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Fast Brush 1.0
Paint Screen is a simple and interesting game to kill time.Eachlevel of the game is a particular color.You need to paint the oldcolor, to go to the next level.At each level you play a certainamount of time and touches.Therefore, you need to paint the screenas fast as you can!In this amusing game, you will need hand speedand good luck.There 14 levels, from easy to impossible.Look how faryou can go.Key Features:- Free to play- Very addictive- Amazingtime killer- Beautifully simple controls and design- Changeablecolors of your playground
Shuriken Jump 1.0
How high can you climb?How quickly can you respond?How long can youthrow a real ninja shuriken?Try a new extreme arcade game!Climbhigher and higher into the sky kicking shuriken with a woodenplatform to another.To throw shuriken simply click on the screen atthe right time. It's easy!Features:- The world is a starry sky,populated platforms that look like wooden logs.- You will manage areal ninja shuriken that can be thrown in any direction.- You haveto climb up, picking up as many points as possible.- Platform forspinning and moving in different directions. Pre-think over time toperform a jump.- With each platform play is becoming increasinglydifficult. Platforms are beginning to move quickly andunpredictably!- You can use bounce off the wall, if you can helpit. Just do not fall down - otherwise you lose.- Beware platformsnear the wall. They can break the shuriken and the game will beover.- This game is on the record, so enter as many points!It looksminimalistic, but it is extremely difficult to succeed in it!Youcan play against your friends and players around the world!It iscompletely free!Throw shuriken, touching the screen, collect pointsand win! You have to guess the movement of platforms, to surprisethe world!Show your reaction speed and your patience!>> Note:this game is insanely addictive!>> Avoid rash and hastyjumps!>> Play for free!>> Infinite gameplay!>>Compete with players from around the world!>> An exciting andinteresting game for all ages!
In Circle 4.0
How quickly can you react?How long can you keep the circle?Try anew extreme arcade game!Game rules are very simple:  ** Touchcircle to start the game.  ** Do not let touch and try to keepit within the circle.  ** Guesses circle motion and movehim.  ** Stay inside the circle to its energy grew.  **Do not go beyond the circle, otherwise the energy will fall. ** Each hit adds you to circle glasses.  ** The speed circleis constantly increasing.  ** Score the most points.It looksminimalistic, but it is extremely difficult to succeed in it!Youcan play against your friends and players around the world!It iscompletely free!Keep the circle touching the screen, collect pointsand win! You have to repeat the movement of circle, to surprise theworld!Show your reaction speed and your patience!Features:>>Play for free!>> Infinite gameplay!>> Compete withplayers from around the world!>> An exciting and interestinggame for all ages!
Push-Ups Pyramid 1.5
Start doing push-ups on a simple and effective system «Pyramid» 💪Application Functionality: - Training mode, working on the"Pyramid" system - Choose the difficulty level - Configuration ofcustom level - Challenge logging - Display of statistics andhighscores 💪Simplicity. - The system is based pyramid (ladder) istwo indicators: starting value and step. - Training begins with thestarting value, which increases each round by the step size. - Allyou need - is to perform the specified number of push-ups and moveon to the next round. - Training ends when you can not continue. -The result of training will be the sum of all completed push-ups. 💪Efficiency 1. Excellent warm-up. Training begins with a smallnumber of repetitions - this will allow you to prepare well. 2.Gradual increase in load. The load in the training process willgrow with each new round. 3. Achieve maximum load. Each new roundwill be heavier than the previous one, so in the end you will beable to achieve the maximum workload for yourself. 4. Infiniteprogress. Your indicators will grow each time and your progresswill never stop.