subject. So these notes will help theaspirants even after the examinations are over, and help in shapingtheir careers.However, to protect the material from being used forpersonal profit gains by others (at least, directly), here we are,with an app through which you can get access to all the notes atone place. With just one core belief of sharing the knowledge withthe world at no cost at all, this minimalistic app is just onesmall step in that endeavor. Knowing this for a fact that there isa dearth of quality content on YouTube with regards to PublicAdministration, we sincerely hope that these notes help you in yourjourney to success. We would be glad, and it would be our immensepleasure, if we were able to help you in any way through this.Onthis note, we wish all the aspirants "all the very best luck" fortheir exams! Hope to see you as future civil servants of anempowered India!Current features:* Notes of the sessions alreadytaken on YouTube Channel* List of reference books that you can buy*Quick reference links to YouTube Lectures for easy access
PIB (English, Hindi, Regional),Govt. News & Radio 2.22
PIB News app is for news enthusiasts and information seekers andUPSC / IAS / State Civil Services aspirants. PIB News app provideseasy access to PIB ( Press Information Bureau ) news and articlesincluding all the press releases by PIB in various regionallanguages along with news from other government news agencies. PIBNews app will help you in improving current affairs for variouscompetitive exams like UPSC / IAS / SSC / Bank - PO etc and GeneralStudies. PIB News Reader app is first app to provide text highlightfeature and save PDF feature to PIB and other Government Newsarticle. Don't wait for tomorrow's The Hindu News or The Times ofIndia news or The Indian Express. Download PIB News app to getinstant access to all Government of India's GoI policies, decisionand news. PIB News app also provides regional language PressReleases and additionally you can listen to audio news as well. PIBnews app makes your experience pleasurable as we do not pop adsevery now and then. Application supports various languagesincluding English and Hindi. We intend to reach English, Hindi andregional language speaking audiences and hence English, Hindi andregional languages options are provided within the app. Anyone whois focusing on UPSC / IAS preparation knows the importance of PIBNews and news about other Government schemes and policies. We focuson improving the user experience while reading current affairs byaspirants for whom IAS/ UPSC preparation is their daily activity.PIB news contents are useful for various exams like IAS / UPSC /State Civil Services. What is PIB ( Press Information Bureau )?"PIB is the Nodal agency for Government of India for Communicationand Dissemination of Information about the programs, policies,schemes and achievements of the government through all meansincluding Press, Electronic Media and social media with a view toinform and empower people." Prepare current affairs and generalstudies for UPSC, IAS, SSC, Bank PO exam and other civil servicesexam with PIB News Reader app easily. We are in the process ofbringing to you a comprehensive current affairs applicationfocusing on government news necessary for UPSC / IAS preparation.PIB News is available in English, Hindi and other regionallanguages. PIB News Reader app is must for UPSC, IAS, SSC, PSCstudents. Save PIB news for offline reading and highlight importantpoints for further reading and revision, No ads***** CurrentFeatures * Text highlight feature. * Easily readable news onAndroid phone. *Radio (Hindi, English, Regional) * GoI (Governmentof India) news * Save stories for offline reading and access themwithout internet. * Refresh news when you have internet connectionand read them offline. * No ads * UPSC, SSC students can use thisto improve GK, current affairs and general studies. * No intrusivepermissions asked (Only internet permissions required) * No userdata is collected from your device and no data transmitted over theinternet from your device to any other device. Disclaimer: PIB NewsReader app is unofficial application and is not connected to anygovernment agency in any way. Developer is not responsible for anymisinformation and copyright violation.