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Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger 1.3
Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger is commando assassin attack ontarget marines. Shoot targets and escape. Invaders strike your armyassassin commando shooter. Strike with army force. Third personshooter jump from military helicopter in invaders area in jungle.Be careful. Jungle is occupied with brutal enemies. Take heavymetal military gun start eliminating target soldiers. You mustsurvive. Enemy squad is all in jungle in hidden spots. They arecontinuously patrolling.Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger offersthrilling military assassination in jungle. Equipped with highcalibre rifle aim your targets precisely to successfully completeyour objectives and missions. Your chopper drops you for yourmission. The enemy is planning to attack your homeland borders.Enemy should not survive or they will succeed attacking you.Observe their patrol.Having limited amount of bullets take perfectshots. Limited ammo. Attack enemy barracks and honour homeland.Shoot enemy soldiers. Your squad trained you for challengingsurvival missions. On completion of objectives and mission yourhelicopter comes back for extraction.Jungle has dense trees andcold weather. Be attentive on every step to spot rivals. They canbe in front of your or behind you. Soldiers be even hiding in theirbarracks or building. They are attentive and know you plan toattack them. Soldiers are patrolling near barracks to spot andstrike you. Watch out your steps before you step forward in thiswar field. Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger is bundled with multiplelevels. All levels are challenging and fun to play. Optimized formobile and tablet devices. The game has 3D graphics and realisticgameplay. Sound effects are thrilling. We hope you have lots of funplaying this game.Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger featuresThirdperson shooterAttack on invaders in jungleJumping fromhelicopterExtraction after completing objectives
Xtreme Dragon Flight 1.7
You own a lovely wild pet. It is golden in colour. Seems crazy butis true. You got to fly beautiful wild animal in beautiful valleysand skies. We will give you the controls and you can start enjoyingit the crazy ride. Xtreme Dragon Flight is a simulation game inwhich you can fly your amazing wild pet. The experience isincredible and the forests in the environment are fabulous. Everwondered of an incredible experience in forests and jungles atnight with tall trees and calm and clear water? We have developedthe amazing experience for you.Train your pet, move it on yourfingertips and become a flying master for this beautiful beast.Move it fast, you will be sitting over it. Your can throw fireballs to attack the incoming dragons. Chase your dreams in XtremeDragon Flight. You can fly your wild pet any place any time. Thereare multiple levels in the game. Each level comes with a differentdifficulty. Do fantastic stunts and enjoy the realistic animationsand thrilling gameplay. Watch the attractive landscape and enjoythe rides in dense forests and jungles.Xtreme Dragon Flightfeatures throwing the fire balls at the attacking incoming enemiesand scoring high. Perform craziest stunts you ever imagined. The 3Deffects of fireballs are realistic. The players loves playing thegame.Xtreme Dragon Flight is built to provide you the best 3D andHD graphics. The game is completely free to download. The graphicsare stunning and action music is stunning. We wish to make thegaming experience incredible. The game is good. We hope you likeriding the wild beast in beautiful environment.Xtreme Dragon Flightfeatures includeBeautiful environmentBeast simulation gamePerformcrazy stuntsRealistic animationsAction background musicEasycontrols to useHow to play Xtreme Dragon FlightUse swipe controlsto move
Dream Dinosaur Simulation 1.7
Let’s fly a dinosaur in a dream land. Amazing right? It is. DreamDinosaur Simulation HD provides you the best experience in abeautiful and very cold landscape. The valley is beautiful. Thereis crystal clear water, tall green trees, high mountains, and coldrefreshing breeze that the player enjoys during the flight. Thegreen scenery is fabulous. You will hear the voices of wild animalsin background during your amazing flight of your carnivore. Youobjective is to go through the middle of the circles andcheckpoints to earn points. Dream Dinosaur Simulation HD is anamazing and incredible experience.There are multiple levels inDream Dinosaur Simulation with varying difficulty levels. Theselevels comprises of different beautiful environments in HD quality.The 3D effects are amazing. The gameplay is incredible. Thedifficulty level increases in higher levels. Flying a wildcarnivore is superb experience you ever imagined. Complete thelevels and aim to score high. You need to cross the circles throughmiddle. Once new environments are unlocked you can always switch tothem. If you ever thought of flying a carnivore in extremebeautiful environment, its right here. We have built the coolestthing for you. An extreme enjoyable flight experience in abeautiful forest of a calm and quite world packed with a verypleasant background music and natural sounds of animals that youcan never forget and makes the game addictive. You can spend longhours playing this extreme pleasant and fun experience. The game ismemory optimized for enhanced and smooth gaming experience andcompatible with most of the android devices.Our team tried to bringyou an amazing flight experience. We hope you like Dream DinosaurSimulation. We appreciate you kind feedback. Thank you.DreamDinosaur Simulation HD awesome features★ 5 challenging levels★Beautiful environments★ Earn high scores★ Incredible gameplay★Realistic simulation---How to play Dream Dinosaur Simulation---Usetilt controls to move left and rightUse buttons to move up and down
Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad 1.1
Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad shootsheavytanks, F16 jets, apache helicopter shooters for survivalindeserts. Attacking commando targets to escape warfareandbattlefield. Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad first personshootingequipped military commando carries heavy metal guns andunlimitedammo for successful objectives accomplishment missioncompletion.3D graphics and sounds effects in desert makes itamazing to playin warfare of battlefield.Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad is military action survivalgame.Engage attackers view in radar to explode them. Take yourshots andtargets and escape for survival. Be aware of bombardmentdo notlose sight stay focused. Retreat attackers to bring peace.Enemy isin formation in combat. This combat is brutal you mustfinish thisconflict to bring peace. We have put a lot of action andheavyammunition in game to bring you joy and entertainment.Battlefield is occupied with armed enemy soldiers heavilyarmoured.You got company destroy enemy conveys with your turretmachine gun.Bullets are heavy to damage enemy convoy. Don’t getinjured. Gameis featured with multiple challenging levels. Higherlevels haveincreased difficulty. Start aiming survive desertcombat. Militaryenemy targets in battlefield are difficult to takeshots to winwarfare. But you must use your ammunition forpeace.Jump into desert combat warfare for shooting targets. Playdirectfire take perfect shots to bring peace. Do not let escape.Useammunition carefully during play. Destroy shoot all convoy.Endthis combat. Use ammunition in battlefield for peace. Take shotsofconvoy with direct fire.Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad aims to bring fun. Game is opendirectfire. Tap screen and fire unlimited shots to win desertWarfield.Play it and enjoy. Leave us feedback for bring you morefree games.Thank you.Game features of Modern Rangers: No Fear SquadHeavy ammunition turretMilitary convoy armoursDesert warfare battleMultiple challenging levelsRealistic animations 3D graphicsTactical trained desert targetsHow to playUse swipe controls for aiming and shoot buttons for open fire
Contract Strike: Kill Zone 1.3
Contract Strike: Kill Zone is combat at countryside of armed enemymilitary troops. Defence contract assigned to attack shooting army.Enemy general ordered to keep hostage and have demands. Mission isto rescue villages alive and eliminate targets. Enemy equipped withAk47 heavy machines gun targets your commando. Soldier is brave cansuccessfully complete objectives. Take controls of commando startplaying adventure of shoot war. Gun with player is heavymachine.You are shown with a map of territory during start ofmission in Contract Strike: Kill Zone. Start action with machinegun entering into enemy area to rescue hostages. Stay focused donot get shot. Aim precisely with your heavy machine gun. Make useof unlimited ammunition to eliminate enemies that plan to attachhostages. You are equipped with advanced military systems fornavigation, enemy spotting, and precise aiming. You can zoomtargets to take clear shots. Contract Strike: Kill Zone is onelevel game having many enemies on your way to hostages hidden atvarious spots aiming to target you. Game have immersive 3D andrealistic graphics. Thrilling action music makes gameplayfantastic. Fabulous environment and very smooth frames makes gameenjoyable. Realistic sound effects. We hope you love this game andleave us feedback. Thank you.Contract Strike: Kill ZonefeaturesRadar navigation systemThird person controllerShootingadventure strikeEasy controls for aiming and movementThrillingbackground action musicEntertaining gameplay
Modern Army Battle: World War 1.4
The first person shooter Modern Army Battle: World War is anincredible experience. The environment is well suited for thebattle. The enemies are equipped with heavy meal military weaponsand war tanks. Rival’s convoy have stopped in your way and theirsoldiers are dispersed planning to attack on you and bring youdown. They want your army commander dead.There are multiple targetsin the game including helicopters, jet fighter and tanks along withon the ground soldiers. There are multiple levels in Modern ArmyBattle: World War each have different objectives. The difficultylevel increases in higher levels and the game becomes morechallenging. First level mission includes killing all attackers inthe desert and occupying an enemy tank in the area to complete themission.The second objective in Modern Army Battle: World War t isto reach to a checkpoint in the desert where advanced enemyweaponry and AK47 guns are placed. You are running out of ammo andyou need to get hold of that gun. Once you reach the AK47 gun, yourmission is completed. You will be shown directions during themission with the help of your radar navigation system.Once you gethold of AK47, enemy soldiers become alert and sends an airstrike onyou. The third mission in Modern Army Battle: World War is you ownself-defence. You have to survive and bring down the attackingenemy soldiers, their tanks, and the incoming aircrafts. They willbe hitting hard on you. Be careful. Stay focused, make a sharpstrategy and win this warfare. Make your army proud. Destroy allthe tanks. Spot your targets, Attack all of them, Shoot them andleave none of them.Modern Army Battle: World War features- Desertenvironment- Shooting experience- Multiple objectives- Challengingmissions
Army Gunners and Turrets 3D 1.4
Army Gunners and Turrets 3D places commando over military vehicleequipped with heavy turrets and guns killing and shooting theattacking enemies, F16, and helicopters.Army Gunners and Turrets3D: Enemies are in the favor of terrorism. Jump into enemy basetake perfect shots. You are wearing a bullet proof coat. Do not beafraid. You have been sent to kill the enemies and leave nosurvivals. Aim fast strike hard complete the mission. The rivalwill try to escape. Shoot them down.In Army Gunners and Turrets 3Dyou will see multiple incoming F16 jet fighters and helicoptersduring game. The enemy commander have sent them to destroy you. Youmust not be destroyed. Destroy and eliminate the war enemies andsurvive. Do not let them escape. Complete your duty and end theterror.The game features snowy environment surrounded by mountainsand snowfall. Weather is cold. You have come out with your heavymetal turrets and gunners to end this mission. Kill the enemiesleave no survivals.Army Gunners and Turrets 3D featuresElegantadvanced radarHeavy metal turrets and gunsMilitary vehicles, F16,HelicoptersHow to play Army Gunners and Turrets 3DUse right halfscreen to aimUse left half screen to shoot
Sniper Assassin Mission 3D 1.5
Sniper Assassin Mission 3D is a first person shooter (FPS) game.Destroy tanks, jet fighters and helicopters. The sabotage ischallenging. Provided with a military rifle, Sniper AssassinMission 3D provide the user with enjoyable action experience. Multilevels, best frames, low resource usage, and action packedbackground music make the gaming experience fantastic. In a battleof a world war, the player commando sits in a hidden spot incamouflage suit and plans an attack on the enemy fleet. Hisobjective is to sabotage the attacking rivals in the camp. Take theheadshots and kill them all. You are equipped with a long rangesuperb rifle to strike them. Time is limited and critical. Thecommando must make a strong strategy to strike and bring down therivals and get success in the mission. For that you need to stayfocused in Sniper Assassin Mission 3D. You can switch to heavymetal bazooka gun for shooting the helicopters. Your commandogenerals have sent you in a tactical team to a battle in a worldwar and you must return with glory. Surrender is not an option.Enemy soldiers and choppers are equipped with advanced sate of theart weapons and artillery systems. They will be attacking you fromvarious place once they have spotted you. You must survive andattack them before they harm you. You can use your advanced radarnavigation system to spot your rivals. Your survival is importantfor the success. Make the army of your homeland proud with yoursuccess.More levels will be unlocked once you complete the initialobjectives. In the higher levels of game, the enemy commander willsend fleets using air his crafts that will be coming down usingtheir parachutes. Do not miss them. Multiple choppers will be sendalong with the paratrooper fleets and the game becomes morechallenging and difficult to survive. But you must not lose thehope and strike hard in order to win the combat. Sniper AssassinMission 3D aims to provide the best 3D and HD graphics. It is builtwith the latest 3D technologies. It is completely free to download.You can start playing as a commando striker, right away and usetactics to win this battle in world war. Infiltrate the enemy baseand return with glory.
Dragon Attack Jurassic Village 1.3
Dragon Attack Jurassic Village is all about killing dragons thatare attacking a village. Monsters? Yes! Tap fast in magical tapmania, Rise legend dragon slayer in dragon world. Dragon AttackJurassic Village battles full 3D experience.Beautiful village isattacked. Do not tap birds or people. Become dragon slayer legend.Show them strengths in combat. Train yourself hard in monsterTapMania of magical world. Difficulty of game in magical worldincreases with time. Flying devils are attacking. They are brutal.The monsters are setting the beautiful village on fire. Do not letthem succeed. Three are multiple challenging levels in game. Jumpinto the battles. There is panic in the village of beautifuljungle. Destroy them all and enjoy the TapMania.Dragon AttackJurassic Village Incredible experience of flying carnivores. Junglespot is precisely chosen for the slayer. Camera effects are great.Play an offensive game win battles in the village. Game world isbeautiful and magical. Enjoy the magical world levels. We hope youlove it and become fabulous game champion.Game is enriched withcoolest HD graphics. Optimized for android phone and tablets withlow memory consumption you can enjoy full experience with the bestframes plus action music in the xtreme beautiful world. Weappreciate your kind feedback for bring up more quality games.Coolfeatures of Dragon Attack Jurassic Village-Challenging beautifullevels-Smash and strike monsters-Gain battle victory-Win amazingbattles-Dragon slayer combat-Magical world battles-Unleashstrengths-Gain highest scoresHow to play-Tap screen with thumb tosmash strike