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Skull Live Wallpaper 3D 1.1
On sale just in time for Halloween!This Skull Live Wallpaper 3Dfeatures a funny yet terrific skull floating in your phone ortablet, in FULL 3D.Tilt your device and you'll see how the skullchange its orientation, just as if it were real and you werelooking at it through a window. Just look at the video to see whatI'm talking about!On top of this, when you touch the screen theskull bites you! YES, that's right! it bites!!The wallpaper haveseveral settings so you can personalize it as much as you want,changing the animation for the skull, it's material and color, andthe background behind it! The combinations are countless and youalways find one or more that fit your taste and looks awesome.Takea look at the wallpaper settings:-ANIMATION: Sneaky, Mad, Happy,None-SKULL MATERIAL: Bone, Metal, Cartoon, Polished metal,Crystal-SKULL COLOR: Original material color, White, Black, Grey,Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Fuxia, Cyan, Sea green, Orange, Pink,Violet, Dark red-BACKGROUND: Bricks, Skull wall, Moon, Fire, Bluefire, Smoke, Fog, Fog tree, Forest, Graveyard, Industrial tunnel,Electric storm, Sea, Dark city, Cavern, Moon forest, Stairs todarkness, Ace of spades, Sexy lips, Roses, Candles, Gold coins, Hotrod, None-BITE ON TOUCH-SPIN SKULL ON SCROLL-PERSPECTIVE ON TILT/INVERT THE PERSPECTIVE ORIENTATIONReady to run on phones andtablets.
Mini Golf 3D 1.35
This exciting little mini golf game will have you playing forhours! It features 8 courses with 18 holes on each location. How toPlay: Tap the screen to get started. Press the golf ball to starthitting motion. The hit bar will move back and forth, touch thegolf ball to hit the ball. Try to get into the cup before you runout of swings! Features: • 7 fun mini golf courses • 18 holes percourse • Unlock golf balls with different bonuses • Realistic 3Dphysics system • Moving obstacles on every course
Rococo Ragdoll 1.2
Looking for a great game to relieve some stress!? Download RococoRagdoll for free and enjoy endless hours of ragdoll rampage! Thisgame has several options and features that allow you to directlyinteract with the game on how it looks and plays. • MultipleRagdoll characters to choose from • Decorate your Ragdoll with amultitude of hats • 2 game modes, normal and infinite • 4 uniquelevel themes • Touch and tilt control options Stay tuned in formore rag doll characters & item add-ons to this game!
WWII Air Combat Live Wallpaper 1.1
Live through an amazing World War II air combat scene: the ultimatedogfight live wallpaper finally has arrived at your Android.Featuring over 45 airplanes flying and fighting in the sky you canbe sure this war live wallpaper is packed with action and loads offire.A formation of B-17 flying fortresses is on a crucial missionover the Pacific when is attacked by a fearless and vicious pack ofthe dreaded japanese fighter, the Zero! Only the brave heros onboard of their P-51 Mustangs can save the day. Let the bulletsrain!Choose your side and jump right into the action from yourfavourite point of view. This gorgeous live wallpaper give youoptions to enjoy the fight in various ways:*CAMERA: you can choosebetween the Hero camera, the Attacker camera, or a panoramic viewthat follow the closest fights that take place around the bomberaircrafts. If you are not sure or want to enjoy them all, you canselect the random camera, which will automatically take turns overall the options.*DAY TIME: decide at which time this air combattakes place and decide between enjoy the clarity of a clear day orthe spectacularity of a bloody dusk.What are you waiting for?, geton board and let the adrenaline rush throught your veins with thebest air combat live wallpaper on the store, an authentic dog fightexperience that you can't miss on your screen.Ready for tablets andphones!Original video capture of the program on our LTE test phone:
Live Space Battle Wallpaper 1.1
Experience an amazing 3D space battle on your phone or tablet withour Live Space Battle Wallpaper.The mother ship is under attack andonly our brave hero's can help it! Lots of lasers and explosionsensue!Check out this recent review: the action through 3 differentcameras, which you can choose from the settings menu (double tapthe screen for fast, easy access to the options):-Hero camera:follow our hero in the chase of the villains that attack our mothership. Fight and defend!-Attacker camera: you rather to be theanti-hero? then this is your point of view.-Panoramic camera: thebig picture, from here you can see the whole action and how themother ship takes heat from all sides.Ready to run on phones andtablets. Optimized as spectacular, It loads fast and run smoothwhile moving more than 20 space ships at the same time!You'll neversee so much action in a live wallpaper.-----------------------Thisis a message to everyone who needs help running/installing thisapp-----------------------This is a wallpaper (not a game) so youwon't find the icon like the usual need to access to thewallpapers menu and look for the skull wallpaper in the LIVEwallpapers section.ways to enter the wallpapers menu are:From thehome screen:•Hit the phone menu key and and select wallpapers.•Keeppressed the screen and wait for a menu with the options to pop.Wehope this helps!!!Pew pew pew!!
Ragdoll Live Wallpaper 1.2
This is a Live Wallpaper that plays like a mini Ragdoll game. Youcan tilt your phone and push the ragdoll left and right, to make itcrash against pegs and bombs, or avoid them! No matter what you do,it is sure to entertain you!It feature cell shaded 3D graphics togiving the program a cartoony look. The app has also been optimizedto run fast and smooth on your device.The wallpaper comes with avery complete SETTINGS panel that allow you to personalize it.These are the options you can change:-CAMERA: Watch the action fromdifferent angles: Classic, Action and First Person, as if you werethe ragdoll!-OBSTACLES: You can choose to have just pegs, pegs andbombs or just bombs, that explode!-COLOR STYLES: 5 to choose from:Classic, Black and White, Rainbow, Darkness and Sepia. Rainbow willsoftly loop through all the rainbow colors fading one after theother.-SPEED: Play in normal speed, very fast or in slow motion,and watch the ragdoll hit things in bullet time.-CONTROL: You canturn Off the tilt controls and let the ragdoll just fall on itsown, or turn tilt On and have a say over its fate. Accessing theSettings. Once you set the Live Wallpaper, to back to the settingsscreen just double tap the screen.Note: this is a Wallpaper. Onceyou install it don't look for an app icon, but rather open yourdevice's Wallpaper menu and look for "Ragdoll Live Wallpaper" inthere.
RC Challenge 3D 1.11
A fun 3D RC Car driving game that will challenge you to completeeach stage. Earn points to unlock new cars and a bonus level withunlimited coins!Collect all of the coins before time runs out!Next, you can use your coins to purchase a new RC car to reach hardto reach areas. If you are bit short trying to jump onto a roof,upgrade to a new car!Features:• 6 unique RC Cars• Real time 3Dphysics• Vehicle damage system• Vehicles with real working springs•20 Levels• Bonus stage with endless coins!This game has beenoptimized and has been tested on several older Android devices withgreat results.You control the car with on-screen touch controls.Use the steering wheel to turn the car, and press on the pedals tomove the car.
Demolition Derby 1.18
Your aim is to destroy all your opponents in the differentdestruction derby arenas. Be one of the last 3 driving and you'llget money to unlock new cars, tracks and customizations. Features:• 14 playable cars • Car customization • 4 different Tracks • Driveagainst up to 9 opponents • Realistic car deformation anddestruction • 3 different steering options (Wheel, Buttons, Tilt)Stay tuned for more to come!
Circuit: Street Racing 1.53
Enjoy this fast paced 3D racing game! Race several types of racecars at night on these city streets. None of the cars are locked,as you play the game you must buy fuel and nitrous from creditearned in the game. Faster cars fuel will cost more while some ofthe slightly slower cars fuel and nitro will cost less to re-fill.The game contains 6 unique cars and 7 different locations with moreto come. Use your in-game credit to unlock new locations. If youhave any suggestions or comments, please leave them in the commentsection!
3D Cars Pro Live Wallpaper 1.3
New features:-No ads-Dynamic day and night-14 different wheels and2 paint jobs for each carThis live wall paper is amazing and willbe a great addition to any android device. It comes with severalcars and you can select your own color for each car. After youinstall the app, you have to go to your home screen and double tapin the blank area in your screen. Next click on the live wallpapers and select "3D Cars Live Wallpaper" to load this amazingwall paper!More cars and features coming soon!
Mini Golf 3D: Space 2.22
This exciting little mini golf game will have you playing forhours! How to Play:Tap the screen to get started. Press the golfball to start hitting motion. The hit bar will move back and forth,touch the golf ball to hit the ball. Try to get into the cup beforeyou run out of swings!Features:• 1 fun mini golf course• 18 holesper course• Unlock golf balls with different bonuses• Realistic 3Dphysics system• Moving obstacles on every course
Cop Chase Live Wallpaper 1.04
This live wallpaper will amaze and entertain you and your friends!Watch as 2 cop cars and 1 run away vehicle speed though this nightcity setting. This app has several settings that allow you tocustomize your background. You can select one of four chase cars aswell as select a custom color for each one. The app also comes withperformance settings that let you change the visual quality of theprogram as well as controlling the frame rate to deduce batteryusage.This is a brand new app and we will be adding more featuressoon. Please leave feedback and suggestions in the review area sowe can improve this app!
Demolition Derby 2 1.3.60
- Banger Racing - Destruction Derby - Open World Driving - Upgrade& Customize Vehicles - Smash and Bang your way to the lead inthis fun and exciting Demolition game inspired by Banger Racing andDestruction Derbies all around the world. • Free Drive mode •Demolition Derbies and Races • Police Chases • 50+ Unique Cars • 3Worlds • 60+ Racing Tracks and Demolition Arenas • Upgrades andcustomization for each car • Replays We want to hear from you!Please post a review and let us know any bugs and what feature orcar you want us to add to the game next!
Demolition Derby 3 1.0.097
The new "Demolition Derby 3" game features many requests by playersfrom our previous game and many of the same features that helpedDD2 reach over 15 million downloads! • Multiplayer (Beta) • 40+ Newvehicles • 20+ Tracks and Demolition arenas. • Upgrade your car'sperformance • Customize your vehicles • Drive in first person mode• Daily rewards ----------------------------------------- Newfeatures that will be coming soon! • Campaign Mode • CustomMultiplayer Events • More garage upgrades • Deeper reward system •And much more Music composed by Entropy Zero / Maks_SF, Jay Ray,Rob Sampsell and Dedderz: