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Anti Cockroach Repellent Prank 1.1
Anti Cockroach Repellent is a free app,which will help you to fight against cockroaches. The app usesdifferent low frequency sounds and provides a lot of informationwith tips on how to get rid of cockroaches and the differenttypes of cockroaches that exist and how to identify them.Note: Up to now, it has not been scientifically proven that lowfrequency sounds or ultrasound repellents are an effective methodfor pest control or a cockroach repellent. For this reason, thisapp should be considered as a joke app.How do I use the app Anti Cockroach Repellent?Using this app, which will explain you how to get rid ofcockroaches, is very simple:1.- Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you will see themain menu where you will find all the available options. First, youwill find the tool, which plays different sounds to use it as anatural insect repellent. Below you will find a section with tipsabout how to kill cockroaches and another section with detailedinformation about the different types of cockroaches.2.- In the main tool of this app you can choose sounds withdifferent frequencies, from 8KHz, 10KHz, 12KHz, up to 22KHz. Onceyou have chosen the sound frequency, you just have to push thebutton to start reproducing it. You can stop it whenever you want.This app is no cockroach exterminator, cockroach killer, cockroachbomb or cockroach poison, you should know that the only aim of thisapp is to repel cockroaches or to use it as a joke app.3.-In the next section you will find many tips: home remedies forcockroaches, cockroach gels, where they hide, what killscockroaches instantly, cockroach traps, information on cockroacheggs, the life cycle of cockroaches, etc.4.-And last but not least, we have prepared a section about thedifferent cockroach types that exist, how to identify them, theirmain characteristics, pictures of cockroaches, etc. Some types are:German cockroach, American cockroach, flying cockroach, hissingcockroach, brown banded cockroach, Australian cockroach, blackcockroach, etc.What are the main characteristics of the app Anti CockroachRepellent?- Ultrasound repellent with low frequency sounds. This app nocockroach poison. It should only be used for cockroach control andits effectiveness isn't scientifically proven.- Tips on cockroach infestation, the best cockroach killer, gettingrid of cockroaches, different tips and tricks, etc.We would appreciate if you could give our app a positive review,this will help us to keep working on it and develop new apps likerepellents for bed bugs or similar apps.Information note: The tool, which generates low frequency sounds,should be considered as a joke app, due to the fact that itseffectiveness hasn't been scientifically proven.
Love Test 1.2
Love Test is a free app, which offers you a love quiz to know thecompatibility with your partner. In addition to this love tester,you will also find other tests like the friendship test and thejealousy test, as well as complete articles with tips about truelove and relationships.How does the app Love Test work?We havedeveloped a real love calculator app, which is very easy to use, sothat you don't have any doubts. However, we will explain you how itworks:1.- Once you have downloaded the true love calculator app,you will find the main menu of the app. There you will seedifferent sections: The love test calculator, the friendship test,the jealousy test and articles/tips about love.2.-The first optionis the true love test. You will find a love compatibility test withyour partner, so that you know how you match. You can also consideris as a real love calculator since at the end of the test you willsee the love match result expressed as a love percentage.3.-Withthe friendship test you will know whether you are a good friend ofyour friends and loved ones. This will help you to learn more aboutyourself and even improve some aspects of your behavior.4.-With thejealousy test you will know how jealous you are of your partner, sothat you realize that you could improve some negative aspects ofyour relationship by being more understanding. This is certainly alove language test which might help you for the future.5.-Finally,you will find a section with different tips and tricks for yourrelationship: how to maintain good communication, respect personalspaces, express your love, etc.Main characteristics of the app LoveTest:-One of the best love tester games: Try the love detectordetector thanks to a complete questionnaire, with which you canfind out whether your partner and you are matching.-Here you willfind the best relationship tests: love meter or love scanner,friendship tests or even jealousy tests.-If you have love questionsor doubts about your life as a couple, we will offer you someuseful advice and tips for your everyday life with your love.Wewould appreciate if you could give our real love test app apositive review, this will help us to keep working
Pregnancy Calculator 1.4
What is your pregnancy due date? In which stage of pregnancy areyou? When was the date of conception? Pregnancy calculator is afree app, which will help you to know the due date, the currentpregnancy stages, the date of conception, signs of early pregnancyand also when the pregnancy will end. In this pregnancy testcalculator you will also find a pregnancy diary, so that you canwrite down everything you like about your pregnancy symptoms orearly signs of pregnancy and a range of articles and tips, whichwill be helpful during the whole pregnancy week by week. If youdon't know whether you are pregnant or when to take a pregnancytest, we recommend you to do a pregnancy test before using thisapp. How does the app Pregnancy Calculator work? Using thispregnancy calendar is more than easy. After the first symptoms ofpregnancy you can start using this app: 1.-Once you have opened theapp, you will see different options in the main menu: Pregnancycalendar, pregnancy diary and different articles and tips.2.-First, the pregnancy calculator week by week. If you like tocalculate the weeks of pregnancy, you will get information aboutdifferent dates, which will help you to know more about yourpregnancy and the stage you are in. 3.-You will also find acomplete pregnancy diary, in which you can write down stuff youconsider interesting, for your personal use as well as for showingit to your doctor later. 4.-Last but not least, we have prepared arange of original and informational articles, which will be veryhelpful during that long journey: Tips, tricks, recommendations,etc. What you can eat, what you cannot eat when you are pregnant,childbirth preparation, etc. Main characteristics of the appPregnancy Calculator: If you use this app, after the first earlypregnancy signs, you might ask yourself: How do I know the weeks ofpregnancy? Hereafter, you will find the main characteristics ofthis app and what you can expect: - Know important dates of yourpregnancy: date of conception, delivery date, stage of pregnancy,etc. - Carry your pregnancy diary with you to write down quicklyeverything you want. - Stay informed and get all the relevantinformation about pregnancy and signs of being pregnant withdifferent tips and tricks. We hope that this app helps you and youliked it. If so, we would appreciate if you could give thispregnancy quiz app a 5 stars review. Please contact us if you findany mistake or have any improvement suggestions. Information note:This tool should be considered as informational help, but never asa 100 % reliable result, due to the fact that it is based onapproximations and it's no medical or scientific test. On the otherhand, if you have early pregnancy symptoms and you ask yourself: AmI pregnant?, you should see a doctor to do a reliable pregnancytest. Legal note: All the content in this app is property ofBerlApps. The use of any kind of content of this app withoutprevious authorization by BerlApps is prohibited.
Contraction timer 1.2
Contraction timer is the perfect app to count your labourcontractions, their duration and intervals during the last stage ofyour pregnancy week by week to know when to go to hospital to givebirth. If you would like to monitor your contractions during yourpregnancy in order not to be looking on the timer, waiting withpaper and pen, this is your contraction timer app. How does thecontraction timer work? You probably have questions like: What is acontraction? What do contractions feel like? How long docontractions last? What are the symptoms of labor contractions? Howdo I know that I have pregnancy contractions? Apart from countingcontraction and intervals, we will help you to know more aboutpregnancy, contraction pains and everything you should know aboutthis topic. It is very easy to use: 1.- Once you have downloadedthe app, you will see that there are various options in the mainmenu: the contraction counter, the contraction tracker and tips.2.- Contraction counter: This is the main tool of one of the bestpregnancy apps. Therewith, you can count and register yourcontractions. Based on the contractions and their intervals the appdetects, it can inform you when you should go to hospital fordelivery. Whether you have contractions every 10 minutes, every 5minutes, etc., it is important to write them down. 3.- Contractiontracker: Here you will find a summary of everything you haveregistered so that you can keep track of all your contractions. Youmight have contractions without pain during your pregnancy (or evenfalse contractions) you don't notice, but don't worry, theimportant ones will be those in the final stage of pregnancy. 3.-Tips and tricks: Here you will find some articles we have preparedto help you at this stage of pregnancy. Different types of labourpain symptoms, how to identify them, how to time contractions,stages of pregnancy, etc. Main characteristics of the appcontraction timer: * Contraction tracker, contraction counter andtips: An all-in-one app to help you in the final stage of yourpregnancy. * No matter if you have uterine contractions or braxtonhicks contractions, this pregnancy tracker app will be very helpfulto count and monitor them. * This app is not a pregnancy calendaror pregnancy calculator. Its purpose is to help you count the kicksduring all stages of labor. Informative note: This contraction appis an informative app and it should not be considered as 100 % trueunder no circumstances, due to the fact that it is based onestimations and is no medical or scientific test. Legal note: Allthe content in this app is property of BerlApps. The use of anykind of content of this app without previous authorization byBerlApps is prohibited.