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Umbrella Match Game 1.0
You play this free Umbrella Match Game for kids by tapping any twomatching images that are next to each other along a row or acolumn. The game removes the matched images and therefore exposespotential new link matches. Continue the free Umbrella Game byfinding all the link matches before the clock runs out.The firstround in the Umbrella Match Game for kids is 100 seconds and youcomplete it successfully, each round after that is 10 seconds less.So as you get better at the game, you have less time to completeeach round.If you get stuck, you can tap the REFRESH button toshuffle the images remaining so you might be able to see newmatching links.If you can't see a match at all, you can tap theFIND button and a matching link will made automatically.To exit thegame at any time you simply tap the Back button on your device.ThisUmbrella Match Game is an addictive race to find the matchinglinks. Have Fun!!!
Birthday Cake Games For Kids 1.0
Every kid likes birthday cakes and they will love having fun withBirthday Cake Games For Kids. They can play sliding tile puzzles,flashcard memory games and a clever throwing game. Plus they canhear the sounds of birthdays in all kinds of situations.Theseinteractive birthday cake games for kids are designed for childrenaged 3 and over.Download the free childrens birthday cake games appand they’ll get a wonderful world full of pleasure with thefollowing activities:Birthday Cake Sounds FlashcardsBirthday CakeMatching GamesBirthday Cake Sliding Tile PuzzlesBirthday CakeThrowing GameBIRTHDAY CAKE SOUNDS FLASHCARDSFirst to try in thisbirthday cake games free for kids are the Birthday Cake SoundsFlashcards.When they select a picture from the Sounds screen bytapping one, they are taken to a lovely interactive moving picture.When they tap this moving image a sound will play related to thepicture. The sounds they can hear include happy birthday music, theslurping of a dog eating birthday cake, the blowing out of birthdaycake candles and more.The noises and moving pictures of thebirthday cake games free app with sound will leave your kidsentranced.BIRTHDAY CAKE MATCHING GAMESBirthday Cake Matching Gamesare great fun in the birthday cake games for kids app.Their memorydevelopment is helped as the player attempts to match pairs offlashcards. Matching Games include single tiered birthday cakes,multi tiered birthday cakes and cup birthday cup cakes. To play,they select which matching game they wish to open from the pictureson the Birthday Cake Matching Games screen. They are then taken toa screen where all the pictures are uncovered and they try tomemorise the location of each picture card. When they tap Start,the pictures are covered over. To play the game, they tap the backof two cards and hope to reveal a matching pair of pictures!Mumsand dads should be able to help out on this free kids birthday cakegame!BIRTHDAY CAKE TILE PUZZLESBirthday Cake Sliding Tile Puzzlesis the next area of fun in Birthday Cake Games Free.These gorgeouspuzzles are great for ages 3 and up as there is no time limit. Theysimply concentrate on completing the puzzle without worrying aboutthe clock. As well as being great fun, sliding tile puzzles promotemotor skills, reasoning and development plus they help thedevelopment of early maths skills.To play, they select a picture onthe Birthday Cake Puzzles screen by tapping one and they are thenshown their chosen image. When they tap “Randomize”, the picturetiles are shuffled. A tile will be missing so they can slide thepieces around to re-create the picture. At any point they can startover again by tapping “Randomize”. Plus, whenever they want duringa puzzle, by tapping “Preview” they are shown a reminder of thepicture they are attempting to complete.Easy, yet irresistible,your children will enjoy the feel of the sliding tiles in thesefree birthday cake games to play. BIRTHDAY CAKE THROWINGGAMEKnocking over tin cans at the fairground sideshow is a gamethat goes back centuries.The Birthday Cake Throwing Game is amodern example of the fairground sideshow game and is one of ournew birthday cake games for kids.The Birthday Cake Throwing Gamelets the player lob up to five cup cakes at a pyramid of birthdaycakes. Knock all the birthday cakes off, and they win!A simple gameto play, and an easy game to win – your kids will love thisbirthday cake app game.Design Team: Pat, Tina, Simon &BrianEvery child loves birthday cakes, and they can play along withimages of beautiful birthday cakes in this free Birthday Cake GamesFor Kids. Your child will have lots of fun learning through playwith this activity app from BayGames.