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Car Racing V1 - Games 1.0.7
Download and Play our new "FREE" game - "Car Racing V1” on GooglePlay!Car Racing V1 is a free car racing game with two differentmodes. Play against your opponents or race your car in time mode.Race your car in 12 different countries around the world. You needto win the race to unlock next level. Play against opponents to winthe title. Score bonus points and collect coins to buy new cars tocompete with real tough opponents. Unlock new achievements to sharewith your friends. If you are a fan of car racing games then youwill love to play it.Game Features:*Thrilling speed racing game.*12countries to unlock.*It's a FREE game.*AMAZING graphics andsoundtrack/music.*ACHIEVEMENTS badges and car upgrades instore.*ONLINE leader boards with a new ranking system in GooglePlay.*SHARE and challenge your friends on facebook & GooglePlus.How to Play:*Tap to race car*Tilt to control steer.Check outour free games previews, game trailers, videos and more free appsin the future.Like us onFacebook: game issuitable for all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of allages.So get ready for reckless racing!Install and Play our "new"racing game for FREE on Android now!
Cars - Unstoppable Speed X 6.0
Cars - Unstoppable Speed X It’s a highway of danger and risk outthere! Get set for loads of thrill and action. The fantasy stuntcity is full of NEW challenges that’ll keep you glued to thecontrols. Massive jumps,spiked gates, smashing other cars--youhaven’t seen anything like this before. Handle your missionstactfully and avoid the trouble of the perilous journey as much aspossible. The high marks you get is depending on the speed of yourcar, how long you drive away and how many edge-drift you execute.Earn cash to unlock and upgrade 20 high-performance vehicles. drivefast and collect power ups to boost your speed. extreme speedphysics and realistic 3D surroundings. More features: 20 differentsports cars for your choice: off road suv, muscle car, luxury carand more. Beautiful HD graphic scenarios: vice city, endless plain,wild desert. True driving simulation: virtual but based on realdriving. If you face any troubles while installing, please reportto us. We will resolve it at the earliest.
Speedway Challenge 1.4
Get ready for the speedway challenge!Download to PLAY your newRacing game "Speedway challenge" on Google play now!Do you likefast racing cars? Do you like Speed? If you are a fan of speedracing motors & sports cars then you will love this game.Compete with extreme difficult opponents to win the race. Selectyour vehicle and start racing now! You need to be REAL fast!Collect the cash & upgrade your racing machines to be incompetition. Enjoy, yet another Drag Racing game from Timuz! GAMEFEATURES:-*100% FREE game play.*UPGRADE different cars to race.*NEW Realistic physics to feel. *Amazing drag racing simulationfeatures.*Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views. *Smoothracing controls & Tilt sensors.*UNLOCK different world tracks& new missions.*Google Play Game Services integrated for leaderboards and achievements.*UNLOCK new achievements to challenge yourfriends on leader board.*Share on Facebook and Google Plus.How toPlay:-Tap your phone/tablet on your right side to race and controlthe speed.Tilt your device to control steering of your racingcar.Tap on left to apply brake & turn the car.Check out ourfree games previews, game trailers, videos and more free apps inthe future.Game Videos and Trailers:- SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW UPDATES& NEWLEVELS us onFacebook:- SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW UPDATES & NEWLEVELS game is suitablefor all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of allages.Install and Play your new game in racing game category –Speedway Challenge for free on Android now!This game is COMPATIBLEwith all mobile devices of android phones & tablets like nexus,samsung, lg, nokia, motorola, panasonic, HTC, Sony etc above 2.2and up.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments. We will try to fix it as soonas possible. To get new updates of Timuz games, Please subscribe uson facebook, Youtube and Twitter!
Fidget Spinner 2017
In 2017 Fidget Spinner, Use your fingers torotate and wipe to start the spin of the fidget-spinner. Keepswiping to make a bigger score. Hop on the latest trend and chooseyour favorite one.Explore the addicting tool : free 3D hand-spinner. This tool offersup to 30 types of hand spinners in this game. More will be added sostay tuned for upcoming updates!Now these stress relieving toys come to your hand on android. Withthis simulator game, you no longer need a real one! You have 5swipes to set the best-spin you can. You will see a beautiful 3Deffect, which changes due to the different rotation speed.It will raise the mood, increase concentration, charge positiveemotions and relieve fatigue.2017 Fidget Spinner Features:1. 3D super cool spinners to spin.2. Realistic simulator with authentic spinning physics3. Dozens of spinners to choose from.Spin this addictive tool with your finger to be the fidget-spinnerpro! Enjoy this latest raging trend!
Impossible Tracks 2 1.0
Impossible Tracks 2 simulator delivers an exciting and challengingdriving experience that will make you feel like driving realcars.The tracks are impossible to drive on, just be careful and go.While driving the cars, take care of obstacles and flyinghelicopters other wise your vehicle will crash. Roads areimpossible to drive and one mistake can cause a huge destruction toyour vehicle.Take to the skies to drive through narrow gaps betweenskyscrapers, jump off stunt jumps and ramps, perform flips, barrelsrolls; you have total freedom to do anything you want in our 3D carstunt simulation game. Choose your 4x4 car among multiple superGrand luxuries cars with super suspension and realistic breakingphysics.Game Features:1. Awesome quality 3D graphics.2. Loads ofchallenging missions.3. Amazing cargo trucks to upgrade.4.Realistic 3D truck physics.5. Addictive game play with lots of fun.
Crazy Bike Stunts 1.1
Crazy Bike Stunts is all about motorbike balance, skills and insanestunt action. Perform super-stunts, do awesome back flips andthrilling front flips to get a 3 star rating! Negotiate hundreds ofobstacles including ramps, jumbo tires, rocks, planks and more inthis exciting racing games. It is an extreme test of skills, overall kinds of obstacles, both natural and man-made. This 3D racinggame takes you through a world of adventure and super cool 3Dcharacters. Here is your chance to step up and prove that you arethe most intense and competitive biker! Your goal in this extremeracing game is to successfully complete several stunt levelsthrough dangerous tricky paths. There are multiple challenginglevels to complete and become a pro biker. Crazy Bike StuntsFeatures:1. Unique super bikes to upgrade.2. Breathtaking 3Dgraphics.3. Around 20 stunning levels to ride.4. Easy to learn upbut hard to master.5. Massive upgrades and astounding tracks.6.Realistic motorbike physics and fast-paced game play.
Impossible BMX
Impossible BMX brings to you the best of bikes racing and stuntsimulation on challenging and risky tracks. This sky high gameoffers freestyle stunts that include ramp jumps, air stunt, skaterstunts and spectacular biker tricks on challenging paths. Enjoythis mid air madness on your bike! Control your speed and manoeuvrecarefully or you may crash and lose the level.To master bicycleriding tricks on the zigzag roads you need to ride slow withaccuracy. The jaw dropping massive height of these race courseswill make your heart pump fast. Become an ultimate bikes rider heroof tracks and show epic stunt skills dodging extreme obstacles onnarrow tracks and maintaining perfect balance. Flip your bicycle tochange direction, maintain perfect balance over narrow trails, makesuper high jumps on ramps and reach end point while completingthrilling biker riding missions. Impossible BMX Game Features:Rewards after completing each riding obstacle course. Unique Cameraangles for better biking simulation. Eye catching realistic 3Denvironment. Easy & addictive gameplay.
Dinosaur Simulator - Dino Game 1.1
Jurassic Dino Simulator is all about experiencing the thrill ofbeing the king of all dinosaurs as he rules the land in theprehistoric ancient period and hunts for prey! These horrifyingsimulators are a unique game with amazingly realistic physics. Youcan go back to prehistoric epic age to destroy the modern city andmany more exciting locations to hunt. Become a crazy andbloodthirsty dinosaur and hunt for all kinds of creatures anddestroy everything. The best part is in this epic game thedinosaurs are not extinct. You will find many different kinds ofwild dangerous animals ever seen in this game. Each level haschasing, killing and blood spilling effects which will be thrillingwill drive you crazy. You can have fun while hunting for food andcontrolling real dinosaurs with a roar! Capture the thrillingexperiences on this adventurous trip of horror and blood thirstyanimals.Jurassic Dino Simulator Features:*Realistic soundeffects*Awesome graphics *New thrilling adventures*Actual thrill ofchases*Fabulous City Environments
Police Car Driving Simulator 1.5
Police Car Driving Simulator is the best car driving simulator gameof 2018 , thanks to its Awesome 3D graphics and advance carphysics. Enter your COP vehicle and search the streets.. Equipyourself with the best cars and ammo to keep yourself safe in thiscrime city. This realistic precision car driving simulator gameallows you to play the role of the top COP.Taking the role of thepolice, you drive around the cities in a fast racing around thecity as you want. Make your choice between cities,off road andspeed cars. Drive on the map and find one of the 20 spots to launcha mission. Finish the course as fast as possible. So speed up yoursteel, pass through the rings and checkpoint with furious stuntskills and mark your name in the cops drive. Dynamic camera angles,witness your amazing stunts from multiple views! Realistic vehicledamage, every hit and scrape shown with each collision. Put on yourbadge and start the engine. You have a reputation to maintain, anda city to save! Win drift racing, in one of the best game of"Police Car Driving simulator"Game Features : - Free to Play!- 30levels- 10 COP vehicle upgrades- Smooth easy to learn controls -Dynamic crash animations- Highly detailed 3D environments-Compatible with all devices including tablets- Realistic vehiclephysics.- Addictive game-play with lots of fun.- 15 awesome andluxuries cars- Different controls, steering wheel, arrows oraccelerator.Download now and Enjoy the realistic driving simulatorgame with the best and accurate car driving physics engine.
City Car Driving : Endless Racing Game
"City Car Driving : Endless Racing Game" is a crazy game that youabsolutely can not miss. Use your excellent driving skills to winthis performance race. Collect as many coins as you can to unlockvarious amazing high performance cars. Handle your missionstactfully and avoid the trouble of the perilous journey as much aspossible. Reach impossible speeds by expertly timing gear changesand race in the city to bursts of nitro in this simulation. Take onthe challenge and beat the high score to set a new maximum worldspeed record! Massive jumps, race, spiked gates, smashing othercars that you haven’t seen anything like this before. Experiencethe vehicle physics while making interactions between the vehicles,environments & tracks. Conquer all the tracks in Crazy Racer3D. Participate in time based simulation missions to stack upamazing & exclusive rewards! City Car Driving : Endless RacingGame features: 1. Customize and upgrade your rides with over numberof high performing cars. 2. Stunning 3D graphics and highlydetailed environments. 3. A stunning visual masterpiece on mobile.4. Best simulation controls. 5. 3D realistic cockpit view.
Bike Racing - Water Stunts
In "Bike Racing", ride multiple stuntMOTORBIKE, increase your speed and score high in this real racingchallenge! Negotiate hundreds of obstacles including ramps, jumbotires, rocks, planks and more in this exciting motorcycle stuntgame. Ride as fast as you can to become the best bike racer in theworld! The faster you drive the higher you score. Each level of thebike racing is more challenging and more exciting than the previousone! So start your MOTORBIKE as fast as possible and reach thedestination to win. Be the best riders.Fast speed may not always be required at some hurdles you need tobe slow down by applying brakes button. Experience the fastest andmost exhilarating biking. Take control of your racing wheel andfeel like a real biker and rush through the amazing race! Ridethrough a variety of impossible tracks while enjoying the realisticmotorcycle bike-physics and fast-paced game-play. If you want toparticipate in this riding you have to choose your favoriteMOTORBIKE before it starts. Here is your chance to step up andprove that you are the most intense and competitive racebiker!Bike Racing - Water Stunts Game Features:1. Number of amazing motor bikes to upgrade.2. Dynamic and challenging levels to compete.3. Realistic bike-physics and fast-paced biking game-play.
Hill Climb Bicycle Rider
Hill Climb Bicycle Ride : Biking is great forpreserve fitness while climbing hill. So, become a high-qualityfreestyle cyclist. Let's go and start riding your super BMX in thisrealistic racing simulator! It’s time to show your real off roadcrazy stunts, obstacle and hills climbing experience by drivingcycle on mountain tracks. Face the challenges of unique climbingenvironments with many different cycles. This is very thrillinggame. You have to follow the arrow symbols for the right way andcross the finish lane. This race has no fuel and gas restriction,so start your cycle as fast as possible and reach to destination towin.This mountains bike simulate offers some stunts that includesfreestyle roof top with ramp tracks and highway rider tricks onpaths. You may have played other BMX bike games but in thissimulate you can experience a BMX bicycle racer on possible track.You have to show your extraordinary skills with real citysimulation. If you want to participate in this cycling you have tochoose your favourite motorcycle before it starts. Satisfy yourcycling passion and Compete the monster hero on happy wheels to getsensation of cyclist challenge.Be the good racer and you can select one of your amazing heavybicycles, which can use for race in mountain climbing and racingmania environment. Cross the impossible hurdles and flip throughthe mid-air difficult tracks while performing the insane acrobaticstunts. Watch out, the road is tricky and has obstacles, you needto focus on your riding and avoid to falling down and crash withothers things. Fast speed may not always be required at somehurdles you need to be slow down by applying brakes button. Controlyour cycles to climbing mountains with most realisticcontrol.Get ready to take an adventurous drove and enjoy a revivingexperience in front of jam-packed arena in this blend of multiplecycles games. Hill Climb Bicycle Ride improves your freestyleskills so that you can prove that you are an off-road legend withcycle riding. A BMX stunt includes various stages for off roadriding's. Rides through some challenging levels, under extremeweather conditions. Each level is more thrilling than the previouslevel. It’s time to superintend other racing games and enjoy thisexcellent sports rider.The graphics are fully Ultra HD to give you a complete real feelingof the surroundings. Incredible missions, real physics andoptimized truly detailed graphics for every device. Itscutting-edge 3D graphics and pleasant sound effects will certainlyentertain you. Keep focus on your mission and paddle fast to speedup, press the speed button to go fast as much as you can and tiltyour device to change the direction of your crazy motorcycle.Complete your tasks or you will lose and will have to start themission again. The mission is difficult yet not impossible. Tocontrol your motorcycle, the controls are given on yourscreen.One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based drivingsimulation ever. Different participants are taking part in thisspectacular event and showing their extraordinary skills.Racingyour cycle through each tricky level to reach your goal, can youbeat all of the extreme levels. So, this is a time to proveyourself the captain by clicking the download button of Hill ClimbBicycle Ride game. Enjoy this hills cycles for several hours andhave fun!Have fun playing this exciting simulation. If you like thissimulation, please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game.Game Features:-Lots of vehicles with unique upgrades-Realistic & Stunning Mountain Environment-Fantastic missions for you to complete-Cool graphics and smooth physics-Epic bike crashes from top of the mountains-Impossible Tracks, Ramps, Jumps, Flips and Stunts!-Excited background music-Free rides and level mode-Smooth controls with user friendly GUI.-High ramps and incredible hurdles and obstacles.
Impossible 18 Wheels Cargo Transporter 3D 1.4
Impossible 18 Wheels Cargo Transporter 3D makes you pass throughthe most difficult tasks with spectacular levels. Jump into yourvehicle and make sure the cargos reach you till the destination.Drive carefully through the tricky impossible tracks and pass allthe stops to reach the final stop. This is a brand new challenge inthe simulation world left for you to accomplish.Deliver trailersand earn money, upgrade your truck or buy more modern trucks. Thistransporter game includes lively AI traffic system with realisticengine sounds and a massive open world, different transport roadtypes and realistic truck driving physics. Take control of a megatransport business and establish yourself as the load transportingcity tycoon. This 3D driving adventure revolves around atransportation business where you play the role of a cartransporting driver & a cargos contractor. Drive 3D heavycranes to lift containers into the big trucks. When the luggagereaches the destination, then the level is complete. That's thechallenge that has to be completed in limited time.This adventurecontains multiple transport tracks. Complete one level and survivefor next drive. Every next level is different from previous. Usethe accelerator, brake, gear and staring for completion of thetracks easily in this Truck Driver game.
Towing Tractor 3D 1.5
Towing Tractor 3D lets you go on a driving adventure to choose andtow vehicles parked in the wrong spot. Test your skills, drive atruck in the simulator. Upgrade your transport and open new levels.Drive through simulator's locations and find all offroad trucks totransport them. But be accurate, don't lose any cargo. Keep drivingyour tow truck on the city roads and rescue the people introuble.Use a the mechanism to hook trucks. Transport vehicle tothe right place and earn money. Upgrade your offroad truck to drivemore accurate and move all the car in time. Become the best carrecovery service’s worker with this 3D simulator! Start your dutyas the ultimate trucking driver to lift, park and save busted andaccidental cars. Relive the experience of handling a heavy craneand forklift. To win in this free driving game, just dust of yourdriver’s hat, sit behind the wheels of your 4x4 wheeler and hit thegas. Your focus should only be on taking your towing cars jobseriously. All challenging levels awaits for you to show yourdriver and parking skills. Provide emergency services to the peoplein the modern city.
Derby Destruction Sim 2 1.3
Derby Destruction Simulator 2 a real physics based derby gamesevery made! It’s time to make your engine roar, of amazing newgame.Smash and Bang your way to the lead in this fun and excitingDerby Destruction Simulator games inspired by Racing andDestruction races all around the world. Come let us have a fundashing game of the year. The amazing sports cars stunts is here togive you the thrilling adventure of driving, drift and trashingfun. It's very easy to play, Just start your amazing cars and tryto hit and trash your opponents but buckle up and fasten your seatbelts as you smash your way to victory and become the next sportschampion of Derby Demolition Extreme Car Crash. Strive hard tosurvive long enough in "Derby Destruction Sim 2" and become theexcellent cars trashing simulator of this wonderful driving andracing simulator of 2018.Awesome game features:**Realistic vehiclesdestruction, damage deformation, and debris simulation.**Wipe outthe enemies thrilling adventure!**Realistic wreckage and damagesimulation.**Dynamic sound of the deadly crashes**A Large varietyof tricks from the simplest to the most complex.Want to prove thebest ultimate trash warrior? Then download and play this thrillingracing game and become the best dashing simulator of the year andhave real enjoyment among all dashing games in the world. All thebest...
VR Crash Parking Demolition(Google Cardboard)
Crash Parking Demolition: Play the newest and most realistic parkgame with Multi Levels. Would like to give try our free park game?But you need skills for this. Be careful while driving not tocrashes and be the king of car parkers. Crash Parking DemolitionFeatures: 1.High quality 3d stunning graphics. 2.Real physicsengine. 3.Smooth steering controls and easy game play.
Dinosaur Games - Free Simulator 2018 2.2
Dinosaur Games - Free Simulator 2018, an open world Jurassicsimulation. Explore the huge Jurassic map with your giant dino.Destroy the city, terrains and cars around you. Choose yourfavorite species of dino and wage a war. Enjoy endless hours of funfree game play. Be a carnivores and hunt down all who come in yourway. Your aim is to cause damage, walk, run, demolish, smasheverything interactive and also distress citizens. Dinosaur gamesare always fun and this one will make you go crazy. Get yourselfready for the thrilling experience. In your mission you gain pointsand experience, the faster you get them the more bonus you receive.Awesome game play with attacking animationsCheck out amazing 3Dgraphics and prehistoric jurassic park environments combined withsuperb sound effects. With stunning, realistic and highly detailed3D mountain park hill graphics get ready to explore this huge worldas a gigantic beast simulator. Unleash the beast in you with thisFREE simulator game available on the Google Store now! This game isultimate, chaotic way! Fight your way to the top of the food chainor play as a peaceful herbivore in a realistic 3D environment.Special achievements for you to accomplish.Features of DinosaurGames - Free Simulator 2018- Free to play! - A wide variety ofexciting dinosaurs.- Fight in city, forest or Jurassic world-Challenging Dinosaur Levels.- Be a giant carnivores- 10 popularDinosaurs to upgrade- Complete realistic 3D environment.- RealisticDinosaur SoundsUnleash the beast in you with this FREE dinosaursimulation game.If you have any problem in installation, pleasereport to us at We will fix it as soon aspossible.
Transporter 2018 - Cargo Truck Driving 1.4
Ready for a real Cargo Truck Driving experience. Become a realtruck driver in this transport game.Deliver cargo, passengers,trailer along the big city. Start from the bottom, earn money bydelivering cargo and get to the top. Truck driving might not bethat easy, you will have to go through lots of challenges on thehill driving. Be a real truck driver and show your driving skillsby providing an essential service to industries and to society, youwill be responsible for inspecting all your vehicles for mechanicalitems and issue elated to safety operations.Upgrade your truck orbuy more new trucks. Drive safe and carefully.Features : - Free toplay! - Variety 3D Models.- Many upgrades for each truck- RealisticPhysics.- Different City and Road Maps.- Realistic Sounds- Smoothsteering and brake systemAre you ready to take up the challenge ofthis 3D Driving adventure ? Do you think you can transport cargo,cars, oil tankers, trailers ? If yes then be ready to start thetruck and go on your journey. Drive through city, Hill climb, anddesert highway. After completing each level you will earn coins,which you can use in the garage to upgrade your trucks.Play thebest objective based cargo truck driving game.If you have anyproblem in installation, please report to us We will fix it as soon as possible.
Top Speed Racing - Formula Cars 1.1
Top Speed Racing - Formula Cars brings you the best racing gameschallenge.Race on different tranks with your super fast car, avoidall obstacles and finish the race in the given time to win it.Amazing 3D environment and realistic car physics makes the racinggame more fun. Be a top racer in the world of F1 racing. If youlike fast and furious cars games, then you will love Top SpeedRacing games. Crash, Drift and race. Challenge the players from allover the world. Prepare yourself for ultimate demolition stuntride. Break every record in the fastest ever cars and race againstsome of the most iconic cars. Be the top racer.This simulation ispacked full of super fast and dynamic levels. This is one of thebest arcade games with stunning 3D graphics. You’ll find yourselfstruggling to retain control and reach the finish line in giventime. There are many different vehicles and racing areas arewaiting for you. Game Features:- High-speed Racing Gameschallenge.- Real car Physics.- Realistic Driving Experience.- Easyto use control.- Different cars to choose.- Easy and smoothcontrols.- Amazing sound effects. If you are looking for a racinggame with lots of fun, this is a right game for you. Now pick yourdevice and install the amazing 3D racing and enjoy it. Top SpeedRacing Formula Cars is completely free to download and play. Becomea furious racer and feel the thrill of the authentic race.
Bumper Cars - Extreme Crash 1.2
Car Driving at its best Smash, hit, dash & crash your opponentsand knock them down like a pro! Welcome to bumper cars, where yourgoal is to smash opponents vehicles before getting destroyed. Inthis mode, you have to dash from the start line and try to knockdown every single opponent and destroy their cars. All you have todo is to hit your opponent hard with your steering wheel wheneverthey try to destroy your car. This game is not about driving, it'sall about crashing whoever comes in your way. You will have toeliminate all your rivals before any of them cross the finishline.Collect all the coins and powerups you will find on your way,so you can unlock new vehicles. If your opponents are trying todestroy you, then use special powerups that are designed to helpyou to protect from all your opponents. You have 15 differentbumper cars to choose from with varying engines, handling &health upgrades and tires! Choose your favorite cars and become thebest bumper car driver. Unlock your favorite vehicle and smash yourenemies! It has amazing dynamic physics and the vehicle controlsare smooth. This game is not easy to play, you have to escape fromrivals and try to destroy them before they destroy you. Hit,thrash, and knockout rivals to become a dodging driver in thisbattle. Crash the vehicle coming your way and seize the victory. Alot of different missions waiting for you to play and enjoy. GameFeatures:- Easy controls- Hit all your rivals- Challenging tasks toaccomplish.- Unlock lots of unique vehicles.- Unique gamingexperience.- Fun to play.- Real sound effects.- 3D environment.Areyou ready for this driving and smashing game? Download BUMPER CARSfor free and play.
com.gladgames.tapsnake 2.2
Welcome to the simplest addictive game of 2018! Tap Snake is readyto unlock a world full of tricky obstacles. Move the snakes bytouching and dragging. Be aware of all the pricky walls and movingobjects trying to get in your way. If you hit any of them, yourgame will be over. All you have to do is touch and drag to controlthe snake, but be careful, you must have a great timing! Can youreact fast enough? Avoid the obstacles and crazy contraptions. Anew path every time you play! There will be surprises at everycorner so roll fast, be attentive, avoid various obstacle, driveyour snakes to victory and beat your friend's records! How far canyou go? Let us see now! Easy one-tap controls, but hardcore playwith meditative and relaxing graphics and music. Enjoy thechallenge. Very easy to play but very hard to master. Get it nowfree and challenge your friends! Game Features : 2D colorfulgraphics Beautifully detailed graphics Simple one touch controlsInteresting physics based design Highly responsive controls Endlessand leveled gameplay If you face any problems while installation orwhile playing please write to us. We will try to resolve it at theearliest.
Bike Stunts - Extreme 2.5
In Bike Stunts Extreme Rider, you can get the feel of being thesupreme bikes racer. Use the games fine controls to successfullycomplete the impossible tracks without crashing and falling off thetrack. Use the motorcycle driving tricks and dangerous challengesand make all achievements of this bikes stunt game. The gameplaycarries multiple controls, Acceleration, breaks, Forward, Backward,Jumps. Each level is more challenging and thrilling than the otherlevel. It is time for exciting ride and crazy stunt. Steer yourmotorbikes through bizarre routes and dodge treacherous obstacles.Leap over fiery rooftops of this cool fantasy city! Here is thechance to step up and prove that you are the most intense andcompetitive biker. Your goal in the game, successfully completeseveral levels, consisting of challenging and dangerous track andjumps. Realistic and eye-catching graphics to will provide you withthe best motorcycle experience. There are massive jumping boards,mid­-air ramps, a variety of motor paths and stints! City highwaysare no match for the insane speed. Experience the thrillingadventure now! Bike Stunts Extreme Rider Game Features : 1. Smoothand realistic motorbike handling 2. Stunning 3D Graphics 3. Finemotorbike control with 15 upgrades 4. Dynamic camera angles 5.Authentic 3D physics 6. Amazing and effective visual and soundeffects
Train Drive 2018 - Free Train Simulator 2.1
Train Drive 2018 - Free Train Simulator is the latest FREE andrealistic 3D simulator is here! Be the rail driver and drivethrough the realistic 3D locations. go through the tunnels, controlyour trains using simple controls. Dynamic track-changing andsophisticated path selection systems enable all the trains tofunction smartly without stepping on each others’ paths. Thissimulation experience just got better with the new map navigationsystem where you can see the oncoming obstacles beforehand. Youwill be entirely dependent on the signals and track changers. Bealert and fast to choose the right path for your vehicle. Easy toplay 3D simulation game with tough levels and multiple trainsupgrades. Get ready for the smoothest controls, unparalleledgraphics, creative level design and the most realistic drivingexperience. Play now! Trains Driver Pro Simulator Features: *Multiple Rail Upgrades * Pick up & drop the passengers *Intuitive controls * Different camera angles * Free High endSimulation Game play * Real indian city scenes & locations *Challenging time limit * Accelerate & halt at station How ToPlay : - Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards to slowdown - Press halt to stop - Swipe left and right to take turns
Moto Bike Racing 1.8
Always wanted to feel how a high speed stunt race feels like on aracing track? Then do not miss out this chance in Moto Bike Racing.Join us in this races adventure as we hit the high speeds withacceleration. Now get ready for adrenaline fueled races action andride your way to victory in the fastest lane of all! Bury thecompetition as you drive through a variety of treacherous trackswhile enjoying the realistic bike physics and fast-paced gameplay.Ride in the most spectacular environment built just for performingthe craziest tricks. The Physics are realistic and you get tochoose your bikes / motorbike too, just avoid the obstacles andfinish the ride's in time. You can drive on a two or single wayroad. While dodging to other attacking racers with high speeds, getall check points, cash points and you can purchase other better andfaster racing bikes. It will be addicting, we guarantee fun at thetip of your finger! Moto Bike Racing Game Features : - Free toPlay! - Select from 15 unique bikes, ride how you want to ride -Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects - 20 tracksfrom easy trials to very technical - Simple and intuitive drivercontrols