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Racing Bike Rider - Moto Race 1.2
Tight your strap around the chest and getready for most amazing high speed racing game on bike 3D, In thisbike racing 3D game you must attack on your opposite bikers tocontinue the bike race, you must be careful and balance yourselfproperly as you are not driving racing car. Be confident that youare not a dumb driver but being a professional bike racer haveperformed breathtaking crazy bike stunts in bicycle racing missionsbut still you got thrust to win this ultimate race being a furiousracing driver.In this Racing Bike Rider - Moto Race maximize your bike speed,avoid to crash with traffic on highway, be careful during flyingracing on ramps and while performing bike racing stunts in stuntzone.Racing Bike Rider - Moto Race is very interesting and ever funbike race free game to play so download now and enjoy real heavybike race stunts. Thank you.----Game features of Racing Bike Rider - Moto Race:* Multiple bikes selection with fast speed engines.* Challenging levels.* Attack and moto bike race stunts.* Obstacles in form of highway traffic.* Multiple crazy tracks of village, desert, snowy &island.* Challenging match race with opponent bikes riders.
Cargo Truck Driver New Year 1.4
Cargo Truck Driver New Year is mostchallenging and traditional truck driving simulator game about theCargo Truck Driver New Year. Game environment, truck texture &background folk music truly represents the Asian cultureparticularly Asians Cargo Truck drivers who travels in each &every part of Pakistan and world with huge luggage which they getfrom warehouse in this truck driving game. This is small effort torecognize their efforts and craze which they show while engaging intransporting goods all over Pakistan including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan & Gilgit Baltistan in northern andbumpy areas of Pakistan by staring and driving on difficult pathsand routes. You can get the truck rental service from the servicestations of Pakistan.Playing this new Pak truck driving game simulator is the rightchoice as it represents the true and sensational landscape of eachprovince like deserts of Sindh & Baluchistan, Green fields ofPunjab & beautiful mountains of KPK and one of the best traveldestination of world for local & foreign tourists i.e. Northernareas of Pakistan.Pak Truck Driver is truck game for cargo truck games lovers withnice traditional music of Rabab which is very popular throughoutEast Asia & Central Asia in Pashto & Persian speakingcommunity. Trucks used in game are decorated with calligraphy likephool and patti work by “Pakistan Truck Art Team”. It’s anexcellent truck simulator where you will play the role of cargotruck driver. To be successful in each level of this truck racinggame you have to successfully park the truck at designated placeswith passion and rage.Game features of Silk Road Cargo Truck Driver.• Pak truck driver is unique and regionally focused truckgame.• This cargo truck game offers best local background music.• Amazing truck physics applied in this truck simulator game.• Best truck racing and truck drive game for truck gamelovers.• Traditional folk music of Pashto and Saraiki language.
Spinny Shapes Color Swap - 2D 1.0
In this game of Spinny Shapes Color Swapwebrought you new concept of not to tap the colour ball buttapscreen to rotate and switch various geometry shapeslikeperpendicular sticks, squares, Parallelogram, circles,triangles,polygons, hexagons, pentagons, octagon, Hexagon etc., andswitchthem in a way so they could correctly match with the colorsof theball tapping on screen automatically before ball lands ongroundand you got fail. You must switch shapes and land the ballatcorrect color of displayed geometrical shape and be carefultocross through the obstacles with correct color match and passtonext level else game is over as you were not able toavoidcollisions.Spinny Shapes color Swap is best colour switch gameandanticipated to be #1 addictive game of spinningcolorfulshapes.----Game Features:----* Lovely game play.* Most challenging and addictive game.* A good mind twister.* Simple play, hard to master but practice makes you amaster.* Equally interesting for adults and kids gamer.* Multiple geometry shapes.* Easy game play.
Dino Deadly Gun Shoot 1.2
Do you love dinosaur games? if yes thenDinosaurs Hunting Simulator games is must to dino hunting todownload and enjoy playing an amazing action pack Dinosaurs HuntingAssault game free. Dinosaurs are deadly predator you are going toface in jungle which includes Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivorestypes. You got athletic body and equip with modern shotguns full ofammunition so don’t be afraid, have good eye contact, keep your aimhigh in this massive hunting adventure game while raiding thetyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus raptors hideoutswhere they lay eggs so shoot them being a top shooter 2016.This dinosaurs game is full of immersive 3D jungle environment sobeing a best dino hunter dare to raid proactively in this huntexploration being a lone survivor, so slam your prey to win the warfrom deadly dinos.While playing this dino hunting game you must be active to survivein this dino hunter mission else these wild and deadly dinosaurscould kill and attack at you any time and dino hunting expeditionsin jungle with end soon and you are to re-start it again. Thisdinosaurs game is next level game unlike bird hunting game, animalshunting game, deer hunting game as these are wild and deadly dinoswith fierce attack and ultra sensitive smelling skills and theycould become fierce if you provocate them so take this dino huntadventure a real skill test for your sniper shooting and gunshooting expertise. So if you are brave enough go for it and be areal hero in this combat in a dino war.To give users an overview of the pre historic dino hunting, ourteam has developed Dinosaurs Hunting Assault 3D game, which is areal dino hunting game simulator in modern age. The DinosaursHunting Sim 3D game has a real 3D environment with best graphicsand different species of Dino.Many advance weapons are available in the game to entertain theplayer in every possible way. Guns with different damage rate andamazing shooting style are available in the game store which willbe only unlocked if you survive for some levels, scoring best.Limitless ammunition is available free for the player to hunt asmany Dino’s as he can in each level.Best 3D graphics and visual effects are used in the DinosaursHunting Sim 3D game, which provides real prehistoric jungle effect.This Dinosaurs Hunting Sim 3D game will surely amaze you. Theplayer has to seek the Dino’s and kill as soon as possible, beforethey kill you.As Dino’s are very dangerous, so the player has to hide in aterritory where he is not easily discoverable. Try to hit headshotwhich will kill the Dino quicker. If you hit a shot and Dinodoesn’t die, then the mighty dino will be much angry and you cansuffer more.Keeping in mind all the hunting techniques, now it’s up to you thathow you handle these mighty Dino’s. If you are feeling excited forit, the go for it bravo, here your dream Dinosaurs Hunting 3D gameis out and lets enjoy real dino hunting game.-----: Game features of Dino Deadly Gun Shoot: -----** HD graphics.** Multiple modern guns.** A variety of angry dino predators including t-rex.** Has detailed 3D forest, Desert & snowy environments.** Full of ultimate hunting expedition simulator game.** Unique Dino Simulator challenge to win.
Crossy Highway Traffic - 3D 1.0
In crossy highway traffic game one ofthejungle animal i.e. wild rabbit wants to have fun in city afteritgot escaped from jungle but it got stuck on main city highwaydueto heavy traffic on roads, please help him in crossing therushyroads in a limited time while saving him from accidents fromcitytraffic. Crossy Highway Traffic is one of the best crossygamesfree for kids and adults. Download now and have fun. Thanksforplaying this game.----Game features----:* HD Graphics.* 3D Environment.* Challenging & fun to play.
Real Kung Fu Fighting Warrior 1.1
Kung Fu Ultimate Fighting Warrior is awesomereal kung fu fighting game which you haven’t seen in any Hollywoodor Bollywood movie or film, in this insane kung fu fighting gameplay you are a real street fighter as a master of kung fu fighterin this cruel world, where you are going to face men’s and women’sin a nail biting context of kung fu fighting as a Kung Fu fighterlike Bruce Lee, you must defend yourself and win in this Kungfugame with you punch, kicks, boxing, punching and dodging skillswhich you have mastered in boxing ring in this free game ofclassical fighting using your famous martial arts techniques.There are multiplayer characters in this free kungfu game, one issultan and other is arfa both are trained fighters and wrestlers.Its best kung fu fight game for martial arts lovers, so you mustslash and overthrow your opponent to survive in this world of gangbeing a karate master in any brawl in city street fight whilebattling evil forces of town in this KungFu fighting game. In thisreal battle you are equip only with your Martial Arts techniquesrather than any real armor weapons like gun, pistol, knife etc., soyou must win this combat battle and any wrong move will through youout from this real fighting ring and you will not be entitled toemerge as sultan of the nation.Kung Fu Ultimate Fighting is mix of karate, wrestling, kung fuactions and martial arts actions and it’s full of real streetfighting arenas for self-defense fighting and we are sure that youwill love to play it again and again. Play as the Sultan characteror Arfa character and fight in kung fu style to win in this sultangame. So try it out and surely you wouldn’t regret.----:Game Features of Real Kung Fu FightingWarrior:----• Exciting action game.• Toughest ultimate fighting.• Kung fu style self defense tricks.• Beat the evil forces.• Classical fighting scenes.• Be an assassin to kill or get killed.• Immense real life fighting action moves.• Simple and addictive game play.
Sniper Shooting Island Battle 1.1
In this 3D Sniper island Shooting game, thepirate ship has been sailed in to sea of Caribbean to hide thelooted treasure and smuggled item in to deep sea side. Treasureincludes the gold which pirates love and the king of pirate hasordered them to conclude the task as soon as possible and takepositions to defend the pirates island in this pirate game afterhiding the pirates treasure from invaders and internationalmilitary force who are searching them to kill and assassin them.The pirate hero has order sniper shooter to take strategicpositions in this sniper shooting game free to play.In this free game of 3D sniper shooting you are playing the role ofa brave pirate island defender against the enemy army who are onisland adventure and want to hunt and kill your fellow pirate so bedetermined, courageous and brave enough, having good strategy todefend your island bases. Sail your boats at right positions in seaagainst army invasion who are on island adventure mission in thisaction packed fps army game against Caribbean pirates so, protectyour crew with your firepower, salvage naval bases, spin thedriving wheel and sail pirate ship wisely in this island survivalgame and be a real king of sniper 3d king against military attackin this battle on Caribbean island, so destroy army warships indeep water of sea being an ambitious pirate hero in this islandadventure game.Pirate island sniper 3d shooting is anticipated to be one ofgreatest military game free for adults. So download now and play todefeat the enemy forces to strengthen your pirate kingdom.-----:Game Features of 3D Sniper Shooting island battle:-----** Genuine HD graphics.** Deadliest battles.** Free game to play.** Stunning missions.** Modern and mutant pirate ships.** Defend your pirate kingdom.** Engage in deadliest assassin mission.** Being a pirate protect forbidden treasure and cash.
Flying Bus-Extreme Stunt Drive 1.01
Get ready for a flying adventure with yourmonster flying bus coach in this flying bus game as you are aprofessional flight pilot and best known as flight stunts performerbeing an army airplane pilot, you love to fly and drive classiccars, control the drone simulators but challenge here is that youshould learn to fly high with monster flying bus in this flying bussimulator game of 2016, it’s not easy to control a huge and monsterflying bus comparing with flying cars in car flying games.In this Flying game of bus if you manage to fly successfully youcould won all wild races of any kind on road and space., this is aunique test of your flying passion and will prove that you are anexcellent airplane pilot and you will enjoy the thrill of 3Dsimulator game equipped with turbo engine to become a best airplaneflight pilot.Flying bus simulator 3D takes you to realistic and stunningtravel location to explore adventure world with your bus coach foran extreme flying ride similarly like a flight pilot simulator.----: Flying Bus 3D free game features :----1. Challenging flying bus like a flight simulator.2. Beautiful travel landscapes.3. Easy controls but challenging to master.4. Flying bus game made for all fans of flying car games &helicopter flight games.5. Lovely mountains and islands to explore in flying bus.6. Innovative and dynamic airplane flight physics used in busflying.7. Safe landing on road is your main objective.
Coach Bus Simulator Hill Climb 1.01
Coach bus simulator hill climb 3D is thenewest upcoming bus games that’s mixture of city bus games andschool bus games and surely its safe game for kids to play and havefun as kids and toddlers school, colleges vacations of summer aregoing to be over soon and they are very excited and enthuse to goback to school with their favorite school bus driver!In this bus driving game you being an uphill school bus drivingmaster steer to drive school bus coach who never forgot to pickkids and drop kids and other travelers safely. The checklist inthis supercharged and passionate school bus games is to get readyyour bus conductor, check the bus horn, interior and petrol so 3Dschool bus driver has to be mechanically fit for school kids totransport in this bus simulator game, since you are an intelligentschool bus driver and got precision school bus driving expertise ofbeing a city bus driver, taxi driver, commercial vehicle driver,tourist bus driver and truck driver so you are well aware oftraffic laws of road driving in downtown being a real bus driverand also aware about city park places and how to drive in hillclimb areas since bus route passes through the deadly hilly areasincluding off road so you need extra care to drive this school busbeing an ultimate city bus driver so don’t rush and be calm whiledriving this 3D school bus to avoid accidents of your touristcoaster bus with any road hurdle or jungle animals as it willresult in hurting forest animals but also bus passengers includingkids and it might turn bus into debris as well and you will fail inthis bus simulator game of 2016.This bus simulator 3d school games got plenty of challenges todrive in hill climb area, snowy areas and off road areas so bepatient as school kids and city tourists are at your disposal, soprove your ability of completing their journey safely to pass testdrive of being a professional bus driver who is more proficientthan any other truck driver or taxi driver to be a futuristicgolden star driver of all season.-----: Coach Bus simulator free game features: -----1. Captivated HD Graphics2. Massive hill climb and snow mountain off roads.3. Plenty of challenges.4. Epic game play.5. Realistic bus driving physics.6. Awesome sounds & background music.7. Be a best uphill climb racing bus driver.8. Relive nostalgic 3D Simulator driving game.
Flying Motorcycle Stunt Master 1.2
Forget casinos and get ready for a moto flyingadventure being a stunt pilot with your monster flying motor-cyclein this flying bike-game being a well-trained stunt bike rider andbest known as flight stunts performer on your motorcycles routes.Your services as army driver & pilot are not secret to anyonebeing an army airplane pilot, you love to fly and drive classiccar, control the drone-simulators but challenge here is that youshould learn how to fly high with your motor-bikes in thismotor-cycle simulator-game of 2016 and exhibit motorcycle stunts asit’s not easy to control a heavy and monster flying motorbikecomparing with flying car-s in car flying games as you are beingprepared to take part in combat missions and special anti terroristoperation of police with your futuristic police motorcycle.In this motorcycle games of b-cycle if you manage to fly motosuccessfully you could won all wild races of any kind on road andspace., this is a unique test of your flying passion and will provethat you are an excellent airplane pilot and you will enjoy thethrill of 3D simulator game equipped with turbo engine to become abest airplane flight pilot.This motorcycle rider game takes you to realistic and stunningtravel location of New York city, Egypt and other parts of theworld to travel and explore adventure world with your flyingmotorbike stunts and racing rider for an extreme flying ride of theseason like a flight pilot simulator to successfully execute antiterrorist operations for your nation being a top futuristic motorider after this training.----: Flying motorcycle 3D, free game features :----1. Challenging motorcycle racing and flying experience like in aflight simulator.2. Beautiful travel landscapes.3. Easy to learn controls but challenging to master bikestunt.4. Flying moto racing game for all fans of flying car games &helicopter flight games.5. Lovely mountains and islands to explore in your futuristicbike.6. Innovative and dynamic airplane flight physics used inmotorcycle flying.7. Safe landing on road is your main objective.
Police Car Gangster Chase 2017 1.1
Get ready for a new police chase car racinggames that’s blend of police car driving and police chase gamesince your city has turned in to a crime city town so you being atop police car driver and trained police officer on police chasemissions have been assigned this combat operation to prove yourabilities of being a police car chase professional to put allgangsters of your city behind the jail bars in this police carchase 3D game.In this police car chase simulator 3D you job in gangster city isto drive police car in gangster areas and after having your policecar parking safely you must hold the breath and take aim for headshot on the street gangsters who are involved in bank robbery,beheading, torture, mass executions, drug smuggling and in manymore most notorious cartels have wreaked havoc on the lives ofcivilians in this crime simulator game having multiple police gamecombat missions and get paid in terms of honor by the cityinhabitants and by state police department.Are you valiant and daring enough to be police officer to play thispolice car chase simulator to have ultimate fun like police chorcar game to conclude deadly police game missions? Then you mustdownload this police car gangster chase.If you like this crime simulator in a police chase games thenplease don’t forget to rate us.----: Game features of Police car gangster chase :----1.Realistic crime city scenarios.2. Multiple police chase missions in gangster city.3. Realistic police games and police chase games missions.4. Challenge of police car driving and police car racing in crimecity.5. Encounter a real clash with street gangsters in this gangstergame.6. Get paid in terms of pride of nation while eliminating citygangsters.7. Matchless war clash between police vs gangsters.
Up Hill Climb Real Hill Racing 1.0
Be poison and get supercharged to playmostaddictive car physics based game of hill climbing, so tune upyourengine, check petrol vehicles engine and diesel mounted enginesanddon’t forget to check brake pedal of all of your sports carsandarmored vehicles for this challenging offroad racing freehillclimb game.This 3d physics game consists multiple vehicle from carstotraditional hill climb truck and 4x4 jeeps to drive on awideoff-road track, asphalt track and snowy track like AlaskaandKashmir on an endless road with your crazy jeep and monstertruckhaving strong suspension, make sure to cross your racingrivals inmatch race on a wide upward off road racing competitionwith youroffroad driving and off-road car racing expertise on armyarmorvehicle. Being a professional 4x4 jeep driver you will getthrillin this climb racing game and we anticipated that it would beabest car games for kids and adults but make sure timed yourcarjump properly in order not to have an accident and getfailed.----:Up hill climb real hill racing 3Dgamefeatures:-----• Designed for smartphone and tablets.• HD graphics.• Superb mountainous background.• Real hill climb racing adventure game.• Excellent 3D physics applied in this new free game.• Don’t drift but challenge to control car speed.• 4x4 jeep uphill driving pleasure with real physics.• Exciting and adventurous hill tracks.• Earn coins and upgrade to armor truck, 4x4 jeeps and manymorevehicles.
4x4 truck driving adventure 1.0
Accelerate to get in to an amazing 4x4 offroadrally adventure driving with your amazing powerful vehicleslikesuper fantastic Off-Road trucks, 4x4 Cars, Pickups, MonsterTrucksand specialist Rally Cars and extreme 4x4 jeep driver toexhibityour extreme driving expertise on offroad rally tracks andhardcoreterrain to climb up and up on wonderful tracks like hillclimb,stones heaps and be an expert rally driver in this 4x4offroad gameand prove that you a real off road rally driver beingan 4x4 SUVdriver in this driving game on off-road tracks. In thisoffroad gameyou will feel the real thrill on bumpy roads, muddypaths, forestsand rivers if you are an ultimate offroad driver.In this 4x4 off road game you will start your test drivewithclassic Pickup Truck, and upgrade gradually to more powerfulandbig vehicles on your way to finish off 4x4 game. Every vehicleforfree ride had its own challenges and required skills tomasterespecially the supercar Monster Truck which would be unlockedwithcoins but you must be careful while driving fast as not tolosecontrol on any of your powerful vehicle to avoid anydamage.Game Features:-• Super powerful vehicles.• Challenging tracks on multiple terrains.• Real offroad scenario like bump and steep slopes.• Physics controlled cars.• Realistic car damages.• Powerful acceleration of vehicle.• Intensive game play.• Stunning and amazing HD graphics and background music.• Dynamic game play full of fun.• Multiple free ride trucks.
Hunting Animals Africa Jungle 1.1
Hunting Animals Africa Jungle is an amazinganimals games free, full of action animals rescue game to saveforest life of Africa, if you love beasts rescue games and huntinggames for free then you must try this forest games of beastshunting at jungle island. As you are an ultimate sniper hunter andveterinary doctor where you are going on your journey of hunter tohunt animals infected by Congo virus widespread in wild animals ofjungles in Africa and species like lion, stag, dino, elephant,Monkey Kong, deer and many more wild animals beasts are in realendangered at island due to wide spread of Congo virus. In thisanimal simulator game, you must shoot these infected animals withfire power of your, sniper rifle, pistol and assault rifles as theyare in danger of extinction to save healthy animals of jungle asthis Congo disease is a widespread deadly viral disease that isendemic in Africa, Middle East and Asia.It is a zoonotic deadly disease carried by several domestic andwild animals and jungle animals are suffering from its sickness andsounds like calling rescue me rescue me since this fatal clinicaldisease is rare among animals and its outbreak has to be controlledby shooting animals infected by this virus to make them senselessin this forest games and get them treated in veterinary hospitals.Its real animal rescue mission scenario as it could infect humansoutside of scary jungle. It’s a real test of your gun shootingskills and sniper killer expertise so you must be careful whilehunting jungle animals in a scary jungle as these sick animals arenot in their sense and could attack back at you any time and youmight get killed so in this animals rescue time; your objective isto aim right and hunt your prey wisely and be a savior for humanityand animals as well rather than being scared from animals sounds orattack. It’s an endless hunting animals and animals rescuechallenge in forests of Africa so play wild to save the forest lifein this animals simulator game.This animals game is distinctive from other forest games and fromwild games of animals hunting as you are not hunting for leisuretime or hunting jungle animals for pleasure but rather you aredoing a great job of saving the rest of animals in African junglein order they should not get infected from widespread of Congovirus in this veterinary games. So play wild sniper hunter in thisanimal game to save forest life rather they could becomeextinct.While playing this forest hunting games, don’t feel scary of beinginfected and take precautionary measure such as use of insectrepellents, adequate clothing and body inspection foradherence.So download now animals hunting rescue mission and go to crush thewidespread of this deadly evil virus from forest animals and savethe rest of forest life and humanity for paradise.----: Game features of Animals hunting AfricaJungle:----• Best sniper shooting to rescue forest animals.• Wild animals to hunt for rescue.• Amazing 3D environment of lush green jungle.• Kind of real journey of hunting.• A real wild game scenarios like forest games.• Rescue animals suffering from viral disease.• A test of shooting skills.
Farming Simulation Pro 2017 1.1
Farming and agriculture is essential for humansurvival as a whole so we brings you a rare, exciting andchallenging new biggest farming game to pay tribute to ruralfarmers of village life in this farming simulator game as withoutthese farming farm heroes everyone would be forced to hunt andgather food and kill the nature so it is not possible for theworld's plant and animals population to survive off. This farm gamewill educate young kids to learn the importance of food produced byvillage farm heroes. Adults will love to play as it will remindthem of their childhood memories and farming life of theirgrandpas. In this rare vegetable and fruit game kids will learnfarm farming, village life, farmer’s life simulator, tractordriving and tractor simulator, harvesting of vegetables and fruitsas farm vegetable and fruits have impacts on climate change. Inthis kisan game on village life, you being a farm farmer willharvest a number of crops on a smaller scale to meet family needsand will collect excessive farming fruit and vegetables to be soldat co-ops to help community in terms of healthy and organic foodintake.In this farm game you will perform farmer role to perform multiplefarming simulator tasks offline like Harvest crops, collect farmingproducts, Install and shift irrigation systems to irrigate fieldsaccording to crops need, milk cows and deliver at milk shop,monitor crops to ensure that they are growing properly and are freefrom diseases and contaminants, arrange corps transport to co-ops,livestock purchased and feed, manage transportation of livestock tomarket, operate farm machinery like tractor trolley, harvester,cultivator and seeder machines to cultivate, harvest, and haulcrops, take care poultry like hens to produce eggs for eating andbreeding in this village and farming game of pro 2017 and we aresure this farming simulation pro 2017 will help you to understandhow the agriculture farming have positive impact on climate changearound the globe.Game features of ----: Farming Simulation Pro 2017:----• Real farming sim with multiple farming jobs.• More than 20 challenging tasks about farming simulator.• Most amazing and natural offline farming missions in this villageand farm game.• Most popular agricultural machines to operate.• Feeding animals and selling their final products in market toearn coins.• A number of corps to harvest like corn, sunflower, carrots,pumpkins and more.• Real village life and farming life scenarios.
Muscle Flying Car Stunt Hero 1.02
Gamer-s do you love playing free flying game-s? especially flying car games than Muscle Flying Car Stunt Herogame is best choice for you that have been developed usingrealistic environments from New York city, Ahram e Misr (thePyramids) of Egypt and many more world’s popular traveldestinations in this flying car game and you will surely love totake-off and fly this fly car over these adventure places with yourAmerican flying muscle car equipped with turbo engine to performflying stunt race-r being a flying car stunt driver.This car flying game is different and match-less from other freeflying game-s free, car racing game-s, helicopter game-s, airplanegame-s and simulator games. Flying car driving adventure is a realvertical flying game for all adventure loving fans. Players mustfly car like a plane take off and avoid collision with trees injungle, mountains, high rise buildings of the city and land safelyafter performing flying stunt-s successfully and complete theflying mission-s without any crash, as accomplishing a missionsuccessfully will give you a pleasure and experience of theairplane flying simulator with your turbo engine futuristic cardriving. In this flying game-s you will enjoy the ride like anairplane flying, where your airplane pilot skills, takeoff skillstogether with flying car driving talent above most popular traveldestination-s regions will be tested.This Muscle Flying Car Stunt Hero is like a real travel adventurejourney game in different worlds regions where you are going toexplore rivers, island-s, mountain-s and city skyscraper-s towardsthe clouds of the sky vertically. So start your world traveladventure tour in a flying car by halting burning your tires on anendless road of asphalt or runway, release the torque at max, flyhigh and safe to enjoy a memorable car ride by performing flyingcar stunts in air in this flying game, so if are you ready for thischallenge then seize this opportunity and download now flying cardriving adventure for free from Google play store.If you like or dislike this flying car games please do rate us asit will help us to improve. Thanks.----: Game features of Muscle Flying Car Stunt Hero:----1. Realistic airplane physics applied in car.2. Futuristic car models used in flying 3D car.3. Realistic & superb world’s best travel destinations.4. Flying 3d car with turbo jet engine for car stunts and to getcollectables.5. Amazing views of islands, mountains, jungle etc.6. Test of car driving skills for professional car drivers andstunt riders.7. Extreme futuristic American muscle car models.8. Experience an airplane flight 3d pilot while driving.9. Enjoy airplane flight experience.10. Perform role of flying 3d pilot in a flying car.11. Free to explore the world.12. Amazing HD graphics
Endless Runner : Farm Animal 1.1
Rooster adventure run is a fun 3daction-packed online fighting game about intense fights betweenroosters in their chicken farm. This angry rooster game is one ofthe best rooster fighting simulation game with awesome angryrooster fighter simulator 3d action. This new rooster fighting gameis too exciting with full of 3d action. This rooster simulation isa real pleasure and joy for those who love playing rooster fightinggames.In this rooster game there are many deadly farms in which the angryroosters fight against enemy. This rooster game is all about thewar between the angry Roosters in their rooster land. There are alot of new roosters in this classic game of onet. You can selectyour new roosters among various angry roosters for intense fight byparticipating in battles. You need to fight against the angry enemycock to kill him with the trained 3d rooster simulator.There are alot of new tournaments of rooster fighting in this angryrooster adventure run game where you can take a farm journey andselect as many as new angry roasters for fighting in a chickenfarm. Big angry rooster cock is waiting for the enemy roosterinvasion and then attack on him. Angry roosters shows their animalinvasion tricks in this action and fighting game and sometimes theydon’t know about pitfalls in their fighting.In this rooster adventure run game, the roosters run madly in thechicken farm where there is a match of cocks between the best andangry fighter with the enemies and the loosing team of the roosterstarts crowing in the deadly farm. This 3d rooster game is fullyanimated and shows full 3d action of jump and attack animation inthe war of the angry roosters. Be prepare yourself for the deadlyfight against enemies in the deadly farm of angry roosters. This isthe best game for the lovers of angry roosters and this game is nowavailable in full 3d action simulator.This angry rooster fighter is a real pleasure for those who loveplaying rooster fighting games. You will sees the new invasiontricks of roosters in this rooster adventure run game and reallyenjoyed it. This a best and fantastic rooster game that takes youinto an epic farm journey of rooster fight which resides in thecategory of one of the most modern 3d fighter simulator games. Sohurry up and Install the free rooster adventure run fightinggame.
Thief vs Police Shooting 1.0
If you like thief police shooting gamesthenyou must try this epic challenging police games where you willbeplaying the role of thief as you are a jailbreak prisoner andyouneed money to survive in this thief vs police shooting game,youhave to steal the expensive items in an attempted robbery tolive alife and mean time you have to escape from police officerandpolice dog in order to be successful in this thief games asyouhave executed multiple bank robbery attempts after runningfrompolice officer chase and police dog chase.If you like robbers game than this is perfect cops androbbergame for you which have plenty of robbery missions in anoutlawcity and each level is challenging and full be thrill and ifyouare a successful robber then you must conclude the missionafterescaping from police shooting in this thief game.Its best police vs thief game you are performing a role ofthiefsimulator as you are crime city gangster and being a geniusthiefyou must conclude mission successfully at each crime scene towinthis free game as you have become a ultimate thief who escapefrompolice chase and tries to make the insane burglary attempts inthischallenging police thief shooting game and to be successfulyouhave complete deadly and most dangerous stealing challenges inbestthief game of 2016.So download now Thief vs police shooting from Google Playstoreand prove that you are a smart and clever thief than an areapoliceofficer.----: Game features of Thief vs Police Shootinggame:-----1. Action packed FPS shooting game play in an outlaw city.2. Best robbery game crime scenes in each level.3. Addictive run from police games missions.4. Prove if police officer is smart or you are a cleverthief.5. Combat with Police officer and police dog at same time.6. Steal the expensive objects hidden at multiple locations.7. Insane and epic game play.8. HD graphics.9. Ultra-modern background music.
Wild Lion Hunter Challenge 1.2
Here is the first ever epic wild lion huntinggame on Google Play with real 3D graphics. This wild lion huntinggame is developed for most brave and addictive hobbies of wildanimals hunting game players. If you have ever been a hunter orshooter using sniper rifles, it will really relax your mind, if youachieve your objective in this wild and crazy animals hunting gameof wild lion hunting.In this animals hunting game there are different kinds of lions andtigers in the world, but, all the lions and tigers are dangerousfor humans and other small animals in the jungle or mountain. Thehobby of hunting lions has always been a brave people hobby andgame. Among all jungle animals hunting like deer hunting, birdhunting, zebra hunting, flying bird hunting, wild animals hunting,zombie hunting the lion hunting is challenge and usually the lionhunters are brave hunters and are equipped with modern guns, bestrifles, top snipers and other modern weapons with scope and theyare very brave and intelligent animals hunter. The animal hunter inthe jungle has to be active, alert, accurate in aiming andshooting. Lions are wild animals and may attack on the animalshunter, so he has to be ready to rescue himself in case of dangerand escape to the safe point.Lions live in jungle, they are considered dangerous animals. Theyrule the jungle by force. Even big in size animals like elephantand giraffes accept their reign in jungle. How lions maintain thereign? The main reason is power, strength and activeness. The otheranimals are usually afraid of lions and avoid to stay nearby butyou are real wild animals hunter and you have accepted thechallenge to kill wild lions of jungle.In the environment, there is a jungle with bushes surrounded bymountains. There are lions roaming around to look for prey. You area hunter who shoot and kill lions only to save jungle animals. Youcan see around and aim from your sniper gun to shoot the lion andif you shoot any other jungle animal then you will loose thishunting games. If your fire is missed, the lion will come towardyou and you can become his prey. You are equipped with sniper gunand you have to survive with your accurate firing tactics. If alion kills you, the game is over and it will also end your jungleanimals hunting expedition. Good luck.As being a wild lion hunter you have to kill the lion before theycatch or kill the sheep. You are equipped with sniper gun and, youhave to rescue sheep with your accurate firing tactics. If a lioncatch and kill the sheep, you will lose the game.This hunting game, present amazing and realistic 3D environment,you are assigned with a mission to save the beautiful creaturesfrom hungry lions. The real sound effects of the hunting junglewill keep you on your toes, giving you an amazing life timeexperience of walking through a jungle, mountains, trees and themost wild and deadly animals around you. Now is the right time totest your shooting and sniping skills. Enjoy!
Archery Girl Animal Hunting 3D 1.1
Archery girl animal hunting 3D is anticipatedto be one of top new and free bow and arrow games of 2016. Tired ofbeing the Archery master so try the archery girl animal hunting andbe the archery mistress! In this archery games hunt jungle animalswith your bow and arrow to avoid being hunted in jungle from wildanimals. Drag your arrow at full swing to kill the animalsaccurately in this epic battle in an ultimate arrow game as being abrave and courageous wild animal hunter.Archery girl animals hunting quest is addictive and challenginggame. Being an archery master your mission is to hunt multipleforest animals with your limited arrows in multiple environmentswithin a limited time as well, as you got time limitation to huntanimals in this amazing hunting game. This is unique hunting gamecompare to other animals hunting games, jungle games, snipershooting games and archery games as bow and arrow provided in thisgames are real time physics control so air flow will affect thetarget shooting. Furthermore, you got furious predators in thishunting game missions like dino hunter, elephant hunting, lionhunting, wolf hunting, deer hunter, zebra hunting, dragon hunting,gorilla hunting, bear hunting, rhino hunting and so on so be readyto avoid the rampage of angry animals.This bow and arrow shooting game will test your archer skills, aimskills, stamina skills and your ability of survival in jungle fromwild animals so get ready to play archery girl animal hunting in ajungle animal hunting adventure quest in one of the best archerygames of 2016 so enjoy playing best archer or bowman game. Defendyour town near jungle from these deadly predators or get ready toescalate assassin by jungle warriors so target your enemies withonly weapon of bow and arrow.Are you ready to play this archery game? Yes, good, download nowarchery girl animal hunting from Google Play Store and be a bestarcher who hits a real kill shot at right target and be an ultimatearchery mistress rather than archery master or archery king.★★★ Game Features of Archery Girl Animal Hunting ★★★ ★ Lethal bows to shoot.★ Smooth touch and tilt controls.  ★ Real time physics of bow and arrow for arrow release.★ Breathtaking hunting animals missions. ★ Realistic background music and sound effects.★ HD graphics.★ Stunning environment.
Trump Vs Hillary Free Fight 3D 1.2
Trump vs. Hillary Free Fight - the choice isyours. Pick you favorite presidential candidate of America and makethem beat the other one in a FREESTYLE STREET FIGHT. You areagainst immigration or in favor of it, you’ve got a candidate tosupport either one. Trump has got no small hands, nor Hillary canget away with the email scandal, it has all boiled down to streetlevel. Trump is good at picking fights but Hillary is good atdefense. Kick, punch, fight, like Bruce lee style as bothcandidates have got all the tricks. Do you want to make Americagreat again or prefer Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to win inelection 2016? It’s all up to you, don’t let your candidatedown.Trump vs Hillary is all about the battle for the White house andyou got the chance to play and support your candidate for thepresident of America as you are part of the election campaign sofight with opponent being a Hillary or Trump and help yourcandidate to get him or her in to be a victorious inelections.Trump vs Hillary is all about fighting for your favorite candidateso whoever is winner you must try and be a winner in thischallenging campaign. Forget about the high school life or aboutthe past of your candidate and just fight to win the WhiteHouse.Download Trump vs Hillary Free Fight free from the Google PlayStore and enjoy the fight.-----: Trump Vs Hillary Free Fight 3D Features:-----*** A fighting game to become the winner.*** Free Fighting between a male and female character.*** Support your won president Trump Vs Hillary.*** Fight and win the support for your candidate either Hillary orTrump.
Frontline Army Commando Battle 1.5
Front line army commando battle is basically3D action game of a front line army commando belongs from army unitof special force personal, determined to defend the front lineborder on the price of his life as he’s been assigned at frontlineborder against an enemy country to defend from criminals, mafia,enemy force-s, infiltrators, narcotics smugglers and terrorists onenemy payroll hired by their secret agency. Being on a frontlinearmy commando duty you must persuade a covert operation againstthese enemies’ friends in hideouts in jungles and hilly caves inmountains. Gangsters and robbers of enemy rogue forces includingterrorist are equipped with the modern war weapons supplied byenemy secret agency and ready for fierce clash with to get youcrushed and infiltrate with in your main city and win thebattle.Enemy is roaming with bullet proof jeeps and enemy air forceprovides them cover up with helicopters and fighter jets, on groundthey are best sniper shooter and have gorilla training given byenemy army troops in using AK-47 in combat, as their main counterweapon for counter war strike. This front line army commando gameneeds full spirit and zeal to play and win from unseen enemy whowage a war against your country, feel the essence of best armycommando games of 2016 in this frontline army commando battle game.This game combines the missions of war games, commando game-s, armygame-s and everyone who likes military game-s will love to play itfor hours.Being brave commando of army frontline unit you will encounterenemy with modern weapons like ak47, bazooka, short gun, snipergun, mini gun and with deadliest weapons used in surgical strikes,so you must win this war from insane enemy being lone hope ofnation. So aim right and go for headshots at your rival forces asyou are a brave assassin commando having accurate and precisionshooting skills and have participated in swat missions to counterextremists, kidnappers, gangsters and brutal terrorists. So holdyour breath and zoom in before pulling the trigger of shoot to killthe enemy and prove that you are a real brave hero of nation inthis fantastic war game.Being a real contract sniper killer and a fortune soldier of elitesniper shooting unit, you are the defense line to save the countryso you must take the final revenge of your ailing soldiers andmartyrs.Game is blend of FPS (first person shooter) game-s, strategy game-sfull of action and war game-s as you are playing the role of lonesurvivor army commando at frontline in a outrageous mission againsta relentless and brutal firepower of enemy.This is extremely challenging and full of bloodshed action game towage 3d assassin sniper missions against the enemy forces with afury style against the secret enemy equipped with modern gunshiphelicopter ready to wage battle with help of enemy militarytroops.Frontline army commando battle is thrilling army commando warriormissions based game full of multiple modern combat missions and youare the frontline army commando in this battle to counter theultimate deadly assault since you are an armed forces personnel whonever fears from missiles fired by gunship helicopter in air orfrom a gunshot fired from a warship aircraft carrier or explosivefired from a tank battalion or bullet fired from enemy placed overmountain sniper shooting range or in a desert shooting strike, asarmy frontline commando believes to live or die for country in eachsecond of his life to save humanity and avoid any d-day in thisworld against rival force fire and prove you are militarybattlefield commando.----:Game features:----* HD graphics.* Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mag sounds* Real warfare battle games.* War zone missions.* Sniper zoom in & zoom out to get the targetclose. * New sniper rifles.* Zoom in to find the rival force positions in warfare.* Suitable for 18+adults due to violence and blood.* Full Action Game with FPS
PK Cargo Truck Hill Climb Race 1.17
PK Cargo Truck Hill Climb Race is new and freegame, is one of the best games ever made on trucks cultural historyand tradition.Its a right choice to play and share with other truckdrive lovers who have passion and craze for truck driving andstaring on bumpy roads with huge luggage from warehouses &sensational landscapes & engaging environment. its aboutstorytelling, passion, rage, competition and pride. This Pk CargoTruck Game is developed to pay respect and homage to PakistaniTruck Drivers who spent nights outside of the home to deliver PKCargo not only in Punjab, Kashmir, Northern Area/Gilgit, Sindh,Khyber Pakhtoon khawa (KPK) and Baluchistan but also in India andAfghanistan in their artistically and calligraphy decorated truckswith famous paintings of the nation. It’s also their driving testwho drives in hilly zig zag road, snowy mountains and desert areasof Pakistan. In this Pk Cargo Truck Hill Climb Race game you willsee beautiful carving and patterns that is what bring colors to thelife of the Drivers in Asia, as we believe that these movingcanvasses brings smiles on the faces of every human being.In this regionally focused Truck Simulator 2016 game we have addedall-time hit music like Pashto songs for Pathan truck drivers,Punjabi songs for Truck drivers and Saraiki Music for belt driversetc., together with terrains representing all provinces ofPakistan.This PK truck games represents culture of Asian truck driverincluding India, Afghanistan and Pakistan who spent thousands ofDollars to convert these gas-guzzling, road-dominatingmonstrosities into beautiful moving canvases covered in poetry,folk tales and religious sentimental and emotional world-views ofthe individuals of PK truck industry, making it one of the biggestforms of representational art in the country in this transportsimulator game.In this PK Truck Games we presented Pakistani truck art thatis Pakistan’s cultural identity and if one look at a truckwith an artistic workover the first thing which would come toyour mind would be Pakistan! Every Pak truck owner would like hislocal tradition to be flashed in the form of a painting on histruck.The use of multiple color schemes is the hallmark of Pakistanitruck art with use of Phool Patti art work in this Pakistan game ontrucks. The first thing which your eyes will register whenever youlook at a truck painted with truck art is the whole range of colorsused in its decoration. These colors look very pleasing to the eyesas they are painted with a good choice of color scheme that createsa positive image on the eyes of the onlookers. To add to thisrainbow of colors is the colorful lighting and use of small mirrorsin the decorations that make the job complete!Every truck owner would like his local tradition to be flashed inthe form of a painting on his truck. For instance if the truck isowned by an individual from Peshawar then he would like thingslocal to Peshawar displayed on it such as the Khyber Pass, so onand so forth. This PK transport truck game have additional featureof Hill Climb Race using real time physics for hilly areas. Itsbest game for adults and kids. The truck rental can be done fromany service station.Download now this truck drive sim for real drive, start the engine,put your feet on accelerator and enjoy thrilling play of PK CargoTruck Hill Climb Race 3D with best hit songs audio inbackground.Game Features:** Rebab Music and local top hit songs.** Desi multiple Artistic trucks.** Multiple camera view selection.** Need expertise for Hill climb race in hill drive.** Truck parking at designated areas.** Best Truck Cargo game.** Top PK Transport game of Cargo.** Speeding control over Offroad truck driver hill climb.** Real Drive on tough hilly areas.** Excellent & addictive game play.** Realistic truck physics for hill climb race.
Army Commando Shooting Strike 1.6
In this army games, hold your breath and pullyour sniper gun trigger for deadly assassin to enemy army enjoyingsushi in beach club heavily covered with armed men’s and armycommandos so be brave and courageous enough like an army commandoadventure shooter belongs from army of heroes to kill your insaneenemy before you got targeted in this army shooting game. This isbest free game mixture of commando games and army shooting gamesfree to download from Google play store.In this army shooting games your enemy is not aware that you havereached their base so you must take your first shot like a headshotin this best strategy game so you could defend yourself with yourremaining ammo as soon as you become under enemy attack. You muststep forward from your base with a good plan and war strategy asyour enemy is smart so you must be determined and brave againstenemy in this game of war.In this army commando shooting strike commando games 3d full of warstrategy so you must be courageous enough to rescue your home landfrom the notorious enemy exist within front line border of yourcountry and they are involved in horrific crimes like suicide,attack on army, attack on civilians, detonating bombs at tradecenters, aerial bombing to kill innocent lives, brutal murder ofhumanity and making a number of them injured, and making your kidsand women’s as hostages to unrest your country, in short like theyhave waged an unconventional war against your homeland so launchfull attacks against the bases of insurgents and terrorists and getlucky to survive.In this army game you must raid like a war strategy and striketheir hideouts with alliance of your elite soldier gunmen armspower in this new strategy game and force your horrific enemy tosurrender or shoot to kill and finish them off in this war gamesand prove that you are a supercharged member belongs to army ofheroes by not allowing them to build safe new heavens byeliminating their crime state by not showing any mercy in warzone.Army commando shooting strike is free army games and shooting gamesand it’s one of the easy to play shooting game for 18+ adults dueto violence and blood. Your valuable feedback and comments aboutthis army game will surely help us to improve, so please do rateus.----: Game features of Army commando shooting strike:----1. Use your Sniper scope to aim at enemies from a distance.2. First person shooter game, action packed with strategycombat.3. Follow enemy from radar.4. Five modern sniper Guns.5. The sniper gun reloads automatically.6. Top military missions based combat action game.7. Take head shot for maximum damage to enemy troops.8. Thrilling game play like a army strategy game.9. Splendid background sounds.
Cargo Truck Driving Race 1.02
Cargo Truck Driving Race for passionate truckdriving lovers to get ready for most adventurous new trucksimulator game-s 2017 top free for boys, girls and kids. Thiscraziest truck driving traffic racer will take you for wholePakistan tour from KPK in Peshawar to Karachi, Khyber to Lahore andQuetta and up to coastal city of Gawadar and to Islamabad so allcharming boys get ready to explore Pakistan for cargo truckdelivery from China (中國) to Gawadar of Pakistan and rest of worldlike Afghanistan, Amritsar, Chandigarh of India through this trucksimulator game and make it your specialties to grab maximum cargotruck business in future. In this whole truck driver travel journeyyou will explore, up hill driving, mountain driving, offroaddriving, hill climb driving and 4x4 driving while exploring lovelyplaces and asphalt tracks of Pakistan in this latest top rated newtruck simulator only truck driving game while enjoying photo scenicview of beautiful locations.During playing this monster truck driving sim you will find thenature side by side like water, river and rocks so you must becareful from landslides, top hill drives in this rainy season of 14August independence day. In this truck game you must exhibit yourhill climb driving expertise similarly like track of Naran andKaghan in Pakistan Northern areas. In this Pk cargo transport truckracing games you will enjoy the classical and traditional music ofPakistan like rabab, top hit Pashto songs, best Punjabi songs, Sufisongs, folk songs, Sindhi songs and beautiful Balochi songs sung byyour favorite Balochi singers in addition of Balti music sung bysingers of Gilgit Baltistan.In this top free truck simulator game integral part of you missionis to be on time for logistics delivery drive after driving safelyon road, highway and hill climb areas escaping highway traffic,city traffic and on fast speed traffic racing zones and park truckto conclude each level successfully. Be aware from Tuk Tuk rickshawwith in city and from farm truck & farm tractors who driveswith extreme speed so your brake pedals, truck ignition must byperfect and fully operational. While playing this truck games youmust be careful with landslides, dangerous turns and be a hilltopdriver as it’s not an easy task to drive on uphill and mountaintracks, risky roads which sometime could be filled with wild lifeangry animals on road sides.★★★ Game features of Cargo Truck Driving Race ★★★• Adventurous game play• Multiple maps.• Touch control, easy to use.• Explore Pakistan tracks.• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Best truck racing game.• Gift on 14th August Independence Day for virtual tour.
Game of Hunter - Fire & Blood 1.3
Game of Hunter- fire & blood is the besthunter game of 2016 in which there are animals in the environmentfor hunting. The animal sounds at the background create good impactat the player and it is the outstanding hunting 2016 game. This isthe best animal game of 2016 in 3d. Sometimes the animals not atthe aiming of hunter. Both the animals and hunter are terrifyingfrom each other. This hunter game also boost up the confidence ofthe hunter that he/she can easily hunt animals.Many people love hunting but either they don’t have time for it orthey unfortunately have not enough resources to go for it. So,keeping in mind the interest of user our team has developed a newGame of Hunter –Fire and Blood 2016 game, which provides the user aunique hunting experience with real world 3D gameplayenvironment.Game of hunter- fire & blood has the best and friendlyinterface which attracts the user towards the game. The animalsounds at the background create good impact on the player and thisis outstanding hunting 2016 game. This is the best animal game of2016 in 3D. This hunting game 3D is very fabulous in all aspectsproviding best and friendly interface with high visibility. Theprevious version was also outstanding of this 3d hunting 2016 game.This version is also outstanding and provides intense and greaterpleasure towards game.Game of Hunter- fire & blood is the best hunter game of 2016 inwhich there are many animals in the game environment for hunting.When hunter enters in to the jungle, the animals feel the presenceof hunter as an exotic and devil hunter. Some animals belong to thesame tribe when they go away from their tribe then it is easy forthe hunter to kill that animal. This hunter game resides in thecategory of “killing games free”.Both the animals and hunters are the main characters of this huntergame. This hunter game also boost up the confidence of the hunterthat he/she can easily kill the animals. The devil hunters areaiming to kill the animals, which are too elusive. This hunter gameprovides fabulous 3d model of outstanding environment includinganimals, fire and blood.This hunting 2016 animal game is the best app for hunters. Thishunting game 3d is very fabulous in all aspects providing best andfriendly interface with high visibility. Greater pleasure for thehunters to aiming animal easily for hunt tracking. The hunter cantake elusive aiming to kill the animals. The previous version wasalso outstanding of this 3d hunting 2016 game. This version is alsooutstanding and provides intense and greater pleasure towards game.This hunter game providing the fabulous 3d model of environmentincluding animals, fire and blood and shows the creativity of thecreators. Sometimes hunter run to avoid becoming victims of theterrifying animals. It is not a boring game as once you play thisgame you really enjoyed or loved it.Game of hunter- fire & blood is best for both the devil huntersand normal hunters as it is the outstanding hunter game for thedevil hunters and it is what that the users are expecting from thegame. This hunting 2016 game provides the greater pleasure to thehunter and the player involved in this game intense fully. Game ofhunter provides best environment with high visibility andcontinuous providing best environment throughout the game. Thishunter game also involves fire and blood in the 3d environment.Sometimes the hunter kill boring animal. This hunting games 3dcontinuously provide animals in the dynamic environment for thedevil hunters. In this hunting game, the best season in the dynamicenvironment for the hunters is providing. It is the best game thatyou have never play before. This is a best hunt tracking game of2016 that will boost up your pleasure for the game. Install thegame and play like a devil hunter.Features*** Multiple environments.*** Multiple animals.*** Wide range of sniper guns.*** Realistic jungle environment.*** Great game of hunting.
Modern Gunship Heli Battle 3D 1.1
Do you like gunship games than you shoulddownload this new free game of modern gunship heli clash strike inwhich intruders have crosses the frontline borders with theirphantom and hornet raptors which is like intruder so your enemiesdrag you in to a full fledged war and you have to initiate youraction like a gunship war since your enemy is equipped with gunmanand missiles installed on their rotary helicopter as enemy want towage a naval warfare afterwards. In this helicopter fighting gameyou are lone wolf left behind to counter the enemy adventurealthough you are surrounded by fleets of enemy in battleship so youhave to plan such an intense strategy in this gunship battle toexecute stunning missions in this warfare through engage todestruction of enemy baseline with your chopper which is equippedwith most modern stealth and powerful firepower technology.In this gunship fighting game you mist strike the missiles fromyour copter at target like a kill shot hero with your aerial viewvision to combat the enemy forces with expertise of your art of warlearned during your air force training in aircraft war games. Inthis helicopter fighting game enemy has invaded your territory soyou must drive gunship helicopter in an air attack deep in to enemylines to destroy gunships, helicopter, buildings, military posts todestroy their commando and elite enemy units in this most amazingcounter strike game of helicopter fighting before ultimate navalwarfare episode begins.Enemy gunship bombers and commandos in this gunship fighting gameare waging your army bases and strategic targets and they areracing towards main city to destroy your gunship battle helicopterwhile your fighter gunship helicopters are engaging to occupy yournaval bases and airspace while ground troopers of enemy havealready occupy your land so this is the time to take charge andfree your land from enemy to halt the proceedings of enemy troopsto rescue your land so you must end the reign of terror since it’syour duty to protect civilians and safeguard your homeland so getready to fight for pride and dignity.Modern gunship heli battle air attack is full packed action gameand you are doing the role of a bravo commando as you are trainedfor front line combat mission. In this gunship fighting gameenemies’ air strike could occur any time on you if you are spottedas enemy troops have entered your army zone, since you are anultimate combat strike commando in heli warfare so must destroyyour enemy in this brutal battle to fight viciously as you areequipped with machine guns and anti-air craft weapons to counterthe enemy attack as your enemy is full armed with military modernhelicopters, black hawk Apache shooters so no time to waste as itstime for action before enemy enter into your military bases andarmy headquarters so show your muscles and be a conqueror of battleand free your territory from occupied forces in this free game ofgunship fighting.**** GAME PLAY of Modern Gunship Heli Battle ****Use on screen joy stick on screen to navigate your modern gunshipforward and backwards while tilt your mobile for sideways rotation.You may find enemy hideouts in this counter strike mission throughmap and press your basic and modern weapons for kill shots anddestroy the enemy frontline and be a bravo gunship heli commandostriker. Your primary weapon is machine gun while your secondaryweapon is guided missile.** GAME FEATURES of Modern Gunship Heli Battle***• Play multiple challenging gunship counter shooter missions.• Navigation controls to move helicopter.• Amazing HD Graphics.• Excellent Gunship Counter Attack.• An ultimate defense shooting 3D game.• Stunning visual graphics with realistic sound effects.• Real Physics controls.If you like playing FPS games, shooting games or racing games, thenyou must try this Modern Gunship Heli Battle and do let us knowyour feedback as it will help us to serve your better infuture.
Zombie Shooting Frontier 3D 1.4
If you like Zombie shooting games free thenyou should try new zombie game for free i.e. zombie shootingfrontier and kill zombies being a professional fps army soldierdeployed on shooting zombies before any kind of zombie apocalypseor zombie outbreak could occur being a zombie hunter. In thisfreeland zombie game arsenal don’t let the zombie runaway from anypassage or could hurt the resident and get in to a safe house whilewalking away rather make them a house of the dead zombies with yourultimate sniper shooting trigger skills in this best new freezombie game. Its your duty so you must honor and aim right at thesedeadly chasing zombies to attack and make them a dead target inthis easy shooting gun game, as these zombies are smart and cleverrather than stupid so you must encounter them well with your snipergun in this zombies combat being a professional member of zombiekiller squad in this gun game considering it as a fight forsurvival and shred away the horror of zombies.This zombie shooting game got multiple scenes so you must encounterzombie in battlefield and don’t let them walking escape to safehouse with your powerful weapon arsenal in this zombie game as ifyou got fail, zombie outbreak could cause an apocalypse as they arerevolting zombies and it will be a real rampaging situation forcity resident so you play your role with your shotgun as lonesurvivor commando and diminish the zombies horror among theresidents of your city so steer up and smash these deadliest anddreadful zombies in to debris and eliminate their virus since youare a lone survivor zombie shooter in this full of action game ofFPS shooting style before they chase you to death in this waragainst zombies.So, if you like action packed gun games then download for free topfps game of Zombie Shooting Frontier 3D and play the role of beinga zombie killer with sniper shooting skills to eliminate the zombievirus being a lone survivor and serve the humanity by rescuing themfrom this zombie virus outbreak by using your ultimate modernweapons to eradicate the call of danger and horror in a dangerouszombie town.----: Game features of Zombie Shooting Frontier :----• An immersive 3D world.• Excellent HD graphics.• A truly action packed zombie shooting gun game.• Realistic zombie war scenes.• Upgrade your weapons from pistol to revolver, machine gun andAk-47 etc.• Aim high and take headshot at zombies to kill zombies in singleshot.• Awesome background music.• A number of deadliest and monster zombies with chasingskills.
Deer hunt Exotic Season 2017 1.3
Deer hunt Exotic Season 2017 is the latestrealistic sniper shooter deer hunting game in the mobile market.This jungle deer hunting game provides the best wildernessenvironment in the most visually stunning hunting simulator worldin dense jungle. This shooting deer hunter game is up to therequirement-s of the user-s providing the outstanding and highvisibility interface of hunting in jungle.This reloaded safari free deer hunter 2017 is classic shooter gameprovides you a platform to do do head shot start the deer an epicjourney to hunt the world’s most exotic predator-s. The outstandingwoodland dense jungle environment is your hunting ground forpredators, wild animals roam and unaware of the skilled sniper shotyou just find the deer in a kill zone as a real hunter game boy andtake the aim of the deer and shoot it. In this deer huntingchallenge game, the huntsmen mission is to find the deer in all thenew areas of the biggest forest wilderness, where you can test yourshooting skill-s, get ready for the most skilled 3d hunter snipershooting game-s.In this deer Hunter 3D game 2017, you have to make sure that whichanimal you're hunting and take the accurate aiming of the deer with3d sniper. If you shoot the incorrect animal whilst out on the huntor run out of bullets will fail the mission and deer will run awayat its smart animal not like wolfgang hunter, you have to knowabout your target. Hit the deer with the 3d sniper rifle. Thistarget shooting game is the best deer game that provides you asmany as Challenge-s in which you collect trophies by completingyour sniper shooting mission and compete for bragging rights as youtarget and kill the biggest deer of the game.This hunting sports game is top deer hunting game 2017, developedby the best creator-s with the high visibility interface andenvironment in which the deer-s are hunt by the 3d sniper rifle.This free 3d deer hunting game provides you the world’s greatesthunting experience in the most realistic way. Hunt animals with thebest 3d sniper-s rifles and this 3d sniper provide-s you a fullavailability of bullet-s to target the crazy deer.This free 2017 hunter game is the world-s most exotic and elusivesports game of gratis. Develop your hunting skills in this hunterchallenge game and become a shooter master to take the perfect shotof the target deer. This deer hunting sniper 3d game creates a goodlinking between the player and the interface. This deer huntinggame is a master piece for all the hunters who wants to hunt thedeer-s. Please hurry up and install this deer hunter steady snipergame and accept the challenge of the deer hunting.Deer hunting Exotic Season 2017 Game Features:- Excellent and fast moving target points to line up the perfectshot- Customizable player with a variety of costumes, boots, andhunting glasses- Great shooting mechanics and outstanding visuals- Too many tournaments for deer hunting
Racing Bike Rider - Moto Racer 1.0
Tight your strap around the chest and getreadyfor most amazing high speed racing game on bike 3D, In thisbikeracing 3D game you must attack on your opposite bikers tocontinuethe bike race, you must be careful and balance yourselfproperly asyou are not driving racing car. Be confident that youare not a dumbdriver but being a professional bike racer driverhave performedbreathtaking crazy bike stunts in bicycle racingmissions but stillyou got thrust to win this ultimate race being afurious racingdriver.In this Racing Bike Rider - Moto Racer maximize your bikespeed,avoid to crash with traffic on highway, be careful duringflyingracing on ramps and while performing bike racing stunts instuntzone.Racing Bike Rider – Moto Racer is very interesting and ever funbikerace free game to play so download now and enjoy real heavybikerace stunts. Thank you.---- : Game features :----- * Multiple bikes selection with fast speed engines.* Challenging levels.* Attack and moto bike race stunts.* Obstacles in form of highway traffic. * Multiple crazy tracks of village, desert, snowy&island.* Challenging match race with opponent bikes riders.
Endless Runner : Storm Escape 1.1
Endless Runner : Storm Escape is anendlessgame and it’s all about the saving lives from destruction ofstorm.Storm leaves behind record-breaking flooding, destruction ofhumanlives and crops on land due to heavy rain with it so if youare inhome, temple or at harbor, just get out in this running gameandrun for life at max speed as due to hurricane storm and rainfallasit will lead to record-breaking flooding in your townanddestruction could be much more due to life-threatening floodingandflash flooding across the region so grab the opportunity toescapein an adventure run else you will be left with minimumoptions.Endless Runner : Storm Escape is a real adventure running gametoescape the planet as heavy rains and strong winds could buffetmanyparts of your town so run as soon as possible as strongtropicalstorm going to hit your coastal area at max speed. ThisHurricanewinds caused widespread power outages and damaged cropsas flooding& landslides produced by the rainfall destroy manyhomes androads which brings the emergency situation for rescueworkers.In this storm escape runner endless game, its about thehurricaneapproaching your town and your mission is to have anadventure runas fast as you can to escape from flood water anddeadly waves toavoid any significant life threatening situation,as if you fail torun fast than fast storm speed then there is apossibility that youmight get died in this running game.The hurricane brings a lot of damages and it might swallowthelives of hundreds of people so consider it as death escape runintoadventure world since you are a resident of coastal area soyoumust evacuate ahead of the storm and during running fromwildlifeas well as there is possibility of life-threateninginundationduring the next couple of hours along the coastalhighway.------: Endless Runner : Storm Escape game features:------?*** An endless adventure escape running game to escape stormtorescue your life.*** Leave the amenities and run at max to escapefromdestruction.*** Top class environment like a real hurricane.*** Be the best runner to clear the level.*** Be careful from hurdles and mines.*** Gorgeous adventure world terrain.So download now Endless Runner : Storm Escape and run as fastasyou can with full speed avoiding hurdles to win thisrunninggames.
Frontline Battlefield Commando 1.3
Welcome to the new military world missions offrontline battlefield commando game, a new frontline modern warfaregame to enhance your sniper 3d sniper expertise by targetingterrorists and invading their terrorist training campsbarracksFrontline battlefield commando is real-life modern 3D graphics& war sounds, the frontline battlefield commando game givesexhilarating experience of real life front line modern army snipersoldier and massive contract killer scenarios in battlefieldsmissions being last commando solider. As one man solider armycommando in this massive war game use your ammo & explosife tokill the insane enemies as frontline commando with your commandocombat shoot by waging counter army attack before they kill you inambush. In this modern army assassin war game aim for head-shot toshow your clean US military training skills of army shooter ofspecial ops. Enemy not aware of your stealth in the frontlinebattlefields so take your first exotic kill shot with your sniper3d rifles, aim like war range. Your ak47 gunshot will be heard byultimate enemy, will have ruthless commando counter attack ascounter assault so rescue your territory as last commandosolider.Please no turning back in this frontline modern warfare from yourrival force in battlefields, so let the onslaught begin in thisaction game. In your kill shot apply your powerful US army trainingcourse expertise given by special forces.Being US army trained military commando be ready to play role inthis mission impossible against criminals, terrorists andunderworld mafia involved in nyc subway attack with your powerfulmodern war machines in this ultimate battle against foreigninsurgents on enemy agency payroll as diplomacy time is over. Suitup for stealth assassin 3d missions against enemy to prove yourarmy training skills against rival forces assault. Upgrade yourselfto a one man frontline army commander & eliminate a mob ofterrorists and prove to be a best sniper shooter and man of steelequipped with sniper rifles and assault rifles, you will rely onyour marksman skills in eliminating enemies tank machines. Beingmodern army commando you job is not only to eliminate the terroristand foreign insurgents but being an army commando of modern warfareyou have to be soldier survival in this battlefields as a realhitman. Develop strategic and surgical strikes on the outboundrebel and use your all armory and gun shot skills to protectcivilians and kill the enemy with your sniper 3d rifles in desert& jungles.In this real modern combat military game, enemy is around thearmory camps so invade them. Their objective is gun shoot civilianslike contract killers and you are on armory kill missions againstrune warriors.As an army commando soldier known for courage and bravery in yourUS military unit of mountain sniper. You are honor to strike sniperheadshot to invade enemy soldiers and destroy their base camps toprevent their future attacks on civilians & humanity &disperse threats, havoc to infinity levels. Use modern sniper guns,ak 47 to kill terrorists bravely. In this sniper duty aim &kill opponent with fast action rpg sniping skills in clash ofrivals to bring to justice with you sword action.Frontline battlefield commando is new army sniper shooter game, Soenjoy real time sniper 3d shooting (3dシューティング) with war2 sounds.Let the army assassins war begins against the antagonist.-: Game Features of Frontline battlefield commando:-* Unbelievable realistic modern graphics.* Amazing next-gen “bullet time” effects.* New challenging game missions.* Shoot sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine-guns &grenades.-: How to Play: Frontline battlefield commando:-* Ruthless enemy will not attack with their Ak-47, till you fireyour first shot.* Sniper scope to aim at your enemies.* Apply fire button for 3d shooting at enemy.* Go for head shot before being onslaught.* Golden guns will reloads automatically.
Soccer: Football Training Game 1.1
Football game, that has taken a key role inour every day’s life routine. One of the most loved sports gamesamong them is soccer game. We have developed a soccer footballtraining game free in order to train beginners soccer league loversto make them familiar themselves with other soccer games in abetter way. This soccer game is developed for the users who likereal world soccer and what to check his outstanding and pure skillson mobile.The main theme of our football game i.e. soccer football traininggame free is that we have a football sim in which player whichtries different kicks on goal to hit a goal in penalties mode forscores. There are different techniques in this sports game to hit agoal in which the football player can spin ball in differentdirections of pool. The goalkeeper tries to defend the ball againstthe goal, but it depends on the player that how he dodge thegoalkeeper and hit the goal post in an outstanding way to win andbe a soccer hero.Great art of visual effects and contents are used in this footballgame i.e. Soccer Football Training Game Free to attract playersattention, and a high user friendly UI is used that even kids canplay easily. Multiple players from the real soccer leagues andnational teams are added as a character in our game which can playon the behalf of the user. Once you install this soccer game, it’sso addictive game that the user will feel like they are playingreal world soccer on mobile.Multiple camera angles are available in the game, which allows theuser to select the camera position which perfectly suits his tasteand improve his rank in the game. Also the user can select his ownavatar and customize game play according to his choice. Outstandingcoaches from the world soccer leagues and teams are no morerequired for your training and even no need to choose a trainer inpractice sessions to train yourself and your players, so play withpassion the Soccer: Football Training Game and play with passion inorder not to affect your football career.At the start of the game i.e. Soccer Football Training Game Free,rules and regulation of the game is shown to the player which helpsto train your player to understand the game and gives assistance tothe player in start. First, a training session is shown which showdifferent mobile controls of the game. In this soccer game gamedifferent levels of difficulties are available, which initiallystarts from easy and gradually advance to moderate anddifficult.The penalties kicks have a specific time which gave a time of 10sec to kick shot. After the end of assigned time slot of thepenalty, you will miss the chance and the penalty is considered tobe missed. The better you score a goal the more your careerimproves and more points you earn. After each successive goal shootyour score-board will be displayed, showing your progress and willeven show your skill shots.You will simply say wawooo after installing and playing this newsoccer game of pro 2017.
Shooting Zombies Last Defense 1.1
In this zombie shooting game, zombie are oncity highway like tsunami so you must gun down zombies affected byviral virus to counter these assault of zombies with your snipergun as you are a frontier soldier trained by gun shooting squad andthis time the virus is targeting as many people as it could, andmain portion of youngster, which results in emergence of deadlyzombies crawl and walk around which are not sparing any human orplant on road, highway and crossy city highway.This zombies virus is spreading by unknown causes and is fearsome.So its call for assault mission on zombies with sniper as civilianspopulation of the city are leaving in order to take shelters inbullet proof bankers for their survival and you being as lone armysniper shooter left as lone survivor in this apocalypse of zombies.The zombies virus is spreading incredibly at fast pace so reloadthe storming gun and fix the death date for zombie with yourcommando action skill-s like a terrifying sniper shooters of USnavy seal commando to overcome its negative affects in holidaysseason of new year and Christmas and to safeguard the city frombeing a zombie apocalypse city by bringing them to ultimate justicein a zombie village.As a sniper boss of special force-s, upgrade your arsenal ofweapons with sniper guns, rifles and shotgun hold the dead triggeras you are assigned a special mission to defend the city by everyway possible. You as army commando team responsible for killingnumerous zombies outspread the city highway as fps shooter withyour firepower in order to give time to high command to planstrategy. These deadly zombies targets plants and humans creatinghorror everywhere in a stupid way. Your service as frontier soldierare deemed necessary with in city at the moment instead ofbattlefield commando at state frontier, and hold as long as you canto kill zombies to provide safety and defend city walls andhighways prior zombies invade town.For defense against zombies best guns are available in the game,which can be used by the player in best way to deal with thesezombies. There is limitless ammo in the game for which the playersdon’t have to worry. The zombies will attack from different sides,and you along with your team have to be ready every time in orderto defend the city and stop zombies’ entry in defense zone.There are different levels in the game, and the player has to killas many zombies as he can till the zombie waves are vanished. Anextra feature is added in this zombie game in which the player cancheck his kills in every level. The more your kills are the morepoints you get. So, it’s easy now that is, kill the zombies,complete the level and get free coins.Different types of zombies are included in the game, i.e. deadskull zombies, creepy zombies, big zombies, cartoon zombies, flashyzombies and many more. As we have different zombies though we haveto keep in mind that killing them all will be a challengingmissions for which you will require deadly weapons. So, take iteasy to win this war from cartoon zombies.Variety of advance modern guns are available in this zombie game,which will be unlocked only if you show your shooting skill-s andget more kill shots. Different guns will be unlocked at differentlevels, which will be providing as a killing machine for theplayer. By unlocking these beast guns, retro rpg make the worldhell for the zombies. If the player is ran out of coins, then noworries. To get free coins, just see a video in more coins menu orto buy you can buy as much coins as you want.-----:Game features of shooting zombie-s lastdefence:------*** Stunning graphics and HD quality.*** Touch screen controls easy to play.*** Thrill with sensational firing sounds.*** Smash the zombies with modern weapons.*** Amazing top quality game play.*** Shoot to kill multiple dangerous zombies.
Army deadly combat mission 1.1
In Army deadly combat mission, if you haveobtained army physical readiness training then play rare nextgeneration sniper shooting game i.e. Army encounter deadly targetto combat the rebels enemy siege of the country in this FPS game inan absolute dead arena, your battlefield is not at frontline borderbut rather it’s in main city within your territory so being an armycommando strike hero you must lead as front commando shooter withyour hardcore war strategy having powerful silent sniper assassinsskills against your resilient enemy force with your ultimatefirepower and discharge smoke from powerful guns to aim, shot andkill with maximum headshots to silent the barrels of invader armyparatroopers.In Army deadly combat mission of army shooting game your warstrategy against these paratrooper enemy army should be to armedyourself with AK-47 and many more modern weapons to combat withrebels enemies in this encounter attack game since you are a realfps shooter belongs from swat force of your army, trained on hillsand in sea world so get into this battlefield with hardcorestrategy being a real sniper shooter to destroy all enemies forcesand emerge as a real military commando of infantry brigade and alegendary hero of nation in this fatal clash.In this rare army game enemy paratroopers are camouflaged likemilitary parachutist trained in parachuting like in an airborneforce and could spread everywhere in case not shot to kill in airso being a precision sniper hero launch a counter attack to shootto death all paratrooper enemies landing from heli to invade yourterritory so embrace ultimate total defense strategy against thembefore they conduct any anti-state missions successfully in city,as you are a trained military commando of a world top army so beinga thunder fighter your war strategy in this dead arena shouldentail total defense against counter shots from enemy rebels and beinvulnerable to rebels, opt for real sniper assassin skills, aim totake headshot at max to assassin them, optimization of fearlesscombat, invisible against any blaze by enemy rebels, shoot airborneparatroops in air with total defense to eliminate these terroristsbefore they spread their ill-minded philosophy globally.----: Game features of “army deadly combatmission”----• Stunning war zone arenas.• Amazing HD graphics.• Thrilling battlefield sounds effects.• Brutal clash with airborne paratrooper like warfare games.• A real thrill of an action game.• Full optimization for low-end smart phones and tabletdevices.• Furious battlefield strike scenarios.• Suitable for 18+Any feedback about Army Encounter Deadly Target game, please do letus know as it will help us to improve. thanks.
Zombie Survival Target Shot 1.3
Zombies shooting games are so loved games thateveryone would definitely love to play as many free zombies gameare available in the category of free killing games 2017. All freezombie shooting games are very trending games & everyone isdemanding for new zombie shooting free games with new advancedfeatures and challenges to kill zombies by their mad finger. So,for the players who are searching best zombies shooting games willdefinitely love to play this Zombie Survival Target Shot new freeaction game 2017. Our Zombies Survival Target Shoot is one of thebest five star games, which have too many features with amazingaddictive game-play and missions. Try Zombie Survival Target Shotnow and get thrilled.As zombies breakout occur some scientific experiments on differentspecies of animals and also some humans, results in a harmfulvirus. Anyone who is effecting by this deadly virus infection isbecoming zombies & now these virus infected deadly zombiesinvading city after city. So to control these life-threateningsituations a special service group of US Army commando is requiredto handle this deadly zombie-s breakout. Civilians of the city areleaving to take shelter at safe for survival. Infection isspreading fast and some serious action must be taken to overcomethis infection to stop the city from being a zombieapocalypse.As a boss of special force in this zombie shooting new free game2017, your task is to defend the city from the zombies by everypossible way. You along with some other teams are responsible forstopping the evil zombie’s attacks so that they don’t enter thecity defense zone. This will give time to high command to suggest aproper solution for city survival. Evil zombies are creating horroreverywhere. You are requested to go to the frontline of the battlefield, and hold breath as long as you can & stop the zombies toinvade the city frontline defense zone.For the last defense against zombies best guns are available inthis new free zombies shooting game, used by the player in best wayto deal with these evil zombies. There is limitless ammo in thegamee for whom the players don’t have to worry; all that is neededis city survival. The zombies’ attacks will come from differentsides & it depend on the abilities of your team, to pay fullattention and always ready to shoot zombies before they enter thecity defense zone and bring these evil zombies to justice.There are different thrilling missions in this Zombie SurvivalTarget Shoot full of horror scenes, five star game-s, new freekilling gamee 2017, and the player has to kill as many zombies ashe can till the zombie attacks are vanished. By shooting explosiveoil bearer the player can kill much more creeping zombies in oneless time. The more your kills are the more points you get. So,kill the zombies to get free coins.Different types of zombies are included in the gamee has differentdeadly abilities, i.e. dead skull zombies, creepy zombies, bigzombies, flashy zombies and more. As we have different zombiesthough we have to keep in mind that killing them all will be not aneasy duty like free kid games or fun game to play. For that youwill need some deadly weapons. So, take it easy.Advanced deadly guns and rifles are available in this ZombieSurvival Target Shoot new top free shooting and killing game 2017,five star game-s. This new free killing and shooting game 2017 hasamazing 3D environment and high visual display which will probablyastonished you. High quality sound and audio effects are used willgive players a real world zombie hunting experience.So, of you are searching for five star game-s or simply your dreamfree zombie shooting and killing gamee, the here you have the newZOMBIE SURVIVAL TARGET SHOOT free game 2017 in Google playstore.-: FEATURES:-Amazing zombie hunting gameplay.Advance deadly weapons for Killing zombies.High visual graphics are used.Many challenging missions.Most addictive game ever.
Frontline Modern Strike Battle 1.1
Frontline Modern Strike Battle is the topmostand best shooting action game-s 3d. As the sole shooting commandoagainst the ruthless terrorists, you have to play as a bravestriking shooter on the frontline area. You have to use yourspecialized shooting skills to attack the fierce enemies. This bestshooting game-s with gun-s and people has ultimate first-personshooter with incredible controls and console quality visuals withmuch advanced physics. Play as a perfect stickman shooter and jumpin to the heat of frontline battle to kill all your fierce enemies.Frontline Modern Strike Battle is free of cost.In this modern combat shooting game-s of 2017, shoot with the helpof much highly skilled force-s of commandos and spies. They are theincredible and perfect smart shooter and frontline commando force-swith much highly shooting skilled. You have to play as a smartshooter and use their war weapons to clear out the areas of fierceenemies for the forces following up. In this HD shooting game-swith guns and people, you are the ultimate smart shooter with thewar weapons like rifles, knife, portal gun, sniper rifles, machinegun-s, smoke grenade, air gun and other assault guns. In thisshooting game-s of free, experience the forceful and intense killshots and close range melee shooting attacks. In this shootinggame-s for free, you have to sneak your own way in and shoot yourway out to survive in this frontline battlefield.The Frontline Modern Strike Battle is the most incredible 3Dshooting game-s of 2017that needs the smart shooter who can killall the enemies in the frontline battlefield. Get yourself readyand your duty is to fight against your cruel enemies with yourfighting skills along with your force. There are almost fifteentough and thrilling shooting missions with the most realistic 3Denvironment of frontline battlefield areas in this shooting game-sfor free.This Frontline Modern Strike Battle is the war game free; there arefifteen tough frontline battle areas with much realisticenvironment. Stake out your fierce enemies from long range, assaultthe bases of fierce enemies head-on and also infiltrate enemylines. Don’t forget to grasp the upgraded weapons as well likethrowing knives, rocket launchers, armor, med kits and many others!Assault the lethal terrorists and steal their war weapons anddefend your country against the any attack! This best shootinggame-s with gun-s enable its smart shooter to load up theirshooting weapons like assault rifles, knife, sniper rifles, portalgun, machine guns and gauss rifles and also upgrade them. Upgradeother weapons like portal gun with silencers, scopes, magazines andalso outfit Jack with body armor, throwing knives or brassknuckles.Download this HD shooting game-s free and do not let your enemiesto run away or shoot you. Test your shooting skills and clear thebattle area by eliminating the terrorists. You have to live as longas you can to kill all your fierce enemies.-----:Game Features of Frontline Modern Strike Battle:-----*** Realistic shooting missions with different environments: almost15 thrilling missions.*** Easy Controls and addictive gameplay.*** Full functional terrorists base location!*** Best sound effects and HD graphics.*** Multiple enemy targets.*** Customize your shooting weapons.*** First person shooter action game.*** First-person shooter game with incredible console qualityvisuals.
Fishing Adventure Free Fun 1.1
Top fishing game as lion hunting, deerhunting, duck hunting, bear hunting, wolf hunting, fish hunting andmany more free hunting games are available in the gaming market butall of them are not up to the game player-s expectations. So,keeping in mind the previous fish gaming experience of users thistime we have come with a new type of fish hunting game that fishingadventure free fun new free fishing game 2017. This new free fishhunting game will blow your mind with its unique gamingexperience.This fishing adventure free fun new free fishing game 2017 has manyhuman friendly fishes to hunt along with some deadly fishes likesharks. As in black ocean hunting, Arabian deadly sea hunting orriver fishing you will find all the species of fishes. To huntinglittle fishes are usually easier, but what if you have to deal withsome monster species of fish. Here we come with the new challenginghunting game for fisher-s and shark hunters in Pacific ocean maniaand fishing game.Unlike other games, you have to explore and snip the ocean chestfor different havoc and treasure in addition with shark hunting inbest aquatic environment in upcoming fishing season. All you haveto do is take mess with the angry sharks which kill many innocentsea divers each year. There will be up’s and down’s in the greatsea adventure io, but the real monster fishers and real word huntercan tackle all the ocean pirates adventure.Apart every effort in shark hunting, there is life threat in realshark hunting adventure in black sea or ocean. So, to overcome lifethreats of innocent divers, fisher, and fish hunters we havedeveloped this shark simulator. In this Fishing Adventure Free Funnew free fishing game 2017 the player will try to use their sharkhunting and fishing skills in a more secure way, without any threator loss to the life of innocent people.In this angry shark simulator, you can catch all the fish but ifyou are not capable to hunt them all then use some importantfishing tackle and variety of collectables like canon ball, shipwheel, rod wine treasure and unlock up to many other species offish. You have to release and press the line to hook the fish.Though, the real fishing saga challenge starts with reeling. Becareful, focus and try to avoid crossing the specific line so thatyou may not lose the fish. You have to put in your extra effort tohaul bigger and heavier sea monster from the deep blue sea. Staysturdier and stronger to pull the fishing string accurately tocatch the fish of bigger size to increase your scores.Amazing 3D aquatic gameplay environment with highly stunninggraphics will be addictive for the players of this new sharkhunting game. This 3D Fishing Adventure Free Fun game is the realpleasure and fun for those people who love and enjoy catching thefish species from the deep blue sea. This best fish hunting game-stakes you into the journey of amazing deep blue sea. Let’s enjoythis amazing thrill of catching and hunting the variety of fish.Improve your fishing skill-s by playing this amazing fish huntingsimulator game-s.----: Fishing adventure free fun game features :----*** Amazing gameplay and graphics*** Super challenging shark hunting experience*** Best aquatic 3d environment for hunting*** Outclass controls and amazing speargun hunting*** Addictive Shark Hunting game ever
Soccer Players: Football Game 1.1
Soccer Players: Football Game is the bestfootball game-s free that has much easy and the simplest game play.This best soccer game-s has all the features of real footballgames. This soccer game is the most incredible soccer game free2017 that has the most amazing realistic 3d graphics and soccerleague to become an ultimate football champion. By playing thisbest soccer game-s free you will feel like a real football legend-sin the real soccer league. Soccer Players: Football Game has anamazing soccer ball physics and it is free of cost.Be your own coach and choose your favorite soccer team 2017. SoccerPlayers: Football Game is the football game free of 2017 that isavailable free on your devices. This soccer game-s has the leaguesoccer and the football game-s free where you can demonstrate yourcoaching skills as the best football fighter or as the goalkeeper.This football game-s free 2017 has the features of both soccerpenalties and free kicks soccer and field football where you willhave the opportunity to play as a star of the soccer. You will haveto play like the champion of the soccer league in this soccer app.Soccer Players: Football Game will let you to choose and make yoursoccer league by collecting the football teams and be an ultimatehero of soccer game-s. Almost eight best soccer leagues areavailable in this soccer game; choose your favorite soccer team andplay the best football game of 2017. Pass the soccer ball withdifferent strategies being a professional soccer player and scoreas much goals as you can to become the best football player of yoursoccer team against your opposite foot team.Soccer Players: Football Game is a bit tricky football game-s free2017. By playing this football game-s 2017 in the best way you canbe the most incredible real football champion of the Americanfootball. Choose your favorite soccer league and football playersand play sensibly to defend your soccer team and unleash youramazing penalty shootout.This soccer app is the best free kicks soccer games and penaltysoccer. This football game-s 2017 has an incredible football cheatand be your own soccer coach. Be careful and try not to miss yourpenalty goal in football tournament; you will have to defend itfrom the selected opponent soccer team and play wisely to scoremore goals to win a soccer match. This soccer game free or soccershootout game is a bit tricky soccer champion league; you have tobe the great soccer player in this soccer league match.Be the football fighter and score as much goals as you can in everyfiled clash, soccer league-s or tournaments to become an ultimatesoccer player. Play this amazing football game-s 2017 and take yourteam to the top of the football ranking teams. Try to score as muchas you can and be the great soccer legend of this soccer shootoutgame-s free. Soccer Players: Football Game is the best footballgame 2017 that enables you to play the soccer league with your teamand get a chance to make the strongest soccer league team of thissoccer game.Make your best in this most incredible real football match play andto achieve highest score for your favorite soccer team of2017.-----: Free game features of Soccer Players: Football Game:-----*** Real soccer game with the amazing 3d graphics.*** Free football game 2017 with easy game play.*** Addictive game play with simple interface to play the realsoccer league.*** Realistic 3D environment with the celebrations of players andstunning sound effects.*** Amazing soccer ball physics.*** Different football teams and tournaments.*** Win trophies or awards, change clubs, and score highestscore.
Swim Simulator & Fish Hunter 1.0
Swim Simulator & Fish Hunter is a bestfishhunting game-s in which you have to catch the fish andothercreatures of see by your fishing skills. This fishing game-sfreehas the amazing sea environments with loads of differentspecies offish to hunt, makes this fish hunting games the besthunting gamesof 2017 n the Play Store. Let's fish in this bassfishing gamewhere the player can hunt different specie-s of fishand experiencethe enjoyable fishing techniques. This fish huntinggame-s 3d of2017 is available for free.Want to be the best fish hunter? Or want to have the realfishhunting experience? Then Swim Simulator & Fish Hunter istheamazing fishing simulator game-s you might be looking for. Inthisbass fishing game-s for free, you have to catch all the fishbut ifyou are not able to hunt them all then use some usefulhuntingtricks and various collectables such as ship wheel, rodwinetreasure, canon ball etc. Experience this ultimatefishingadventure with incredible graphics and amazing soundeffects. Bethe ultimate fishing champ and have a great fun inhuntingdifferent fish in this bass fishing games for free.In this underwater fishing games for free, you just have topressand release the line to hook catch the fish. Be very carefulanddon’t let the fish escape. You have to put extra effort tohaulheavier and bigger fish from the deep sea. Stay strangerandsturdier to shoot the fish and catch the sea monster toincreaseyour coins. This fish hunting game 3d Swim Simulator FishHunter,has the ultimate fishing 3d adventure and wild realhuntingenvironment. Let’s fish and play this best hunting game-swith realhunting techniques. This best free fishing game-s has the3d seafishing mania and several hunting challenges. This bestbassfishing game is the real fun fishing game and pleasure forthepeople who love and enjoy hunting and catching various kindsoffish. This fish hunting game is the real hunting challenge-s inthedeep blue sea.This Swim Simulator & Fish Hunter game-s you have to jumpintothe deep blue sea and enjoy the ultimate realistic 3D fishhunting.This wild 3d real fishing simulator comes with muchoutstanding andanimations and environment-s. Let's play this fishhunting app withyour real fish hunting techniques; in this boatfishing simulatoryou have to fish many different species and enjoywith our 3d riverfishing mania.Let’s play this ultimate fishing saga game to hunt the mostpreciousand amazing species from the blue sea and feel the realfishingexperience in different realistic sea environments. This isanoutstanding and best fish hunting game-s of 2017 with 3Dfishhunting environment. Download this Fish Hunting Challenge gameandexperience the realistic hunting adventure.Features of Swim Simulator & Fish Hunter:1. Best Animated fish moving in the blue sea.2. Amazing graphics and easy gameplay.3. Hunt fish and get one extra scores and life.4. Realistic fishing experience with much effectivesoundeffects.5. Exciting and Challenging addictive game.6. Enjoy the realistic fish hunting experience.7. Best aquatic 3d environment.8. Require much practice and become the best fish hunter.9. Multiple levels and easy controls.10. Amazing controls and spear gun hunting.