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Move the Block 31-AUG-2014
Move rows and columns up, down, left or right, and try to achievethe target figure!100 exciting levels of different difficulty.Challenge yourself to solve levels faster every day and trackyour scores.Share your best times on Facebook and impress your friends withyour Intelligent Workout mastery!This app is a perfect instrument to execise patience and to keepquiet without getting angry on the beginning levels of thegame.Make this training for your brain regularly and you will easierreach higher levels. If it became for your so simple like blowbubbles – your brain and memory program is on top position.Our puzzles and games are kid-safe, fun, and mindenriching.Parents and teachers love our clever puzzles and games since theystimulate thinking, logic, iq, and problem solving.Our content varies from fun and easy to hard and tricky. So nomatter what your age,this workout game is good for children memory development andimprovement and for adult its a challenge and much fun at the sametime!And don’t forget to control your emotions - if you are already aheavy user of this intelligent workout and having even more funplaying this more and more – do not let yourself be addictive andbecame a zombie – test your intelligence: simply relax and trainyour brain!
Brain Test HD 31-AUG-2014-ANDENGINE
New version; if you have liked the old version - download BrainTest HD - OriginalTraining Your Brain with Brain Test HD.Transform your Android into a personal coach, and turn tediouswaiting time into a fun yet educational gaming sessionanywhere.FEATURES ★★★★★★ 5 different brain tests: Memory, Speed, Flexibility, Accuracy andReaction ( more tests coming soon).★ Track your performance using progress graph ★ Compare scores with your friends★ Brain Classification - IQ★ Share your results on facebook or twit on twitter.From the makers of best-free Brain Age Test Free comes the mostaddictive game for brain.This brain trainer is good for kids memory development and foradult anti-aging.This test will not improve your grammar skills or learn yousynonyms, idioms or english
Brain Test HD - Original 31-AUG-2014
This is Original version of Brain Test HD gameBrain Test HD - Original is the 5 different brain games that'seasy to play and tough to beat!This game is for those who like smart gaming and puzzles. Fansof Crossword, Chess, Blocked, Sudoku, Brain Age Test , Tetris,Brain Teaser, and other 'thinker' games will feel right athome.
Memory Span AUG-JULY-2014
In this game you will be given a grid of spots, some of the spotswill be highlighted for a moment, you need to memorise the patternof the highlighted spots and then reproduce the pattern. As thegame progresses the grid will be larger andSound's simple? Yes it is. But this game gets difficult veryfast.Game features include:1. Global leaderboard.2. Cool sounds3. Facebook and Twitter posting so you can brag about your highscore
What's the logo? 31-JULY-2014
What's the logo is a twist of popular LogoQuiz game.How to play?1. Tap the screen to uncover part of a logo.2. If you still don’t recognize the brand tap once again – eachtime you’ll be given next square of a logo.3. Guess the brand!4. If you still don’t recognize the brand - use hints.Download for free.This game is for those who like 'guess' gaming and puzzles. Fansof Logo Quiz, Logos Quiz, What's the Word, 4 Pics 1 Word, and other'guess' games will feel right at home.
Brain Age Test Friends 1.2
*** NEW BRAIN TRAINER GAME in Google play***Play Brain Age Test with your friends on your Android!Now you can challenge your Facebook friends for the title ofultimate brain.Improves and tests your short-term memory and brain age. Showsyou exact age of your brain.From the makers of best-free Brain Age Test Free comes the mostaddictive game for brain.This brain trainer is good for kids memory development and foradult anti-aging.Features:- 4 different tests!- Challenge your Facebook friends!- Find out your brain age!Note: Challenging friends requires an internet connection and aFacebook login.The best app for kids, girls, boys, women, men, all ages andgenders! If you are a kid, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman,agrandparent or love space and puzzle you'll love Brain Age TestFriends.You don't need advanced computer or complex device to play thetest - just your mobile phone.We don't use ussd, SMS or other services that cost money.