Beauty Makeup Perfect Selfie, Inc Apps

Face Cleaner & Blemishes 1.0
This application can clean or remove stainsonyour photos for example you take pictures with your upfrontacnewith a photo editor then you can have blemishes on yourfaceperfectly.Further, the application also comes with photo frames thatcanmake your photo more beautiful and lovely+ Features editor allows you to create your images are brightinthe dark.+ Features The effects you can add effects to your photos tomakeit look more beautiful and attractive+ Blur feature lets you create a blurred background of yourphotoor create bluer on the other four.Sticker + feature allows you to add various stickers funnyandinteresting+ Features shared to all social media or message toyourfriendAnd many other features that you can use top-free forever.theimmediate use and you get a perfect result in your photos
You cam MakeUp 2.0
This application is very useful for those ofyou women who like bermakeup with your activities dense it will bedifficult to take the time to find a place for face makeupperfectly.Makeup application will help you in terms of beauty makeup simpleand not time consuming and, even in places you can melakuknnya yourdesk without leaving your job.+ Other interesting features are:+ Features photo editor allows you to create your images are brightin the dark.+ Effects feature you can add effects to your photos to make itlook more beautiful and attractive+ Blur feature lets you create a blurred background of your photoor create bluer on the other four.+ Sticker feature allows you to add various stickers funny andinteresting+ Features sharing to all social media or message to yourfriendVery complete and pleasant to Make Up. even take pictures selfiewith a relaxed and sweet with a rear camera and front camera
B912 - you cam perfect 1.0
This application is designed as a photoeditorin particular photographic applications were complete andperfect.The outstanding features of this application is that youcan usethe app for free in the photo editor, photo frames, photoeffectsand stickers are pretty and cute. complete photoeditor
You cam makeup perfect 2.0
This application is a support application inyour activities for MakeUp. besides there are many features thatyou can use for free in perfect makeup application You Cam is afeature makeup and beauty. In addition the camera can be usedselfie activity with a front camera and a rear camera with HDquality.In addition to these features, this application is equipped with apowerful photo editor which users can use a photo editor, photoframes beautiful, photo effects and hundreds of beautiful andattractive sticker relating to makeup and beauty. Not completeenough? You can use it for free all these features with You Cammakeup perfect.
HD camera sweet selfie 2.0
With the application of this selfie sweet HDcamera will create your photos like using expensive digital camerasand high professionalWhat are the features that can be generated to create perfectresults of your photos like a digital camera?Features editor allows you to create your images are bright in thedark.Features HD Full HD resolutions.Option to turn off the shutter soundSupport Auto share all of the social media you useLens designer different eye.Features HDR + Camera ZoomFeatures The effects you can add effects to your photos to make itlook more beautiful and attractiveBlur feature lets you create a blurred background of your photo orcreate bluer on the other four.Sticker + feature allows you to add various stickers funny andinterestingFeatures shared to all social media or message to your friendAdjustable volume keys zoom in and zoom outWhite balance setting Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight,Cloudy completeFrame love, birthday cake frame, frame new year, frame and otherunique and funnyAdded new feature sticker with a variety of stickerFacility full zoom camera face cleaner - photo editorEdit the parts of the face such as lips, eyes, hair with facecleaner - photo editor, full hd camera Night, Sweet selfiecameraSelfie camera app sweet HD also comes with the ease of a frontcamera and a rear camera that is lightweight and complete
Beauty You MakeUp Plus 2.0
When we take a picture with the resultscertainly want to look perfect, but the limitations of the editorwho can not make the results of our photos to be perfect. With thisapplication "Beauty You MakeUp Plus" you will mendapatkan what yourdreams are the result of a perfect selfie photo.In addition the application "Beauty You MakeUp Plus" you can usefor photo editor, add frames, make better with photo effects andjuggle be interesting and funny with a photo sticker. Notcomplete?Immediately realize to transform your photos into beautiful with"Beauty You MakeUp Plus". Front and rear cameras are also availableand sharing features to your friends through social media. Thankyou
You Face MakeUp 1.0
Makeup perfect face can you achieve FaceMakeupYou use the application, ranging from eye makeup, nails andothermakeup. Further, the application also comes with a photoeditor,photo stickers, beautiful, photo frames and photo effectsthat willcomplement your makeup editor. it is very easy to usejust like weuse the usual photo app
Sweet Selfie Sticker 1.0
Sticker usually used for emoticonsinberselfie, the application "Sweet Selfie Sticker" you willbetreated to many interesting and funny sticker that you can usetober selfie photo, you can share to all of your friends orwithsocial media.Front and rear camera lets you indulge selfie thatwillfacilitate dlam taking pictures and photographs. In additionthereare also features frames, photo effects and photoeditorcomplete.Very complete and enjoyable for various activities. Someotherfeatures like photo selfie, photo effects, photo frames love,funnySticker, filters and stickers and cartoon effects withprofessionalquality HD Camera.Very interesting and complete is not it?Realize your imagination with Camera and photo editor"SweetSelfie Sticker" quickly and easily.
You Cam Sweet Selfie 1.0
Easily and without fuss using this app likearegular application but with maximum features for sebuatphotoselfie editorWith features frame, photo editor, photo effects andstickers,are not you pretty easy to make selfie photo interestingandsophisticated. Start a zoom facility, stickers, frames,effects,complete editor. You can also use to take pictures SelfieStickwith ease and can take a picture to your liking.
Professional HD Camera 2.0
2017 camera app with advanced features therebefore the eyes of the Professional HD Camera with high resolutionin taking pictures is very accurate and highVarious features can be found here starting picture frame, Sticker,photo editor and photo effects you can use in producing qualityimages with high resolution
You Cam Makeup Sweet Selfie 1.0
+ Create beauty and excess makeup withcamera"You Cam Makeup Sweet Selfie" with its many features andadvantagesthat will make your old photos to be more beautifulandcharming+ The camera is also equipped with frames, photo collages,photostickers feature with many other options. Your photos willbeimpressed with the photo editor attractive makeup selfie herearein this application.+ In addition there are many options: the app for malefeaturesmakeup, makeup features for man and boys, features abeautymakeover, gothic makeup selfie, camera beauty, Multi facemakeoverand more. The application comes back camera and a frontcamera thatcan allow you to take a picture or photo selfiesweet