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Survival Hungry Games C20
The nightmare of a haunted child swallowsreality. Stop the danger for good in one of the best blockyshooters ever released!★☆BACKSTORY★☆The story has passed down for generations. It's been used to scarechildren into doing their chores and going to bed on time. It hasbeen the stuff of legends, studied by the most esteemed minds. Onlynow, it's coming true.The prophesy has been fulfilled: the child has been born, and itsimagination is so strong, it leaks into reality. We will all sufferas the child's dreams have taken a drastic and dark turn. We're alldoomed unless we can find the child and end this nightmare. Untilthen, all we can do is fight the evil spilling forth from thechild’s mind.Until then... we must survive.★☆PLAY TO SURVIVE★☆Survival Hungry Games is ready to wow you with an amazing andchallenging first person shooter experience!Unlock power-ups to aid you in your quest and get ready to rock inthe fight for survival! As you fight to end the nightmare, befierce and brave, beat the timer, destroy them all and win amazingweapons permanently.If you fail to beat the clock, don’t be discouraged, you can stillpush forward and clear the levels of the violent creatures imaginedby the child of prophesy. Beware of their toughness, intelligenceand skill as they haunt each level, which grow tougher as youcontinue! Are you still here reading?!? There is no time… GO! GO!GO!Be prepared to hit fast and hard in order to survive! Battle it outhand-to-hand, fight strategically, crouch and jump, and be deadlyin your pursuit with precision aiming. Fight bravely and win thefight for survival!Survival Hungry Games Features…✔New and improved game interface!✔User friendly touch screen controls!✔Tips that give you a tactical advantage in your struggle!✔Power-ups to keep you from dying, or make your enemies diefaster!✔Blocky weapons collection!
Block Battlefield Termination C18b
Block Gun Battlefield Termination is designedfor an explosive mobile gaming experience. This vast pixelatedworld is loaded with amazing challenges, epic enemies, deadlylandscapes and much needed pickups.Discover a world full of diverse challenges...In a post apocalyptic setting, the world is newly emerged andgoverned by elite computer programs that dictate the survival ofthe human race. In an experimental community, a dying man isrecruited for a military program that develops extrasensoryperceptive command armies and mass units of destruction. Enteringthis strange world and knowing it could be the last thing you seebefore the malignancy claims your body, you are wary of your rolein this bleak and foreign stretch of nearly deserted land. Naryencountering a single person upon arrival, you sign away yourlife-- worth so little anymore-- and begin work in assembling amyriad of strange and unusual pieces of equipment salvaged fromwhat was left over from before armageddon claimed the Earth, layingwaste to the nations. Your work is soothing, and as your life nearsits end, you take pride in the strange cast of inventions you havebirthed. In the meantime, the lonely landscape yields a smallhandful of consorts that bring another aspect of peace to yourfinal days. You learn that these fellow few are also condemned bydiseases that ravage their bodies. As this fact bonds you, it is asad day when the first of your group is hauled away, a stark whitecloth outlining the immobile form of the corpse beneath it. Sadlyyou go about your business, thoughts of your own eventual endingclouding your thoughts. The very next morning as you are collectingthe parts for a model, you spy a familiar face-- although nottotally the same in body-- being escorted surreptitiously andflanked by two strange beings you've not seem before. Wending yourway through the rubbish of the trash heaps, you make your way tothe strangers, and see amazingly, the living breathing form of yournewly deceased friend. But now those eyes that once shone brightlyat you, are now turned with deadly intent. Before your friendexecutes a deadly strike against your person, the men accompanyinghim expertly take action and a pile of broken motors take the bruntof the attack. In fear you flee, but as you stumble through thefragmented farmlands of this dump and enter a new and strikinglyaustere barren and dissolute city, an army of the same creaturesare in pursuit.Among the dissolute ruins of an abandoned city lies a terriblesecret...The race of genetically modified people has been born and you arepart of the grand scheme to breed the latest, greatest army fromthe remains of the dead. All of this work you've been doing has notbeen for the weapons you once thought, as these weapons are you andthe select few who have been chosen as the test subjects of thesetrial runs. Wanting no part of what you have just witnessed, youmust find a way to avoid this terrible reincarnation of your body.As you hide out and seek escape as you fight the clock to rest inpeace, undisturbed, you are forced to reckon with the likes of thenewly revived who are armed and trained soldiers of massdestruction.Collect whatever you can to aid you in your mission of survivalagainst an army of monster robot/human hybrids. Hidden dangers lurkfar and wide. Your escape seems unlikely, but you refuse to giveinto the tyrannical plans of these despots.Features:-Amazing graphics-Unique pixel worlds-Intuitive touch controls-Non-stop FPS action-Endless battles-Challenging enemies
Battle Ground Survival Games C18b
Battle Ground Survival Games contribute tobeing an exciting game where you have to save yourself from foeswho want to hunt you down.In the game, you should make your way through dangerous landscapesthat can be challenging to the reflexes and wit. You should beusing fierce weapons which can be an ultimate first person shooterexperience. It is a minigun game that explodes with extensiveadventures.This is a first person shooter game that comes with variouschallenges. The game also comes with powers, pickups, specialeffects and weapons.You can watch a video at the beginning of thegame for earning power up. The game is known to have intense levelswhich will test your skills. The first level will be unlocked.After the completion of each level, the next one becomes unlockedand so on till you cross all the levels.Features:• Precision aimingThis game requires you to shoot at your foes for survival. Thisfeature of the game helps in shooting with the right aim.• Beat the timers to earn perksTimers help in calculating the time, you take for crossing eachlevel of the game. There is a specified time which is beingallocated to cross each level. As you beat the timers andaccomplish the levels before time, you can earn perks.• Retro-styled pixel-art graphicsThis helps in modifying certain settings of the game.• Face aggressive mobsWith this feature, you will be facing fierce and aggressive mobsthat assist in making the game more interesting.• Wield epic weaponsAs you cross each level of the game, you will be facing challengingand fierce foes. The feature helps you in earning wild and epicweapons by which you can fight the deadly enemies with ease.• Three vast maps to exploreThese maps help in exploring various paths across the game.
Assassin's Freed United Games C18b
Get ready for Assassin’s Freed United Games, amedieval FPS cube style full of pirates and Caribbeanislands.You are an assassin trained with the best skills to finish theruling days of the corrupted government that has spread out overmany Caribbean islands and religious temples in the area.This First Person Shooter and role-playing game is full of actionand it will take you to different adventures on the many maps weoffer. Wether you kill enemies using melee weapons or firearms youwill enjoy this great battle through medieval castles, temples,pirate ships and building roof tops.You are capable to kill armed enemies using your swords, knifes andother melee weapons but as soon as you get your hands into a rifleyou’ll be unstoppable.You will find pick up items such as Health packs and ammo boxesthat will help you in this vicious fight against the corrupted butpowerful enemy.Use your map to find hidden enemies and make sure you check yourcorners.You can adjust the sensibility of the game by clicking the Settingsicon if you want to turn the camera faster during battles.There is a wide choice of arms and awesome gameplay.The game will be harder as you progress in the game and the enemieswill grow in numbers, they will do anything to defeat you.Use your assassin skills and training to stop the bad guys andreturn peace to this town.
Assassin Mission Block Gun C18b
Play as an elite assassin, trained in the waysof the deadly snipers in Assassin Mission Block Gun. Dominateseveral maps including sewer, railway and cave base. Take onclandestine tasks in a dance with death that you must survive ifyou dare accept the mission. Brace yourself for a battle of epicproportions when your mission is leaked and the enemy you areassigned to eliminate aims to eradicate you first. Pack big punchesand survive hard hitting battles as you fight your way to victory.This mission isn't for the faint of heart.YOUR MISSION IF YOU SO CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT...As a young boy, you could only ever dream of the world of dangerand intrigue that filled the books you stealthy borrowed from thelibrary. You would follow the methodical journey of each war heroand free agent sniper as if it were your own. Then, following thedeath of your parents, you are taken into custody by a familymember you never knew you had, a man who you know your parentscertainly would never have entertained the company of.Brought to the Knights of the Dark, a headquarters headed by thismysterious man, you are trained as a fierce killer machine. It ishere your training is endless, and you work tirelessly until youyourself are a deadly weapon the government can use to eliminatethreats to their nation.Tasked with taking out a foreign spy who poses great danger to therealm, you take great care to prepare yourself for a mission thatcould prove your greatest challenge yet. This spy is no ordinaryagent, but a powerful operative with his own legion ofsoldiers.Your mission is proceeding just fine, you have your spy tracked --a difficult mission unto itself-- but then something goes terriblywrong. Your tactics fail you and you are discovered. Immediatelyyou are under siege from every angle, by the very clan of enemyarmies you sought to bring an end to by destroying this secretagent. Now it will take everything you have and more to overcomethese masses of enemy warriors and finish the mission you were sentto do.GAME FEATURES:Addictive combination running and action-shooting gameplayawaits...Entity mapThree breathtaking 3D levelsMelee and firearm weaponsHand-to-hand combatEnemies increase throughout levelsAmmo, health, and slow and speed pick upsuser-friendly pad based controlsPlay to survive
Cube of Duty: Ghost Blocks C20i
It is a run and shooter action game where youare the only survivor after a disastrous plane crashThis is a run and shooter action game where you are the onlysurvivor after a disastrous plane crash and you comprehend that theaccident was the outcome of war casualty. The game becomes moreinteresting as death is awaiting at every terminal of the enemyterritory. In this game, it is a requisite that you should beprepared for facing challenges and deadly enemies.Your survivalmoves, wits, and spontaneous reflexes are indispensable for winningthe game.The game initiates as you find your path amidst the wreckage of theplane and you sense the danger. After fighting with the deadlyenemies, you come to a private beach where you are the onlyinhabitant apart from an unbeatable mob. If you are able to surviveafter defeating the fierce foes, you will come to a deserted islandwhere the game becomes more intense.Features:• Beat the Mission Time to Unlock Permanent WeaponsThe mission time aids in calculating the time, you took forcompleting each level of the game. It is a must that you shouldcomplete the level before the time finishes. As you complete thelevel before the scheduled mission time, various permanent weaponsget unlocked which will be of great help for fighting the deadlyenemies.• Earn Permanent Power-Ups such as Double Damage and BodyArmourThis first person shooter game is a highly interesting game and youhave to fight constantly for defeating the enemies. As youaccomplish certain levels of the game, you will earn permanentPower-Ups which include Body Armour , Double Damage for fightingthose fierce enemies.• Difficulty SettingsIf you want to enjoy playing the advanced levels of the game, thisfeature is for you. It helps you to play the difficult levels ofthe game.Some other features of the game include:Sensitivity SettingsEasier Player ControlOption to Display Frames per SecondMission Selection Map
Terror City Cube Survival C20a
From the ashes of chaos a hero will arise inTerror City Cube Survival. The devil incarnate has infiltrated yournation and claimed hostages from among those they did not kill. Asyour nation crumbles to ashes beneath their malevolent acts,circumstances demand you rise above it and become the heroeverybody needs.✖DOMINATE THIS ACTION-FILLED CAMPAIGN✖What if there were thousands of terrorists in your country, livingin your neighborhood, attending school with your children, erectingchurches in your city and using a massive fast food and retailchains as a front for their deadly campaign?For more years than anyone can count, a plot against your nationhas been calculated. An attack of massive proportions, which willblot out your government and rob the world of their free will. Onan unassuming morning, one seemingly like all the rest, a series ofplanes are hijacked, government buildings are bombed and largecities claim hostages from average citizens to high profilegovernment leaders. The world is plunged into darkness and despairas terror reigns supreme. The boarders have been shut down andthere is nowhere to flee. Then, the president is captured. Chaosensues as citizens rebel against terrorists and terrorists continuetheir total destruction of the lands. As commanding officers becomevictims at the hands of these diabolical masterminds, it falls tothe next in command to uphold justice throughout the lands. You arethis justice. A trained and acclaimed sniper, it is with you thatany hope for the future lies.If these terrorist scum can be stopped, it must be by your hands.The battle ahead will be a bleak one, filled with uncertainties andaggressive challenges. Each step will potentially be your last andthere is no guarantee of your survival. With each heart-poundinglevel, your fate seems increasingly grim, but you are a soldierthrough and through and you are not about to give up on yourcountry yet. Free the hostages and destroy each enemy threats torestore peace and hope to the lands. You will race across diverselocations in your mission, all while wielding an array of advancedmodern weaponry. Your challenge in to survive amidst these enemyattacks and eliminate all threats. Hordes of enemies will beattacking from all sides, but to open the portal to the next level,you will need to lock and load and immerse yourself in this mostexciting FPS game available for download. This is the cool modernblockworld game you've been waiting for. This is Terror City CubeSurvival.GAME FEATURES-✔Weapons - Knife, M1911, M4, MP5, Shotgun, Sniper, AK-47✔Ammo - M1911 ammo, M4 ammo, MP5 ammo, Shotgun ammo, Sniper ammo,AK-47 ammo✔Health Pack✔Classic pixel graphics and cool game animations✔Legendary and brutal maps✔Terrorist enemy variety✔User-friendly and effective control interface✔Run, shoot and collect amazing perks and weapons✔Survival mode
Survival Games - District1 FPS C18b
Survival Game - District 1 FPS is set to takeyou on an adventure the likes you've never experienced. Cool, pixel3D graphics show off in first person view while you navigateworlds, collect weapons and eliminate intelligent enemies who willtest you in every way. Download for free today and start playingnow!~A TALE OF THE REAPER~The grim reaper is no longer able to claim lives directly. Thepopulation has surpasses his powers, and now, when your time is up,a mark appears on your body and it is the duty of every otherperson to kill you on sight. To ensure this, anyone who witnessesthis mark on another, will be possessed with an undefeatable urgeto kill said person and will not stop until the task is completedsuccessfully.Upon leaving the station where you work, you look down to witnessjust such a mark branding you. Your heart pounds with adrenaline.You can't me marked yet, not when you've just received a majorbreak in the case you were working on. Within minutes about a dozenpedestrians have seen your mark and they descend upon you inblood-thirsty droves. You escape, but barely. Breathing heavily,you realize that the only way to survive long enough to see yourcase solved is to fight those who would seek to end yourexistence....~TOTALLY ADDICTING GAME PLAY~This highly addictive FPS action game is updated to feature a newcast of ultimate villains, vast worlds and awesome features. Uponlaunching the game, a daily rewards screen will prompt you to watcha short video ad in exchange for a specific power-up that you willbe able to use until you die. There is a succession of maps tounlock, and as you start off at map one, you will be given a set ofinstructions that includes the number of enemies you must kill topass the level and a time you need to beat if you want to earn aspecific permanent weapon. Before you start, you will be able tochose from three difficulty levels. You can also adjust your gamecontrols to your preferred aim and movement sensitivity in thesettings screen. User-friendly touch screen controls allow you tonavigate your character and enjoy first person views and precisionaiming. Pick up weapons and perks as you go along, but if you runlow on health or ammo, video clips will be there to save you if youso choose. First level features a try again option if you fail tobeat the clock, or you may continue on to the next level withoutsaid permanent weapon. The choice is yours. Go forth bravely!Game Features:-Loading screen game tips-Game timers-Power-ups/Daily rewards-Mission style game instructions-Intuitive user interfaceGame Levels:Level 1- Sniper CityLevel 2- Pyramid StageLevel 3- Police Station
Block Soldier Battlefield 18b
Block Soldier Battlefield walks the edge ofsurvival. Experience explosive running and shooting action in thisunstoppable adventure boasting aggressive enemies and hidden itemssuch as weapons, ammo and health packs. Dominate unbeatablefortresses and confront mighty fighters. You need to play thisamazing FPS to believe it. High energy meets high intensity for anepic battle into the secret HQ on enemy territory. Plan your moves,clear each map of enemies and become the best. You'll be addictedfrom your first kill!IF YOU WANT POWER, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ITA feared and revered opponent, you spent the best years of yourlife in the underworld of the battlefield, blasting through enemyterrain and completing treacherous assassin missions. Days turnedto nights, which turned to weeks and months with you entrenched inthe brutalities of war in the bittersweet service of death. Yourbravery was renowned, both celebrated and feared, until the day yousustained numerous injuries in an explosion. Enemies swarmed yoursquad, but your body betrayed you, and you were unable to retaliateor flee. Just like the men laying still in a pool of their ownblood, so you were left behind. Passing out from the pain, youawaken in a sterile white laboratory. At first you are alone. Whathappened to you? Then you remember, and the echo of pain lives onlike a distant, but persistent memory. Instinctively you try tomove, but you are pinned down. Upon further inspection, you noticea newness about yourself. There is no pain, no anything. Thensomeone appears. The man in no one you recognize. Friend or foe? Helets you free of your restraints, pokes and prods at you like a labrat instead of the soldier you are. You wait quietly, curious tosee what he is doing and if he'll explain. Just as your patience iswearing thin, the man speaks. You were a goner, left for dead. Buta comrade reported you fallen, and you were reclaimed. No longerany good to the military broken and bleeding as you were, you werewhisked away here where you would become a lab rat. This was twelveyears ago. Here you would breathe your last breath, or you wouldbecome the superhuman they created you to be. Through many trialsand tribulations, their experiment became a success. You are beyondhuman strength, a feat of power beyond the comprehensible. A secondchance, as it were. You will become the hero the world needs.TEST YOUR SKILLS TO THE LIMITYou are the ultimate fighting machine, but you are stillvulnerable, and in this war of greed and power, the enemies arefierce. Show them just what you are made of. Accomplish missions bycollecting from a variety of weapons or go brutal styles withfists. Let your surroundings aid in your attack and utilize barrelsloaded with explosives. Aim and shoot and fell numerous enemies atonce. You are a skilled marksman, quick on your feet and ready foranything. Eliminate all terrorist threats in this hostileenvironment and go deep into enemy territory to complete allassassination missions. Explore and dominate six unique and brutalmaps, each with their own set of challenges you must overcome. Justwhen you think you are home free, remember that the enemy is notabout to make this easy for you. Foes will increase with everylevel, while pickups decrease, so reserve your shot and be ever onguard.Features*Amazing 3D pixel environments*Hand-to-hand combat*Brutal weapons variety*Health and ammo perks*Precision shooting*Entity map for aerial views of oncoming enemies
Cube Planet Mass Survival C20
The alien invasion armies have come,threatening to eliminate Earth and enslave its population. You willbe joining humanity’s resistance forces, utilizing your uniquewarfare skills for the greater cause of ultimate survival, leadingthe way to the final victory. You are more than a simple man… youare a noble warrior sworn to defend your world! But fear not, youare not alone in this dangerous mission. The most technologicallyadvanced modern weaponry is at your disposal. Gather as many cubesas you can in the game to unlock many awesome goodies, and fightfor your chance to obtain humanity! Collect ammo and health whilebattling mobs of enemies, increasing in number as you proceedthrough missions. Rapid paced action awaits you, so gear up andenter the extreme first person shooter world of immersive mobilegameplay where you see and feel all the action. Make your finalstand, defend this world and crush your enemies!When our planett is attacked by alien slave traders, one man has aplan to save the world...
Titan Attack on Block Kingdom C20
Titan Attack on Block Kingdom is athrill-a-minute FPS action adventure game. Fight against a mixtureof human and titan enemies all as you attempt to beat the clock andearn the ultimate perk in the journey of claiming the title ofultimate fighter.****PLOTLINE****The frozen lake had finally cracked open after all these frigidyears. It was not this fact which startled me, rather, it was thesingle trail of enormous footsteps that lead out...I rushed back to the capitol, breathless. The titans had returnedand I needed to let everyone know before the world we'dpainstakingly reconstructed tumbled beneath their wrath and ournumbers defeated. A stabbing in my side and a lack of oxygen causedme to slow down and catch my breath. When the dizziness faded and Icrested the hill, I realized I was too late. The city was engulfedin the pollution of demolished buildings as the citadel was underattack by not one, but several titans. That's when I noticed thatthese monsters were attacking deliberately, and that a series ofhuman warriors fought by their side. This was no random attack. Ourrealm was under attack. This was war.****DANGER AND MAYHEM****Lock onto your target and unload your bullets. This is the ultimaterunning and shooting experience. As you first load the game, you'llbe prompted to watch a video to earn a reward. If you opt to acceptthis bonus, you'll receive a powerful power-up. This power-up couldbe a great boon to you as you run through the levels shooting downenemies in a race against time. With each level equipped with theirown integrated timer, you'll be pitted against the clock from themoment you start the game, and if you are powerful and swift enoughto beat the level within the time given, you'll earn a permanentweapon. Run, shoot, jump, crouch, collect weapons and ammo, allwithin a stunning 3D pixel universe. As you battle it out, youmight find yourself shooting blanks. If this happens, you can watcha brief video ad to claim more ammo to keep fighting. Gain tips andinsight into the game between levels with tip screen duringloading. Watch for enemies with provided entity map. Lock ontoenemies with FPS precision aiming. This game is the best warstimulator game you'll play. Download for free today!Game Features:~New, improved game interface~Simple, touch pad controls~Mission-style level select~Earn power-ups~Hand-to-hand combat~Game timers~Stronger, more intelligent enemies~Level select map screen~Collect blocky weapons and ammo
Battle Strike Soldier Survival C20
Battle Strike Soldier Survival is the ultimateshoot out action game that will leave you on the edge of your seat.Optimized for mobile users, this extreme fighter game is ripe withchallenges. Walk around this 3D pixel world and confront deadlyenemies all while collection an assortment of sophisticated, modernday weapons, ammo and health. Bring down your wrath in an amazingmission with varied enemies. Become the last line of defense in asci-fi world of epic proportions. Enemies are everywhere and youmust defeat every last one in order to claim the title as ultimatevictor.❊❊Time is running out...❊❊I am a prisoner on a planet in a galaxy devoid of human life. Iknow little about my origins, only that the planet had seen a totalannihilation of human life centuries ago at the hands of the robotswho dominated it and I was the last human on earth. I exist in acell so tiny that I cannot lay flat, but rather have to sleep inthe fetal position. My cell is always cold and drips waste from thecity above. I have seen light very few times in my existence, butwhen I have, I was chained in manacles and paraded about the cityto the delight of the robots and their fat, alien comrades. Iharbored no hope of leaving this place. That was, until six monthsago when I heard it whispered between wardens that a planet wasdiscovered where humans not only exist, they thrive. The word warwas being bandied about, but I cared naught of their tactics, forthe first bloom of hope had sprung to life in my chest. For thefirst time since I was a wee boy and my spunk was beatenmercilessly from me, I was determined to be more than a prisoner.Despite the size of my cage, I refused to let my surroundingshinder my plans of escape. I worked out tirelessly, working myweary bones until I could start to feel the strength building in mybody. I would escape, but to fully succeed and reunite with thoseof my own ilk, I would need to confront these foes and escape thishell hole altogether. This is my tale, the story of how I escapedthis planet and vanquished my enemies.❊❊Ready your weapons...❊❊This mission features a great variety of enemies, but when youstart the game, you will be unarmed. In order to do battle, youmust locate and equip a weapon. A selection of melee and firearmweapons exist across the maps. Your entity map will be a valuableasset as it allows you an aerial view of oncoming enemies so youcan be prepared to strike. Collect health and ammo perks while youcan, for these pickups will decrease as the levels progress makingyour mission all the more challenging. Let your surroundings aidyour quest. Exploding barrels can be found and utilized tostrategically take down enemies. Enjoy non-stop FPS action withendless battles and treacherous terrain.How to play: Use the simple touch screen control pad to easilymove, fight, select weapons and more. Kill enemies, utilizeexploding barrels. Keep an eye out for hidden perks andweapons.Features:-Addictive and mesmerizing maps-Efficient weapon controls and movement-Fight your way against dozens of foes-Think strategically-Interactive surroundings-Heated gun battles and ruthless snipers-Pixel style defense game
Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS C20
Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS fun 3D firstperson shooter challenge with classic pixel graphics that creates avivid world full of foes and obstacles. Challenge yourself againsthordes of diabolical titan enemies and be the ultimate warrior. Usethe hook to navigate around the titans and strike from above.***THE CHALLENGE HAS JUST BEGUN***Once upon a time, an entire generation of warriors were raised bymonsters. But outsiders burned the doorways and the world continuedas if they never existed. Alone, but not helpless, the warriorsspent centuries honing their skills, waiting for the day when themortal hold on their otherworldly cell would weaken enough to freetheir numbers...His eyes darted around, searching, prying, straining to see anyform of movement. His heart raced and his temples throbbed. Therewas no light. Not anymore. They were here. The stories told throughnightmares were real. There was no light to save him this time.This time, the monsters would win. After all... Even shadows betrayyou when it gets dark. It was up to him. These monsters- theTitans- were raging a war mere mortals could never fathom to win,unless... unless they could cooperate with the darkness and triumphover the metamorphic heights of these otherworldly giants.***PLAY TO THE EXTREME***Practice your target shooting skills and blast through worlds asyou take out opponents and win awesome rewards. Collect dailypower-ups and prizes such as endless sprint and double damage willbe yours to utilize until you die. Looking for somethinglonger-lasting? Run a successful course in the first level againstthe clock and a given number of enemies and earn permanent weaponsor body armor. Vast landscapes are yours to explore and dominate.Customize controls in the settings screen and play to a difficultylevel that suits your skill level. Six un-lockable levels in themission select screen must be conquered to achieve your totalvictory. Play it like you mean it!Game Levels:-Castle Garden-Village-Rustic TownGame Enemies:-Titans and humansGame Features:-Hook Shot - navigate through air, climb tall buildings-Run, Jump, Aim-Melee And Firearm Weapon Variety-HP And Ammo Hidden Perks-Map Overview Of Oncoming Enemies-Power-Ups Refresh Daily
Titan Attack: End of the World C20
Titan Attack: End of the World is a freefast-paced 3D FPS pixel defense game that captures the excitingfeeling of fighting in a classic, retro battle setting. There aremany unique features appointed to this combat game, includingamazing power-ups, cool modern weapons and intuitive touch screencontrols that make manipulating your character easy.***GAME PLAY STORY***Part of an extremist doomsday cult that submerged themselves deepin the underground for centuries in preparation for the end times,you are one of the decedents of this group. As you emerge from yourunderground compounds for the first time in centuries, you find theplanet overpopulated and teeming with titans. These brutal giantshave killed off every last human, and upon your arrival, a next ofmad titans descends upon your group, annihilating them in a matterof seconds. You were the only to survive, crushed beneath a pile ofyour fallen comrades. When you finally emerge, your blood boils inanger for the crimes of these monsters against your brethren andyou promise revenge.Titan Attack: End of the World features an amazing variety oflandscapes to explore and dominate. Travel across a forest arena,refuge village, and ruined city streets as you extract yourrevenge, only to discover that an elite and highly dangerous bandof magic wielders are the ones actually controlling the titans. Notonly this, you discover there are some humans actually left, butthese poor souls are also mere puppets of these spell casters. Younow must set your sights on their destruction.***THE FIGHT IN ON***Indulge in epic FPS shooter action and familiarize yourself withhow it feels to pull the trigger and send enemy foes to the bellyof the underworld as you can set your targets on. This cool gamefeatures many awesome advantages and perks. Some you are rewardedwith from a simple enough task as watching a brief video ad, othersyou'll have to really work for. This game boasts an ultrachallenging integrated timer, and from the moment you start thefirst level, a timer will begin counting down what time you have tokill every last enemy and earn a powerful permanent weapon. Theaforementioned video ads will earn you such perks as power-ups andammo, so be sure to opt in whenever you get the chance. Enjoy mapstyle level select screen. At the beginning of each level, prepareto receive your mission which includes the number of enemies youmust eliminate to proceed. Good luck! You're going to needit...Levels:Forest ArenaRefuge VillageRuined city streetEnemies:TitansHumansMagic WieldersFeatures:Addictive and mesmerizing mapsEfficient weapon controls and movementFight your way against dozens of foesThink strategicallyPower-upsHeated gun battles and ruthless snipersPixel style defense gameMission instructionsMap style level select
Cube of Duty: Battlefield C20b
Immerse yourself in a heart-pounding saga ofrevenge and war. Time is not your friend as you battle againstmighty warriors in your quest to destroy the enemy.~STORY~Top secret projects have been stolen by a group of terrorist whothreaten all of mankind. You are an elite operative, armed withknowledge, talent, and devastating firepower. While trying to savecivilization, you were caught by the terrorists.Avenge your friends, save the world, and destroy the terrorists forgood!~GAME PLAY~Arm yourself with speed, lightning fast reflexes and the mostsophisticated modern day weapons as you navigate desolatelandscapes. This 3D pixelated mega-world will be your biggestchallenge yet.Pitting you against the clock, you will move quickly for a bonus.To assist you in this treacherous journey, the game will offer youa power-up when you agree to watch the video ad at the beginning ofthe game.Collect blocky weapons and perks, watch additional video clips toearn ammunition, jump, run, aim and shoot your way through everyterrifying level until you are the lone one standing!Features:-Game timers to earn permanent weapons like pistols, shotguns,SMGs, assault rifles and sniper rifles to help you through six hugelevels!-Intuitive user interface-Loading screen game tips to survive!
Slaughter the Block Village C18b
Become a legendary fighter in the hit new FPSsage, Slaughter the Block Village. This intense running andshooting action adventure experience will leave you on the edge ofyour seat. Brilliant pixilated graphics stun with amazing graphicsand breathtaking scenery. This game is an epic battle fordominance. It's an addictive action-shooting campaign that letsunleash your fury with the aid of varying melee and firearmweapons. Smooth and simple touch-pad controls allow you to easilyfight, move, and choose between weapons and perks. Test yourskills, plan your attacks, and reserve your shot to become theultimate warrior.★ ☆ Get Ready for Battle ★ ☆Posters were taped to everything along the street, and it was onlyafter the third that I actually noticed who was on them... me.Snatching up the paper from the vacant video store window, I peeredat the face on the poster. It was undoubtedly my own. As covert asthe mission was, there I was, photographed without my knowledge.And beside it, another of me in another guise, with yet anotherphoto of me in everyday clothing. Alarmed, I glanced down at myattire-- and realized the picture was from today. Whipping around,I studied the street around me, using my experience as a tracker tolocate the spy tracking me. I found him-- and narrowly missed beingshot in the gut. Recoiling, I was lucky enough to catch a glimpseof suspicious movement from the corner of my eye before anotherassailant was upon me. It seemed I had more than one attacker afterme. In fact, as I dove for cover and for a weapon, it seemed thewhole town was after me. As a successful hitman, you make enemies.I just didn't know how many I'd actually made...★ ☆ Eliminate all Enemies ★ ☆An enemy who is employed as a therapist has used hypnosis on ispatients- embedding "trigger sentences" in their minds to createhimself a personal army of assassins who are completely unaware oftheir new employment. these hired guns are now after you. It isyour mission to slaughter each end every one of these targets in adeadly game of cat and mouse. When you begin this game, you will beunarmed. Locate any hidden weapon you can find and equip it. Onceyou are armed, start fighting foes and collecting perks to stayalive. Exploding barrels will be of use to you throughout thelevels and will allow you to strategically take down enemies.Battle across three unique combat scenarios, each with their own 3Dbattlefield and unique challenges. Take control of this mission anddominate this world of high stakes deception.Features:-Hidden melee and firearm weapons-Collect health and ammo as you progress-Limited health and ammo selection-Efficient weapon controls and movement-Progressive play challenge-Entity map for aerial view of oncoming enemies-Interactive surrounding include exploding barrels
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter C20
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter is a FirstShooter person game where you run, shoot and duck forcovering.In the game, you are equipped with a gun for preparing for fierceFPS action. You go for navigating in the 3D pixel world. In thisgame, there is a user-friendly play-style, which comes along withsimple and pad-based controls for fighting with fluidity andchoosing between the weapons. As you accomplish each level of thegame, you can earn modern day weapon for fighting the deadlyenemies.This game is known to be jam-packed along with massive landscapesand fierce fighting action. It may, however, take a little moretime for loading the games. You will encounter a challenging map,breathtaking sceneries, and fierce foes while playing thegame.Features:• Entity mapIt is an interesting feature of the game that helps you in findingand exploring from where your enemies are coming. To be precise,you can keep an eye on your enemies with the aid of this map.• Varied and powerful weaponsIn this game, you need to face deadly enemies. As you accomplisheach level in the game, you will be equipped with various powerfulweapons that help in fighting the fierce foes.• Simple, touch screen game controlsThe screen game controls are counted to be an integral part of thegame. This aids in making the game much easier.• Progressive difficulty game-playEvery game has various easy and harder levels. You can play theadvanced levels of the game with the aid of Progressive difficultygame play feature.• Three unique combat scenariosThis is another feature of Dead Cubes Monster Encounter thatenhances the excitement of the game.Other features of the game are inclusive of:Aggressive combatInteractive surroundingsChoosing the health and ammo pickups 3D FPS pixel worlds
Cops vs Robbers Hunter Games C20
Cops vs Robbers Hunter Games is an excitingrunning and shooting adventure that poses all the best challengesto keep the game interesting. Beat the clock, pickup and collectweapons, earn power-up and more all set against a beautifulpixelated 3D world. Get ready for the ultimate shoot outaction.✦✦STORY✦✦After it happened, everyone was quick to comfort me, telling meeverything would be okay and everything would turn out okay in theend. I sure hoped it wouldn't. Because little did they know, I wasthe one who had caused the problem. I set the fire. I killed myfather and all his law enforcement cronies. And I had done it for areason. It was time to put an end to the "order." We were notpuppets the law could control and manipulate us at will. It wastime we spoke up for ourselves and stop the tyranny. The rebelswere rising. Sure, they didn't call us rebels. They called ustrouble, they called us dangerous, they called us criminals. Well,whatever they labeled us, we were staging a revolt. We were tiredof being the hunted, it was time the roles were switched and webecame the hunters.✦✦GAME✦✦Defeat enemies with deadly selection of weapons you'll amass as youadvance through the levels. Collect ammo and health and fight yourway through every level and earn the title of ultimate fighter. Toclaim your victory, you'll go through a series of extremechallenges. To assist you in your mission, you'll have theopportunity to earn power-ups to help you survive and win. When youopen the game, you can watch a brief video ad and earn a fantasticpower-up. Gain this advantage and get set to beat the clock! Fromthe moment you begin the game, an integrated timer will begincounting down the time as you run, jump, crouch and sprint throughthe levels and kill enemies. Beat the clock and earn a permanentweapon to wield as you fight through all the levels. Enemies willbe intense. No fight will be a quick one when your every foe boastshigh health and damage. These enemies are also highly intelligent,so use all your skill to evade and kill in as little time as youcan. Your title depends on it.Game Features:-Power-ups-Tips screen during loading-Map-style level select-Receive your missions-Hand-to-hand combat-Entity map-Timers