Belgian Football Apps

Best of Belgian Football 5.1.0
BBF means all Belgian football matches in your pocket. BBF meansofficial rankings of all the Belgian football series quicklyavailable. BBF makes you able to follow the statistics of your son,your girlfriend, your colleague or any other football player inBelgium. BBF is the only app that sends you push notifications assoon as a match involving your favorite team is postponed(individual cancellations). BBF, it’s also the app that gives youthe opportunity to see the matches your friends will attend, usingthe new BBF Friends functionality. And maybe you’ll attend ittogether. BBF, because of a growing community, it’s the app whereyou can see the result of a match, even before it becomes official.BBF, it’s the place where you can see general football matchescancellations decided in Belgium. In short, Best of BelgianFootball is the application that you need to download if you wantto follow the Belgian football every day.
Belgian Red Devils by Proximus 2.0.0
The Belgian Red Devils app, powered by Proximus, is the onlyofficial app of the Belgian Red Devils, a must for all fans withexclusive 'Devil snaps', where you will be the first to get contentbehind the scenes.Our Belgian Red Devils have never been so close!Through the application, you’ll also vote for your Devil of theMatch, energized by Luminus. Through the BRD application, youwill discover:- Devil snaps behind the scenes of our Belgian RedDevils with unique photos and videos, and push notification;- TheDevil of the Match: you choose your Devil of the Match through theapplication;- Team news in preview;- The Belgian Red Devils programwith all trainings and matches;- The match center, with updatesduring matches;- The fanguide, the essential tool for every fanwhen traveling abroad. Follow the Belgian Red Devils alsovia: Facebook : Youtube:   Instagram: Twitter: