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OpenCV Demo 2 2.11
Barry Thomas
A demo app, based partly on the samplesprovided with the OpenCV library (Java wrapper version, v2.4.4).Demonstrates the use of Canny edge detection, Hough lines, Houghcircles, 'in-range' colour detection, separate channel view, facedetection, good-features-to-track and optical flow.This app replaces the earlier version which has now been removedfrom screens (eg tablets) may be slow due to the amount ofdata being processed.Read more about the app at Source code of the key sections of the frame processing loop areon the web site.The app was written mainly as a learning exercise and isprovided with no guarantee of road worthiness or fitness forpurpose. Let me know if you want a copy of the source code.
Planetary Motion 1.01
Barry Thomas
This app shows a simplistic orrery, but itsmain function is to help anyone trying to code Keppler's first twolaws in Java and especially for Android. All of the information youneed on this subject (and on which my code is based) can be foundin the book Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus.