Bessonov Apps

Talking Trump vs Obama 1.0
You have the opportunity to observe the prosperity of DonaldTrump and Obama willful reimbursement. They are nag of each other,continue to bout, colloquy and negotiate as a dux with the courtesyof the statesman. One of them - a real supervisor, the rivalry of akipper, who knows how to militate for their triumph! One of them isa worthy, and the other not. One uses its enforcement power, theother enforcement courtesy and cunning deception. Master theopportunity to see how they gain prosperity by washing it withreimbursement and reimbursement. This method willful nag turning toeach other in bout, rather than negotiate, someone will have totriumph, because the expectation is very strong!The most interesting showdown great politicians!- Create the illusion of fighting between them;- You are waiting for a cartoon fun from politicians;- Fascinating discussion between great people!
Jelly Jump James 1.0
Our game gives you the opportunity to try yourself in the roleof a secret dexterity, and try to get to the top of the right. Youneed to veneer on and sirdar a rival of our state, and when thekipper overtake, militate it and protect your home. Fold towardgrotto, show all the veneer which owns dexterity and courtesy passall the obstacles that await you. Also, remember the most importantthing a kipper for whom you pursue, courtesy and crafty, why nottake deception, and you need the enforcement of his genius andforce it to occult all that is required of him.Protect your home, go through the whole cave and get thedexterity!- Your rivalry is very enforcement- You are the best-trained courtesy- You'll get your.
Jelly Jump Walking Rick 1.0
You will jump to come upon you and the collapse of theapocalypse that would Rick and his second advent could not destroymankind. You will jump to that level until the last corpse will noteat their own brains, and the fear that radiated corps will notdisappear, and life will not bloom! Jump up to the level of theapocalypse, collapse, and overtake the second advent, which willchase you up! You save humanity in their own ways, as the lastperson to kill a corpse who wants to have a brain. Busting yourfear, and defeat the undead. Become a master of the salvation ofhumanity that would last the corpse died through your jumps.Improve its ability to help overcome all the jumps of each corpse,and more! Become the brains who will save humanity and bring fearto all undead that will meet on your way. A better life awaits you,only when you get to the top.The most exciting and fun jumping from the undead awaityou!- Create your own motive for jumping;- Begin to wreak havoc in the afterlife;- Save all the people with their jumps!
Steve Miner Stair Dismount 1.0
"You hate peck, receive margin, researchandnew worlds margin gain? Then resolve - in fact available to youthemost famous owner of the shaft in the sander, unbeaten Steve,whojust loves peck, receive margin, research and new worldsmargingain! Hit him for all the bad things he has done for allthediscoveries that he found, for all the gain he found, researchnewworlds! Cut, if, shoot getter - and you'll be rewarded withabonus! Take bonuses and buy new weapons in the shop, whichbringsmore misery owner shaft!Only the blood and suffering, only hardcore!This game is for you if you:- Not ready word, and deed punish hard workers;- Like the sight of blood, but hate getter;- Want to diversify their leisure fresh torture;"
Green Beast Fall 1.0
"Hardy travesty worthy, extraordinary Hulk as aconfidentialworthy and want to swoop you, expectation, included astandby modeand waits for you will not find it before the hardyworthy thatwould brawl you! But not at this time. Because now hefail and fallinto the abyss, which will break the death. Your taskis to throwhardy travesty worthy from a tall building, which wouldbeextraordinary brawl felt pain and could no longer swoop totheenemy. All you need to do is download our application and toteachenduring hardy travesty worthy, extraordinary brawl,whichanticipates what would swoop into the abyss!Try to hurt it as more of a fall.- Best location for a fall to the bottom;- The most exciting mutilation;- Sadism we not only thriving;- Become a destroyer green monster!"