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BeatO SMART Diabetes Management 3.00.30
BeatO is India’s leading healthcare App to help you monitor andmanage diabetes the smart way. It is the only diabetes app you needto check your sugar levels easily on the go for better health.Trusted by over 1 Lac diabetic users, here’s why BeatO is the mostpopular Diabetes Management app: BeatO SMART Blood Sugar tracker -Use BeatO’s affordable and unique one touch glucometer (ISO and CEcertified) with BeatO App for accurate and easy blood sugar levelreadings. It is extremely small in size and simply plugs into theaudio port of your smartphone for instant accurate results.Alternatively, you can also manually log blood glucose readingsfrom other Glucometers in BeatO App logbook. FREE Doctor andDietician Consultations - FREE BeatO care round the clock! Consulttop doctors and our team of medical experts (dieticians) who helpyou to constantly monitor your sugar levels and can be reached out24/7 on call or chat . No more waiting for appointments. Record,Analyze and Share your Blood Glucose readings - BeatO App usescolor coding to depict high, low and normal blood sugar levels. Allblood glucose test results are compiled in the app logbook, can beanalyzed with simple graphs and shared with your family, doctor andtrusted contacts through automatic SMS alerts. Lifetime Warranty onBeatO Glucometer - We at BeatO stand by our products and willreplace your glucometer in case there is a problem so you can becompletely worry free. 20% off on medicines - With BeatO’s onlinepharmacy you can easily place order for diabetes meds and other labtests on discounts via the app. Get Free doorstep delivery on NoMinimum Order Value and Cash on Delivery option. Diet and exerciseplan - Based on patient medical history (whether you have type 1 ortype 2 diabetes), our dieticians and nutritionists will send you aneasy to follow personalized diet plan and exercise routine to reachyour goals. On BeatO App, you can view tasty diabetes friendlyrecipes, Yoga Asanas for diabetes, Pranayam exercises, Oral CareTips, Skin Care Tips that are highly effective in diabetesmanagement. Food indicator tool - The food indicator providesnutrition and calorie count for 1000's of food items includinglocal Indian dishes, based on specified portion size. It tells youif the selected food item can be safely consumed by a diabetic oris better avoided. Ayurveda for Diabetes - To treat diabetes thenatural way, we offer Ayurvedic medicines and health supplementsfor your wellbeing, digestion support and overall pain relief. Syncyour fitness tracker - Find out the calories you burn by syncingyour fitness tracker to track your steps. BeatO fitness tracker iscompatible with Google Fit to show a unified view of your healthand activity data. BeatO healthy and tasty, diabetes friendly range- Shop our specialty range of offerings: ● High-fiber Mueslicereals, Masala Oats and Poha ● Healthy Quinoa, Jowar, BajraKhakhra, Baked Chips & Puffs ● Range of Karela, Wheatgrass,Amla Juices & Apple Cider Vinegars ● Organic Red & BrownRice Our products are Dietician approved, contain no added sugar,are baked or roasted and are perfect to beat those hunger cravingsin between meals. No more sugar level spikes. Explore specialoffers on the app and discover 'the taste of good health'worryfree. BeatO Diabetes App in Hindi - अब आप की सुविधा के लिएBeatO मधुमेह एप्लिकेशन हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है| जानिए डायबिटीज़ केलक्षण और कीजिये इलाज हमारे ग्लूकोज़ नापने वाले यन्त्र और एप के साथ|
HealthArx Clinic App 2.0.2
The HealthArx Partner App is designed to support the uniquerequirements of our partners and enable them to make timelyintervention for our patients.
BeatO Care 1.0.0
BeatO Care is a unique andinnovativeinitiative by Team BeatO to let users connect with theirdoctorsthrough an app. Doctors can see important clinicaldecisionsparameters for users in their EHR(Electronic HealthRecord) systemthe moment patient upload it on the app in theirphone. Besidestracking clinical parameters, BeatO Care alsoprovides tracking ofvital parameters such as Blood Sugar, RoutineActivity, Steps,Blood Pressure, Food and much more. There is areport &prescription transcription facility, which makes theuse of the appas well as Doctor's EHR system very easy, as all theusers have todo is to take photo of their report and upload it onthe app for itto be digitally transcribed to clinical decisionmakingparameters.Besides, Doctor can intervene and communicate with patient byin-appnotifications, SMS or emails. Doctor can also see allreports of thepatient in their EHR system.