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Photo Poses Guide 1.0
Pose (or Posing) today includes something more basic, a state ofcomposure, balance poise before the camera.We would like to introduce you some poses, style posing withdetailed instructions to help you get a beautiful photo.If you ever run out of ideas, get stuck in creativity or simplyneed some guidance when photographing people, you can use PhotoPoses Guide Application as a "posing cheat sheet".A pose may be deliberately assumed with gestures and attitudesdesignedly adapted to mood or position yet that does not precludecandidness such as women poses standing, women poses sitting, womenposes lying down, groups of people poses.Photographers use preparing for and during the photo shoot.Exclusive tips for Models, Photographers, and CreatingPortfolios.A variety of posing categories are available in Photo Poses GuideApp: Children, Couples, Portraits, Women, Men, Groups andWeddings.Merged in the practical mobile app format, all of the includedposes in Photo Poses Guide App come with easy to understanddescriptions and expressive hand drawn illustrations.This is the FREE version of Portrait Photos: including more 80wonderful portraits for your pleasure!
Mobile Phone Repairing 1.0
Mobile Phone Repairing is a Step By StepApproach to explain concepts.✓ Androids Mobile Phone Repair Guide, Help, Tips, Pictures,Hardware, Software Solution Mobile Phone Repairing✓ This apps help to you about total mobile repairing process,latest mobile repairing tips.✓ How To Repair A Water Damaged Cell Phone: Apple, Motorola,Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, & more✓ HTC EVO 4G Repair Guide✓ Samsung Galaxy Note II Repair Guide✓ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" Repair Guide
Dog Training Guide 1.0
Every responsible dog owner must learn how to potty train a dog andhow to house train a dog and not everyone can afford to send yourdog to professional classes. Teaching your dog theses tricks is notjust fun for you and him. To work with my dog's natural drives andinstincts, not against them. Dog Training Guide Application islearn fast and simple dog training and puppy training tips andadvice that will help you turn a difficult puppy or dog into anobedient Pet. Most dogs are good at heart and capable of learningexactly how to behave. It is obvious that you need certain physicalitems such as a dog bed or crate, food and water bowls, puppy chow,collar, leash, toys, etc. Using these tips you can reduceaggression, train a dog to respond to basic commands like Meals,Come, Sit, Stand. To build a genuinely strong owner-dogrelationship based on trust, co-operation and well defined roles.
Hairstyles Tutorial for Women 1.0
The fashioning of hair can be considered anaspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, althoughpractical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence somehairstyles.Long, thick, bouncy, curly, beautifully voluminous hair tends to bea sign of vitality and youthfulness, as far as society isconcerned, and often times, it just makes us feel pretty andfeminine.However, if you follow the instructions from the tutorial and watchthe pictures carefully, you can easily make amazing hairstylesyourself.In hairstyles tutorial for women app, we will present to you avariety of step by step hairstyles.You'll find different ideas that will give a different and originallook for day to day or for that special event.It easy to do with anyone, with any style like long hair, cute,smart, easy etc.Take a break and view this hairstyle designs tutorial images!Learn & find your own style in this app now!Hairstyles Tutorial App Features:• Double Ponytail• Curly Ponytail• Side Braid• Braided Ponytail• Sophisticated Ponytail• Perfect Twisted Ponytail• Sleek Ponytail• Pretty Ponytail Tutorials• Fancy Ponytail• Pretty Ponytail• Twisted Ponytail• Top Bun with Side Part• Side Braid Tutorials• Classic Top Bun• Braided Top Bun• Charming Top Bun• Small Side Braid• Blunt Braid• Lose Side Braid• Creative Side Braid• Beautiful Side Braid• Black Side Braid• Fall Side Braid• Fishtail Side Braid• Pretty Side Braid• Stylish Side Braid• Small Top Bun• Great Top Bun• Bow Bun• Loose Top Bun• Top Bun Tutorials• Messy Ponytail• Rolled Ponytail• Twisted Ponytail for Mid-length Hair• Looped Twist• Twice-braided Twist• Twisted Fishtail• Lovely Twisted Ponytail• Ponytail with Simple Twists• Flipped Ponytail• Twisted Ponytail Tutorials• Bow Ponytail• Small Top Knot• Easy Top Bunand More.
How To Draw Manga 1.1
Do you like Japanese culture? Are you a comicsupporter?It can be very hard to pick up a "How-to-Draw Anime or Manga" bookfor the first time and not base your entire style on thatparticular artist's style.With “How To Draw Manga Application”, you won’t have to spend moneyon formal lessons or spend years trying to figure it out on yourown like i did.This app has drawings of every skill level, from easy and quick ofmaking drawings, to complex and very detailed drawings for the mostexperts.You will learn to draw step by step the different models in theapplication. Do it yourself (DIY)!Includes articles and pictures to learn drawing manga characters,figures, body parts (legs, face, eyes, hands, body, mouths, lips),poses, comics, animals, chibi, etc.Discover The Simple Yet Ultra-Powerful Method To draw any mangacharacter you want, AND make him or her come to life!
Bangkok Travel 1.0
Want to go somewhere but don't knowwhere?Bangkok is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities with magnificenttemples and palaces, extensive canals, a vibrant nightlife andgreat shopping, that has something for every traveler.Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the largest city in thecountry. But it is typically only called Bangkok in English. InThai, it is often called Krung Thep Maka Nakhon, or just KrungThep, which roughly translates to 'City of Angels'.Thai is the official language of Bangkok although those who areeducated may speak English as a second language.Bangkok Travel Application guide with all its sights, museums,restaurants, bars and shops with traveler reviews and ratings,pictures, rich travel info, prices and opening hours in one handyguide for your phone.Whether you are a group of families or friends, backpackers,student, staying in a motel or hostel using this app on vacation,tours are easy, cheap, and personalized based on your budget andschedule.Critical travel information is constantly being updated to serveyou.It makes researching and ranking things to do in Thailand mucheasier by putting you in the hands of local guides who can take youto non-touristy spots.Detailed descriptions, maps, and things to do around selectedplace.Lists of tourist attractions. Complete list with most populartourist attractions, monuments and landmarks.Get this FREE Travel Guides Catalog, a personal advisor in yourpocket which helps you plan and have the perfect trip.FEATURES:✔ Bangkok Basic Information✔ Bangkok Survival Guide✔ Tips and Tactics Travel in Bangkok✔ Bangkok Street Food★ Chicken on Rice★ Chicken and Yellow Rice★ The Curry Buffet★ Banana Roti★ Roast Duck★ Thai Steamed Dumplings★ Khao Soi Curry★ Spring Rolls★ Noodle Soup★ Stewed Pork Leg★ Grilled Fish★ Papaya Salad★ Crispy Pork with Holy Basil★ Durian★ Boat Noodles★ Isaan Sausage★ Grilled Chicken★ Tom Yum★ Fish Cakes★ Grilled Pork★ Iced Coffee★ Fresh Fruit★ Thai Fried Noodles★ Mussel Omelette★ Deep Fried Bananas✔ Bangkok Shopping Market★ Chatuchak Weekend Market★ Damnoen Saduak Floating Market★ Pak Klong Market★ Patpong Night Market★ Amulet Market★ Or Tor Kor Market★ Rod Fai Market★ Pratunam Market★ Khlong Toey Market★ Ratchadapisek Night Market✔ Bangkok Transportation★ By BTS Sky Train★ By MRT Subway (Metro)★ By Boat★ By Train★ By Car Rental★ By Bus★ By Air★ By Taxi★ By Tuk Tuk★ By Motorbike Taxi✔ Bangkok Attractions★ Wat Arun★ Wat Pho★ Grand Palace★ National Museum & Wang Na Palace★ Giant Swing★ Jim Thompson House★ Lumpini Park★ Wat Suthat★ Wat Traimit, Temple of the Golden Buddha★ Khao San Road
Men Hairstyle Tattoo 1.0
Hair fashion makes you look prominent and morehandsome among your friends.Whether you would like your name, football team, a colour or shapewe can deliver a quality hair tattoo.Men Hairstyle Tattoo Application contains big collection of latesthair style tattoos.Dragons, tramlines, tribal and 3d are all available, performed byare highly trained and creative stylists.Boost your personality by adopting suitable latest and fine hairstyle for you.Hair style collection includes Afro hair, brown hair, golden hairand much more.Save your crazy tattoos to your phone for future references.In this application we have amazing hair tattoos, carefullyselected tattoos that received the best feedback and the bestresults.Take a break and get inspired with these hair tattoo style, shavedhair and barbers.Now become the star guy and show them your super tattoos!Features:• Curvy Designs• Hair Starry Tattoo• Hair Tattoo Cool Patterns• Abstractions Hair Tattoo• Waves And Bird Tattoo• Spiralling Hair Tattoo• Spirals And Mountains Tattoo• Sharp Hair Tattoo• Peace Hippie Hair• Football Players Hairstyles• White And Brown Hair Tattoo• Superstar Hair Tattoo• Hairy Tattoo• Wide V Hair Tattoo• Beautiful Leaf Theme Hair Tattoo• Arty Hair Tattoo• Full Hair Tattoo• Spider Hair Tattoo• Colorful Pattern Tattoo• Gecko Hair Tattoo• Indy Hair Tattoo• Kid’s Hair Tattooand more.
Wedding Portrait Posing Guide 1.0
Are you about to get married and need ideasand advice on how to pose in your wedding portraits?Get ideas and inspiration from wedding portrait posing guideapplication.Many pro photographers use such a technique when preparing for andduring the photo shoot.A great download for wedding photographers and wedding couples aswell!In addition, a collection of tips & tricks about peoplephotography is compiled for easy reference.Learn the secrets behind taking stunning wedding portraits.Merged in the practical mobile app format, all of the includedposes in Wedding Portrait Posing Guide App come with easy tounderstand descriptions and expressive hand drawn illustrations.Features:• Couple Posing Guide• Wedding Posing Guide• Women Posing Guide Part 1• Women Posing Guide Part 2• Men Posing Guide
Women's Six-Pack Abs Workout! 1.0
Want to look good in a bikini?Women's Six-Pack Abs Workout App is an amazing Chest, Back, buttand leg routine app that includes Workout for shaping andstrengthening both at the same time.Fast and simple to train and you simply never must use any healthclub tools.Are you acquiring a lean legs, or weight loss, or to burn upcalories Don't worry we're listed here by having an training appfor ladies exactly where you will find workout full physique freewith workout to gain muscle mass, physical exercise to slim tone,exercising to flatten stomach, physical exercise to improve taller,exercise for physique creating and so forth.This program will help you burn fat and put on enough muscle sothat your belly is flat (and slightly toned). After completing thisprogram - you will want to show your stomach off everywhere yougo!Go to the gym and do weight lifting exercises like Squats, Lunges,High Knee with Jump Rope, Russian Kettlebell Twist, Pushups, GobletSquat, Russian Kettlebell Twist, Knee Hug to Jump Tuck andmore.Daily Workouts for women all of the exercises from ABDOMINALWorkout FREE, ARM Workout FREE, Daily BUTT Workout FREE, CARDIOWorkout for women and LEG Workout.Check out these women workout tutorials app for both beginners andadvanced levels.This application is the must have for any woman looking to get flatsexy abs!Features:- Six Pack Nutrition Basics- Six Pack Secrets Workout- Six Pack Vacation Workout- Burn Fat and Build Muscle
Appetizer Recipes! 1.0
Take care of your health and start by cookingat home, like a true professional chef.This amazing appetizer recipes application is well designed withcreative, fast, easy to cook and delicious treats for all of thefoodies, friends, family and co-workers in your life.It gives a look into what real people are making for their familiesat home.From easy to ornate, simple to more intricate, there are manyrecipes here for cooks and chefs of all ages and all levels ofculinary skills.Included are top 10 best rated (in popular cookbooks, by magazinesand top chefs) recipes for: breakfasts, main dishes, drinks, sidedishes, desserts, salads, ethnic recipes, dinners, party, stews,soups, appetizers, diet recipes.Every recipe is described: About This Recipe; Prep Time; TotalTime; Ingredients; Servings; Preparation; Instructions; Tip AndTrick.This awesome Appetizer Recipes app has all the appetizer recipesyou will need...and it's FREE for a limited time!Let this app be your simple and portable cookbook with great ideasfor preparing quick and easy meals.Appetizer App Features:• Smoky Brown Sugar Bacon• Tuna Apple Mini Melts• Taco Pizza Rolls• Protein Packed Potato Skins• Raspberry Chocolate Hazelnut Cereal Nachos• Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches
DIY Crochet Ideas 1.0
Crochet is fun, it’s versatile, and it’s quickto learn - it’s nowhere near as difficult as many people think.With the help of this app guide, you can learn to crochet even ifyou’ve never picked up a hook before.DIY Crochet Ideas Application contains full instructions, bothwritten and diagrammatic, for some of the basic ‘old favourite’stitches, and for some new and exciting stitches you can try out tocreate your own unique crochet items.Find tutorials for handmade items by craft type, (such as knitting,crochet and sewing) time spent, skill level and experience ormaterials used to find the perfect guide to your latest craftproject.Complete with diagrams, photographs and helpful hints, theTechniques section will take you step by step and techniques youneed to start to crochet.View lots of diy crochet ideas.Not only does it allow you to produce something that is rewardingand enjoyable but crafting also provides you with the opportunityto create unique gifts for family and friends as well as possiblyearn income.This app is visual way to discover DIY ideas and learn newskills.Take a break and get inspired with these, diy crochet, ideas!Popular DIY Crochet:- How To Crochet- Crochet Rose Tutorial- Cuff Bracelets- Teachers Bookmark- Strawberry Crochet- Rainbow Shoe Laces
How To Grow Taller Fast 1.0
Once your growth plates have closed, yourheight stays the same. Before that window closes, however, you canuse the following techniques and exercises to help you growtaller.We have tips and trick and basics way to taller fast.How To Grow Taller Fast App is what you need to find the fastestand proven methods to help you gain substantial height no matterwhat your body type and age is!This App will discuss the various natural ways you can go aboutincreasing your height, keep in mind that growing taller requirespatience and times so make sure you take your time in implementingeach of the tips in this App for at least 2-3 months.Features Include:• How to Grow Taller• Get Taller Fast• Become Taller Naturally• Grow Taller Overnight• Get Taller by Stretching
Eye Makeup Steps 1.0
Eye Makeup Steps Application contain Eyes makeup step by step tutorials that can help you to decide your eyesmake for party, wedding, casual, decent and different festivalseyes make up.Mix and match of eye shadow, mascara, or foundation colorcombinations to try out the perfect makeup color and style thatmatches your evening gown or for your look.Fantastic tricks and designs to paint your eyes, and give plenty ofeye makeup step by step.Incredible images for your phone, you can save the image to SD,share it with friends or Whatsapp, Line or Telegram, upload tosocial networks Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.Features:- Dark Golden Olive Eyeshadow- Intense Metallic Smokey Eye- Make Eyes Look Bigger- Brown & Electric Green Eye- Eye Brightening Tutorial
Knitting Tips 1.0
If you want to jump on the knitting bandwagon,this step by step pictorial, geared for beginners, should start youon your way to a lifetime of knitting.Beginning knitters will find in this application technology andsimple patterns, learn the secrets of experienced knitting fromtheir colleagues, and all, of course, will be interested in freshideas for knitting clothing for accessories, baubles, napkins,socks and much alternative.Knitting Tips is a free unique and comprehensive suite of toolsthat has the functionality of knitting apps all in one place.It’s packed with projects for all skill levels, along withtechnical tips, entertaining features and the hottest products forknitters.Each issue features garments, accessories, homeware patterns, quickknits and patterns for babies and children from some of the bestcontemporary designers.Learn how to knit your own particular gloves, caps, scarves, andthat's just the beginning.Download the FREE app now!This app include of:• Easy Knitting Instructions For Beginners• How to Wind a Yarn Ball• Crochet & Knitting Abbreviations• Holding The Needles and Yarn• How to Knit- Basic, Advance and Tips• Casting On• Casting Off• Joining
Relationship Tips NotTo Forget 1.1
In today’s society, more than 50% of allmarriages fail for one reason or another. You probably know atleast couple of people going through problems in theirrelationships and wonder if you'll experience the same. The fact isthat relationships, whether dating or married, are hard. Things donot always go perfectly, fighting does occur, and it takes a 100%commitment from both parties to make it a success. If you are in arelationship, intimate or platonic, that could use a little help,the tips below will come in handy. Need help to understand historyand today statuses of best relationship guides then read theserelationship data with cute, funny, motivating and wise articles onrelatives, dating and relationships by some of the world famouslovers. RELATIONSHIP TIPS NOTTO FORGET - Relationship Tips Apps.Read Relationship Tips for Men, Relationship Tips for Women,Relationship Tips and Advice for Teenagers and for all age groups.Our app has lot of tips for making your relationship stronger,better,and rewarding. Direct relationship tips allowing you toimprove your partnership. Healthy relationships areaccomplishments. They were beautifully romantic, but moreimportantly, they were delightfully true. Here is what you willdiscover inside:♥ Love Last Relationship♥ Simple Secrets Improve Relationships♥ Relationship Tips Everyone Forgets♥ Ways to Uncomplicate Your Relationships
Nail Art Step By Step 1.1
Nail Art Step By Step Application express yourcreativity, style and personality with fun nail designs.What color fit your personal style? Choose your perfect nail color– white, black, blue, yellow, red or pink.Several options are available for decorating nails: Nail art pen,Glitters, Water Marbling, Piercing.There is no need to go to beauty salon and spend your preciousmoney on the designs which can be designed by yourself at home bythis nail art tutorial application.Manicurist start with the same techniques as for the manicure orpedicure: Acrylics, Nail gel, Nail polish/Nail varnish.Nail art can sometimes seem complicated when you just see thefinished manicure, but once you read through these step by stepnail art tutorials you will realize just how easy it is to do ityourself.It is a type of art which can be done on fingernails andtoenails.Nail art is a fun, simple way to be creative and dangerouslyaddictive.Try out some of these might just surpriseyourself.FEATURES:• Checked Jumper Design• Cartoon Heart• Braided Fishtail Nail• 3D Acrylic Flowers• Dry Water Marble Nails
DIY Projects 1.0
If you want to create unique diy crafts orjust spend some nice time with your kids, then this up is right foryou.This app is very easy to use: start and slide to see greatideas.Step by step instructions for some of the projects. Ease to followinstructions.DIY Projects Application is a gallery app for everyone who wants tocreate original things by hand.Reuse your old items, do not throw them away.Our new Tips App serves up thousands of DIY tips on subjects asvaried as carpentry and cleaning, painting and pests, woodworkingto washing windows.The best thing of these diy projects is that they are original,they are made by you and that is why they are so precious.Want to discover more DIY ideas? Get the free DIY Projects app now!Popular DIY Ideas:- Rolling Toy Storage Crates- Victorian Braided Ring- Wall Clock Photos- Chic Bath Caddy
Makeup Your Eyes Step By Step 1.0
A lot of ideas and images for you to followstep by step and you can eye makeup with shades of most beautifuleyes.Eye makeup can define how natural or dramatic your look is.Makeup Your Eyes Step By Step learn how to give a lifted effect toyour eyes and enhance your eye shape thanks to this Classic Liftstep by step, eyes Makeup application for weddings, bachelorette,photo shoots, anniversaries and makeup tutorials.Designed for the modern woman, this app lets you create makeupstyles and portraits to match your unique lifestyle.Easy follow the steps and get the eye, makeup, of yourdreams.Learn to become a professional eyes makeup artist.Mix and match hundreds of eye shadow, mascara, or foundation colorcombinations to try out the perfect makeup color and style thatmatches your.Features:✔ Classic Lift Eye Makeup✔ Seductive Blue Eyeshadow✔ Almond Liner Eye Makeup✔ Smoky Contrast Eye Makeup
Mens Modern Haircut 1.0
The Right Haircut for you. Looking for a newhaircut but can’t decide for a new one?Luckily, this Men Modern Haircut apps can help us when we have noidea while we really need it.A haircut displays your personality which should be created to suityour face shape and hair type, as well as your image andlifestyle.Due to changing trends in lifestyle and fashion, men conscious moreand more about their fashion and style. So every once in a whilethey will search for new hairstyles which are unique and givesfresh look to suit for his lifestyle and fashion.This fantastic application collects the best Men hairstyle for you.You will find a lot of modern hairstyle for men which perfectlymatch for your type.We have pictures about it look like in those haircuts, you can showthis app to salon instead of explain to them what should itbe.Men Modern Haircut picks the most up to date and best hairstylesfrom well-known barbers all over many countries.This app provides some general guidelines which hairstyles thatsuitable for you.Download and get the most popular men hairstyles, men hottest cuts,and best haircut looks now.Some listed of Men hairstyle designs for you.Features:• Men Short Haircuts• Men Long Haircuts• Men Thin Fine Hair Haircuts• Men Shoulder Length Haircuts• Men Bob Haircuts• Business Class Cool Style For A Man• Fade Haircut Short Hairstyles For Men• Men Spirit Look For The Wild Side• Hairstyles men• Men Hair Design• Men Hair Portfolio• Hairstyles For Long Faces Men• Hair With Bangs For Men• Longer Style For A Man• King Of Cool Style For A Man• Mens Hairstyles For Curly Hair• Best Men's Hairstyles• Messy Hair Men• Modern Men Medium Style• Professional Men Style• Short Men Hairstyle• Men Side Cool• Men Standards Hair• Men Clean Cut• Men Cut With Textureand More.
Tales and Books for Kids 1.0
Is your goal any of these?* Entertain and educate your child at the same time.* Make your child loves reading.* Your child learns to read these stories by him/herselfThen a FREE Tales and Books for Kids app is a must foryou.This tales for kids will teach your kid by excited and belovedchildren’s stories that carefully picked for early age aspreschool, kindergarten or concurrent with early primary school.The stories are easy to read and understand with good example andillustrate.The tale books for kid contain a classic fairy tale for your childto discover, contains an easy step-by-step assessment to start yourchild at their reading level. Colorful illustrations will help tovisualize the story and play with it after reading. Each page ofthe book can be used as a child-friendly and lit the creative ideain your child. There are some stories in Tales and Books for Kidsapp, each Story will inspire young children’s creativity andimagination.Get this app and spend perfect bedtime story for your kidsnow!Your kids enjoyment is guaranteed!Features:★ Custom colorful illustrations★ Collection of classic fairy tales for kids★ Moral of the storyList of Fables and Fairy Tales:★ The Cock & The Jewel★ The Mouse's Marriage★ The Farmer's Treasure★ The Rabbit & The Tortoise★ The Little Fox★ The Rabbit & The Raccoon
Hair Styling Step By Step 1.0
If you're bored with your current hairstyle oryou just don't have the time to spend hours styling your hair,check out these simple hairstyles to copy at home.New free Hair Styling Step By Step tutorial for the latest hairstyles.From braids to blowouts, cute and stylish hair are as easy as 1-2-3when you use our super-simple step-by-step guide.Hair Styling Step By Step Application is gorgeous hair styles andphotos are original.Long, thick, bouncy, curly, beautifully voluminous hair tends to bea sign of vitality and youthfulness, as far as society isconcerned, and often times, it just makes us feel pretty andfeminine.So we endow our tongs, hair brushes, combs or elastic and thesequick and easy hairstyle tutorials attempting to reproduce aglance.This app is perfect hair style ideas photos.Find a great hair tutorial for you today.List of Hairstyles:- Big Hair Buns- Beautiful Braids- Sexy Knot Ponytail- Easy Hair Bow for Long Hair- Low Bun with Long Hair
Dessert Recipes! 1.1
Looking for great Dessert recipes?Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since itwill be the last thing your guests remember before they pass outall over the table.There is a wide variety of desserts in the world cultures includingcake, pie, fruit, pudding, cheese followed by cakes, berry andfruit salads, tarts, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries,custards, sweet soups, candies, and ice cream, etc., served as thefinal course of a meal.Dessert Recipes collection will help you create speedy, simple andof course delicious meals.This incredible Dessert Recipes app has all the dessert recipes youwill need...and it's FREE for a limited time!The tips and advices of the best pastry chefs are available in theentire world; sweets making shows and lessons, also. Easy,Delicious Dessert Recipes for You.Finishing delicious meal with nice dessert brings pleasure in ourlives; they are the sweet note in our busy days; hot or cold;chocolate or fruits, or both – we all love them. Egg Salad Sandwich(Diet), Simple Salmon Burger, Chocolate Mint Bars, Cinnamon AppleCake, Rocky Road Parfaits and many more can be also made at home,bringing even more pleasure to us and our family.We are ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions for furtherdevelopment of the application.
DIY Garden Ideas 1.1
Sometimes we want to create a beautiful gardenbut just do not know where to start and how to do it.DIY Garden Ideas Application provides great ideas for gardendesigns, no matter how big or small the garden is, flower gardenideas and more.Cool wall decorations, small party accessories, nice recycle flowerpots and many more.If you need help about designing your landscape, garden orbackyard, the diy garden ideas in our help can help you.You can find great diy garden ending ideas, diy herb garden ideasas well as some nice diy garden projects for decoration andoriginal garden accessories.Don’t waste time and money on garden designer – choose the designthat you want and create it in your garden.Take a break and get inspired with these DIY, Garden Ideas!List of Garden Ideas:• Backyard Idea• Creative DIY Planters• Garden Pathway Ideas• Easy Garden Gift Ideas
Bike Repair 1.0
Bike Repair App have step-by-step guideswithgorgeous images that makes it easy to repair your stuff.This application demystify every basic repairs andmaintenanceroutines, plus some intermediate to advanced ones.When you repair and maintain your bike yourself, you do not havetospend time on handing in your bike to the bike shop.You also save time because you do not have to go down to thebikeshop to hand in your bike."Bike Repair" is the most detailed bike repair manual inGoogleplay.Every cyclist should know how to fix a tire; setup amotorcyclechain; patch a motorcycle passage; replace bicyclewheels, spokes,pedals, and handlebars; adjust motorcycle gears; andother bicyclerepair jobs.For each repair, we'll give how-to specifics, helpfulillustrations,and a list of the materials and tools you'll need toget the jobdone.You learn how to repair and maintain your own bike.Fixing your shifting problem, derailleur noises, brakes rubbingonthe wheel, flat tire, broken chain, pedal removal,hydraulicbrakes, etc has never been easier.You may save a lot of money when you repair and maintain yourownbike.Bike Repair: Apple, Motorola, Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy SIII,theGalaxy S4, the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note II, LG,Blackberry,Nokia, Sony, & more.Moreover, Cycling is also a great way for children to exerciseandkeep their bodies fit. To teach children to be responsiblefortheir possessions, it’s a good idea to teach them how to repairandmaintain their bicycles.You may always repair your bike – no matter where you are.Categories:✓ How to Put On a Bicycle Chain✓ How to Fix Stuck Bicycle Brakes✓ How to Mend a Puncture in a Bike Tire✓ How to Unwobble a Bicycle Rim
Easy Hairstyles 1.0
Easy Hairstyles Application decorate thehairin different ways.With this app, in pictures, and in a few steps, you cancreatebeautiful and original hairstyles, different styles and forallhair types.Styles Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter season, Day, Night timeFollow the trend in modern times Both the strength, whether itistrendy hairstyles by celebrities, models, or evensomeonefamous.Easy to do with everyone long hair, short hair, cute,smart,easyIncredible images for your phone, you can save the image toSD,share it with friends or Whatsapp, Line or Telegram, uploadtosocial networks Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.So we endow our tongs, hair brushes, combs or elastic andthesequick and easy hairstyle tutorials attempting to reproduceaglance.Download this application to be always beautiful andfashionableworsted.List of hairstyles:• Heart Braid• Bangs Braid• Waterfall Braid• Messy Bun• Butterfly Braid
DIY Crafts 1.0
Want to discover more DIY crafts ideas?We have selected more than 100 original, easy fun crafts foralltypes of materials: paper, plastic, cloth ... ideas thatwillsurprise you.DIY Crafts Application is a gallery app suitable for all of youwhowants to make things by their hands.It has helped you to plan, create and think ahead with bravenessandcreative spirit.Spend some time with your kids creating lovely diy craftsfordecorating home, backyard or porch.Most of the projects are recycle and reuse ideas so you can givenewlife to your old items.We provide handmade crafts, home decor projects, fashion andbeautytips, homemade recipes and other from all around theworld.This app is very easy to use: start and slide to seegreatideas.Find endless amounts of DIY and craft projects right fromyourphone.Features:• Fun DIY Craft Ideas• Cool and Easy DIY Project• Cute DIY Home Crafts• DIY Creative IdeasPopular DIY Ideas List:• Fireflies in a Jar• Bracelet with String and Hexagonal Nuts• Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork• DIY Mug• Old windows photos frame• Plastic Bottles• Tea Lights• DIY Library• Window Shutter turn a Mail Holder• Clothes Hangers turn Shoe Hangers• Pipe Shoe Storage• DIY No-Sew Tutu• Lamp made from a Water Jug and a Headlamp• Wrap a Scarf to Make a Draped Skirt• A Photo onto a Slab of Wood• Tie a bow with fork• Mason jar hanging lights• DIY jewelry hanger• Nail Polish Key Covers• Heart-Shaped Ring• Travel Flat Iron Holder• No-Sew Pillow Cover• DIY Windshield Rainbow• Neon cross pillow• Flower Lights• Decorative Pots• Ornament• Plastic bottle planterand more.
Breakfast Recipes! 1.0
In our fast life, it hard to maintainhealthylife with healthy recipes, for that, there are healthyeasyrecipes. Healthy breakfast recipes are always needed forvariousactivities for whole day.We understand the pleasures of cooking so we bring you variedrangeof free breakfast recipes to please all members ofyourfamily.All of our recipes have been tried and tested by home cooks, andourfree app makes it easy to whip up your favorites wherever yougo.You can check recipes that cater to your diet and lifestylewithingredient-by-ingredient Nutrition Insight. Also,featuredcollections and menus, separated by season, holiday,course,lifestyle, diet, and more.This application shows the information about HealthyBreakfastRecipes. We have helped many people to live healthier anddiscoverthe new better taste from same old food. This incredibleBreakfastRecipe app has all the breakfast recipes you willneed...and it'sFREE for a limited time! It's simple to findbreakfast recipes anddo it in the morning. Start cooking at home!Recipes Menu:- Easy Pancakes- Blueberry Sauce- Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie- Egg in a Hole- Fresh Orange Juice- Ham & Cheese Omelet Casserole
How To Give Back Massage 1.0
Massage is a form of physicalstimulus,preferably manual on the organism causing beneficialbiological,metabolic, psychological and social reactions. There arevarioustypes of massage, from relaxation to the emotional orsensuous ;specifically through the therapeutic (therapeuticmassage) in thehealth field and the field of sport, to improvephysical activity.In addition to releasing tension, a massage canhelp regulate bloodpressure and boost your immune system, accordingto recent studies.Our back are a very important part that we mustconsider. A backmassage relaxes your muscles, improves your moodand allows you torelieve stress caused by work. We present variousways of how togive a good back massage. Featuring massagetechniques, fullmassage routines and an anatomy section. Learn togive an amazingmassage. It also improves tissue nutrition,oxygenates, regeneratesand relaxes the body, increases muscleflexibility and elasticityand prepares you for future activity.Meanwhile, we show some basictechniques you can use to giveexcellent back rubs to friends orfamily. You are giving someone agift that can relieve pain,anxiety and stress, relaxes muscles andcontributes to general wellbeing feeling. Here is what you willdiscover inside:- Preparation- Back Massage- Varied Touch Massage- Hot Stone Massage
Cat Training Tips And Tricks 1.0
Cats will not perform any kind of task givenbyits owner as there is nothing in them or they could not catchorlisten to the commands given by the owner quickly.In order to live together in a companionable and happyrelationshipthere are some things that your cat needs tolearn."Understanding, Caring For And Training Your Cat" is a must haveforall cat owners.Cat Training Tips And Tricks Application is complete guide totrainyour cat!The training techniques used to train cats is verydisparatecompared to the training techniques used to traindogs.You will learn the natural habits of your cat‚ and why itisimportant that you don't try to stop them from being whotheyare.Take control over your pet - learn how to be a trainer, trainyourcat and have great time together.By understanding your cat and their natural behavior‚ you willbeable to train them easier without much hassle.Don’t forget to reward him every time he does something you wanthimto and always be patient.In this app, you will learn about:• Deter Cat Bad Behavior• Cat Litter Box Problems• Cat Biting or Scratching• Cat Eating Habits
Positive Thinking 1.0
Is the fact that you would like to be morepositive but just don't know how making your life difficult...maybe even miserable?Being positive will help you eliminate negative self-talk and takecontrol of your life.You have to understand that your perception about life has a greatimpact in your well-being and health.Promote positive thinking and manifest change with the help of yourandroid phone.Includes articles about life, happiness, attitude, opportunities,dreams, relationships, leadership, career, achievement, success,and much more.This app helps you succeed by sending you motivational contents andcustomising a positivity stream of inspiring images to form thecorrect mindset to succeed.Becoming a more positive and successful person is now easier thanever.They’ll help you to remain optimistic and maintain a positivemind-set while you strive to better your life and those of yourfriends and family.Here is what you will discover inside:• How Positive Thoughts Help You• How to Build Positive Thinking• Do Yoga and Positive Thinking• Tips to Win Negative Thoughts
Dog Breeds 1.1
A dog is a man's best friend?Before the eighteenth century, dogs other than the disdainedlap-dog were usually kept not as household pets but for hunting,working, or guarding, and the language used to describe them oftenreflects this. In the oldest proverbs and phrases dogs are rarelydepicted as faithful.Dogs have been selectively bred for thousands of years, sometimesby inbreeding dogs from the same ancestral lines, sometimes bymixing dogs from very different lines.Breeds are usually categorized by the functional type from whichthe breed was developed.Most common dogs on Dog Breeds are German Shepherd Dog, FinnishLapphund, Beagle, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Bulldog,Chihuahua, Shetland Sheepdog, Rough Collie, Tibetan Spaniel andCavalier King Charles Spaniel.We also give an explanation about the character of every dog (forexample, about its height, its weight, its life span and itsorigin).You can learn so many things from a dog’s behavior, personality,demeanor, resiliency, and most importantly, the willingness toprovide their family members with unconditional love, loyalty, andcompanionship down to their very last breath. Download NOW forFREE!Features:• History• Size, Weight and Height• Personality• Health• Care• Feeding• Dog Photo• Dog Breed Group• Climate and work• Life Span• Coat, Color and Grooming• Behavior with children and other pets
Study Tips 1.0
Do you need studying tips to help you getgoodgrades on your tests, exams, SAT or finals? All over theworld,students in high school, college, and grad school are goingintopanic mode, wondering how they’ll manage to remember anentiresemester’s worth of information before the big final.Obstaclesthat students describe include being disorganized,procrastinating,struggling with perfectionism, getting easilydistracted, becominga constant “worry-wart,” having problemsmemorizing, blanking-outduring tests, and running out of time tocomplete their answers.Use study tips application to prepare forfor SAT exams,GRE exams,CBSE, ICSE,CAT, public exams, O levels, Alevels, highschool,middle school, IELTS,medical,education,gradschool orengineering exams. This app is one of the most valuableresourcesin the world when it comes to the strategies to keep focusandachieve great scores!Features:✔ How to Study For Exams✔ How to Study Well✔ How to Pretend to Study✔How to Get in the Mood to Study✔How to Study for a Test
Learn to Draw Anime Manga 1.0
Do you like Japanese culture? Are you acomicsupporter? Do you want to spend some time drawing Junko,TheGrinch, Chibi Charlie Brown, Taiga From Toradora,KilluaHunterXHunter?Learn to Draw Anime Manga Application has a unique system thatteachyou to draw anything easy and quick, having fun at thesametime!It has drawings of every skill level, from easy and quick ofmakingdrawings, to complex and very detailed drawings for themostexperts.This app shows how to make a drawing from scratch ineasysteps.You choose what you want to draw from a variety of tutorials.Includes contents and pictures to learn drawing mangacharacters(legs, face, eyes, hands, hair, body, mouths, lips),comics,animals, chibi, etc.Easy Drawing app will help you to improve your skillsdrawing.You can create a style which consists of many Anime andMangathings!100% Free App with no in-app purchases of any kind.
Cat Breeds 1.1
Cat Breeds Application has been created forall cat enthusiasts and pet lovers who want to know more aboutdifferent breed of cats.Simply select any cat breed from the list and read a shortdescription and learn what you always wanted to discover about thatbreed.This app contains all information about cat breeds: appearance,character, breed-associated illnesses, weight and a lot ofinteresting and helpful facts.With 'Cat Breeds' browse through the cat breeds profiles anddiscover which cat will be a perfect match for you.A favorites list to remember which breeds you like most!- Persian- Siamese/Orientals- Ragdoll- Munchkin
How to Draw a Rose 1.1
Do you want to learn to draw, but don’t knowhow to do it?Roses are often referred to as the symbol of romance andlove.It is a great Valentines rose or love rose to draw for someonespecial.How to Draw a Rose Tutorial - Quick & Easy step by step canlearn ""How to Draw a Rose for beginner"" tutorials with freetutorials pen, pencil, photoshop, illusion easy drawings sketchesand other FREE for beginners Draw a Rose tutorials.Each drawing is divided into a number of steps which are easy tofollow. You don't need any special skills, just startdrawing.Like a personal art teacher, it will teach you how to draw dozensof different objects and create amazing pictures.This application can meet your needs by guiding, Stroke andimproving your drawing skills step by step.Parents can use it to give drawing lessons to their kids.Unleash your creativity and try to draw something today!Learn to draw:- Draw Easy Rose- Draw Rose with Face- Draw Realistic Rose- Draw and Color Rose
How to Draw Eyes 1.1
One of the most important parts of thedrawings eyes expression the emotions of the characterdrawing.Start with our application and draw the most beautiful eyes.How to Draw Eyes: This tutorial will teach you how to drawrealistic eyes and Anime eyes.Learn today how to draw all types of eyes, not application memoryspace very busy, works on all phones and tablets, easy to learn forall ages.Our program includes a set of step by step lessons on drawingeyes.You choose a tutorial from the list that you want to draw.This unique mobile android app is great for many reasons, but thenumber 1 reason is that drawing anime eye or chibi characters isconsidered to be hard for some people.Believe me, the draw - it's not that hard.Try our Learn to Draw app today! Free to use!Features:Draw Realistic EyePaint Realistic Eye with PastelsDraw Manga Female EyesDraw Manga Male Eyes
Belly Fat Burn Workout 1.0
Someone will claim to remove the belly fatindays , but don't fall for that , in order to cut your bellyyouneed at least 7 days with proper diet and exercises.There’s no one magical food you can add, or delete, from yourdietthat will melt away all of your belly fat, but with anall-aroundhealthy diet and regular exercise, it can happen!This app provide Belly Fat loss workout with learning steps.Belly Fat Burn Workout Application provides you a huge collectionofFat Burning tips with various categories related.This daily workout really works, it is the effective gymexercisedfor everyone, girl, woman, man, work person, you can makeit asoffice workout, home workout, we sure belly fat burn workoutgymwill help you!It help you to loss Fat in the whole body.The daily workout include exercises, they are Jumping jacks,Wallsit, Push-up, Abdominal crunch, Step-up onto chair , Squat,Triceps dip on chair, Plank , High knees/running in place ,Lunge,Push-up and rotation, Side plank, the exercise are fullbodyworkouts, leg workout, arm workout, butt workout,cardioworkout.This application essentialy helpful to reduce your Belly fatinfaster way.App Features:• Jump-Starting Your Metabolism• Exercising for Fat Loss• Dieting for Fat Loss• Measuring Progress• Staying Motivated
Cupcake Recipes!! 1.0
Looking for great Cupcake recipes?CupCake Recipes is very popular in foreign countries.Cupcake is a lot tastier when you have the right recipesandculinary techniques.Cupcake Recipes Application is the best application formakingcupcake and contain a lot of easy cupcake and dish.Includes articles, photos, and instructions.Cupcake recipe collection will help you create speedy, simple andofcourse delicious meals.This awesome Cupcake Recipes app gives you tons of differentandunique ways to make the trendiest little dessert that getseveryoneexcited ...and it's FREE for a limited time!The recipes mentioned in this app are helpful tips for youtocombine your home stuff and create a magic dish daily.With a growing amount of recipes, soon you will learn tobakedelicious cupcakes, easy to made and very colourful.This app containing fantastic and unique ways to make coollittledesserts that will impress both your friends andfamily.Some of the best Cup Cake Recipes provided in this app are:• Cupcake Making Tips• Pumpkin Ginger Cupcake• Chocolate Fudge Cupcake• Rainbow Cupcake• Apple Banana Cupcake• Tiramisu Cupcake• Lemon CupcakeQuick and easy cupcake recipes are just a FREE download away!
Upper & Lower Back Pain Relief 1.0
Your back is an amazing collection ofbones,ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, put together so asto beincredibly strong and highly flexible.But the demands of modern life, including poor posture andsittingfor extended periods of time, at our desks, or in front ofourcomputer screens, have contributed to a rapid de-conditioningofthe muscles that support the neck, back and spine, which causedtheback pain.Back pain is very common and affects most people at some pointintheir life. Back pain factors include smoking, poor posture,activelifestyle, stress and obesity. Some things you cannot controlbutstill puts you at risk of back pain include aging, andgenesdeformities.It usually feels like an ache, tension or stiffness in yourback.But more over, back pain can make it difficult to sit down orup,or get sleep well, which very affects your usuallifestyle.Upper & Lower Back Pain Relief Application is designed tohelpusers achieve a healthy, supple back.This app will help you learn a variety of exercises thatstretch,strengthen, and stabilize important muscles and ligamentsthatsupport your neck and back.Whether you have lower or upper back pain, these exerciseswillimprove your lumbar function and may provide reliefforbackache.Following a simple suggestion is an effective solution torelievingconstant back pain, keeping you healthier and happier.Features:How to Avoid Back PainHow to Treat Upper Back PainHow to Treat Lower Back PainHow to Prevent Upper Back PainHow to Prevent Lower Back Pain
Dating Tips 1.1
If you are on your first date or if you havebeen dating and are looking for some of the best dating tips thatwill keep you up with your dating thing then consider these datingtips which are very useful and handy at all times.This app will help you to prepare before dating, the best ways tokeep a conversation going finding the best dating tips.It includes information along with a variety of helpful tips andresources available based upon the most recent studies, research,reports, articles, findings, products and services available, sothat you can learn more about Dating and Relationships.Dating Tips - First Date Tips Application. Read Dating Tips forMen, Dating Tips for Women, Dating Tips for Singles, Dating Tipsfor Girls, Dating Tips for Boys, Dating Tips and Advice forTeenagers and for all age groups.This app gives you dating tips to get you in a strongrelationship.Get now the best dating and flirting tips and tricks!It's free and very easy to use!FEATURES:• Dating Rules• Things Never Say on First Date• Social Dating• Top 10 Dating Tips• Dating Ideas• Great Places to Date
Funny Marriage Advice 1.1
The Funny Marriage Advice – Inspiration Appprovides synopsis that reveals how you can become more intentional,positive, and appreciative of your environment so that you feelmore inspired to reach for and live your best marriage. We haveworked with couples for many years as a marriage and familytherapist, and as such we have developed many practical ideas tohelp couples build a happy marriage. This app will help you winback your spouse, rebuild your marriage and also help you to enjoyyour relationship again by resolving the following ‘how to. Idealfor all those couples going through problems wanting to strengthentheir marriage in different areas and longing for that loving happyrelationship they once had together before and after marriage. Thisapp is great collections of marriage tips to help you relievestress and rebuild those magical and memorable moments you once hadtogether. With simple functions and relevant information, you canbe on the right path to develop strong relationships or let go yournegative relationships. By altering your perspective slightly, youcan live your best marriage and your best life. This is a freeandroid app filled with hundreds of the best articles aboutmarriage and love. You can also share this tips on FaceBook,Twitter Page or by e-mail.App Features:• Steps to Successful Marriage• Tips For Building A Loving Relationship• How To Live A Happy Married Life• Funny Tips From Women to Men
Haircuts 1.1
Want to try on a new look?Haircuts Application gives you different hairstyles idea for male,female, guys, the ladies. All you need to do is just simply goes toyour hairdressers and shows her the haircut you had chosen!Find celebrity hairstyle ideas, the best haircuts which suit yourface shape, long hairstyles, chic short hairstyles, braids, haircolor inspiration.Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, there's flatteringfringe that will work for you.This app is fun and easy to use, you have lots of hairstyles to tryon and share it with your friends and families and enjoy your newlooks.Download and check out these haircuts application forinspiration.Features:• Pretty & Chic Top Knots• Short Bob Hairstyle• Curly Hairstyles• Short Asian Hairstyles• Haircut Face Shape Men
Hair Care Tips Loss Fall Guide 1.0
Healthy hair is mark of good confidenceinhuman grooming. All hair is not the same; hair is amanifestationof human diversity. Hair care will differ according toone's hairtype and according to various processes that can beapplied tohair. You care about your hair, do everything and take agood dietfor your hair inspite of that you think your hair are notso goodas they could be, don’t worry we come out with the mostpopular appthat presenting beautiful hair that help you to makeyour hair morebeautiful, shiny, long and strong. Hair Care TipsLoss Fall GuideApplication brings you tips about hair care, andwhat you can do athome to solve all your hair problems getunbelievably beautifulhair. A facilitation of the app is thatprovide you the easy,essential and key points simply follow themand your hair will looklike special salon spa hair. The hairstylist tips helps to allgirl who want to take care by herselflike, stronger, dandruff freehair, and longer. Completely freecollection of hair fallsolutions, hair loss treatment ideas, hairgrowth and care tips.Download this application to discover yourhair fall causes andtreat your hair fall with suggestions andguidelines.This app includes:✔ Hair Loss Cure✔ Remedies Control Hair Fall✔ Herbs To Prevent Hair Loss✔ Prevent Hair Loss Due to Stress
How To Combine Clothes 1.1
Ideas for you to know how to combine yourclothes and adapt to your own style.We offer many looks with tops, outerwear, jumpsuits &playsuits, pants, dresses, skirts, bags, shoes, heels, wedges,boots, sandals for every occasion.In this app tell you how to mix and match different pieces ofoutfits and different colours.Incredible images for your phone, you can save the image to SD,share it with friends or Whatsapp, Line or Telegram, upload tosocial networks Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.Fun and easy to use, How To Combine Clothes Application will neverleave you unprepared for a cool party, an important event or whenyou need style help!Features:- Simple Ways Color Mixing- Black & White Fashion- Wear Pink Combination- Beautiful Maxi Dresses- Classic Color Combinations
Self Help For Depression 1.1
Do you have depression?Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss,anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for weeks orlonger. The natural management of depression involves understandingdepression and the factors that contribute to the symptoms. Learnto control the stress that contributes to depression. Self Help ForDepression is a friendly app that offers a range of self-helpmethods for people who are serious about learning to manage theiranxiety. This application is a comprehensive effort to help youlearn how to perceive yourself realistically so that your thoughtsdo not contribute to the development of depressive moods. Insteadof locking yourself up in your prison of crying and fears over pastfailures, oppressiveness and heartaches, cure them as your teachersand they will become your tools in both success and selfimprovement. This app aims to create a free, convenient, andeasy-to-use Android smartphone application suite that provides datato combat clinical depression on a large scale. In addition, if youare not in treatment, talk to your doctor or therapist or use theinformation portion of this app to find resources that can connectyou to treatment.Application Contents:- What is depression- Depression diagnosed and treated- Help myself if I am depressed- Help a loved one who is depressed
Juicing Recipes, Tips & More! 1.0
Do you want more energy and vitality ineverymorning? Do you want to feel healthy and strong all yearround? Orwant some juice that rejuvenates your energy atnoon?These simple but delicious juicing recipes mentioned in this appareextremely healthy and beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.The recipes in the Juicing Recipes, Tips & More applicationwillincorporate various fruits and vegetables into your dietjuicingrecipe and enhance your health in a glass.This healthy juicing app will really help you in healthydrinkingand we should maintain a healthy meal planner for ourhealth andfitness.Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the primary sourcesofvitamins, carotenoids, and phytochemicals, as well as dietaryfiberand beneficial minerals.Wise food choices also help your skin smooth and clear whichmakeyou feel more confident in yourselves.Whether you're a novice bartender or a full-blown mixologist,you'vegot to download this app.Features:• Servings• Ingredients• Substitutions• Directions• Nutrition Per ServingContents:• Hot V6 Juice• The Hangover Juice• A Juice that Fights Cold• Digestion Helper Juice• Beet the Heat Juice• Better Health JuiceWe are ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions forfurtherdevelopment of this application.Everything you need to start or sustain your healthy juicingdietmenu is right here in this Juicing app...and it's FREE foralimited time!
DIY Recycled Crafts 1.0
Most of the projects are recycle andreuseideas so you can give new life to your old items.Reuse your old items, do not throw them away.DIY Recycled Crafts Application contain DIY Recycled Craftsideasand projects made from, Recycled, Recycled or Reclaimedwoodenpallets!View lots of diy recycled crafts ideas.Spend some time with your kids creating lovely diy projectsfordecorating home, backyard or porch.Recycling can be fun – teach that to your kids.Interesting ideas for your living room, bathroom, garden, areputtogether in this app, plenty of images that will inspire you,andmake your hands get to work.Here you will find pictures and step by step instructions whichwillgive spark of your imagination.Take a break and get inspired with these diy, recycledcrafts,ideas!DIY Recycled Details:• Recycled Jeans Potholders• Recycled Wool Pants Panda• Guitar Pick Necklace• Tablet Case Recycled Books• DIY Earring and Ring Holder
Lips Makeup Steps 1.0
Do you like fire engine reds, deep purplesandplums, or soft pinks and neutrals?With this application, you can learn step by step of Lips Makeupand apply it for your daily life or special events.Lipstick makes your lips look bigger, bolder, and more sexy.The wrong color lipstick, heavy lip liner and lips that havebeen“drawn on” are common lip makeup mistakes that will ruinyouroverall look.Women who are unsure of how to wear lipstick usually skip thisstepwhich totally make makeup look unbalance.Lips Makeup Steps Application is very useful for getting readyforwedding party, birthday party, different festival parties andotherevents.View lots of lips makeup images.This app is totally free to download.Try out all of the latest makeup looks to find your brighteststylethis holiday!Features:• Vintage Inspired Red Lips• Cartoon Lips• Contour Lipstick• Perfect Cupid Bow• Golden Orange Lipstick
Foods That Burn Fat 1.1
Are there foods for belly fat, or rather,foods that get rid of belly fat?Someone will claim to remove the belly fat in days, but don't fallfor that, in order to cut your belly you need at least 7 days withproper diet and exercises.The secret to lasting weight loss does not come down to complicatedcalorie-counting and weight-loss gimmicks.Foods That Burn Fat is a free app that provides lots of informationabout how to lose weight using healthy foods.This Application provides you a huge collection of Fat Burning tipswith various categories related to it.It treats you to what foods needs to be taken.Use Foods That Burn Fat for Android on family, friends orcolleagues and share them via email, FaceBook, Twitter.The application brings you a range of information about the bestfoods to eat to reduce fat.Download this app now whilst it is still free.Hope you will like this app feel free to rate the app and review incomments.Chapters include:Getting Better CaloriesReinforcing your WillpowerBest Fat Burning FoodsUsing Mind Tricks on Yourself
DIY Gifts 1.0
Why don’t you make a great surprise bycreatingdiy gifts for men, women or children. DIY GiftsApplication providesyou DIY gift ideas tutorial step by step tosuccess such as cat toeflats, sleep mask, gold gilded geode ring,beyonce cross stitch,dinosaur phone tripod. This app is a fun andvisual way to discoverDIY ideas, learn new skills. DIY (Do ityourself) is building,modifying, or repairing something withoutthe aid of experts orprofessionals. You can create unique diygifts for friends andpresent them for a birthday or other occasionand bring great smileon their faces. It is easy – see dozens goodideas in this DIY Giftsapp and steps how to craft them.