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Hidden Objects World Traveler 1.8
Hidden Objects World Traveler Adventures is a Massive Hidden Objectfull of Cities including Paris, London, Rome, Tuscany, Santorini,San Francisco, New York City, and More!Hidden Object AdventureGames, Photo Hunter, Spot the Difference are very popular, and thisone is packed with so much content!Travel across the world at yourfingertips, and visit the most exotic, popular, and most beautifulplaces in the entire world, and never have to leave home to doit!Visit places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, London Bridge infoggy London, United Kingdom, Santorini Greece with Gorgeous viewsof the Ocean. Visit places in Italy such as Rome, Florence andpicturesque Tuscany's wine country!Also travel to some of the mostfamous cities in the United States including their famouslandmarks: San Francisco's Fisherman's wharf, Powell Street, ThePink Ladies, and the Palace of Fine arts! Also Visit New York'sTimes Square, and Central Park in the fall, and fall in love withthese cities all over again, all across the globe!Find hiddenobjects in various modes of play including picture, word, zen, andget challenged with word scramble, and other challenges withmind-bending puzzles that will keep you entertained forhours!Hidden Objects, Spot the Difference Games, and Photo Huntergames are all the rage, and this one is no exception with so manylevels of play!
Ice Cream Maker Cooking FREE 1.8
Get ready to decorate your favorite Ice Cream Dessert treat in IceCream Maker Cooking Games!Choose from a variety of cones includingwaffle, sprinkles, and various colorful and delicious cones!Thenselect from a medley of colorful flavors of Ice Cream includingvanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, Cookies &Cream, Blueberry, Coffee and More!!Then top them off with delicioustoppings including berries, fruit, chocolate chips, flake bars,cookies, and more!!After you're done, choose a background for yourfavorite ice cream treat, then tap eat, and gobble it all up!IceCream is everyone's favorite treat, & this food maker game isthe perfect treat!
Ice Popsicles & Ice Cream FREE 1.8
Ice Popsicles & Ice Cream Games are a hit for Kids of all agesand the entire family!Choose between an Ice Cream Bar, and IcePopsicles!With Ice Cream Bars, you can dip a vanilla flavored IceCream into the dipping sauce of your choice: Chocolate, Strawberry,and Orange!In Ice Popsicles Maker, choose a mold, and fill yourmold with a ton of delicious flavors like grape, strawberry, lime,orange, cola, and more!Then decorate your ice cream, or ice popwith delicious toppings such as sprinkles, gummies, chocolates,candy, and more!Ice cream and Ice Pops are a fun way to enjoy foodmaker games without the mess or cleanup!
Kids Ice Popsicles FREE 1.3
Do you love Ice Popsicles, Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream Maker Games& Chocolate Games?Then you will love Ice Popsicles!Kids IcePopsicles now lets you decorate Ice Popsicles from molds, a wideSelection of Ice Cream Bars & Quick Ice Popsicles that you canpick and start decorating!For Ice Popsicles:Tap Start, Choose AMold, and Fill your Popsicle mold with a variety of deliciousrainbow flavors!For Ice Cream Bars:Pick an Ice Cream Bar Wrapper,and dip it into the chocolate sauce to start decorating andeating!With Quick Ice Popsicles, pick a colorful Popsicle &start decorating it with a plethora of toppings!Decorate with avariety of candy, toppings, chocolate and more!Snap a picture, andview your ice popsicle in the gallery!Kids Ice Popsicles is a greatapp for kids, and it's fun and free with so many optionsunlocked!Have fun with the whole family with Kids Ice Popsicles& the all new update with so much more content!
Talking Pug 2.4
Talking Pug is the most hilarious talking Pug app on planet earth,and Voted #1 on Planet Pug!!Butter, the pug, travels the world tospread her witty, charm. Butter has a big dog personality trappedin a little Pug body! This talking app is Doggone fun! Butter, thePug, gets 5 Paws Up! Release the Doberman and Rottweiler in her, orobserve her Pug clown-self! Talk or bark at Butter and she will dothe famous Pug head tilt while listening. Then, Butter will repeatwhat you said in the funniest, most hilarious Pug Voice ever!!Thenplay it back over and over, or record a new voice or statement, andhear her blab it right to you!Cute animations and character quirksmake this Talking Pug Game hilarious and entertaining!Featuresinclude:Talking Pug with recording, talking and sharingfeatures!Brand new update featuring a game where you can feed yourpug delicious treats, and deck him out in accessories likesunglasses, hats and more! Includes backgrounds from cities fromall around the world including London, San Francisco, Vegas, Fiji,and other fun venues!Easy to use interface, and fun entertainmentfor the entire family!
High School Lunch Maker FREE 1.6
High School Lunch Maker is a fun game where you can select, and puttons of food on your tray!Select a game: School Lunch the OriginalGame, or High School Lunch with even more selections of food,desserts, drinks for the older kids who eat lunch at HighSchool!Select from Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Pasta, Spaghetti, Pizza,Chicken, and more!Also pick potato chips, french fries, donuts,chicken fingers, and many more snack foods!Select from Desserts andCandy including: Donuts, Chocolate, Cookies, Cupcakes, Ice Creamand More!Select Drinks such as Juice, Soda, Milk, and evenCappuccinos!Enjoy School Lunch and High School Lunch Maker todayand make your best creation ever!
Drop the Cake! 1.1
148apps: 3 Stars! "Be quick and save the falling deserts in thissweet little treat of a physics puzzler" "Sweet Snack!" Read more: The Sweetshave been scattered across 5 Worlds, and need your help to bringthem home! Your job is to safely land them on the platforms to moveonto the next level! Each level you finish will bring them closerto home, and rescuing all their friends! Features: *50 Levelsaccross 5 Different Vibrant, and Colorful Worlds! More themes, andLevels coming with Updates! *Addictive Physics Puzzler Gameplaywith various elements requiring Timing and Skill! *CutestCharacters, Vibrant Colors, and a Cheery and Whimsical Soundtrackto Match each level that will leave you smiling and awww-ing! *Playin Worlds like: Green Meadows, Breezy Island, Weeping Woods, WindyHills, and Coconut Beach! Each World accompanied by a Soundtrackthat is Blissfully matched to each theme! Don't be fooled by the"Sweet" appearance of this game! Bring your "A" game, your skills,your timing, and Dexterity! More updates to come! If you reviewthis app, and would like to request a new theme, type it in yourreview, and we will consider it for future updates!
Blood Draw Injection Simulator Free 3.3
Do you love Injection Games, Blood Draw Games & Emergency LabGames? Do you love the phlebotomist, going to the lab at thehospital, and watching the injection techniques? Then you will LOVEBlood Draw and Injection Simulator! This game lets you become apretend phlebotomist in the Hospital Lab! Start the patient's IVbefore they go into Surgery, the operating room, clinic, and prepthem for their procedure! Play 4 Games total including: IntravenousIV Start - Start the patient's IV, and get the fluids going beforeSurgery Intravenous IV Start with Medication Injection - Start theIV in the vein, and inject the medicine! Take a blood sample usinga butterfly needle - Label the vials and place them into the bagafter and send them off to the lab! So many fun games, and sorealistic, it's just like going to the Doctor to have your blooddrawn & Injections done! Blood draw and injection simulator isthe most realistic version of giving injection and starting IV's!
Baby Nurse - Hospital Care Kid 1.2
Beansprites LLC
Baby Nurse is a Virtual Kids Baby Care app where you get to takecare of the Baby in four different fun games! Baby Nurse - Treatthe baby with Medications, Injections, Bandaids, and check theirHeart Rhythm and more! Baby Bath - Take care of the baby and bathethem with soap and rinse them with the showerhead! Then take atowel and wrap them to keep them snuggly and warm! Baby Dress-Up -Dress your baby to the nines with plenty of outfits, pajamas,shorts, shirts, hats, and top them off with cool toys! Dress themup in the cutest outfits after treating the baby in Baby Nurse andBaby Care! Baby Care - Meet the babies basic care and needs, andfeed them a bottle of milk, change their diaper, and give them apacifier when done. Baby will let you know if he/she is hungry, orneeds a diaper change, so be quick! Sticker lab - there is a funsticker lab at the end of every game, so play with the fun stickersand bandaids, and make baby look ultra spectacular!FeaturesInclude:Includes 5 Babies total to care and treat!Tons of Doctorand Nurse tools, and plenty of options to care for your baby'sbasic care needs!Dress-up game with tons of clothing, shoes,accessories, toys, hats, shirts, pants, and onesies!Bathe your babyusing soap, and rinse of with the shower head, and wrap your babyin a towel!Stickers and Toys available to decorate your happybaby!Take a picture and save it to the gallery for later viewing!
Kids Piano & Drums Games FREE 1.6
Kids Musical Piano & Drums Games are a free and fun musicaladventure for Kids!Play a colorful Rainbow Piano and play tunesusing three different note sets with different piano sounds!Alsobang on a colorful set of drums, and cymbals with the musical DrumSet that younger kids will especially love!Kids Musical Piano &Drums is a fun, and free musical adventure for kids!
Cupcake Yum! Make & Bake Dessert Maker Games FREE 2.1
Do you love Cupcakes? Do you love baking desserts, cakes, pies,donuts & other sweet baked goods? Do you love Candy,Supermarket Games, Cooking Games & School Lunch food? Then youwill LOVE Cupcake Yum! Make & Bake Dessert Maker Games!Cupcakesare America's favorite baked treat! The icing on the Cupcake is themost delicious part of all, and you get realistic versions ofCupcakes that look so delicious, you could take a bite of them onscreen!Grab your utensils, and start mixing the ingredients fromscratch! Once the ingredients are mixed, drag the Cupcake Mix intothe bowl, and start mixing! Bang them in the oven, and watch yourCupcakes bake into warm, delicious, delectable treats!But wait! Youmust decorate! Smack on gobs of delicious Frosting with a plethoraof colors, and designs! Grab some toppings, and sprinkle them overyour delicious creation! When you're done, smack your lips, andstart eating your delicious cupcake, virtually of course! Then saveyour creation and make your friends envious of your calorie freetreat! Fun for the entire family!! Loads of Frosting, toppings, andextras to keep the kiddos occupied while you try to get stuffdone!Features Include:Tons of Frosting to top your DeliciousCupcake with!Tons of Flavors of Cupcakes including Vanilla,Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Velvet, and More!A Plethora of toppingsto sprinkle on your gooey, warm, and delicious Cupcake!Tons ofExtras like Halloween Toppings to top your Cupcake with, andHoliday updates to come!Easy to use interface, and fun for everyone- make and bake delicious cupcakes!
Candy Rainbow Cookies & Donuts Make & Bake 3.2
Do you love food and baking in the kitchen? Do you love cooking andmaking chef baked recipes and Rainbow Ice Cream Games? CandyRainbow Cookie Make & Bake lets you bake cookies from scratch,then top them off with a delicious assortment of Rainbow Candy!Select a cookie from Chocolate, Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, SugarCookies, Oatmeal raisin, and more! Drag the ingredients to thebowl, and mix your cookie dough until well blended! Then put thecookie dough on the pan, and place it in the oven, and watch thembubble up and bake! Take your cookie out of the oven, and decorateit with tons of candy, chocolate, and assortment of gummy candies,and more! Also includes a wide variety of premade Rainbow Icingwith Tons of Candy on top! Endless possibilities in creation are inthis app, and baking Candy Cookies has never been so fun! The bestpart is, this game is free! Enjoy baking, and making cookies withcandy any time of year, and for all ages!
Donut Yum - Make & Bake Donuts Cooking Games FREE 1.9
Do you love making Desserts? Do you love Donuts, Cupcakes, Cookies& other delicious Desserts? Do you love Cooking Games, SchoolLunch Food & other Food Maker Games? Then you will LOVE DonutYum - Make & Bake Donut Cooking Games FREE!Donuts arescrumptious and yummy, and it's your turn to make them fromscratch!! Grab the ingredients from the fridge, and cabinet, andtoss them in the bowl into a gooey mess! Then roll the dough out,and cut the Donuts up and get ready to fry them! After frying thedonuts, decorate to your hearts content! Select from over 60various icings, toppings, candy, chocolate, sprinkles and more!!Decorate with confection items and holiday treats! This app willmake you so hungry, you'll want to run to the nearest donut shop,and snag one yourself!! No mess, no fuss, and zero caloriefun!!Features Include:• Tons of Frosting flavors, toppings, candy,chocolate and more!• Colorful, bright, and looks so real, you couldalmost take a bite out of them!• Great for kids, and teaches themthe steps of Cooking a Donut from Scratch!• No Mess to Cleanup!•Endless possibilities in decorating your Donut with plenty oftoppings to choose from!
Ice Summer Dessert Food FREE 1.5
Do you love Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, & Ice Popsicles? Do youlove Snow Cones, Ice Cream Bars & Frozen Popsicles!? Then youwill LOVE Ice Summer Desserts & Beach Food Maker! This game hasover 7 Ice Cream Modes to play in total! The best part is,everything is unlocked and free to play!Play Ice Popsicles, SnowCones, Ice Cream Bars, Quick Popsicles, Soft Serve Ice Cream, IceCream Sandwiches, & Ice Cream Scoops for 7 Delicious FrozenDessert Games in one GIANT package!!Make Ice Popsicles, and chooseyour mold! Drop in a rainbow of flavors including grape,strawberry, coconut, lime, cola, orange, and more!Snow Cones is afun game where you can make real Snow Cones! Decorate them withdelicious syrups and toppings!Ice Cream Bars lets you make real,classic Ice Cream Bars like what you purchase at the store!IceCream Sandwiches lets you make Ice Cream Sandwiches, and choose theIce Cream Flavor for your Frozen Treat!Frozen Ice Popsicles letsyou fill a variety of Popsicle molds with a rainbow of flavors,then decorate with yummy candy!!Soft Serve Ice Cream lets you serveup delicious soft serve ice cream on a variety of delicious IceCream Cones!Ice Summer Dessert Food, is the best way you can makeany frozen treat, and will be a hit with kids to beat the heat!
Hidden Objects Haunted Manors 1.7
Beansprites LLC
Enter a world of Haunted Mansions, Creepy Forests Tucked away inplaces you would never roam, and Dark Nights where creatures of thenight come out to play!Play over 16 unique levels full of StunningVisuals!Find all the objects ranging from birds and butterflies, toantiques, and other household items!Fun for all ages - play atnight for an extra haunting experience!Over 16 unique illustrationschock full of objects to find!Hint button to aid you if you can'tfind all the items in the scene!Well balanced gameplay - Fun foradults, but also easy for children to get intoHaunting andbeautiful scenes that are reminiscent of Haunted Mansions andCreepy Woods, and HousesSkip a level and play it later if you can'tcomplete it!A scary, haunted, fantastic adventure await you in thisscary, frightful, horror-filled hidden object quest game!
School Lunch Maker - Kids Food & Snacks Games 2.2
School Lunch Maker is a delicious app that lets you decorate yourschool lunch tray with your favorite foods! Grab some sandwiches,hamburgers, and grilled cheese and more as your main dish! Thensnag some healthy fruit options like apples, berries, and pineappleand more!! Then add some side dishes like french fries, potatochips, and other yummy finger foods! Top it off with some deliciousdesserts like cookies, and cupcakes, then add your favorite drinklike Milk or Orange Juice! Then head over to the sticker lab andadd your favorite stickers to your lunch tray!! Snap a picture ofit, and send it to a friend! Great fun for kids, and fun for thewhole family!! School lunch is a fun, easy to play game for allages!! Features Include: Tons of food options including hamburgersand sandwiches, fruit, french fries, and finger foods, chips, andfrench fries, drinks, and last but not least, desserts includingchocolates, cookies and cupcakes!! Tons of Backgrounds with variouscolored trays to choose from! Sticker lab where you can choose over80 stickers to decorate your lunch tray with! Save to Gallery -snap a pic of your creation, and show it to your friends! Endlessmix and match fun with tons of food options and stickers to makeyour best school lunch ever!
Christmas ATM Simulator - Kids Cash Learning FREE 1.6
Christmas ATM Simulator & Prize Money Claw Machine is a funCash learning tool for kids!Get rich and learn how to withdrawfunds from an ATM Machine, Use a Credit Card to take out money,deposit money into your checking account, and earn cash playing thePrize Money Claw Game!Christmas ATM Simulator is a fun and festiveholiday educational game where you learn to manage money via apretend checking account, withdraw funds from an ATM, use a creditcard machine, and rack up dollars in your pretend checking!Movemoney from your checking to real cash, and withdraw funds from theAutomatic Teller Machine!Learn how to manage money in this festiveChristmas themed holiday game with a bonus Christmas Prize ClawGame where you can pick up money out of a Prize Machine to bedeposited into your wallet!Christmas ATM Simulator Machine is funfor everyone, but especially kids learning how to manage money!
Celebrity Newborn Baby & Mommy Care FREE 1.8
Do you love taking care of Babies? Do you love pregnancy games,newborn baby care games, and babies? Then you will LOVE CelebrityNewborn Baby & Mommy Care! Celebrity Newborn Baby & Mommyis a fun game where you get to take care of BOTH Mom & Baby,Celebrity Style!Take care of Mom in two fun games - Pregnancypampering and Clinic Visit!Pamper mom with delicious snacks, food,cupcakes, desserts and more!Then visit the clinic for a check-upand find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!Use fun tools like theUltrasound machine, Blood pressure machine and more!For BabyCare:Give baby a bubbly bath, and wash their hair, use soap, anduse cute fun towels to dry them off!Take care of Baby in thenursery, and spoil them with fun toys, blankets, a musical mobile,a pacifier, and give them their bottle before bed!So many more fungames are included - teaches kids how to multi-task, and is allaround fun with each mini game offering various activities forchildren to engage in!!
Newborn Baby & Mommy Care FREE 2.6
Do you love Newborn Baby Games? Do you love taking care of Babies?Do you love Doctor, Nurse & Surgery Games? Then you will LOVENewborn Baby & Mommy Care FREE! Now with THREE GamesTotal!Mommy's Newborn Baby Care, Celebrity Newborn Baby, andAmbulance Mommy & Baby Care! Newborn Baby and Mommy Care is afun game for kids where they can take care of both Mommy's NewbornBaby girl & boy in Six delightful Mini-Games.Take care of Momin Pregnancy Pampering and feed her fruit, chocolate, brush herhair, and tend to her skin care needs.Then, take her to the clinicfor an ultrasound to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, andalso take her blood pressure, and give her Vitamins, and care forher at the clinic!Mom & Baby Care games also includes fouradditional activities where you can bathe baby, nurse the baby,feed them, change their diaper, and dress the newborn in adorableclothes, accessories and toys!Every activity in this game is a funchance to learn, and get creative through fun, and engaging gamesfor kids!Also included is Ambulance Mommy & Baby:Take care ofMom on the ambulance to the hospital! Pamper her until shearrives!Celebrity Mommy's Newborn Baby Care:Take care of Mommy inStyle! Celebrity Mommy care features new games to play!
Nurse's Office - Virtual Kids 1.7
Beansprites LLC
Play Nurse's Office, and feel like a REAL Nurse and DoctorGrab yourStethoscope, Blood Pressure Machine, and a Medley of fun Nursetools, and take charge at the clinic!!Select a patient and getstarted with the treatment plan!Choose from a variety of tools,ointments, bandages, and more!Clean the patient's wounds withointment, bandage them up, take their Blood Pressure and VitalSigns, and see their injuries disappear!Next - Xray the patient tocheck for any fractures, then cast them and send them to theSticker Lab where you can decorate the patient with a medley ofstickers, and fun toys!!Great fun for kids! Makes medical care lookfun and carefree, and gives them a free range of things to do - ifthey get bored, they can move onto the next activity like the X-RayMachine, or sticker section where they can decorate the page totheir heart's content!Great fun for all ages!! Kids will enjoy thishit game for the Summer!!Choose over 4 patient's with randomizedinjuries that change every time you play!Take the patient'stemperature, check their blood pressure and heart rate too!Use icepacks, ointment, medicine, bandaids, bandages, eyedrops, and armcasts!Plenty to do - free play for kids so they can play with thetools over and over, and never get bored!Sticker lab is fun - placestickers on your patient and on the screen for play-time fun!Saveyour image to the gallery for viewing later!!Have fun playing as adoctor, dentist, surgeon, nurse, RN, and pretend you are performingprocedures, surgeries, treatment, dental, dentist, office, work!
Fairytale Preschool - Kids Educational Games 1.4
Fairytale Preschool offers lots of fun gameplay to keep your littleone occupied. Embark on a journey with friendly animals and some ofyour favorite fairy tale characters including Alice and Little RedRiding Hood. Choose from four different games:- Matching game withfun animals in fairytale forest- Colors: Guess all the colorscorrectly in a game with Alice- Puzzles: Put together the puzzleshapes- Opposites: Discover which object doesn't belong in aclassic game of opposites and comparisons
Sextuplets Newborn Baby Birth - Pregnancy Games 1.9
Sextuplets Newborn Baby & Mommy Birth & Games lets you takecare of SIX babies at once! Can you handle it, and still keep yourcool!?Six Babies have just arrived, and Mommy is feeling veryoverwhelmed! It is your job to keep these babies fed, bathed,dressed, and ready for the day, to help Mommy out!Play 8 Gamestotal with your Sextuplet Newborn Babies!You thought Twins orTriplets were hard to handle? Get a load of feeding six babies atonce, changing their diaper, giving them milk, and getting themdressed for the day!Choose from a medley of games includingSextuplet Newborn Baby Bath, Baby Dress-up, Mommy Pampering becauseboy she needs it! Mommy Clinic, Sextuplet Hospital Delivery,Sextuplet Feeding and more!Get ready to play a fun game that isgreat for all ages, and give Mom a hand with her busy new life withsix newborn babies!
Wordy Bird: Hangman 1.0
Beansprites LLC
Wordy Bird HangMan is the most addictive Word Game you will play!A twist on the original HangMan, this game involves solvingthepuzzle before all ten birds land on the branch!Pick letters, and pay attention to the category so you cansolvethe puzzle to move on!Contains hundreds of words from over 6 categories like Movies,TVShows, People, Places, Things, and Food!Features:Gorgeous graphics and animated birds that will crack you up,withRetina Display!6 Different Categories of Words: Person, Place, Thing, Movies,TVShows, and Food!Cute animated birds that land on the perch each timeyouincorrectly select a letter!Up to date Words from Current Pop Culture, TV Shows, MoviesandFamous People!Great for the entire family - kids will enjoy this, andwillrecognize the Words in the game!
Hidden Object Mystery Gardens 1.4
Enter a Magical World of Beautiful Gardens in Hidden Objects:Mysterious Gardens!Over 16 Unique, and detailed Gardens to exploreand find hidden objects.Scenes are so Detailed, Magical, andGorgeous! Items to find include Antiques, Gold Coins, Birds,Butterflies, Paintings, Statues, Figurines, Vintage items, andmore!Relaxing gameplay, the perfect game to curl up on the couch ona cozy evening, or even play with friends, and pass back and forthuntil you finish each scene!
Happy Bird - Tiny Wings 1.8
Happy Bird - Little Wings & Missiles is a fun, addictive,endless runner game with stellar retro art! As a Bird, take off,and soar through the sky, grab coins, and avoid obstacles - takedown anything that gets in your way with missile pickups, and rackup the highest score possible! Fun for the entire family, and loadsof fun!!Grab Happy Bird - Wings & Missiles today and enjoy anew twist on a classic favorite!Features Include:Four differentstyles of birds, and four seasons to mix up the fun!As a bird,avoid obstacles, and flap your way through to the highestscore!Retro style graphics, and uniquely designed birds!Missilepickups that each bird can snag, and blast obstacles!Easy to pickup and play, hard to put down!
Hidden Object Mystery Manor 1.4
Hidden Object Secret of Mystery Manor is aClassic Hidden Object Game - Unlock the Mystery and explore SecretManors, Haunted Mansions, Creepy and Desolate Haunted Houses, andSpooky Forests!Even explore Haunted Castles, and Many more Haunted & CreepyPlaces to Explore!Play in 3 Modes: Traditional, Adventure, and Zen Modes!Choose additional options in the Secret of Mystery Manor, suchas picture, word, and collector, and find all the various objectsplanted in each gorgeous scene!Over 16 gorgeous photographs that will haunt you with a creepysoundtrack that can be toggled on and off!Explore various venues very reminiscent of a Halloween MysteryTown! Haunted Houses, Manors, Mansions, and Castles await yourexploration!Find all the Hidden Objects, and hunt for all the photos toclear all 50 plus levels included in this great game!Now is the time to get ready for Halloween, so explore haunted& desolate places and get in the mood for the upcoming FallSeason with Hidden Object Mystery Manor!
Cookies & Milk! 1.0
Beansprites LLC
If you've got little helpers in your kitchenwho love baking or if you simply have a sweet tooth to satisfy, theCookies and Milk app brings the joys of (pretend) baking to yourAndroid device. From sugar-loving toddlers to calorie-consciousadults, baking and indulging in a cyber-cookie just may be thesweet escape you crave.Sugar and Spice and All That's NiceExpand your children's cookie palate by scrolling through yourbaking options first and settling on a choice. If you choose tobake cookies from scratch you'll even be provided with the recipe.Choose from more than 10 delicious recipes.Ingredients appear above the mixing bowl. Drag and drop eachingredient into the bowl and mix it up with the touch of a finger.Watch the ingredients transform into delicious dough.Next, drag each dough ball onto the baking sheet until it's fulland put it into the oven. When the light comes on, the cookies areready to decorate.The responsive touch-and-drag interface makes it easy for youngchildren to choose ingredients and toppings with ease.Down to the Last CrumbEvery kid knows the best part of baking cookies--eating them! Tapthe cookie to take a bite, tap it twice, three times, four--uh oh,until cookie is no more.Provides recipes for more than 10 cookiesSomething to wash it down? Cookie consumption is never completewithout a tall glass of nice, cold milk. Slurp it down and properlycomplete the cookie ritual with a strong, satisfying,"Ahhhhhh."Features• Great for children who love helping in the kitchen and playingpretend• Responsive touch-and-drag interface makes navigating the appeasy for toddlers• Choose from more than 10 delicious cookie recipes• Watch your little one mix until the ingredients turn todough• Great for sugar-loving kids to calorie-conscious adults
Fast Food Lunch Maker FREE 1.4
Fast Food is America's Favorite treat, and it's now available atyour fingertips!This is one of the best food maker game for kidsfree that you can get! So many different choices, and crazytoppings galore!Everything including the burger patties,cheeseburgers, buns, toppings, ice cream, and everything isunlocked for your enjoyment!! Free to play!!!Create delicious,stacked to the ceiling burgers that will look so delicious, you'llbe running to the nearest burger joint to get your fix!Choose froman amazing assortment of toppings to create your most deliciousmasterpiece!Choose from plain burger patties to burger patties withmelted cheese, and stack away!Top them off with a wide variety ofburger staples including lettuce, pickles, cheese, onions, friedegg, vegetables, mozzarella sticks and more!Then choose from thesweets department, and put chocolate, sprinkles, candy, sweets, andmore!
Hidden Object Ghost Halloween 1.5
Beansprites LLC
Hidden Objects Ghostly Halloween is a spooky hidden object gamewith over 16 unique levels of play! Play 16 various levelsincluding haunted houses, shacks, woods, terraces, and beautifulhalloween scenes decorated with an abundance of objects! FeaturesInclude: 16 Stunning Halloween themed scenes with tons of objectsto find! Music that can be toggled on/off Easy to play - kids canpick up and play this game, and appropriate for all ages! Savesyour progress for later - can also skip a level and come back to itlater! *16 Stunning Halloween themed scenes with tons of objects tofind! • Music that can be toggled on/off • Easy to play - kids canpick up and play this game, and appropriate for all ages! • Savesyour progress for later - can also skip a level and come back to itlater!
Hidden Objects Mystic Fantasy 1.7
Hidden Objects Mystic Fantasy is the latest genre in Hidden ObjectGames!Encounter over 20 different, gorgeous, detailed, FantasyWorlds where you can escape, relax, and play a wonderful, engagingHidden Object Game.Fantasy scenery, and landscapes are jaw droppinggorgeous, and each level gets progressively more difficult to findthe objects.Great fun for the entire family and kid friendly too!
Hidden Objects Christmas Morning 1.8
Hidden Objects Christmas Morning is a Magical Holiday Adventure inHidden Object Photo Finding Fun!Gather for Hidden Object ChristmasPhoto Hunting, Object Finding, & Mystery Solving!HiddenObjects: Christmas Morning Magical Adventures awaits in thisfun-filled and festive Holiday Hidden Object Game with Over 55levels total!Explore various picturesque and magical Holiday &Christmas Scenes full of delightful Holiday objects, stockings,trees, ornaments, Christmas Cookies & Cakes, and More!Explorethe Holidays in the Winter, by the Fireplace, Outdoors, and duringthe quiet morning hours after Santa has left and planted all theChristmas presents throughout each home!Hidden Objects ChristmasMorning Magical Adventures is fun, and exciting for all ages toexplore!
Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Games 3.3
Do you love Desserts, Food Maker Games, Cake Pops & CookingGames? Do you love baking Cake, Cupcakes, Chocolate Candy Bars& Candy Maker Games? Then you will LOVE Cake Pop Maker -Cooking Games FREE! Play Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Games & Make& Bake Cake Pops from scratch in the kitchen! Bake up yourfavorite Cake Pop desserts & start mixing the ingredients! Youcan make a delicious variety of Cake Pops in mouth wateringflavors! Choose from a ton of Cake Pop flavors including:Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Confetti Birthday, Blueberry,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Confetti, Cotton Candy,Gummy Bear Delight, Vanilla Bean, Mint Chip, Chocolate Swirl,Orange Bomb, and Red Velvet! Mix the ingredients for your Cake Popin the Kitchen, then bang them in the oven, and begin decoratingonce baked! Choose from a ton of festive backgrounds, toppings,extras, faces, and decorative sticks! Endless possibilities awaitin this Fun & Free Cake Pops Cooking Games! Great for all ages,and very intuitive for even the younger audience!
Throat Doctor Kids 2.4
Throat Doctor Kids is a fun, realistic game of Doctor where youtend to patient's throat problems, perform surgeries, and usescopes to look deep inside the patient's throat, and repair, mend,and remove tissue, debris, mucus, and more!! Become a throatDoctor, and examine the throat, as opposed to the ears, nose, andeyes.Choose from 3 Unique and Fun Procedures in ThroatDoctor!Throat Clinic - Treat Patient's Throat problems as a throatdoctor using a wide variety of tools like the water gun, suction,needle, and tweezers! Get out gunk, debris, and other junk from thethroat! Tonsillectomy Surgery - Perform surgery using a laser toolas the throat doctor and surgeon, and eradicate the tonsils fromthe back of the throat! Also remove any debris, and junk near thetonsils, and get the patient in tip-top shape! Become a Pro ThroatDoctor with the Pro Pack too!Microscopic Throat Treatment - Use aMicroscope to delve into the patient's mouth, and treat anyproblems deep in the back of the throat! Use tools like the Q-Tip,Cream, and more!! Throat doctor games are so much fun!!Snap a picwhen you're done with the treatment and show it to your friends andfamily!! Great fun for kids, and even the adults will enjoy thisone too!!
Abu My Baby Virtual Pet Games & MiniGames FREE 1.6
Do you love taking care of Virtual Pets, playing Minigames, Feedingyour pet, bathing the Pet, and changing their clothes, costumes,decor and more?Ever wanted to take care of and customize your veryown Baby Bird? You can here with My Baby Virtual Pet - MiniGames,Mall, and Pet Care! You will LOVE My Baby Virtual Pet Games &MiniGames Kids FREE!My Baby Virtual Pet is a fun, free game forkids that love casual, virtual pet making apps, or taking care oftheir pet!So many fun activities to do including the followingRooms! BEDROOM - Play dress up and accessorize your Baby Bird withfun outfits, costumes, characteristics and more!! Also decorateeach room with stylish decor including wallpaper, flooring,accessories, furniture & more!! BATHROOM - Is your Baby Dirty?Wash your baby bird in the bathroom with the sponge, then rinse offin the shower, and use the blowdryer to complete the cleanse!PHARMACY - Does your baby have a cold or fever? Head on over to thepharmacy and stock up on healing medications! Also give your babymore energy, or even make them grow a size bigger! MARKET - Is yourBaby hungry or thirsty or does he just feel like a snack? Grab somegrub over at the market and choose from a plethora of itemsincluding Fast food, desserts, drinks, veggies, fruit & more!!GARDEN - Do you want to grow your very own organic veggies andfruit in your very own garden? Head on over, buy some seed packets,and watch your vegetable garden grow!! GAMES - Make your baby happyby playing some mini-games with him or her! Including somefavorites like Flappy, Matching, and more!! MALL - Not enough funin the other rooms?? Head on over to the mall and head to theBoutique for some really cool and exclusive costumes for Baby! Grabsome treats at the Cafe, or explore the Retro Arcade for moregaming fun with 3 classic arcade hits including: Space Asteroids,Breakout, and Space Aliens!------------------------------------------------- TONS of stuff todo - take care of your pet, feed them, make sure he or she getsenough sleep, and make playtime fun!! Level up to get more costumesand items or buy coins to purchase all the inventory you can dreamof! Decorate each room with it's very own flair and style withplenty of wallpaper, flooring, and furniture to choose from!! Somany rooms to explore and so much to do, this is nonstop fun forany age group!
Celebrity Cupcakes - Dessert Food Baking FREE! 1.4
Do you love Cupcakes? Do you love Celebrity cupcakes, food makergames and dessert games? Do you love games that are ad free, andeverything is unlocked? Then you will LOVE Celebrity Cupcakes aredecadent, delicious, colorful Cupcakes fit for a Super Star &Celebrity!! Drag the ingredients to the bowl, and start mixing yourCupcake Batter! Bang them in the oven, and watch them bake, thendecorate your recipe to your heart's content! Tons of toppings areat your disposal including chocolate, confection, candy, sugarytreats, gummies, colorful frosting and more!! Then eat yourdelicious creation, and take a picture to save to the photo galleryfor later viewing!Product feature bullets • Tons of toppings,chocolate, confection items, and more!• Cool Celebrity theme withdelicious, colorful, and decadent Cupcakes with a wide range offlavors!• Mix ingredients, and bake them before decorating!• Saveyour creation to the photo gallery for later viewing!• Tons ofoptions, and endless possibilities lie in creating the perfectCupcake!!
Find the Difference: Haunted 1.1
Beansprites LLC
Hidden Differences: Haunted Mansions is a fun, traditional game ofSpot the Difference or Photo Hunting where your object is to findall the differences in the various haunted, creepy, and scarymansions!Explore various venues from around the world, with creepyhouses, haunted stairwells, and mysterious clocktowers!Play 2different modes of play, either Free Play, or Timed Mode dependingon your skill level! Timed Mode lets you rack up the highest score,whereas free play allows infinite time to find all the hiddendifferences in each photo!Over 24 Gorgeous Photographs of variousHaunting places, mansions, houses, clocktowers, stairwells, andmore!Some differences are easy to find, whereas others may be moredifficult - very well balanced play for players of allages!Detailed and gorgeous photos along with addictive gameplaymake this a must have game for kids and adults!Curl up on the couchand play solo, or grab a friend and see if you can find all thedifferences!Over 24 Unique Haunted Mansions, Houses, Clock Towersand More!Gorgeous Photographs with Haunting Images, andAmbience!Relaxing, yet spooky Soundtrack you can toggle on andoff!2 Modes of Play: Free Play and Timed Mode so you can playrelaxed, or give yourself a challenge, and beat your highscore!Intuitive interface, tap either side of the photo where youfind the difference, makes it easy for kids and adults to play!
Surgery Simulator Doctor FREE 2.1
Play as a Real Surgeon and Doctor and Help Patients have asuccessful Surgery & Speedy Recovery with Surgeon Simulator& Plastic Surgery Doctor!Get Ready to play and schedule up to 7Surgeries Total!Surgeries include:Heart Surgery, Stomach, Ear,Hand, Foot, Knee & Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgeries using realisticSurgical tools & Medical equipment!Use tools like the scalpel,heart monitor, Oxygen tank, and other realistic tool like scissors,and needles!Check the patients' status while operating on them, andmaintain care as you remove any debris, and perform the operationwith success!This game is fun for all ages with easy and intuitivegame controls!
Animal Marine Doctor & Biologist - Ocean Doc FREE 1.7
Do you love marine life, sea animals, and fish from the ocean? Doyou love Vet games, doctor games, and surgery games? Have youalways wanted to take care of animals, including marine life, andanimals from the ocean? Then you will LOVE Animal Marine Doctor& Biologist - Ocean Animal Doctor! Treat over Seven MarineAnimals and become a real Marine Life Surgeon and OceanDoctor!Treat 7 of the cutest Marine animals you've ever seenincluding:Dolphin, Starfish, Crab, Jellyfish, Sea Turtle, Starfish,Stingray, and even a Whale!Treat them with tons of Doctor Toolsincluding the scraper, oil vacuum, Shell paste to repair theTurtle's shell, Ink Injection, Charger, Buffer, and so muchmore!Scrape oil away, cut off 6 pack plastic tubing, and remove anybarnacles from these beautiful sea life!Great fun for kids, free,and great for all ages!
Heart Surgery Simulator FREE 1.9
Get ready to play Real Heart Surgery Simulator, and become aCardiovascular Surgeon today!Prep in the OR, and perform good handwashing, gown up, and get all your Tools Ready!Treat the Patientwith Multiple Heart Surgeries to choose from!As the Surgeon, takecharge in the OR, and perform surgeries like:Heart Transplant -give the patient a brand new healthy heart! Remove the old one, andplace the new heart inside, and sew up all the valves like a RealHeart Surgeon!Heart Bypass - Perform a Coronary Artery BypassSurgery (CABG) and put your skills to the test!Angioplasty withstent - place the stent inside the artery to open it back up againand get the blood flowing normally!Pacemaker placement - put apacemaker in the patient's heart to get the heart rhythm normalizedand recover all your patients after their major cardiovascularsurgery!Realistic tools and sounds like the Saw, scalpel, andmore!Stitch them up, and send them home! Great fun for all!
Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation 1.7
Do you love Hawaii, the Hawaiian Islands & Summer HawaiiVacations? Do you love the Beach, the Sand, Visiting the Ocean, andPlaying at the Beach?Then you will LOVE Hidden Object HawaiiVacation Adventures - Find the Objects, Pictures, and Spot theDifference Free!Take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands, and play a funhidden object adventure game with tons of places to exploreincluding sandy beaches, surf shops, rocky ocean views, and manymore places in Hawaii with gorgeous graphics and photos!HiddenObjects Hawaiian Island Fantasy Vacation is one of the mostbeautiful hidden object games you can explore!Over 60 unique levelsin Adventure, Traditional, and Zen Modes!Play in Adventure mode,and play over 15 scenes total including beaches in Hawaii, Trails,Majestic Waterfalls, and Serene, deep blue underwater scenes withgorgeous eye popping photographs that are of the highestquality!Relax, kick back, and enjoy a trip to Hawaii in one of themost feature filled hidden object games you could play!Enjoy modeslike Picture, Word, and Challenge! Find objects with jumbledletters, adding to the difficulty, making this one of the most funhidden object, photo hunter, and hidden differences: adventuregames ever!
Ice Popsicles FREE 1.7
Ice Popsicles are a delicious treat to eat, and even more fun tomake! Create Ice Popsicles like Traditional Pops, Rocket Pops, andeven the Classic Twister Pops! Summer is here, and Ice Cream, IcePopsicles, and Pops galore are the greatest treat around!!Afteryou're done creating your Pop, decorate it with a plethora oftoppings, candy, chocolate, Popsicle sticks, and more! Great funfor the entire family!
Baby Nurse Christmas Kids Care 1.3
Baby Nurse Christmas is a festive, Holiday version of Baby Nursewhere you care for babies in four different, complete games in afestive holiday theme!! Care for baby in Baby Care, Baby Bath, BabyDressup, and Baby Nurse in this fantastic game for kids!! Kids willenjoy feeding the baby, giving the baby milk when it cries,changing it's diaper, dressing it in cute, fun, festive outfits,with a medley of choices in accessories and more!! Choose from thenew Christmas collection with a Santa Hat, Elf Hat, fun and festiveChristmas stickers, and deck your baby out to the nines!! Fun forthe entire family - kids ages 3 and up will enjoy this one, andwill find it very easy to play!! Get this app for the Holidays, itwill be a hit with the entire family!! Features Include: Choosefrom over 6 adorable babies!! Tons of fun, festive outfitsincluding Christmas Onesies, cute Christmas hats including a SantaHat, elf Hat, and reindeer antlers! Tons of festive, christmasstickers to choose from in the Sticker lab!! Four complete games inone including: Baby Bath, Baby Care, Baby Nurse, and Baby Dressup!Easy for kids to pick up and play - they will require very littleinstruction!
ATM Simulator: Kids Money & Credit Card Games FREE 3.1
This is the ORIGINAL ATM Simulator - If you love Money Games,Cashier Games, Cash Register & Bank Teller, and ATM Learning,you will LOVE the original ATM Simulator Game for Kids!! ATMSimulator - Money, Cash, Checking Account & ATM Games &Simulator make learning about ATM machines fun, and the best partis, it's free with daily bonuses! ATM simulator allows you to applyfor a checking account, & pretend to use an ATM machine to takeout money, deposit cash, and get daily bonuses to keep your balancein check! Apply for a debit card at the bank, and get your 2,000 tostart keeping balance! Go to the ATM Machine, and take out money,and keep track of your checking account balance and cash balance!Make cash deposits, and bring your checking account balance back upagain! Keep track of your Pin #, or go to the bank and update it!You get daily bonuses for free, but you can also head over to theshop for additional bonuses! Just a fun way to get accustomed tolearning how to use an ATM machine, and a fun game for kids toplay!
Hidden Object Lost Worlds FREE 1.6
Hidden Objects Lost Worlds is a magical & mystical adventure inhidden object hunting with over 15 scenes to choose from! ChooseArcade Mode or World Select Mode, and get started!Over 15 Gorgeous,detailed and stunning worlds to explore with 4 sub-levels for eachworld make this an incredibly fun game to play!Play in a brokendown City Metropolis, Mystical Woods, Fantasy Space Landscape,Magical Underwater Atlantic City and more!!Choose Word, Picture,Zen & Challenge mode - Word is traditional hidden objectgaming, picture is finding all the hidden objects by viewing thepictures, zen is an easy mode where there is unlimited time to findall the objects, and challenge mode is finding one object scatteredaround several places!Play Hidden Object Lost Worlds, and play inthe lost and forgotten city of Atlantis, Metropolis, Moonscape, andexplore lost and hidden worlds in this fantasy hidden objectgame!Great for lovers of Hidden Object, 2D point and clickadventure games, and anything magical and mystical!Great for allages including kids who love free hidden object games as it is kidfriendly without any mature content!
Christmas Injection Simulator - Blood Draw Games 1.9
Christmas Blood Draw & Injection Simulator: Santa's Clinic& Phlebotomy FREE!Christmas Blood Draw & InjectionSimulator Christmas Clinic lets you become a trainee for theHospital Lab & become a real phlebotomist, treating ChristmasCelebrities over the Holidays!Play 6 Injection & Blood DrawGames total Including:Arm Injection: Inject the medicine into thepatient's arm - Rudolph, Elf, and Santa need their medicine!ButtockInjection: Inject the patients medicine into the buttock - thelargest muscle in the body, and let them get well!Blood Draw &Sample: Take Blood Samples from Santa, Rudolph & Elf - packthem up and send them to the lab!Blood Draw & Syringes: Using anew technique, take samples of blood using syringes, and label eachvial, shipping it off to the lab for testing!Intravenous IV Start:Start an IV on the patients, and successful get the IV inside thevein using precise technique!Intravenous IV Start & Medicine:Start an IV, and give medicine to the patients to help them getwell!Santa's Blood Draw & Injection Simulator includes gorgeouseye popping graphics with a Christmas theme that is fun foreveryone!!
Christmas Prize Claw: Kids Vending Prize Ball FREE 1.8
Christmas Prize Claw Kids FREE is a fun Holiday Prize Catcher &Candy & Toy Grabber!Christmas Prize Claw - Kids Toy Machine isa fun game for the holidays where you can play a fun Prize Clawgame, and collect tons of Toys, Candy, Prizes, and SpecialChristmas Toys & Gifts!Select from Candy & Treats or Toys& Prizes, and get started in the fun!Collect items likeChristmas Bears, Toy Soldiers, Donuts, Chocolate bon bon's andmore!Also play challenge mode and pick up the selections of toys,and candy according to the list! Christmas Prize Claw - Kids Toy& Candy Machine is so much fun for the Holidays with Christmastheme toys and music!!
Cupcakes Shop: Bake & Eat FREE 1.3
Cupcakes are America's most favorite treat and Cupcakes Shop: Bake& Eat FREE is no exception! It looks so real, you will thinkREAL Cupcakes are sitting in front of you!Cupcakes have beenindividually baked, a pic snapped of each one freshly baked rightout of the oven, and served to you on your device!Grab yourutensils, and start mixing the ingredients from scratch!Once theingredients are mixed, drag the Cupcake Mix into the bowl, andstart mixing!Bang them in the oven, and watch your Cupcakes bakeinto warm, delicious, delectable treats!But wait! You must decorateyour delicious, moist, and soft Cupcakes!!Smack on gobs ofdelicious Frosting with a plethora of colors, and designs!Grab sometoppings, and sprinkle them over your delicious creation!Whenyou're done, smack your lips, and start eating your deliciouscupcake, virtually of course!Then save your creation and make yourfriends envious of your calorie free treat!Fun for the entirefamily!!Loads of Frosting, toppings, and extras to keep the kiddosoccupied while you try to get stuff done!Features Include:Tons ofFrosting to top your Delicious Cupcake with!Tons of Flavors ofCupcakes including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Velvet, andMore!A Plethora of toppings to sprinkle on your gooey, warm, anddelicious Cupcake!Tons of Extras like Halloween Toppings to topyour Cupcake with, and Holiday updates to come!Easy to useinterface, and fun for the entire family!
Newborn Triplets & Mommy Care 1.8
Newborn Baby Triplets Birth & Mommy Care is a Free game with 8Games total where you can take care and multitask taking care of 3babies at once at both the clinic, the surgeon's office to prep forsurgery at the hospital, and then take care of the triplets at homewith so much to do!Take Care of Triplets in the following minigames:Newborn Baby Triplet Hospital Birth - Take care of 3 babiesafter they are born, and give them their injection, take theirtemperature, and check their vitals! Baby Dress - Choose your Baby,and get each triplet ready for the day!Baby Nurse - Take care ofbaby, and feed each baby a bottle, change their diaper, apply babypowder and more! Can you multitask fast enough!Triplet HospitalBirth - Take care of Mom and the Triplets after the Baby is Born!Apply the Gel, use the Sonogram machine to see triplets, and cutthe umbilical cords once the babies are birthed!Triplet Bath - Give3 babies a bubbly bath, can you get them all ready in time!NewbornTriplet Feeding - Feed 3 hungry babies all at once! Feed themjarred fruit, baby cereal, and milk, can you multitask with 3babies?Also included is Pregnancy Pampering where you take care ofMom and Pamper her before the deliveryClinic Visit is also includedand lets you perform a sonogram of the babies, and see that she ishaving triplets!
ER Doctor City Emergency - Surgery City Doc FREE 2.1
Emergency ER Doctor Games: Newborn Baby & Mommy Care and BabyBirth with Cesarean Section, Dentist Office, Surgery Simulator& Surgeon Doctor, Dentist Office Kids, Blood Draw &Injection Simulator and Ambulance Nurse EMT Care!Newborn Baby Care- Triplets Birth - Deliver Triplets in the operating room aftercesarean section!Dentist Office Kids - clean up teeth, drillcavities, perform tooth extractions and root canals, and placecrowns!Blood Draw & Injection Simulator - Get to the ER anddraw some blood! Give injections, and start IV's like a realpro!Surgery Doctor - Surgeon Games - Become a real surgeon andperform procedures and surgeries like stomach surgery, heart, hand,feet, plastic surgery of the nose, and more!Ambulance Doctor - EMTGames - Treat patients inside a realistic ambulance full of toolsand fun items to play with!ER Doctor city is so much fun, andincludes 5 games in 1 for hours upon hours of fun!!
Hidden Object San Francisco 1.7
Hidden Object San Francisco is a fun, and adventurous trip throughsome of San Francisco's finest, and most breathtaking landmarks!Take a trip in World Mode, or Arcade Mode, and play through over 18Unique Worlds with 4 Sub-Levels of gameplay for each world toexplore for a grand total of over 72 games total! Trek throughareas like Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street, Palace of Fine arts,and Golden Gate Bridge, and find all kinds of objects includingantiques, games, and toys! Hidden Object San Francisco provideshours of entertainment, and includes every famous landmark in SanFrancisco that you could dream of! San Francisco is one of the mostunique cities in the world, famous for it's Ghiradelli Chocolate bythe Wharf, Cable Cars running through the rolling hills, thebeautiful and prestigious Palace of Fine Arts, and the StunningGolden Gate Bridge nestled in the fog! Hidden objects have neverbeen so much fun in this eclectic city, so take off on anadventure, and find all the objects you can within the 4 modes ofplay - Pictures, Words, Zen, and Challenge mode offer a variety ofchallenge for every skill level!------------------------------------------------- Features Include:• Features over 18 unique landmarks to San Francisco, one of themost gorgeous cities in the World! • Palace of Fine arts, GoldenGate Bridge, Painted Ladies, and Lombard street are just a few ofthe famous landmarks featured in this game! • Fun Soundtrack andMusic that can both be toggled on and off in the gameplay menu bytapping the "Gear" button • Gorgeous Photos decked out with somevery eclectic objects that only San Francisco would feature! • Over18 unique scenes with 4 sub-levels of play with each world makethis game a gem, and a bargain at it's price!