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Aircraft Survival Block Planes - Flying Simulator 1.0.16
Discover our amazing aircraft game with over 1.000.000downloads!Fly against other people in this survival planes minigame.You have 4 survival planes made of cubes to choose from 2Passenger Planes and 2 Ultra Fast Jet PlanesYou can easily pilotyour airplane by clicking the screen of your mobile device.Tap thescreen to unleash the nitro boost and fly super fast!The goal is tosurvive as long as you can in this endless aircraft survivalgame!This is a perfect pocket edition for kids (boys and girls) tohave fun with a blocky craft type sandbox environment!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook:
Cartoon Monkey Runner 1.3.0
★★ Cartoon Monkey Runner ★★★★ Fun Endless Donkey Banana Racing GameFor Free ★★Discover our amazing monkey runner game!With this monkeygame you will have a lot of fun!Choose between the differentgorillas available and start the race!You have to escape from a apehunter that is chasing you with a shotgun!There are a lot ofelements on the road that you have to collect!Make sure to grab allthe bananas! They allow you to unlock new features in thestore!Also take the nitros to go faster and the magnets toautomatically attract all the bananas to you!We have many missionsfor you to complete so that you can enjoy the game for a longtime!This is an endless runner game specially designed for gamersthat like to constantly improve their performances!Run as fast asyou can with your monkey and survive by dodging all the obstaclespresent on the road!Perform jumps, swipes and survive as long asyou can! As long as you don't run into an obstacle you can keepplaying!Challenge your friends and see who can survive the longestin this amazing Cartoon Monkey Runner!Check the leaderboards to seeif you are among the best players in the world!This game is veryfun and everyone will enjoy playing it! Kids and adults will have agreat time with this crazy monkey game!Features of this awesomerunner:★ Amazing Cartoon Graphics!★ Funny Monkeys!★ Easy to play!★Endless runner, Infinite fun!★ Leaderboards!★ Upgrades!★ Missionsto complete!★ Entertaining music!★ Free!Download our monkey racinggame now to enter in the world of amusement!We attribute greatimportance to the feedbacks of our players and try to rapidlyanswer to everyone!If you like this monkey game, please support itspopularity by rating it in your favourite app store!Thanks &Enjoy!★ Lab Cave ★
Cartoon Horse Riding - Derby Racing Game for Kids 3.3.5
★★ Cartoon Horse Riding ★★ ★★ Great Cartoon Horse Riding Game ★★ Doyou love derby horse games and cartoon games for kids? If youranswer is yes, you are in the right farm! Take the reins of yourhorse in this racing game and have hours of fun riding one of theseamazing animals in this adventure game! Start racing now and becomethe champion of these competitions! Prepare the grooming of yourcartoon horse before the courses start. This cute cartoon animallikes to look perfect for the horse games! Make sure the hooves arein good condition before any jump and adjust the saddle. Clean thehoof and change the horseshoe if your horse needs it. Practice thedressage, gallop, horse jumping, riding, chase and many otherracing games in the racetrack of this simulator! Become a cowboy ora cowgirl, choose your favorite horse and equestrian and start therace! The controls of this horse adventure are really easy to use.Just swipe your finger to the left or right to move your horse.This is an endless runner game. The race has no end so you have totry to survive as long as you can be the best jockey in these horseracing games for kids! If you also like complete missions in ahorse training game with a horse, you'll definitely love this cutegame! Train your wild horse or pony and become the best rider ofthe training! Feel the speed riding your horse in this horse derbygames. You can be the next best horseback rider of these funny girlgames for free! Take all the power-ups present on the road of thiscomic challenge to fully enjoy the game and win more points! Takeyour stallion and collect coins which will allow you to unlock newelements in the game! On the road, make sure to take all themagnets! They attract all the coins automatically for you! You willlove this power-up! It is time to ride horses and win stamina, beatthe opponents in these horse jumping games and take care of thecartoon animals! There are missions to complete! Make sure youfinish them all to finish this derby horse racing game! Features ofour Horse Riding Game: ★ Nice horses in cartoon style! ★ Cool derbygameplay and easy controls for this cartoon racing games! ★Leaderboards! ★ Endless horse running, endless horse fun! ★ Funnymissions with horses to complete! ★ High speed! ★ Daily rewards! ★Horse games for free! Tell your friends of town how amazing thesecartoon games for girls are. Invite them to jump a hurdle! Enjoythese games for boys, girls and little kids and become the bestplayer ever! Play now!
Aces of The Iron Battle 1.0.9
It is year 1942 and the world war 2 has started on PacificOcean.Allies and axis are fighting each other for victory in theair.The sky is filled with airplanes, explosions and shooting!Youmission is to return to aircraft carrier.You can fly with planesowned by US Army, Japanese Imperial Army air service or Germanaeronautical army.★ Different plane models (Mustang, Spitfire,Luftwaffe, Mitsubishi Zero)★ Huge explosions!★ Turbo speed!★GameCenter!★ Beautiful 3D graphics!★ Fun for hours!★ Greatmusic!Are you brave enough to be a navy pilot??!!Follow us onTwitter: @LabCaveLike us on Facebook:
Dirt Bike Exploration Racing 2.11.5
★★ Dirt Bike Exploration Racing ★★Download our best motorcycle gamenow to feel like a true champion driving in an adventure you willnot forget!If you love the Dirt Bikes and speed on two wheels thisis the game you've been waiting for!You have to get to anappointment as soon as possible and will only be on time if you gowith a bike. You steal an amazing Dirt Bike, but an undercover cophas seen you and prepares to chase you at full speed!Survive in acrazy escape in which the police and the different obstacles thatyou will cross along the way try to stop you from arriving ontime!★ INCREDIBLE DIRT BIKES ★You'll be surprised by the pixelateddesign of the Dirt Bikes and you'll feel very comfortable duringthe motorcycle racing!As you climb your driving experience levelyou'll be able to drive better Dirt Bikes! They are ideal forlovers of blocky games!The controls are very simple so that yourescape will totally depend on your driving skills andabilities!There's no time to lose! Choose your pixel bike andescape the police showing that no one can reach you!★ MISSIONS ANDFUNNY POWER-UPS ★In addition to the escape in which you will takepart, there are many missions to overcome in the race in order toobtain more points, improvements and progress in the game!Thehigher your driving skills will be the more difficult the missionswill be, so you will have to be very concentrated while drivingyour Dirt Bike!On your way you'll encounter monster trucks, buses,billboards, and other boxes that may get into your lane and forceyou to dodge them to survive. In order to continue your race andnot die, make sure to dodge all the obstacles!Collect coins forupgrades, nitros to be invincible and destroy everything, magnetsto attract all the coins and bonuses to multiply your scores! Leavenothing on the road and stay tuned because there are also livesthat appear!Features of this pixelated Dirt Bikes motorcycle racinggame:★ Blocky Dirt Bike Motorcycles!★ Enduro Environment!★ Amazingmissions!★ Extreme speed!★ Very simple controls!★ Incredible pixelgraphics!★ Leaderboards!★ Entertaining Music!★ Free!Live a uniqueexperience by downloading this Dirt Bikes game. We are waiting foryour reviews and ratings to know what you think and keep improvingthe game. We will answer to all the comments!Be the envy of yourfriends, recommend them to play and challenge yourself with them tosee who gets a better position in the world rankings table!The gameis waiting. Can you escape from the undercover cops with your bikeand overcome any obstacles?Have fun, enjoy and flee as far aspossible!★ Lab Cave ★
Dinos Aurous - Dinosaur Game 1.0.0
★★ Dinos Aurous - Dinosaur Game ★★★★ Free Dinosaur Simulator Game3D ★★If you liked the film Jurassic World, and if you love Dinos,then you'll love this game where you have to escape from an evilTriceratops dinosaur!Choose your favorite dinosaur and escape thehunter at full speed through a wonderful desert environment!Becareful because the Triceratops chasing you has a lot of dinosaurfriends scattered around the track trying to stop you!Dodge all thedinosaurs and get as many points as possible in order to be thefirst in the World rankings!Try to maintain the vitality of yourdinosaur to its fullest! Easily tap your device to move yourdinosaur and dodge the enemies and obstacles!Features of thisDinosaurs game:★ Jurassic Desert environment!★ Different realisticdinosaurs!★ Triceratops Dinosaur Hunter!★ Crazy graphics!★ Suitablefor all ages (Both for Adults & for Kids)!★ World Rankingscores!★ Easy controls!★ Thematic music!★ Free dinosaur game!Showthat your favorite Jurassic Dinosaur is the strongest of theworld!Please leave us your opinion and rating about this app sothat we can improve it!
Helicopter Gunship Battle Game 1.0.0
★★ Helicopter Gunship Battle Game ★★★★ Shoot and defeat yourenemies in this Helicopter Simulator Game! ★★The enemies want toattack your helicopter base!It's time to take off with yourhelicopter to try to save your fellows from the attack!You will beimmersed in an unprecedented dogfight where the most important isto remain alive and fly out victorious!Dodge and shoot enemies tillthere are no more helicopters around you!Prevent your helicopterfrom running out of oil and make sure to not collide with otherhelicopters!Everyone trusts you to stop the helicopter attack! Isit true that you are a top helicopter pilot?Prove it in the besthelicopter simulator game!Follow us on Twitter andFacebook!
Cartoon Dirt Bike Runner 1.3.0
★★ Cartoon Dirt Bike Runner ★★★★ Motorcycle Racing Game ★★Race tothe west with your Dirt Bike in a fun adventure!You have enteredinto the exclusive bar of the bikers group ""Diabolic Riders"" andyou've gotten into serious trouble! Now their leader is pursuingyou so you have to flee at full speed to the west with yourbike!You can choose between four dirt bikes that you'll love! Takeyour favourite and don't let anyone catch you!The leader of thebikers group will try to catch you but there are also plenty ofobstacles along the way that you'll have to dodge with your DirtBike!Caravans, cactus, fences, monster trucks, etc., will not makeit easy. Show your skills while you collect coins that will allowyou to get improvements in the game!Enjoy the power-ups that themysterious West hides! You'll find magnets, boosts, lives andpoints multipliers!In this way you will become invincible, attractcoins to you or reach the top of the world leaderboards!Collect thedaily rewards because every day you'll want to devote some time toplay with your favourite Dirt Bike and we want to reward you!Fulfilthe crazy missions that appear as you improve your experience inthis game suitable for all ages!Features of this Cartoon Dirt BikeRunner:★ Cartoon Motorcycles and Characters!★ Survival Runner!★Exciting missions!★ Funny music!★ Easy controls!★ WorldwideLeadearboards!★ Fast Dirt Bikes!★ Fun and Entertainment!★ Thematic& Realistic Graphics!★ Free!Download this cartoon motorcyclegame and make the ""Diabolic Riders"" angrier because you runfaster than them! Do you dare to be the fastest in the West?Weawait your opinion and review as it is vital for us to keepimproving the game.Have fun and make your Dirt Bike roar!★ Lab Cave★
World Wild Jurassic Dinosaurs 1.0.0
★★ World Wild Jurassic Dinosaurs ★★★★ Flying Dinosaurs Race inJurassic Environment! ★★Several flying dinosaurs got lost aftergoing hunting!They don't know how to get back to their habitat andother Dinosaurs are trying to hurt them!Now you have to help themto find their way home while flying at full speed!Choose betweenthe available dinosaurs and start a crazy and funny race!Dodge theenemies that run in the opposite direction and take your favoritedinosaurs to a safe area!Don't crash your animal with otherdinosaurs because they could die!Show your adventurous spirit inthis cool dinosaur game!Feel like a fish in the ocean in this racethat will immerse you in the Jurassic!Follow us on Twitter:@LabCaveLike us on Facebook:
3D Infinite Airplane Flight 1.0.6
** 3D Infinite Airplane Flight **** FLY AGAINST OTHER PILOTS AROUNDTHE WORLD! **** SUPER FAST PLANES! HUGE EXPLOSIONS!!! ****BILLIONAIRES RACING! **You are a pilot of Wonderful Airlines, ownedby world famous billionaire, Guy Montana.Montana is a maverick wholoves racing with fast planes against his fellow billionaires fromthe Golden Albatross club.This time they are racing for 50 milliondollars in cash!There are two passenger planes and two jet planesto choose from. Each of them has nitro on board!Are you ready tojoin into this super fast, dangerous race among crazybillionaires?!This flying game is also a multiplayer game, whereyou can fly against real pilots around the world!- Multiplayer!-Google Play™ Games!- Beautiful 3D graphics!- TURBO!- Great music!-Fun for hours!- Huge explosions!Who will win the race!?? Will it beyou?!
Top Motorcycle Climb Racing 3D 1.0.1
★★ Top Motorcycle Climb Racing 3D ★★★★ Drive at full speed! Showyour skills riding a motorcycle! ★★If you enjoy every WorldSuperbike Championship race, you'll have fun as a child in the mostoriginal motorcycle game this year!It has all the ingredients thatusers expect from an authentic motorcycle game!You will realizecrazy jumps, unimaginable stunts and amazing acrobatics in acontinuous race at the controls of your Superbike!Choose one of thefour available Superbikes with the curious characterspresentations!Face the obstacles that appear during your ride andget over them with skill and dexterity! Make it your personalSuperbike show!Remain in the air as long as possible to earn morepoints and make sure to collect all the coins, surprise boxes anditems you see on the road!Create an enviable suspension, increasethe power of the nitro and improve your riding skills with internalimprovements! In short, design a real scandalous Superbike!Featuresof Top Motorcycle Climb Racing 3D:★ Blocky Superbike Motorcycles!★Looping, jumps and amazing stunts!★ Exciting race!★ Internalimprovements, powers and coins!★ World Ranking!★ Cool Music!★Stunning graphics!★ Free motorcycle racing game!Do you feelqualified enough to compete in a beautiful but demanding race? Fixyour helmet and download this wonderful game!We look forward toreceive your comments about the game so that we can improve it!★Follow us: @LabCave★ Like us: anyproblems or suggestions? You can reach us
Ace Plane Craft Block Airplane 1.0.4
Fly around with the coolest cubical fighter airplane in theworld!Enjoy intense battle while shooting the enemy planes andspeeding past them!In this airplane game you can compete with yourfriends and other people around the world!The main reasons why youshould get this airplane game are following:1) Shooting! Its funand easy!2) Extreme explosions!3) Awesome graphics of 3D pixelaircrafts!4) Google Play Game! Compare your score to others! Areyou among the top pilots of the world?5) Different fighter planemodels to choose from!Are you ready for this airplane gamebattle!?Enjoy the flight!Twitter:
Mine Monster Truck Survival 3D 1.6.0
★★ Mine Monster Truck Survival 3D ★★★★ Experience the funniest andcraziest Monster Truck Racing Game! ★★Thousands of spectators fillthe stands to see the legendaries off-road monster trucks of theworld!Feel part of the show and make them vibrates by driving greatmonster trucks and performing jumps, stunts, bumps, destruction,etc.!Choose one of the funny characters with their respectiveoffroad monster truck. Get ready to laugh with their crazypresentations!Once you have practiced enough and feel like a realoffroad destruction racer, start completing the amazing missions ofthis game!Do not let your opponents beat you because they couldmake the game end if you have not collected enough lives!Dodgethem, outrun them and crush them to show that nobody is better thanyou driving monster trucks!Enjoy the legend graphics whilecollecting items and surprise boxes that can turn your monstertruck invincible! Discover the great power-ups!Features of thisMonster Trucks game:★ Legendary Monster Trucks!★ Funny characters!★Missions, Surprises and Powers!★ Count Rating!★ Music according toaction!★ Total Destruction!★ Gorgeous 3D graphics!★ Suitable forall ages!★ Free Monster Truck Game!Crush all your opponents and gofurther than any other monster truck!We are looking forward toreading your comments and will be happy to answer all yourassessments and requests.Of all the Monster Truck Games, you'reabout to download the best one! Don't hesitate to play it!
Extreme Fast Car Racing Game 4.0.2
★★ Experience the illegal races of the prestigious San Franciscochampionship! ★★You're an extreme car driver and you are nowcompeting in order to win the ultimate racing competition of all:the San Francisco championship.To achieve it you have to choose oneof the available cars and score as many points as possible in therace performing atonishing drifts.Beat your enemies and get readyto enjoy a scandalous high-speed!Hit the gas and charge the nitroto drive on the edge of your limits and leave all your enemiesbehind! Do not let them to win! Win all the races to become thechampion of this extreme racing competition in San Francisco!Theillegal and dark environment give the car race a greater intensityand emotion! Have fun drifting with the most extreme cars in themost extreme racing competition!Without a doubt, the ingredients ofthis game will make it your favorite in the racing gamescategory!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Cube Motorcycle City Roads 1.0.4
** Cube Motorcyle City Roads **** MULTIPLAYER CUBE MOTORCYCLERACING GAME! **** RACE AGAINST OTHER DRIVERS AROUND THE WORLD!**Choose your motorcycle and join into the biggest racing event inBlock City! You can drive around in Block City against your friendsfrom Facebook and other people around the world! We also haveleaderboards so you can compare your score to other people. Thegame has: * Multiplayer! * Leaderboards! * Nitro! * Beautiful pixelart! * Fun for hours! Crazy rally with different chopper bikes iswaiting for you! Become the best cube motorcycle racer of theworld! Take your block motorcycle and win the race! Thank you fordownloading this game!------------This is not an official Mojangapp. Labcave SL is not associated or connected with MojangAB.Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed byor affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensors.
Frenzy Goat: A Simulator Game 1.0.0
★★ Frenzy Goat: A Simulator Game ★★★ Goats causing chaos anddestruction. Download it now and enjoy playing! ★Experience a crazyworld where goats dominate the city! The animals have gone wild inthis simulator!Prevent the goats from colliding with the cars inorder to survive!Races, explosions and surprises await you in thisbreathtaking goat simulator!Stay on top of all our crazystuff!Follow us on Twitter: @LabCaveLike us on
Om Telolet Om! Bus Simulator 1.0.0
Om Telolet Om Bus Simulator is the best driving game of thisyear!Have you ever wonder how is it to drive a bus? Are you apassionate of driving games? Om Telolet Om! Experience drivingrealistic buses in this adventure! Improve your driving skillsacross city streets at terrifying speed in an endless race full ofadrenaline!Train yourself in this funny game to become one of thebest bus drivers! Om Telolet Om!- Prepare yourself for anastonishing racing game in Miami where you will be driving at fullspeed against the traffic jam! - Incredible realistic graphics thatwill immerse you in these awesome games!- Drive as far and fast aspossible across the roads avoiding the traffic: Om Telolet Om!- Anexciting endless race with increasing difficulty. Your mission isto reach the checkpoints on time!- Enjoy the madness of true busdriving in a city full of cars! Om Telolet Om!- Appropriate forchildren and adults who love buses and car racing gamesGet yourfavourite bus and start racing non-stop in this awesome game! OmTelolet Om!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Animal SIM - Wild Simulator 3D 1.0.0
★★ Animal SIM - Wild Simulator 3D ★★★★ Enjoy the best 2015 animalgame! Run and have fun! ★★Finally, a realistic animal simulatorgame has arrived!It will be easier than ever to control some wildanimals crazy for the speed!Choose the animal that you think isfunny or nice in the presentation of the beginning and competeswith it in a realistic environment that will make you feel in thejungle.The goal is to dodge other animals which are fleeing indifferent directions and that can hinder your animal race. Gofurther than anyone!Moves your mobile device sideways to avoidcollisions and thus will make your scores be multipliedincreasingly.It is a perfect game for animal lovers and especiallyfor children. They will have fun both holiday and his free time andthey will learn how is the habitat of animals, their movements andso on.Step into the shoes of a wild animal and become the leader inthe ranking of the best 2015 animal simulation game!It's reallyimportant to keep the energy bar at maximum during all the game!Animal life depends on the strategy you choose!Features of thissimulator animal game:★ Realistic Wild Animals★ Beautiful scenery★Endless Racing Game★ Suitable for children★ Ranking★ Excitingmusic★ Impressive Graphics★ FreeDid you miss an animal simulatorgame? Download it right now and be ready to have a zoo into yourmobile device!You can rate our game on the store and leave commentsof any aspect that you consider convenient. We love interactingwith you!
World Of War | Airplane Game 1.0.0
Everything is ready at the airport to meet you: The future is inyour hands as the best airplane Air Force pilot.We discovered thatour neighbor country is developing a weapon of massdestruction.Your mission is to attack their bases and destroy thegovernment's plan by piloting your airplane!You're the only onecapable to win this battle! But be careful! You can be attackedfrom the ground and by air.Dodge the attacks, destroy them andavoid the next big war!The world is made for the brave and we trustyou. Do not fail!Get on your favourite airplane, spread thedestruction through the enemies airports, and kill the terrorist!Go, go, go!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Robots Tanks of War - Transformation Fighting 2.11.11
The mech battle robots tanks fighting wars breaks out! In thesefuturistic battle robots fighting games robot allies compete inbrutal battles robots tanks against combat military tanks robot.Our transform androids are trained to kill and conquer the worldbut the war tanks transformation weapon outnumber them byfar.Participate in this steel battle robot fighting againstmilitary attacks simulator and win by dodging the tanks robot thatblock your way in this racing game full of ultimate war robots andshooter tanks.Make use of the super developed artificialintelligence of your android to dodge tank attacks and to reachyour military camp and win this war robots battle against dangerousrobots tank warriors with all type of weapons. Plan all your mechrobot fighting maneuvers strategy but beware of every enemy weapon!- War tanks robot racing from everywhere and try to keep war robotstanks away from achieving their goal. Stop the carnage extinctionand destruction made by the tank rivals!Control your realistic 3Dbattle robots tanks titans by sliding across the screen in thisgame! Dodge the combat tank missiles attacks and speed up yourfighting tanks robots using the arrows on the floor. Continue yourrace for survival and make sure not to run out of weapon energy! Donot loose all your military armor or you will fail the missionleaving the city in enemy's hands causing chaos, rage anddestruction!You will accumulate points based on how far you areable to get with your transformation android using differentstrategies and tactics in this futuristic panzer battle robotstanks. Let's see how far you can go with your metal military robotsfighting machines and how skillful you avoid the tankattacks!Challenge your friends in this battle war robots tanks gameto see who can reach the highest score in this exciting mech fightbetween transformation androids and panzers weapon. But be careful:These war missions are very addictive!Defeat and destroy yourenemies and become an indestructible battle war robots machineagainst the military attack of the tanks transformation! Run asfast as you can in this futuristic android war against the enemytanks robot carnage!Can you achieve victory in our battle war robotgame, soldier?By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacy policy:
Steam Train Spotter 1.0.0
Do you love train spotting?Are you obsessed with trains and steamengines? Do you like highspeed racing games? Then this addictivetrain spotting* simulator is the ultimate railway game you havebeen waiting for!Enjoy driving different types of locomotives andsteam engines in an industrial setting at the railroad lines inScotland! Pass the other trains competing against you and win thiscrazy railroad race!This awesome trainspotter simulator is set atthe railway tracks of the Central Station in Edinburgh. In thisaddictive simulator you are the engine driver and you have tomaster this highspeed racing on your own!But beware: train spottingis not only a hobby – it’s an addiction!*) Railway enthusiasts –also referred to as railfans, trainspotters, train buffs, anoraksor gricers – share a peculiar hobby: They like to spot all of acertain type of rolling stock: Particular classes of locomotives,different types of carriage, etc. Trainspotters watch trainswriting down the numbers that each railway engine has to keep trackof them.Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Ninja Kung Fu - FREE Anime 1.0.0
Take your role as a super ninja in this great anime game full ofaction!Ninjas were great warriors of the Japanese Empire, expertsat martial arts. They were the best men at spying and killing!Nowthere are few ninjas left and they are usually hired asprofessional killers by mafias - that is why most of the people donot like ninjas, they have no honor anymore.You are training to bethe best ninja, a great warrior on martial fights. You prepareyourself at the ninja school of kung fu to become a ninja master.You have met there tonight with other ninjas to fight each other inorder to train your kung fu skills but you have a problem: Somepeople heard about this meeting and want to stop you at any cost!So if you want to arrive to the meeting point and reach the kung fuschool, you will need to be fast before someone tries to stop youbecause despite the bad reputation of the ninjas, you only fight ifit is necessary, so try to avoid every attack and do not stoprunning! Get prepared for this amazing race!Some features of thisanime game:- Realistic scene at night with incredible animegraphics!- Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favouritecharacter and enjoy this funny race! - Fast paced races were youneed to avoid every enemy fight or attack - Easy mobile control forall skill levels that will immerse you in this addictive games- Allthe obstacles are randomly distributed at the start of eachcheckpoint, making it always a fresh experience at the beginning ofeach game- Appropriate for kids and adults who love anime gamesMove through the city like the ninja you are in incredible speedyraces and share your highest score of this games onFacebook!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
🎮 Buggy Radio Control Racing 1.0.0
Want to upgrade your car into the ultimate high-speed buggy modelcar? We have the best solution for you: This amazing buggy radiocontrol racing game!If you are a passionate of this whole radiocontrol hobby thing, this is the place for you! -> Experienceextreme high speed offroad races in the desert driving the mostamazing and newest buggy model cars: You have different kind ofbuggy car models to choose with unique features-> Realisticoffroads and desert landscape with incredible graphics!This is aphysics-based racing game where you can practice and master yourmodel racing skills inside your home comfort. Learn how to takebends on high speed races without crashing your car in thisaddictive games! -> Climb up and downhill in a fast-paced racefull of obstacles-> When you start to drive, the time will becounted: You have to be fast to reach the checkpoints on time->Speed up, break, make front and back flips and also beat all yourfriends high scores!-> Get as many coins as you can to increaseyour races ranking -> Intuitive mobile control for all skilllevels: You just need to tap on the screen to accelerate or slowdown-> Train to drive faster and further in this exciting gameson an infinite race full of up and downs and obstacles-> Thisfunny racing games are appropriate for children and adults->Available for every mobile deviceTo all lovers of radio control andmodel cars: We give you the gift of speed! This is the perfect gamefor you!Enjoy this funny game? Rate us with five stars!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook:
ChocoLand 🍫 Chocolate Chef - Idle Cash Clicker 2.6.7
Are you a chocoholic and ever wished to build your own chocolatebusiness!? Take a trip to the delicious world of Chocoland in anentertaining clicker adventure full of yummy sweets, chocolates andcandy bars! You are the owner of a little chocolates shop whodreams of a big chocolate empire: Choco Land. If you want yourchocolate company reaches the confectionery sky, start tappingright now in this business management game full of icing andchocolates! Start earning cash now!This is business management andincremental game though you know that you will need patience withyour factory investments and engagement to run your chocolate shopin this incremental idle adventure. Every single coin matters so donot waste your cash!Only the eager ones will be able to upgradetheir chocolate shop and earn money. Test your business managementskills with your chocolate factory! Start manufacturing all kind ofchocolate: white chocolate, milk chocolate or pralines! All thecash obtained will fill your piggy bank in this candy and chococlicker!Choco Land is a clicker adventure filled with chocolates.Ask your family about their favorite chocolate flavors. Tell youricing and chocolate chef to prepare them and start selling yourmanufacture to the real chocolate lovers in this businessmanagement game! Become a clicker tycoon selling icing, filling ordark chocolate in every candy store! You will manufacture a famouschocolate bar all over the world if you are able to master thechocolatier business management and the sweet shop company of thiscash clicker. Choco Land is a delicious adventure for kids: getmore money to unlock upgrades and find new and mysterious featureswhich will pop up while you are playing and win extra points byclicking! You will need to deal with lots of entertaining chocolatestuff and it will get harder and harder as soon as you reach thenext level of the business managment adventure: This is one of themost comprehensive clicker games of the market! Make your chocolateshops with different type of candies and grow as much as you can inthis clicker! Become a clicker tycoon and get rich building yourown chocolate shop empire in the best incremental idle clickeradventure.CLICKER SIMULATION & IDLE GAMEThis funny idle andclicker game is very intuitive to play. Click on the chocolates toget more money and cash to unlock new features that will help youto manufacture more chocolates, get more money and a better scoreon this clicker game.Play as factory manager or chef and run thechocolaterie of your dreams in this business management adventure!Start now your own store full of chocolates and earn a lot ofcash!Share the results of your games in Twitter, Facebook andGoogle+.Good luck with these chocolates!By installing this app youagree to the following privacy policy:
Cool Skater Miami Street Cops 1.0.0
Skater, do you love skating? Then this free racing game is exactlywhat you’re looking for! Skate as fast as you can or the policewill catch you!Miami is very concerned about the huge amount ofskaters... This is why the city laws prohibit skateboarding. Nowthat skateboarding is not allowed anymore there is an uproar –Miami‘s skaters are very angry!Skater, get on the skateboard andstart skating in this funny skateboarding game - and above all:skate fast!In this exciting skater race you will need to escapefrom the police cars. Choose a cool skater character and enjoy theaddictive racing! This funny game give it‘s players many options!No matter if you are a boy or a girl! You will have the chance tododge street police and become a cool skater! The police cars aredistributed randomly making the skater hops on his board and startsdodging police cars! Enjoy!
Cop Car Chase 🚨 Police Robber Racing City Crime 2.11.6
You are a police officer and robbers are blowing up police carsduring a police cars escape... Drive police cars while you check itout driving police cars in this kids cars for free simulator!Youare on your way now to stop the police cars escape! Do not let thecriminals escape and caught them while they drive offroad policecars! You will need to be very quick jeep driving in these kidscars for free games so you can arrest the criminals involved inthis police cars crime: Drive offroad police cars and let´s startthis kids cars for free racing game! There is a lot of police carsand you will have to drive offroad police cars in fast-paced policecars races!- Run with our police cars to get the robbers in anextreme kids cars for free race full of jeep driving traffic - Youhave to be fast to drive these kids cars for free!- Incrediblerealistic jeep driving and police cars graphics- There is few timeleft in this police cars game for free: Drive offroad police carsin these kids cars for free games!- These kids cars for free gamesare appropriate for children and adults who love to drive offroadpolice cars and kids cars for freeTake seriously this offroad kidscars for free game. Drive offroad police cars and chase the robbersin this police cars challenge! Are you ready to drive offroadpolice cars?Twitter:
F18 Planes Real Air Battle 1.3.0
You brag about being the best plane pilot of the army! You love toshow off flying acrobatics at fast speed with F18 air planes. Todayyou have the mission to patrol over the Chihuahuan desert andreport anything unusual. Your commander saw something strange goingon in this area. He did not mentioned if it will be dangerous orwhat is going on over there so you have to fly carefully over thisdesert watching every movement.You just saw some shadowsapproaching to your F18 plane but you need to get closer to seethem better... Oh my god! Those air planes look like real UFO! Andthere are lots of them! It looks like they are preparing for thebattle! Return to the army base immediately and report to yourofficers! Get out of here now! Do not start the battle alone, thereare too may of them! - 3D flying simulator game with amazing F18planes- Speed up button to accelerate your fun race, tight curvesat maximum speed and real driving maneuvers- Intuitive mobile gamecontrols which makes it easier to immerse yourself in this planeraces- Choose the difficulty level of your race by selecting one ofour different air planes- Fly through the landscape of theChihuahuan desert in incredible races!- You have the complicatemission to survive in an UFO attack inside one of the most amazingwar aircrafts, the F18- Different type of UFO spaceships give thisgames a greater realismThe battle is about to start! Are you readyfor real action?Do not forget to share your games onFacebook!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Sea Shark World 1.3.0
Get a piece of the Caribbean Sea in this sharks game! Enter into afascinating journey through one of the world's biggest predator whohas always dominated the sea. Play in a race full of obstacles withone of the biggest animal of the world: the Great White Shark!-Survive in the wildness of the sea in an infinite race for thesupremacy of the Atlantic ocean- Intuitive game controls and rules-Swim with your favourite shark as fast as you can to improve yourranking in this addictive game- Pure wildness and survival races todominate the sea world!- Appropriate for kids and adults who lovesharks gamesWelcome to the animal life in the sea! The Great WhiteShark is already waiting for you!Do not forget to share with yourfriends the highest scores of your games on Facebook! Ready forthis sharks races?Twitter:
🐾 Kitten Cat Simulator Game🐾 1.3.0
The cutest kitten cats await you in this funny animal game!Run fastwith your cute cat and outrun other cats who want to win thesimulator race!Do not let enemies or dogs make you stumble!Bringyour cat to victory in a great game for kids, girls & boys!Donot miss the opportunity to enjoy a kitten game where the laughsare assured!Get the best cat simulator! Your friends already haveit!Follow us on Twitter: @LabCaveLike us on
Cross Moto Racing Adventure 2.11.2
Start your motorbike and come to the crazy motorcycle race throughthe countryside!Be the best motocross driver of the world! Are youthe most skillful driving your bike? Prove it!RealisticgraphicsWatch out the sheep! The graphics are so realistic that youwill feel the fresh country air on your skin. Do not get distractedand be careful with the animals!Choose your motorbike!The fastest,largest or your favorite color. Your favorite motorbike is in thisgame!Easy controlsLearning to drive this motorbike will be easy aspie, it's so easy! Have fun since the very first minute!Andremember: endless race = endless funTwitter:
Train Driving Simulator Games 1.0.0
★★ Train Driving Simulator Games ★★Jump in best train simulator!Play now and get to your destination!Enjoy the best trending trainsimulator! Choose your favorite train and compete in a race full ofsurprises!Trains run at full speed in landscapes similar to thewest!Keep your passengers safe by dodging the dangerous traintraffic!If you are not afraid of challenges you might become thebest train driver in history!Follow us on Twitter: @LabCaveLike uson Facebook:
Blocky Dogfight Airplane Game 1.0.0
Something is going on at Area 51. It seems that the enemies brokeinto the base and want to steal the biggest secrets of thecountry!You have been selected for the most important air mission!Pilot the airplanes and defeat the crooks!Overfly the desert onyour new fighter aircraft and don´t stop shooting until there is noairplane alive but yours.Dodge, fly hard, and avoid the attacksfrom the enemies airplanes.There are only two options: or the goodones win, or the evil force gets the crown. It´s on you to become ahero as an airplane pilot!Are you ready for the biggest battleever? Will your airplane be a bunch of scrap metal or the nexthero? Try it now!Twitter:
Shark Attack to Pirate Ship 1.0.0
Free your shark from the pirate attack!Download now the best gameof sharks against pirate ships who will not hesitate to end up withyour life. Your goal is to survive the attack.The war has begun:The pirate ships want to conquer the ocean. Take control of themost dangerous animal of the sea and avoid the evil pirate shipstrying to capture you.Drive your shark through the ocean dodgingattacks from pirate ships who want to conquer the paradise islandsof the Caribbean where your shark has its home.To save your life inthis war, you must avoid all the pirates who want to captureyou.Features of this animal game:- Addictive arcade game wheresharks are the heroes.- Pirate ship with different levels ofdifficulty- Entertaining sharks and pirates gameSwim with yourshark in the best simulation game and BREAK THE RECORD! The fartheryou get in this sea race, the more points you get. Get the highestscore, escape from every pirate boat and show your friends what youcan do! You can also share with your friends your score onFacebook, Twitter and Google+ . Be the king of the ocean!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook:
Scary Halloween Scarecrow 1.3.0
Do you know why we have scarecrows in the cemetery?Every year,during the Halloween night, thousends of crows came into thecemetery and start mourning for the souls we lost.Their grief is sodeep, noisy and scary that it is said they wake up the ghosts...For years, many odd events took place in the town during theHalloween night. A lot of people got scared and claimed for asolution. In that moment, the priest decided to install scarecrowsin the cemetery and blessed them so they can keep the town free ofcrows on Halloween.Play the role of a scarecrow in the cemetery inthis Halloween game trying to frighten all the crows you find tokeep the city safe: Do not let the crows invoke the ghosts!->Choose a scarecrow to frighten all the crows and birds of thecemetery in a scary race in this Halloween night-> Try to befast enough to scare all the crows in this funny games-> Do notget confident in this scary race: That what will make adifference!-> The more you practice, the better you will run inthis addictive game-> Easy and intuitive mobile controls forthis scary races-> Appropriate for children and adults who loveHalloween games -> This amazing game is compatible with everymobile deviceDo not forget to share the scores of this scarecrowraces with your friends on Facebook!Have fun!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook:
🐮 Cow Run! - UFO Farm FREE 1.0.0
Rescue the farm animals from the UFOs!Have you ever heard about UFOabducting a cow!?According to USA Newspapers around 8000 cows wereabducted by UFOs before they were mutilated and thrown back down toearth over the southern of United States, isn´t it incredible!?Cowsabductions started over the 60´s. UFOs came to Earth at that timeand farmers did not know what happened with their animals. Theywere just disappearing. They thought they were being stolen andthey built higher fences to stop the robbery. But the abductionsnever stopped. On the other hand, cows and other farm animals werewitness of these UFO abductions and were aware of the UFO danger: Asecret never revealed.Now that you know about the UFOs story, youwill have to help the cows to escape from the UFOs.Rescue the farmcows to dodge every UFO they see on a survival race in the farm. Donot let them take any cow! Once the animal is abducted, they willmake crazy experiments with them! Go and get the cow! Some featuresof this addictive racing game:- Choose the difficulty levels of therace before you start by selecting your favourite cow- Racing gameswith realistic scene of a farm at night and incredible graphics!-Easy mobile controls in this animal races- Intuitive game rules-Control your cow at incredible fast speed races- Share the highestscores of your games with your friendsThe animals of the farm arewaiting to be rescued! Please help them!Twitter:
Pixel Plane Survival Gun Hero 1.6.0
Have you ever wanted to use clever strategy in air combat game withpixel and retro style to have tons of fun?Now it is your chance toplay pixel survival gun hero and show in an air war who is the bestpilot. You need to avoid missiles and fire guns from your enemies.Be fast enough and skilled to take them down with a single shoot.Winning the war is not easy you will face different enemies withdifferent skills dodge, shoot and fly at the same time.It does notmatter anything in the amazing plane game simulator with pixel art.You are the captain of your destiny. Don’t wait any longer anddownload Pixel Plane Survival Gun Hero to and fly shoot and killother planes. There are different planes and fire power to up greatyour war plane you need to start from 0 facing easy enemies andthen the most powerful once. Cool gameplay, intuitive design andcontrols, amazing pixel retro graphics art, so you live the mostexciting game in all your life. You will play for hours and hourskilling all your enemies and taking down aircrafts inspired in theII world war air combat planes. Download the game now for FREEMainFeatures:• 3D Graphic Design• Planes Inspired In The Ww2 War•Varied And Powerful Aircrafts Shoot Power• Beautiful And RealisticEnvironments• Smooth And Intuitive Flying Control System!• Easy ToLearn Hard To Master• A Lot Of Upgrades And Special Weapons• CoolLighting And Special Effects• Survival And Arcade Mode• RealtimePhysics• Craft Planes Artist And SoundsSurvival type mine miniedition game with craft airplanes and amazing action you can havein your pocket.Follow us on Twitter: @LabCaveLike us on
Online Wolf Games For Free 1.0.0
An eclipse made all the wild animals of the forest go crazy!Nowdeer and bears are friends! And they have a mission to accomplishtogether: to attack the wolves and get them out of the forest.Butyour mission is quite different: you must defend and protect thewolves and defeat their enemies.Choose your favorite wolf and don´tstop running until the package is safe!Don´t crush, don´t becaught, show your great ability!Avoid bears and deer traps! Bringthe harmony back to the forest so any wolf can leave in peace.Trynow the best wolf simulator ever, it´s perfect and fun at anyage!What at you waiting for? Wolves need you right now!Set free thewolf in you!SOCIAL MEDIATwitter:
SWAT - Police Elite Forces 1.3.0
SWAT Police Elite Forces were born in response to an alarmingincrease in bank robberies. Their mission was to react quickly tobank robberies while they were in progress. As years went by, SWATPolice Elite forces were introduced to fight in the war on drugs.Nowadays they operate as a tactical unit under the detective branchfor certain high-risk situations. Do you want to be part of thisbig team? Enroll in the SWAT Police Elite Forces in this addictivegame!As a SWAT member, tonight´s mission is to find some criminalsthat threatened to use a bomb in the city center. This terroristsare a very important target: You need to drive fast to stop thisterrorist attack on time! Cross the streets of the city at nightwith your car and arrest the terrorists red-handed! Do not let themescape! Be prepared for this funny game full of action!- Run in aninfinite race to save the city: Capture the criminals on time!-Control your car in incredible fast speed races- This games arevery intuitive to play- Easy mobile controls for this police eliteforces races- The more you practice, the better you will race inthis police car simulator- Cool graphics and landscape during thisfunny raceDo not forget to share the score of your games viaFacebook!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
🚸 Running Kids Subway on Fire 1.6.0
Running Kids Subway on FireThe emergency alarm is ringing! Someoneset fire on a train and the whole subway is burning... And you aretrapped inside!A message is delivered through the subwayloudspeakers: "Please keep calm, do not panic and do not runbecause the firefighters are on their way..."People are in state ofpanic, a lot of them are shouting, screaming and running, kids arecrying, some people are asking for help and there is a lot ofdarkness. Total chaos! Flames are over the whole subway and thereare boxes, cables and a lot of staff burning everywhere... You aretrying to keep calm but you do not know if the firefighters willmake it on time. So you conclude that the best option is to run foryour life!You are a brave kid, let´s get out of here!In thissurvival race game you will need to take care for your life on yourown. It is a challenging anime race and there is no other way toscape from the fire but to keep going, stay calm but remainvigilant: Prepare yourself for this amazing race! Are youready?ANIME RACE WITHOUT ENDIn this exciting game you are an animecharacter running for your life and trying to avoid every obstacleyou find. You will need to be careful: You won't know exactly whereto step!- Realistic scene with incredible anime graphics!- Fastpaced running race avoiding all the obstacles in flames you find! -Choose the difficulty levels by selecting an anime 3D character andenjoy this addictive race! - Easy and intuitive mobil controls thatwill immerse you in this funny games- All the obstacles arerandomly distributed at the start of each checkpoint, making italways a fresh experience at the beginning of each game: pureadrenaline!- Appropriate for kids and adults who love animegamesThe subway is still on fire...Will you be able to safe thekids?Do not forget to share your highest score of the games withyour friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook:
Slither Snakes & Worms 3D 1.3.0
Control the snake! Slither, crawl and move around other snakes andworms in addictive races in this game! The space is full of uniqueand dangerous animals: Try not to get eaten by a worm or anothersnake! Other slither animals will try to beat you, be careful!Patrol through the space among other snakes and worms and try tosurvive! How long can you last amongst these animals?Try to getfaster dodging every snake on your way. Slither Snakes & Worms3D is designed for every mobile device.Develop your slither snakeskills now! This is an infinite survival race! - Choose yourfavourite snake- Nice 3D graphics- Nitro button to speed up thegames- Smooth gameplay with mobile controls- Try to win yourhighest score without getting caught by an animal- Slither throughdangerous snakes and worms fast to achive the highest score on theraces- Easy controls- Realistic game - Race against one of the mostdisgusting animal: the worm- Play as many times as you want in thisincredible game race.- Conquer the moon!Play with your friends andshare the highest scores of the different games on Twitter,Facebook and Google+.Twitter:
Skateboard Fire Run! 1.3.0
The alarm is ringing! There´s a fire in the subway! Everybodyout!You are stuck in the subway tracks and you start to smell thesmoke of the fire... People are in panic and running in differentdirections because nobody knows where is the main focus or how didit started. There is no information at all! All you know is thatyou have to get the hell out of here: The fire is spreading acrossthe subway very fast! You are a professional skater: Do nothesitate and start riding with your skateboard to escape from theflames and save your life! Time is very valuable in this emergency!Run with your skateboard and find your way out! The race won´t beeasy because there are flames and obstacles all over the tracks butif you stay you won´t have any chance to survive... The fire isspreading too fast and the firefighters will not make it on time.Now is the time to prove your skater skills: Good luck!-> Skatein the city subway avoiding all the obstacles you find in racesfull of adrenaline! -> Beware of the obstacles on fire! Enjoy aride without end in this amazing thrilling skateboarding game!-> Speed up and run accurate! Any slip and you will crash offyour skateboard!-> Master your skater skills: Practising theseskateboarding races will improve your skills-> Get as manypoints as you can to increase your ranking-> Appropriate forchildren and adults who love skateboarding games-> Thisaddictive game is available for every mobile deviceThis racethrough the city subway will switch on your adrenaline! Grab yourskateboard and start a crazy race in the subway!Share the scores ofyour games with your friends on Facebook!Twitter:
Jurassic Dragons | Fly & Fight 1.0.0
The war has come. The North Wall has fallen and now the brutes areattacking the city. Their goal is to take away your throne.Everything is on fire, and there are no heroes to defeat theinvaders. Except for one: the great dragon of fire. Become adragonOpen your wings and take off! Your city needs you! You willneed all your ability to fly through the burning streets and avoidthe attacks of the brutes, who want to kill you at any chance.EpicscenarioAncient streets, medieval houses, and the fire burning outthe city to ashes. Enjoy a realistic scenario that will transportyou to a world of magic where everything is possible. Even become adragon!Fly as real dragons: fearlessSpit fire, become a scarydragon, the hero of the city! Get your claws and fry your enemieswith your flame-thrower mouth.This is the only dragon racesimulator you will love, where you can fly like a real dragon. Whatare you waiting for?Open your wings and take off! Your throne is indanger!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Dinosaur Hunt War Tanks Combat 2.11.2
The city bridge is full of soldiers and combat tanks... what ishappening? We are on the year 3195. For several years dinosaurscoexist with humans in freedom and peacefully. Despite this,dinosaurs are not convinced about leaving humans ruling. Theymistreat and hunt animals and dinosaurs and ruled the worldhigh-handedly. Now dinosaurs are ready to win over the humancities. The war against humans has started.We are powerful animals,tired of being hunted, and now we want to rule the entire world.Humans are weak and they can not hunt us if we are all together.Are you ready to go to war on our side!?When you are ready, juststart playing this amazing game full of action. Try to take overthe city full of combat tanks, weapons and soldiers. You are astrong dinosaur, the hero of this funny game, and they will try tohunt you.The war is getting more and more violent and as a dinosauryou have to run through the city as far as you can to let peopleknow that dinosaurs are already conquering the world. For themission of this animal race games you can choose one of ourfearsome dinosaur leaders and start the race through the city tospread terror amongst humans. Your main goal is to survive thetanks attacks in a continued race towards the freedom of dinosaurs.Humans will be trying to hunt you. Combat tanks will be alsowaiting for you and the war will never end until a dinosaur achievethe highest score in this addictive races for your survival. Whatdinosaur will you pick up for the combat for this funny game?Do notforget to share with your friends your highest score of the bestraces of this animal games on Twitter, Facebook andGoogle+!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Moto GP Speed Racing Challenge 2.11.3
Fancy moto gp racing games? Imagine racing on your motorbike justfor the fun of it when suddenly you realise you've lost your way!You are now speeding on a terrifying road through a creepyforest... Urban legends say that there is a ghosts of a mysteriousgirl hiding in the curves, scaring car and motorcycle racingdrivers who drive too fast... Can you finish this racing gamesafely and get out of the deep forest on your motorbike?Play nowthis terrifying moto GP race adventure with realistic motorcycleGP! You've never gone for a moto GP race like this one! Let's seeif you can make it till the end! Start racing now!
Puppies! Dogs and Cats Game 1.3.0
You are such a lovely puppy! You are adorable! And your carerpampers you so much! Your life in the dogs' home is great! Thereare plenty of dogs and cat puppies playing with you allday.Unfortunately it is just a temporary stay until a family adoptsyou. And that day has come: A man came today and told your carerthat he will take care of you. He has already some dog and catpuppies at home and want a third little dog, so he tooks you to hishome.His house is on a residential area where other cats and dogslive together and everything seems to be very nice... but you loveyour carer, you are loyal to him and you do not want to life here.You rather be in the dogs' home! So you decided to escape from yournew owner´s house! It will be a long and dangerous journey sobeware of the street cats that may come after you!- You are asweety puppy dog racing to the dogs' home: It is a dangerous racewhere you will have to beware of street dogs and cats that will seea little dog puppy like you and may want to hurt you - Try to bethe fastest dog puppy in this dogs and cats game!- Speed up in asurvival race until you reach the dogs´home avoiding every catcoming to you- Animal life means survival: Run or die in thisraces! Any angry cat could be waiting for you on any corner- Usewisely the features of this funny simulator game to help you toimprove in your races- Share the scores of your games with yourfriends on Facebook!Can you take this cute puppy through the cityon a simulation race? Have fun with this animal games!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook:
Sheep Racing Adventure Game 3D 1.0.0
Wolves have attacked your peaceful farm to eat every sheep!Nowsheeps are running around madly. Choose your sheep and save it! Youcan also choose the level of difficulty to play for hours withoutstopping."Perfect for kids""A unique animal race game""Super fun!Beautiful sheeps"Don't stop running if you do not want to becomedinner wolf! Save your sheep!Help an indie developer to make moregames! Give us 5 stars,it's free! :-)Twitter:
City Train Driving Experience 1.3.0
Drive a realistic locomotive and have fun on a train race in thecity at night!We love all about trains: the motor, the tracks andthe train signals! This is the reason why we create this simulatorgame!In this funny train games you will be driving through the cityat night on a fast-paced race full of obstacles. If you are apassionate of this whole train driving experience, this is theplace for you! -> Experience trains races in the city drivingthe most amazing and newest train models-> Game with differentlevels and increasing difficulty as you progress further in therace-> When you start to drive, the time will be counted: Youhave to be fast to reach the checkpoints on time-> Realisticraces and landscape with incredible graphics!-> This funnyracing games are appropriate for children and adults-> Gameavailable for every mobile deviceJoin our train lovers club andstart racing in this addictive game!Twitter:
Samurai's Creed - Ninja War - Warrior Clan Fight 2.11.4
You are a descendant of a powerful lineage of samurais, a warriorfamily. You were grown in the creed of samurais and you assume thisSamurai's creed like yours. You have the blood of a professionalassassin running through your veins!On the opposite side, there areninja clans coming also from great warriors families with an honourcode: Protect the population and finish up with all the samuraiassassins. This is an open war between these ninja clans andsamurais! Are you going to honour your samurai's creed?- Chooseyour favourite samurai to start an endless race fighting for yoursurvival in the middle of the war between samurais and ninjas!-Realistic scene of a medieval town at night with incrediblegraphics!- Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favouritecharacter and enjoy this funny game!- Fast paced races were youneed to avoid every enemy attack - Easy mobile control for allskill levels that will help you to immerse in this addictive games-All the obstacles are randomly distributed at the start of eachcheckpoint, making races always a fresh experience- Appropriate forkids and adults who love ninja games Are you ready to stop theninjas? Start now this race and find it out yourself!You can sharethe highest scores of the game with your friends on Facebook andTwitter!By installing this app you agree to the following privacypolicy:
2017 Moto GP Racing - Speed Motorbike Competition 2.11.4
★★ Become the best moto GP driver 2017 in this racing game! ★★Drivein tonight's competition! Enjoy the experience of racing yourfavourite moto GP 2017 in a fast-paced race full of speed!- Choosea moto GP for this challenge. Each motorbike has unique features,so choose the best motorbike that fits with you!- Remember not toslow down in these games full of extreme races! - In this 2017motos races game you will not get bored! Races can be repeated allover again!- This moto GP racing game is appropriate for childrenand adults Have fun in these addictive races and good luck!Byinstalling this app you agree to the following privacy policy:
Anime Ninja Mortal Combat 1.6.0
As you went out of your home, you heard some strange noises... Yougot closer and saw a group of ninjas running away. It was very darkand you didn´t actually see anything, but now ninjas are goingafter you: You were in the wrong place at a wrong time! Ninjas arecruel mercenaries who use their fighting skills to assassinate andare always prepared for a mortal combat: They will not let youescape alive!Some features of this anime game:- Start running asfast as you can avoiding every ninja you see. Remember: They areprofessional killers so do not let them get you!- In this fastpaced races you need to avoid every enemy attack or mortal combat -Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favourite animecharacter and enjoy this funny race! - Improve your ranking in aworldwide competition in this ninja game- Realistic scene at nightwith incredible anime graphics!- Easy mobile control for all skilllevels that will immerse you in this addictive games- Appropriatefor kids and adults who love anime and ninja games Prepare yourselffor an exciting race against ninjas and share the highest scores ofyour races with your friend on Facebook!Enjoy!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook: