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Lead Soldier 3.1
Most of Europe has been under German occupation for more than twoyears. On the British Isles, allied forces are building up at afurious pace in preparation for the liberation of the continent.The recent victories in North Africa and the progress of the redarmy on the eastern front are cause for optimism, but time isrunning out. German scientists are engineering weapons ofunprecedented destructive power. Recently on a small archipelagooff the coast of France, local partisans have witnessed the testingof giant rockets. It is believed that just one such rocket carryinga new revolutionary explosive could annihilate a city the size ofLondon. With the invasion of Europe still several months away,allied commanders have chosen you to lead a daring operation codenamed "Lead Soldier". The purpose of this mission is to disrupt thedevelopment of the giant rocket, and if possible capture the Germanscientists and their technology.