Best Free Action Games Apps

Modern Sniper Commando 1.0
A military apache drops seven SSG commandos onthe frontlines of enemy with the mission “Clean Up”. Enemies havesetup their bases in the Jungle, desert and occupied the seashoreto cut all supplies of food and raw materials by sea.It was a covert military operation but unfortunately, informationleaked out and all the special force commando were ambushed by theterrorists. The only person survived in this deadly attack was thebest sniper shooter, a highly trained marksman who is equipped withhigh-precision/special application rifle and optics. He is trainedin camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissanceand observation, surveillance and target acquisition.The war starts with first bullet fired in the green zone ofenemies. The bullet starts flying in the air. You need to be verycalm in order to survive in such a deadly warzone. Use yourcounter-sniper-tactics, killing enemy commanders by selectingtargets of opportunity and even destruction of their militaryequipment’s to demoralize them.Emerge from destructible cover points to take down jeeps andheavily defended enemy bases. Fight off increasingly difficultwaves of enemies over a variety of combat mission types.You need to be very accurate while shooting, take a singleheadshot to bring down the rivals. Don’t let the harsh weatherconditions get on your way. You need to keep moving and make surethat your enemies are no more threat to society. The fierce lessforce of enemies with Tanks, helicopter and Humvees are attackingyou. The waves after waves won’t let you settle down. Stay alive,help is on the way and don’t throw your, your family is waiting foryou on Christmas!!!Missions**A jungle where you won’t find the wild animals but wild enemiesall around**A desert where no camel can been seen, but tanks, Helicopters,Humvees and military checkposts**A mission in the thunderstorm would increase the difficulty totarget the enemies**A view of sunset always please but the same in smoke and fire ofblasts from improvised explosive devices and gunfire is beyondimagination**A mission in cold nights of desert would always bechallenging.**Enemies attacking from the sea would be hard to tackle. The seamission would be the most hard part of the game.***Top game features***3d menus to select the level of your choice3d realistic war environmentTop class latest sniper rifleDifferent missions in different environments and harsh weatherconditionsUnlimited enemy wavesBest sound and sound effects.
Ultimate Lion Hunting 3d 1.1
Have you ever faced a lion in reality?? Haveyou ever imagine what would you do if attacked by this ferociouswild animal??So welcome to the Lion hunting challenging game. This would takeyou to the reality of the horror of the jungle where Lions areattacking you one by one and the only way you can survive is byhunting them down. Test you shooting skills with one of the bestsniper rifle of the world, you are equipped with. Keep your fingeron the trigger and keep shooting until you know they are alldead.The real 3d environment which give you a real life experience ofbeing a hunter and facing a life time challenge of so close todeath. The roar of the lions will not let you settle and will keepyou on your toes until you get out of this place alive. The soundof each bullet fired, invites more Lions. So keep your aim on thetarget and shoot to kill.Mastering shooting is a matter of focus, good instruction andtechnique. It’s important to review the fundamentals periodicallyeven if you have years of experience shooting. Whether you’re juststarting out or a veteran of the sport, here are some basic tips toelevate your performance.**Test Your Anchor Points**Proper Posture**Focus on your target and concentrate for at least few secondsbefore releasing the shot.**Keep your eye on the ball**Relax, aim and shootTop Game Features:**Real 3d environment**Latest sniper rifle**Amazing animations**Perfect sounds
Sniper Combat Counter Strike 1.0
Sniper Combat Counter Strike challenges you to fast paced shootingaction FPS gameplay that will keep you on your toes.Play as a Special force team leader to counter strike the brutalarmed terrorists commandos who are engaged in blackout and warfareagainst your team fortress.You play the character of a lone Survivor of the Battlefield of theFrontline; an Elite Commando leader to counter strike the armedterrorist soldiers who are engaging the military in your city. Theenemy strike unleashes multiple combat soldiers who will not take asingle breath until they kill you, or you kill them! So will you bethe Survivor that everybody wants you to be?The enemy commandos strike will never let you take a breath, sostart shooting until every one of them is down!The enemy attacks fast so you have to be sharp and using yourskills you have to strike against the waves of enemies. You are thelone army soldier who can hold off the enemy invasion, so get towork soldier!FEATURES
* Smooth Controls!
* Stunning graphics for a compact First person shooter FPSgame!
* Small file size less than 16 MB!
* Quick loading and very low waiting times* 30 addictive levels for fast, fun and long enjoyablegameplay!
* Completely free! No In App Purchases!This game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest FPS,shooting and racing games. Never before will you have foundyourself shooting amidst intense enemy crossfire!
Robot Terminator Cyborg 1.0
The alien’s robots have taken over the world.In the year is 2050 their planet has been destroyed and the onlyshelter they can get is the earth. They are planning to eliminatethe human race and earth is going to be their only survival. Inthis sci-fi-game you will be the last hope to save the earth fromextinction.The futuristic weapons are going to help you to kill the robotsusing tactical expertise against the deadly force of the enemies.Attacking public places and create a panic is their strategy. Theyare equipped with the high explosive weapons and will be usingagainst a common man.This is not going to be an ordinary battle, you have fought againstopponents in other wars. It’s time to save the earth fromdestructions from metal soldiers and prove that you are the bestshooter and ready against any threat.Game FeaturesFeatures★ Achievements and Rewards!★ Smooth and intuitive FPS controls!★ Unique Action Combat camera sequences!★ Complete missions divided in city, and play special Most Wantedmissions!★ Difficult FREE challenging missions★ Missions full of explosive combat action★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Full addictive control of latest futuristic gunsThis game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest FPS,shooting and racing games. Never before will you have foundyourself shooting amidst intense enemy crossfire!
Modern Sniper:Traffic Hunter 1.3
A contract killer has been assigned a task touse his special skills to destroy some high value targets onhighway. This modern sniper will target every vehicle and will notshow any sympathy. Equipped with the latest sniper rifle and beingprofessional, it’s going to be a long journey for the people whoare on the road today.An amazing concept of this realistic 3d gameplay. The users havebeen given a chance to accept the challenge and target only thecars they have asked to destroy. Players will be challenged to usetheir sniper shooting skills to hit different colors, models andvehicle types to get more challenging tasks.***Top Game Features***** 3d realistic graphics**Amazing FPS control to be accurate while shooting**Unlimited vehicle models**Latest modern sniper rifle**Different challenging mission**Exciting sound effects
Tiny Monster Zombies 1.0
Tiny Monster Zombies is a fun game for allages.Its a new free game , user can play for hours without payinganything.Its a fun smashing and smacking zombies with the tip of yourfinger.A new + updated game and idea of zombie, trendy in the Google playat the moment.The mob of zombies will storm towards you to cross the red zone.Keep on tapping the screen until you eliminate that creature.How to play:Don't hit the common peopleTap on zombies to kill themGet some special weapons to eliminate zombiesGame Features:Low In SizeChallenging game playStory, survival mode with unlimited levelsAmazing graphics and zombie texturesEntertaining sound effects
Jungle Hunt Sniper Shooting 1.0
A hunters dream come true, when he isallowedin the jungle to shoot whatever animal he likes for aday???Isn’tit? Yes this can be fantasy for every hunter…but webring anexciting Jungle sniper hunting game for you to fulfil yourdreams!Enter the jungle of your dreams, full of wild animals. It’syourlucky day to choose an animal you wish to hunt. You areequippedwith a latest sniper with an accurate aim which allows youto shootright on the head.There are hundreds of hunting games where animal attacks youifyou try to shoot them but in this unique jungle hunting game,everysingle animal is under protection of lion. When you choose tohitan animal, it need to be accurate otherwise lion will not giveyousecond chance and attack you until you are dead and turn theforestin to a warzone.***Top Game Features***1. Realistic 3d jungle environment2. Realistic animals and their movement3. Amazing sound effects4. Different challenging missions5. Sniper shooting experience6. Challenging weathers is a part of difficulty in the game
City Wars : BattleField 0.1
The gang wars in the crime city has erupted,everything is falling apart. Civilians have been limited to theirhouses and everyone is boss when there is no law. Christmas isgoing ruined for everyone if no one comes forward to bring down thecriminals to prevail the justice.Criminals are all around the city, creating the crime scenes,looting the common citizen and holding them as hostages. So loadyour weapons and get yourself ready for a special operation toclean the city from terrorists and bring the peace back. Fight themodern combat with the skilled and well equipped enemy. Make yourcity free from these gangsters, buying weapons and ruling thestreets with actions.Storm into their stronghold and make them as a dead target.Assassination forces of separatist are in the city to target thehigh value politicians. Take them down before they make their moveand prove them wrong that they are metal soldiers.Complete assignments by entering into enemy’s hostage buildings andclear them of any danger!Solders roam around the city to find the hostages and free themfrom enemies and eliminate them from the city. The city has becomea battlefield and the clash of different groups making itworst.It’s an excellent third person shooting games gives you a chance ofplaying against the non-state actors. Your enemy’s have uniqueskills that you may find it challenging while struggling.Battle FuryGangsters and their allies have occupied the entire city and theytrying to make there rules and justices by using the war weapons.It’s a real racing towards defeating one another.Get EquippedLet’s show your Power to get back your City. Number of differentand fatal artilleries so upgrade your weapon system as well as usethe power ups to overcome their authority.Features: Civil War Crime City:Third Person control:Handy interface.Endless thrilling missions with fast stepped third person shootinggameplay!Amazing sound affectsunlimited thrilling mission’s stages
Temple Dungeon Runner 2016 1.0
Think you have the reflexes to run away fromthe big dangerous dragon? Take up the challenge and try to escapefrom the clutches of the dragon as you run away from thetemple!Play increasingly difficult missions as Temple Dungeon Runner drawsyou in with its addictive gameplay, increase score multipliers, andcompete with your friends for the highest score1How to Play:- Swipe up for Jump.- Swipe down for Sliding- Swipe left/right for moving along path.- Tilt motion Left/Right for movment.- Collect coins and power ups.- Addictive Game Play.- Offline play; no need for wi-fi!- Challenging Missions.- Coins and Power Ups.- Short Game with Big Fun,only 25 MB.- Challenging game play.
Modern War : Killing Machine 1.0
Modern War Killing Machine is an action-packedgame in real-time! Command your elite team to globaldomination.RECRUIT an elite team of combat soldiers and shooters who are readyfor duty anytime and anywhere.Let the bullets fly in the sequel to the popular first-personshooter, Frontline Commando counter strike game!Experience the ultimate machine guns with stunning console qualityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physics, destructibleenvironments and full voiceovers.Betrayed and left for dead on the battlefield, you must build yourexperience and exact a war of revenge against your enemies. Weaponslovers will be happy to see a large arsenal of different guns andexplosives to use in missions.It's a time of war! Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricatetactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have instore for you? Destroy enemy, capture all the beacons, and upgradeyour weapons to increase combat strength, speed, and durability ofyour battle. Prove yourself in each map and use differentstrategies and tactics to emerge victorious from battle!It is your duty to protect the world from the threats of terrorismand chaos. Aim for glory and honor and prepare to become Hero ofWar!Unlock game-changing perks by playing with each weaponclass!A soldier’s only as deadly as his weapon. Be sure to upgrade yoursas often as possible!Unlock new weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal withfire rate, recoil, reload speed or clip-size upgrades!Cool abilities of Infinite Bullets, Electric Discharges andmore!Discover the game-changing power of experimental weapons!Be brave, boost your skills and fight till you achieve the target.You have to survive from ruthless enemy attacks,
Lone Gunner Destroyer 0.1
A lone commando has been assigned a duty to defend his country, acountry invaded by the brutal enemy. Known as one of the bestmachine gun operator, its time to show your effection for yourcountry.The only thing you have got at the moment is a machine gunand rocket launcher to hold enemies from advancing to your nuclearbases. They are attacking with helicopters, war planes , tanks ,humvees and foot soldiers. You need to show them your strength , apatriotic veteran who is willing to sacrifice his life for hismotherland.A real warzone environment , sounds of blasts wouldnever let you settle down. So keep shooting and keep fighting tillyour last breath***Top Game Features***-Modern weapons-Armours toprotect-First aid kits-Air strikes for your help-OptimizedControls-Real sound effects
Police Shooting Traffic Chase 1.0
Policing racing is a real racing 3d gameallowsyou to experience the most epic chase on the road. Thecriminals areon the run and you need to catch or shoot them down.Proving you themost customized car, having machine gun and missileinstalled on it.The drug mafia, land mafia and the terrorists areout there on thepublic places, disturbing the peace of the city.Your duty is tobring the peace back and crack down and enforce thelaw.You must have played many racing games but the excitement ofthisfree racing game is that you get a chance of testing yourdrivingand shooting skills all together.So let’s hit the road and drive like a pro and shoot likeanAmerican sniper. An exciting gameplay, shoot and earn the points.Alot of pickups on your way chasing the enemies. Beware!! It’sapublic place, criminals will be driving through the city,shoppingmalls, schoolyard, hospitals, public parking, so make sureyoudon’t hit any innocent.This is one of the top free games in racing.The mission is called “real racing chase”Top game features-Challenging tracks-Difficult missions-Realistic city environment-Cool physics of cars-Machine gun and missile attacks-Optimized controls-Real sound effectsThis game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latestShooting,Racing, FPS, simulation games. Never before will you havefoundyourself being a real racing shooter
Miami Crime Police Simulator 1.0
One of the best top free Crime PoliceSimulatorof 2015.Welcome to the modern era of organized crime. The Criminalsaredominating the economic hub of New York. First third person,freeto roam game. You need to go around every street and look forthecriminal and apprehend to the law enforcement agencies oreliminatethem before they become a threat to the commonpeople.You are the alone commando who hit like a ninja warrior, knowshowto do karate and also act like a deadly assassin. The culpritsareroaming around the city, stealing cars, purse and threateningtoeveryone. Don’t hold back and make an offensive approachtoneutralize the city and bring back the peace.Your job will be eliminate the mafia groups, deliver thesensitiveinfo package and earn money. Do not let anyone stop youbeing aGodfather of the city. The massive crime rate needs to bedecreasedby controlling the empire lawfully.Top game FeaturesReal 3d city environmentThird person simulatorKick, jump, shoot, steal the carsUser friendly controlsUnlimited challenging missions3d Sound effects