Best Dress Up Games For Girls Apps

Cinderella Dress Up 1.2.3
Pick various clothing items for Cinderella in this new dressup gamefor girls. Everything is completely free, no purchases in this gamewhatsoever! Cinderella is going to the ball where she will meetPrince Charming. Before this important occasion she needs amakeover at a beauty salon for princesses, fairies and new brides,and that's where your fashionista talent and fashion sense come inhelpful! What other great way to become a fashion designer is therethan to play dress up games with princesses, fairies and gorgeousmodels just waiting for amazing makeovers and trendy outfits?Choose the various fancy dresses, tops and skirts, gloves,handbags, diadems and shoes for Cinderella! Prince Charming willfall in love with her and will ask to marry Cinderella. And thenthere will be a royal wedding party where all the beautiful princesand princesses from all the kingdoms will be invited. Cinderellawill be absolutely the best of all princesses in her wedding dressbecause you are a great fashion designer! Check out other dress upgames for girls by our studio! Join millions of cool girls in theirdressup and makeover addiction. We have dozens of beauty salon,fashion, dress up, makeover and fashionista games and girl apps,all of them free and without any in-app purchases.
Mermaid Dress up for Girls 1.3.2
A free dress up girls game: dress up your Mermaid! If you are agirl who's into dress up games and dreams of becoming a fashiondesigner, here is your chance to run a fashion & beauty salonfor little and cute mermaid princesses! Pick 4 colorful underwaterbackgrounds and any of the 4 Mermaids waiting for makeovers. Choosea tail from dozens with various colors, patterns and shapes:bright, pastel, stylish and glamorous! Pick the top from a hugelist: short tops, medium and long ones. Create your own personalfashionista style! Lots of hairstyles and hair colors to choosefrom! How should Mermaid look: delicate, classy, fancy, trendy,cool, glamorous? You can even dress a Mermaid bride for a weddingin one of the chic white wedding dresses! Tons of accessories toround up the outfit: diadems, bracelets, jewelry, tridents,flowers, handbags, and even cute underwater pet animals withmagical powers. Make your Mermaid into little princess of theunderwater world, the most gorgeous of all the princesses and magicfairies! Over 250 items are available with millions of possibleoutfits. All of that is free! There are no in-app purchases in thegame. Play this dress up game for girls completely free. Alsodownload other dressup apps and makeover games by our studio byfollowing the "More by Games For Girls" link. We publish new girlsgames all time, so be sure to check often!
Fairy Dress Up for Girls Free 1.4.0
In this beauty and makeover salon game for girls you can dress upfairies in beautiful dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes, magic wingsand accessories! Choose beautiful hairstyles, hats, wands and otherthings to create amazing outfits any fairy girl would love. Thesefairy girls also have cute, adorable pets! Features of this magicfairy salon game for girls: * 4 cute, charming fairies to dress up* 4 backgrounds: enchanted forest, meadow with flowers, magic room,water stream in the woods * Many hairstyles to choose from for eachfairy * Pets: deer, rabbit, owl, panda and fox * All dresses,skirts, blouses, shoes, boots, hats, flowers, wings, magic wandsare FREE! Immerse yourself into the magical world of girls gameswith fairies' dressup. Dress up fairies the way you like:fantasy-style, glamorous, trendy, stylish, fancy, romantic. Justdownload and play free of charge, forever! Download more free girlgames about princesses, fairies, brides, magic unicorns and othermajestic creatures by following the "More by Games For Girls" link!We just love fashion, dressup and makeover games ourselves, andenjoy creating new games for fashionistas of all ages. Come get allour dressup apps completely free and develop the fashion sense andfashionista talent inside you!
Gothic Dress Up 1.2.3
Design outfits for 6 Goth girls, but don't be offended if theydon't smile. They are Goth girls and Goths don't smile! Justkidding. Anyway, Goths do enjoy black clothes and dramatic make-up,and usually look sad and serious! The Gothic style in this dress-upgame is both dark and very dramatic, but with a touch of glamor.Just check the gorgeous sophisticated clothes in this game, whichrange from the black and tartan mini skirts to the Edwardianblouses! In addition to dark make-up these fallen angels and gothiclolitas have impressive wings! Gothic style is inspired byVictorian fashion and mostly has dark colors, usually black andsometimes red. Goth culture expresses sadness, bad luck and doom.But the clothes and the hairstyles can be glamorous and fancy. Ifyou combine Gothica with Lolita style, you may get Gothloli, whichhas the sweetness of Lolita and the drama and the love of black.Choose from many options of skirts, tops, intricate accessories andmuch more to give these teenage girls a gothic, sophisticated look!200 items to choose from, that's an incredible variety. Moreover,all of that comes completely free, without any in-app purchases,locks, timers or other annoying garbage. All our dress up games forgirls and teenagers are completely free. Check "More by Games ForGirls" to download and play our new Android dressup girl gamesabout fashion.
Cute Mermaid Dress Up 1.4
Mermaids inhabit the wonderful world of underwater. Mermaid girlshave gorgeous hair, fancy bathing suits and amazing fishtails. Theyare great singers and are believed to lure sailors to the oceandepths with their sweet voices and irresistible beauty. But most ofall, like any girl, they love fashion and dress up! In this newdressup games for girls you can choose new outfits, hairstyles andfishtails for 6 different mermaids. Help these little girls tobecome the most beautiful princesses in the whole underwater world!Make sure that their bikinis fit well with the fishtails. And don'tforget about accessories, necklaces, handbags and tridents! If youare a fashionista and love makeover / dress up games, welcome tothe new underwater salon where little cute mermaid girls do theirmakeovers. Each mermaid will impress everyone around, even herunderwater Prince Charming! Download this dress up game for free.There are over 200 items to choose from in the game, and none ofthem are locked. The app doesn't have any in-app purchases andoffers everything completely for free. We have many more dress upgames for girls about princesses, fairies and beautiful creatures.Just tap the "more from this developer" link to download more ofour makeover games, completely free!
Wedding Dress Up - Bride makeover 1.2
Princesses are very happy today because it's their wedding day!Very soon they will become brides. Help 4 princesses to dress upfor their fashion wedding ceremony and party! They've dreamed oftheir marriage and now this glorious day has come. Every princessgirl will marry a prince! But for that the princesses needmakeovers to improve their beauty. If you play a lot of bridal andprincess fashion dressup games and enjoy dressing up brides andprincesses, you will definitely love this bridal salon game. Thereis nothing more fun for fashionista girls than to dress upbeautiful princesses in bridal dresses and outfits on theirmarriage day. So go ahead and dress every princess bride in thebest and the most amazing wedding dresses. The whole beautymarriage salon is at your disposal! 210 items to choose from,including 30 hairstyles, 30+ wedding dresses, 20+ tops 20+ skirts,4 models and more! That's a whole lot! And, believe it or not, thishuge amount of virtual clothes comes completely free of change. Allour dress up and makeover girls games are completely and trulyfree. More fashionista dressing games behind the link "More by BestDress Up Games For Girls". Just download and play for free forever.We've got new fashion games for girls on all kinds of topics:princesses, fairies, models, Cinderella, and much much more.Download them all on your Android phone or tablet and have fun!
Arabian Princess Dress Up 1.2.8
«Arabian Princess Dress Up» is a new girls makeover game for those,who are interested in Arab culture, oriental fashion, Arabiclanguage and Arab dance. Now you have the opportunity to plungeinto the world of Arab princesses and take a look at actual Arabianstyle! If you like different cultures, pretty dresses and girlsmakeover games – this game is for you! 👑 The game is absolutelyfree. No purchases needed! 👑 Arabian girls are waiting for you todress them up. They are beautiful fashion girls, smart likeShahrazad and most of all in the world love shopping, dressing upand visiting beauty salons. They are oriental fashionistas and havehuge closets full of super-expensive, fancy, classy and trendingclothes. Most of their clothes are tailor made, purchased in thebest boutiques of the world. Their fathers are sheikhs and sultans.These princesses don't have to work or do any chores, because theirservants do all the boring work! Arabian princesses love dancingand playing games, their life is carefree, happy and full of fun!And they are amazing dancers! 👸 6 Arabian princesses are waitingfor you to join this makeover game and pick up their ethnicoutfits! There are 4 background to choose where your fashion girlswill perform their arabic dresses. You have an opportunity tochoose from many oriental accessories and hairstyles. None of theseitems are locked. There are no in-app purchases or other similarannoying stuff in this makeover game whatsoever! Just unleash yourinner fashionista, enjoy the girl dressup without boundaries andcreate the most gorgeous Arabian style outfits ever! The wholebeauty salon for Arabian girls is at your disposal in «ArabianPrincess Dress Up» game! Features: * 4 backgrounds * 6 Arabianprincesses * Over 200 items of clothes, hairstyles and accessories* Millions of unique combinations in this beauty salon * Ability totake a photo of your fashion girl * Intuitive interface * TotallyFree 👗 All our dressup girls games are free. If you are interestedin traditional and Asian cultures, makeover games and girls dressupgames be sure to also try other similar girl games by our studio.Just tap the "More by Best Dress Up Games For Girls" link.
❤ Vacation Summer Dress Up ❤ 1.1.4
Six girl friends spend their summer vacation / holidays together.They travel, sunbathe, swim in the sea and visit cool places. Theseyoung fashionistas also love to go shopping and buy all kinds ofdresses and other clothes in foreign countries to show off backhome. These amazing girls are the coolest and the most beautifulladies in their town! Just have a look at the nice selection ofgorgeous dresses, hats, handbags and shoes they've bought! In themorning they usually have a cup of coffee in some cozy little cafe.Dress the girls up in their new summer dresses or skirts! Afterthat they go swimming. Pick a swimming suit and a pareo for theoccasion! Hair got wet and all messed up - time for a new hairstyleand a walk across Old Town, to boutiques and fashion clothingshops. In this dressup game about summer holidays / vacation youcan even set the tan level of the skin. The longer girls spendtheir time in the open sun, the darker their skin gets. Everyoneloves summer, vacation and beautiful sea beach resorts! A holidayis especially fun if your cool girl friends are with you! All ourdress up games are completely free and offer no in-app purchases."Vacation Summer" has as many as 225 items (18 categories) tochoose from, all free. We bet you'll hardly find any dress up gamesfor girls with such variety and friendliness to players. Follow the"More by Games For Girls" link to download even more similarmakeover games by our studio on other topics!
Unicorn Dress Up - Girls Games 2.4
Unicorns are magical horses with a horn on their head. In this gameyou can create a huge number of outfits from over 180 items for 8pet unicorns. Categories of items in the game: capes, headbands,hoofs, horns, manes & tails of varioius shapes and colors, mane& tail decorations, necklaces, skirts, body stickers and evenwings! 7 backgrounds with rainbows, meadows and magical forests.All of that is completely free, no in-app purchases! A real feastfor all horse and animal lovers! We have more dressup/makeovergames for girls about pets and animals: "Pony & Girl Dress Up".To download them and play completely free, without any in-apppurchases, tap the "More by Best Dress Up Games For Girls" link.
Superstar Family - Celebrity Fashion 1.7
Design luxury outfits and amazing looks for a superstar family of4gorgeous virtual models on the same screen! Each characterhavetheir own wardrobe with 200+ items of apparel, makeupandaccessories. Add cute pets, fireworks and various cool stickerstoget the final picture ready for a photo album. Grab a screenshotbypressing the "Camera" button inside the game and share thepicturewith your friends and family online to show off yourfashionistatalents. Pick one of 8 backgrounds which set thecontext: ashopping run across a boutique street in downtown, a redcarpetwalk, a photo session in a studio, a mansion (interiorandexterior), a living room of a castle, a picnic in the park, andanoriental palace. For each doll, there is a huge collection offancygarments and trendy options for makeup. You can customizeliterallyeverything: from eyes shape and iris color to dresses toglamaccessories like Swiss hand watches or golden necklaces. Whoarethese dolls: movie stars, famous supermodels from a glammagazinecover, Internet celebrities, prince and princess, theateractorsand actresses, rich business people or something else? Youdecideby designing an appropriate outfit, picking a hairstyleandrounding up the image with stylish accessories. E.g. the momcouldbe a top model, the dad an actor, and the kids each go to aneliteprivate school with their personal driver and a bodyguard.ForMuslim players, there is a selection of hijabs, femaleMuslimdresses and male costumes. Download and play more of ourdollstyling and makeover games for girls for Android by pressing"Moregames" button inside the game. All our applications arecompletelyfree, without in-app purchases or locks. It's a real findfor youngfashionistas looking for high-quality dressup andmake-upsimulators. We publish new makeovers, cosplay and beautysalon appsfrequently, so stay tuned!
Dress Up Games Free 1.1.2
For all fashionistas and virtual doll styling fans here is theultimate makeover app with tons and tons of clothes to rummagethrough. Style gorgeous models for 6 different occasions: promnight, shopping run, wedding, international beauty pageant, popsinger contest and a movie star award show. In each occasion, thereis a separate wardrobe, with glamorous dresses, skirts, tops,jackets, capes, shawls and veils. Pick among dozens of chichairstyles, fancy shoes, stylish handbags, luxurious jewelry andother accessories. Certainly you can also choose the race of thegirls. The game boasts a huge selection of garments - likely morethan you've ever seen in a cosplay & fashion simulator. Setyour inner fashionista free and train you skill as an outfitdesigner / image maker for famous actresses, celebrities, topsupermodels and glam socialites on the red carpet. Join the worldof glamour, Hollywood and Broadway, and imagine you are asuperstar, actress, supermodel, music idol or just a crazily richVIP shopaholic posting hauler videos with millions of fans andsubscribers. For even more fame and glory, become the Beauty Queenof the world and marry a millionaire (e.g. some handsome actor withan oceanside mansion in California). Pick a trendy hairstyle andput together amazing bridal or festive outfits for your celebritymodel. If your friends also love dressup apps and digital girlmakeovers, be sure to tell them about this great new app! Downloadit and play it for free, forever, on your Android phone or tablet -it's really the best you've ever seen.
Cinderella & Prince Charming 1.1
This new dress up game lets all the fans of the Cinderella fairytale design great outfits for both Cinderella bride and her fiancePrince Charming! Tomorrow is their wedding day, and they both needa makeover. There are 200 items in total in this game: 120 forCinderella and 80 for the prince. All of them are free, nothing islocked and there are no in-app purchases. A true feast forfashionista girls who love bridal and princess dressup games! Findmore free girl games with brides, princesses, fairies, dolls andother creatures to dress up by following the "More by Games ForGirls" link!
Candy Hair Salon - Doll Girl Games 1.3.4
Meet new dolls in our «Dress up games for girls» collection! Thesecuties with absolutely stunning and adorable hairstyles are here tochange their appearance. They are really popular surprise-toy, lol!It's time to play the brand new dolls makeover game! All thesedolls are adorable and famous, so the whole picture should beperfect: choose the most suitable background, pick up dress, shoes,accessories. You can even pick up the lips, eyes and eyebrows!There are a lot of animated things and high quality items in thisgame so this makes it unique dolls dress up game for girls! Createdoll that looks like you. What clothes color is your favorite? Whatdo you think about bright hair? Special color settings allow you totake absolute control over all the doll appearance details in thisdolls dress up game! Choose the most suitable fur-friends for yourdolls. So many animals which can be your pets! The whole fashionclothes and hair salon for dolls is at your disposal! If you're bigfan of cute dolls games, try this toys too and you will definitelylike it! You can even make cute dolls, that looks like yourfriends, lol! Features: - Adorable and fashionable dolls makeovergame - Huge variety of hairstyles in this dolls game for girls -Ability to customize facial features - Full control over the colorof the clothes items - Bright and animated graphics - Surprise yourfriends with a brand new dolls games! - Intuitive interface fordolls dress up If you’re into dolls makeover, dolls dress up, girlgames or dolls games for girls, we have many similar applications.So, when you think that you’ve tried everything in this game, pressthe «More by Best Dress Up Games For Girls» link. We createddifferent dolls and girls dressing games for every taste. Justpress the "More Games" button inside the app to check for new hottrending releases.
Icy Dress Up - Girls Games 1.0.3
It’s a new sisters' dressup & makeover game! Icy girls aregoingto princess fashion salon. They are always together andtheirfavorite thing is – fashion! Changing clothes, doing hairstyleandmakeup are the most exciting things for them! Since they areiceprincesses, they trust only their own fashion designer and itisyou! Although they are twins, they still like different typesofclothes, so it’s your goal to dress twins the way that they’lllookharmoniously or the way you want. Here is a twins dress upgamewhere you are a fashion stylist for two sisters makeover–daughters of frozen queen Anna. You have to pick up coolclothes,hairstyle and makeup in princess fashion salon. Customizetheirwhole look by choosing eyes, mouth, eyebrows and even thecolor ofskin! Hairstyle means a lot, so there is a huge amount ofhairtypes. Further, it’s your choice if these twins will be aclassicprincesses by dressing them in a long ball dresses andgloves ormodern ones by dressing up girls in pants, skirts andblouses.Accessories! The frozen princess had left them so manydifferentcapes, necklaces, bracelets and hair decorations. Nowtheir outfitis almost done. The final touch are pets! It’s not asurprise,every princess love animals and nature. So, just likeallprincesses they are very kind and love all the creatures. Soeachof them have their own favorite pet. Squirrel, dog, deer orevensnowman. Who’s gonna be with them? It’s up to you! And don’tforgetabout picking up the background! Frozen snow forest, ballroom,winter fairy tale or fantasy park! Depending on a location,girlswear different clothes. Features: - The game is completelyFREE! -Become twins’ favorite fashion stylist - Improve yourfashiondesigner skills - Princess fashion salon for two girls -Customizelooks for frozen princesses the way you want - A lot ofclothes,hairstyle and makeup - Surprise your friends by showingthem yourfashion stylist skills So, if you are into sistersmakeover games,fashion designer and teenage fashion games andsimply like dressingup cool girls like, "Icy Dress Up - GirlsGames" was made just foryou! If you want more twins dress up orprincess makeover games,click on the link: «More by Best Dress UpGames For Girls» and playhigh quality fashion makeover games!
Millionaire Wedding - Lucky Bride Dress Up 1.0.6
Are you a shopaholic who'd like to spend all free time in fashionmalls and crazily expensive boutiques? If your parents aren'tbillionaires and you don't come from a super-affluent neighborhood,then the other way to have a luxury life would be to marry asuper-rich guy! To win the heart of those picky men you need to bea stunningly beautiful supermodel with impeccable taste inclothing. These 6 young women are just such gorgeous models withextreme luck and have their wedding day today! In this dress-upgame you take the role of the personal stylist for 6 lucky modelbrides of different races on the best day of their lives. There areover 150 glam bridal dresses, tops, skirts, veils, accessories andother items to choose from. Their multimilionaire groom has kindlygiven his set of platinum credit cards, and the girls have justcome back from a crazy shopping spree, with 2 taxis filled withtheir new purchases. In fact, they would buy even more but еруshopping cart got too heavy to move easily. Pick one of the 8grooms: a movie actor, a famous athlete, a Spanish prince, a WallStreet genius, a former IT wizkid, a conservative real estate moguland more! 8 backgrounds (church, yaucht, restaurant, family estateand more) set up the tone for the marriage ceremony. Your typicalday during your marriage starts with a visit to spa & beautysalon. Then you go to a classy mall, enjoy your VIP customer statusand shop until you drop! As the richest woman in town withenourmous wealth, it's great to be a high class shopper, walk theboutique streets, buy trendy garments, shoes, stylish accessoriesand visit the barber shop for a new fancy hairstyle. Don't forgetto show off your new makeovers and boost your celeb status byposting your new daily look on social networks! In the evening yougo with your husband and friends to a celebrity party, walk the redcarpet and rub shoulders with other people who are just made ofmoney. Make a selfie with all those supermodels, actresses, webcelebrities and other hugely successful and popular people andshare your photos with millions of your fans! Rise to the top ofthe charts and become the Internet superstar by keeping your fancrowd engaged by your glamour designer outfits - post updates aboutyour wardrobe and recent shopping activities in haul girl videos!We've got tons of good makeover and dressup games for fashionistasfor Android phones and tablets. If you love virtual doll styling& cosplay, download our fashionista apps to train your sense ofstyle and taste in apparel! Get ready to become a rising star onthe fashion runway!
Royal Dress Up - Queen Fashion Salon 1.0.3
Some countries have monarchy (e.g. England / Great Britain, theNetherlands and Sweden). They are ruled by royal families: kings,queens, princes and princesses. Would you like to imagine yourselfbeing a queen of a country and experiment how you would look in aroyal palace with some unique, incredibly expensive, luxurious,high-class clothes tailored specifically for you by the besttailors in the world? It's not like just being a famous girl with arich father or a wife of a millionaire, or even being a princess.Instead, being a queen is an empowered role where you rule a wholenation, millions of people. It's important to look appropriatelyand seriously for such a big task. This app allows you to try over150 apparel items in the aristocratic style on 6 dolls of differentraces. Many of the items are red - the traditional color of royaltyin many cultures, but there are other colors, too. Among theaccessories the game has those typical for a European monarch: thecrown, the sceptre, the orb, and the mantle. Every queen is also awoman and, like most women, a fashionista in her heart. Don't thinkthat boring official ceremonies, rituals and meetings withimportant people take up all of her day. There is also personaltime in which she enjoys the usual human pleasures, like makeoversand browsing fashion magazines. Besides, as an aristocrat of thehighest order, she is oblidged by her high status to wearappropriate clothes to every occasion, from dinner to trips andpresiding at events. Although there is a dress code (with a highweight of tradition) for most such occasions, there is still roomfor a talented fashion designer to come up with new imaginativeoutfits. Pick a hairstyle and assemble a fancy outfit from items ofclothing from the royal wardrobe for each doll. All our games forgirls, teenagers and women are free, without any in-app purchases.Check the "More games" link to download and play them free on yourAndroid phone or tablet! If you're fond of cosplay and virtual dollstyling, we've got dozens of beauty, makeover and dressup apps forall the young fashionistas out there.
Baby Dress Up & Care 1
Cute baby is waiting for you in this newborn baby care and dressupgame for big girls and little kids. Unleash your clothesdesignertalent! Open sweet kids beauty salon! Take care of babiesand startto dress up baby dolls. There is a wide variety of babydollclothes that makes this toddler dress up game stand out fromallthe baby makeover games. Have full control over theinfant’sappearance: choose the skin color, pick up the mostappropriatebaby hair style, eyes, and mouth for your new born baby!Imaginehow happy you’ll be to become a part of the sweet babyfashion gameand be like a babysitter! Smile at adorable babyclothes: colorfulromper suits, t-shirts, overalls, and panties maketoddler baby sopretty. Change diapers, because it’s time for abirthday party andyou don’t need unpleasant surprises. It’s so muchfun to see thatlittle baby princess changing clothes in baby dressup gamesoffline! Try on and pick up different costumes and outfitsfor anewborn baby! Any little princess would like to have so manycoolbaby doll clothes! What about baby accessories? There are a lotofthem! Be a good nanny and select an appropriate bottle or ababynipple for your doll! And don’t forget to give it a colorfulrattleor one of the toys for kids to make sure your bundle of joyisalways in a good mood. Baby care is so important! You’ll be likeavirtual mommy’s helper for this little kid. This is a brandnewanimated baby game for girls. Your small baby will cry, smile,andjerk its legs! You can place your child in a stroller, crib,orplay mat. As soon as you finish, make a screenshot ofyourfashionable baby! Share it with your friends and dress updolls,which look like your friends! Have fun in our cute babymakeover! ~Creative baby dress up game for free boy and girl ~Animated babygirl and baby boy ~ Your newborn baby can cry andsmile! ~ Babydaycare: little baby needs to eat, sleep and play withits toys ~Various toys for boys and girls and accessories in a babyfashionsalon ~ Many baby doll clothes: romper suits, t-shirts,overalls,panties, tops, diapers ~ Backgrounds for pictures:stroller, crib,bassinet or playmat If you like this baby fashiongame and fancydressing up dolls or little girls, just click on thelink: «More byBest Dress Up Games For Girls» and find high qualityfashionmakeover games! You can always play offline and all thegirls gamesare free of charge.
★ Gymnastics Games for Girls - Dress Up ★ 1.1
«Gymnastics Dress Up» is a new fashionista game for those wholikesport, rhythmic gymnastics, shiny suits or just likes pickingupoutfits, dressing up girls and doing makeup! *** The gameisabsolutely free. No purchases needed! *** This is a chancetoliving your dream of rhythmic gymnastics superstar! You'vebeenwaiting for this day for so long! Exhausting trainings,hundreds ofhours in the gym… Nothing should stop you from thevictory! You’realmost ready for the show. Split, tumbling, stunts,somersault –you can do a lot of things, but good clothes can openall doors youknow that? That’s why you should chose a gorgeousoutfit andflawless makeover for the show to wow the judges. You candressyourself up in a different glittery leotards, both rythmicandartistic. Many colorful, shiny sport clothes are waiting for youtochoose them. The next step is to pick up perfect haircut tobringyourself confidence and glamorous makeup to stand out fromothergirls. The whole beauty salon for gymnasts at your disposal inthe«Gymnastics Dress Up» game. Strict judges and huge audiencearewaiting for the show… It’s gonna be the best performancethey’llever see! Just go for it! Features: - 4 beautifulfashionistas arethere for you to dress up, just choose the one youlike the most orget them all ready for the competition. They arejust like dolls! -4 backgrounds for you to choose where the girlsperform: traininghall, wardrobe, artistic gymnastics or rhythmicgymnasticscompetition - 5 different pieces of equipment - A lot ofmakeupvariations hair accessories, leotards and shoes to wear forthemost important competition in your life - Enjoy the life ofbeinggymnastics star in «Gymnastics Dress Up» and show your talent- Tryyourself as a sport stylist - Totally free If you like makeupanddress up games, we have a lot of similar amazing apps andmakeovergames for fashionista women and female players of all ages.All ofthem are completely free, without anything locked! Todownload andplay other apps of ours on your Android phone ortablet, press the"More by Best Dress Up Games For Girls" link. Wecreate new stylingand cosplay apps frequently, so after you thinkyou've triedeverything just press the "More Games" button insidethe app tocheck for new hot trending releases.
Makeup & Makeover Girl Games 1
Boost your creativity with these new makeup games for girls!You’llget access to a large number of cosmetic choices. Followmoderntrends, use shimmers, glitter, rouge, and rhinestonestickers.Don’t be afraid to use glamour lipstick combinations,experimentwith vivid eye shadows and eyeliners. This time 12college girlsneed your help! Start a total face makeover, choosethe best makeupand hairstyle, complete each stylish look, andcreate more. It’syour chance to become a makeup guru! Now you cantry working as areal makeup artist whose clients have their uniquepersonalities.Each fashion doll in our makeover salon has an outfitthat reflectsher style and taste. Your task is to combine makeupand hair withthe clothes and create a fashionable look for a photoshoot. If youdream of a career in the fashion industry and like todo makeup,this fashion doll makeover game is your opportunity tolearn how touse and mix different colors and cosmetics, select ahairstyle thatsuits girls’ features and complexion. You can launchyour makeoverproject and share it with your friends. Take a pictureof a teenagegirl before and after your makeup and prove that youhave goodtaste and a perfect sense of style. This doll makeup gamehas allthe best features: 💄 bright haircuts in different styles💄changeable facial features 💄 wide selection of colors, shades,andglitter 💄 trendy face stickers 💄 multiple combinations oflipsticksand eye shadows 💄 backgrounds options for coolest photosThese facemakeover games for teenagers are worth trying if you’relooking toplay modern makeup games! Show what you’re capable of asa makeupartist and check out our other free girls games. We havemany dollmakeovers and fashion games, that you can play withoutinternet orWIFI access. Try them all and let us know your opinion.
Fitness Girls Dress Up 1.3
Good news for all fitness girls, sports fashionistas, athletesandfans of makeover games! It’s a new game for girls - «FitnessGirlsDress Up», where you’ll be able to take on all kinds oftrendyworkout suits and test your fashion sense. ~~~ The gameisabsolutely free. No purchases needed! ~~~ Sport can be not onlyfunand useful but also stylish. Your goal is to dress up yourfitnessgirl and move to the workout area! This is the place, wherethegirls sports can work along with boys sports! So this is notonlygirls workout club, yep! Everything in this game is free soyouhave a possibility to choose among hundreds of sport suits.Whatwould you wear for a football match, In the gym, on afitnessworkout or athletics competition? Right now you can moveinto theworld of sports and beautiful outfits in «Fitness GirlsDress Up»makeover gym game! You will definitely love this game ifyou arefan of girls gym games and sport suits. Every girl lovesbeautifulclothes, stylish outfits and shopping. Pretty outfit cangive youconfidence and strength. In this virtual boutique you havenorestrictions on the choice of sport clothes and you canfreelychoose any accessories, hairstyles, shoes, suits, sportswearandother items of clothing for your fitness girls. Show yourfriendsyour talent in this sports fashion boutique! Features: -Hundredsof items of clothing, accessories, hairstyles and shoes! -4backgrounds to choose - 4 fit girls and fashionistas - Brightandrich graphics - Intuitive interface - Completely free If youlikedressing dolls and girls, doing makeup and choosing hairstyles,wehave a lot of similar amazing apps and makeover gamesforfashionista women and female players of all ages. All of themarecompletely free, without anything locked! To download andplayother apps of ours on your Android phone or tablet, press the"Moreby Best Dress Up Games For Girls" link. We create new stylingandcosplay apps frequently, so after you think you've triedeverythingjust press the "More Games" button inside the app tocheck for newhot trending releases.
Wedding Coloring Dress Up - Games for Girls 1.1
Brand new unique dress up coloring games are now here! Designyourown clothes, color pictures! This app brings dress up gamesforgirls to the next level and combines them with fashioncoloringbook games. CHOOSE and PAINT bride and groom’s clothes,skin, hairand makeup in any color, glitter, or gradient. Selectthebackground and enjoy an endless amount of free coloring pagesforgirls and adults! Open the coolest wedding salon of the year👸💄!This is something you’ve never tried before. Forget aboutboringgirls color by numbers, now you can make your own beautycoloringbook. Do you always wish you had more clothes andcoloropportunities in fashion dress up games? Now you have it all,youcan make clothes like a real fashion designer and organizetheprincess wedding 👰🤵. What do you get for free in this comboofbeautiful coloring book offline and bridal dress up game 👰💒:🌸Dress up bride and groom in the most stylish clothes 🌸Colordresses, hair and makeup 🌸 Any detail can be changed –colorwithout numbers in these stylish girl coloring games 🌸Widestselection of clothes, accessories, which you can colorwithgradients or any glitter color 🌸 You can create your own colorsandsave them in your paint book 🌸 Backgrounds are alsochangeable:color pictures and place newlyweds on them 🌸 Takepictures ofbridal coloring pages, use them as a wallpaper and showyourfriends 🌸 Perfect if you want to relax and color cute girlsandboys 🌸 Dress up and colour offline Wedding coloring dress upgameallows you to create your own coloring pages, style and dressupbride and groom like a real fashion designer or stylist. That’sthegreatest combination of your favorite bridal and colouringgamesfor teenage girls. Select patterns, colors, and glitter,chooseclothes that are hard or easy to paint. Are you a fan ofdrawingand dolls coloring games for girls, princess coloring bookgames,dolls dress up and makeup games, wedding makeover, or do yousimplyenjoy playing any color 🎨 game and paint by number? If youransweris yes, then this realistic dress up and fashion coloringgamescombo will appeal to you! Check it out and try more dressinggameswith top models, princesses, and couples for free.
Cute Dolls - Dress Up for Girls 1.3
Look what a cute dress up game about little dolls! Theseadorablelittles are waiting for you to dress them up. It’s time foryou toface your stylist skills! Choose the best dresses,panties,t-shirts, accessories and hair. You can even change the eyecolorof these chibi girls. Full control over the dolls outfits!Surpriseyour friends with your sense of style in our dolls maker!«CuteDolls Dress Up» is an entertaining and creative game for girlsofall ages. Are you ready to dress up all the dolls? It’sperfectchance to enjoy our high quality game with animatedbackgrounds,bright graphics and cute chibi girls. Surprise yourfriends withthese dolls and have fun! Choose your favorite doll,then customizeher look by changing her outfit, hairstyle,accessories and eventhe color of her eyes! All the large collectionof dresses, shoes,sweaters, skirts, jackets, t-shirts, pants andaccessories is atyour disposal. You can come out with thousands ofcombinations andshow your dolls to your friends in this cute dressup! Just join«Cute Dolls Dress Up» chibi maker! Features: - Makethe cutestchibi dolls! Surprise your friends with this cute dressup game! -Thousands combinations of little dolls' appearance -Ability tochange eye color in our chibi maker - Bright and colorfulgraphics- A lot of clothes items - Easy and fun to play -Absolutely freeIf you like anime, princesses, little dolls, chibidress up ordolls maker games, we have a lot of similar apps foryour Androidgadgets! Just check out our fashionista games byfollowing the«More by Best Dress Up Games For Girls» link. Perfectgames forgirls of all ages are waiting for you!
Billionaire Wife Crazy Shopping - Dress Up Game 1.0.3
Do you like spending money on luxury clothes, jewelry and manyotherluxurious accessories? This fashionista dressup and makeovergame isfor you! It is a game for fashionistas which let girls getto knowmore about latest trendy outfits, hairstyles, fancygarments,styling tactics and makeovers. So, out on a shoppingspree, thisbillionaire’s wife is ready to spend millions onexpensive apparels,garments and accessories; made of expensivematerials and designedaccording to latest trends of fashion. Sheis super rich and supercrazy about shopping from the mall. She ispassionate socialitehaving many millionaire friends, among themshe wants to stand out.Find and play around with all trendy,boutique styled hot outfits inthis game for the billionaire girlwho loves fashion, wealth andstatus. Make her stand out of thecrowd using your fashion skillsand her money to help her becomethe super fashionista hot chic shewants to be. You should bethinking, of all the dressup games forgirls, why you should getthis app? Well, will you reckon? This appis Free. There is nopurchase required in any stage of this game. Soyou don’t have tobuy anything and still make your doll beautiful bygetting herexpensive designer outfits, uncountable VIP cosplayoutfits, beautyproducts, and taking her to salon appointments.Download the appand start to dressup your doll with fancy itemsfrom millions ofavailable options for free!