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Block Battlefield Termination C16.6
Block Gun Battlefield Termination is designedfor an explosive mobile gaming experience. This vast pixelatedworld is loaded with amazing challenges, epic enemies, deadlylandscapes and much needed pickups.Discover a world full of diverse challenges...In a post apocalyptic setting, the world is newly emerged andgoverned by elite computer programs that dictate the survival ofthe human race. In an experimental community, a dying man isrecruited for a military program that develops extrasensoryperceptive command armies and mass units of destruction. Enteringthis strange world and knowing it could be the last thing you seebefore the malignancy claims your body, you are wary of your rolein this bleak and foreign stretch of nearly deserted land. Naryencountering a single person upon arrival, you sign away yourlife-- worth so little anymore-- and begin work in assembling amyriad of strange and unusual pieces of equipment salvaged fromwhat was left over from before armageddon claimed the Earth, layingwaste to the nations. Your work is soothing, and as your life nearsits end, you take pride in the strange cast of inventions you havebirthed. In the meantime, the lonely landscape yields a smallhandful of consorts that bring another aspect of peace to yourfinal days. You learn that these fellow few are also condemned bydiseases that ravage their bodies. As this fact bonds you, it is asad day when the first of your group is hauled away, a stark whitecloth outlining the immobile form of the corpse beneath it. Sadlyyou go about your business, thoughts of your own eventual endingclouding your thoughts. The very next morning as you are collectingthe parts for a model, you spy a familiar face-- although nottotally the same in body-- being escorted surreptitiously andflanked by two strange beings you've not seem before. Wending yourway through the rubbish of the trash heaps, you make your way tothe strangers, and see amazingly, the living breathing form of yournewly deceased friend. But now those eyes that once shone brightlyat you, are now turned with deadly intent. Before your friendexecutes a deadly strike against your person, the men accompanyinghim expertly take action and a pile of broken motors take the bruntof the attack. In fear you flee, but as you stumble through thefragmented farmlands of this dump and enter a new and strikinglyaustere barren and dissolute city, an army of the same creaturesare in pursuit.Among the dissolute ruins of an abandoned city lies a terriblesecret...The race of genetically modified people has been born and you arepart of the grand scheme to breed the latest, greatest army fromthe remains of the dead. All of this work you've been doing has notbeen for the weapons you once thought, as these weapons are you andthe select few who have been chosen as the test subjects of thesetrial runs. Wanting no part of what you have just witnessed, youmust find a way to avoid this terrible reincarnation of your body.As you hide out and seek escape as you fight the clock to rest inpeace, undisturbed, you are forced to reckon with the likes of thenewly revived who are armed and trained soldiers of massdestruction.Collect whatever you can to aid you in your mission of survivalagainst an army of monster robot/human hybrids. Hidden dangers lurkfar and wide. Your escape seems unlikely, but you refuse to giveinto the tyrannical plans of these despots.Features:-Amazing graphics-Unique pixel worlds-Intuitive touch controls-Non-stop FPS action-Endless battles-Challenging enemies
Titan Attack: End of the World C18
Titan Attack: End of the World is a freefast-paced 3D FPS pixel defense game that captures the excitingfeeling of fighting in a classic, retro battle setting. There aremany unique features appointed to this combat game, includingamazing power-ups, cool modern weapons and intuitive touch screencontrols that make manipulating your character easy.***GAME PLAY STORY***Part of an extremist doomsday cult that submerged themselves deepin the underground for centuries in preparation for the end times,you are one of the decedents of this group. As you emerge from yourunderground compounds for the first time in centuries, you find theplanet overpopulated and teeming with titans. These brutal giantshave killed off every last human, and upon your arrival, a next ofmad titans descends upon your group, annihilating them in a matterof seconds. You were the only to survive, crushed beneath a pile ofyour fallen comrades. When you finally emerge, your blood boils inanger for the crimes of these monsters against your brethren andyou promise revenge.Titan Attack: End of the World features an amazing variety oflandscapes to explore and dominate. Travel across a forest arena,refuge village, and ruined city streets as you extract yourrevenge, only to discover that an elite and highly dangerous bandof magic wielders are the ones actually controlling the titans. Notonly this, you discover there are some humans actually left, butthese poor souls are also mere puppets of these spell casters. Younow must set your sights on their destruction.***THE FIGHT IN ON***Indulge in epic FPS shooter action and familiarize yourself withhow it feels to pull the trigger and send enemy foes to the bellyof the underworld as you can set your targets on. This cool gamefeatures many awesome advantages and perks. Some you are rewardedwith from a simple enough task as watching a brief video ad, othersyou'll have to really work for. This game boasts an ultrachallenging integrated timer, and from the moment you start thefirst level, a timer will begin counting down what time you have tokill every last enemy and earn a powerful permanent weapon. Theaforementioned video ads will earn you such perks as power-ups andammo, so be sure to opt in whenever you get the chance. Enjoy mapstyle level select screen. At the beginning of each level, prepareto receive your mission which includes the number of enemies youmust eliminate to proceed. Good luck! You're going to needit...Levels:Forest ArenaRefuge VillageRuined city streetEnemies:TitansHumansMagic WieldersFeatures:Addictive and mesmerizing mapsEfficient weapon controls and movementFight your way against dozens of foesThink strategicallyPower-upsHeated gun battles and ruthless snipersPixel style defense gameMission instructionsMap style level select
Slaughter the Block Village C17.3
Become a legendary fighter in the hit new FPSsage, Slaughter the Block Village. This intense running andshooting action adventure experience will leave you on the edge ofyour seat. Brilliant pixilated graphics stun with amazing graphicsand breathtaking scenery. This game is an epic battle fordominance. It's an addictive action-shooting campaign that letsunleash your fury with the aid of varying melee and firearmweapons. Smooth and simple touch-pad controls allow you to easilyfight, move, and choose between weapons and perks. Test yourskills, plan your attacks, and reserve your shot to become theultimate warrior.★ ☆ Get Ready for Battle ★ ☆Posters were taped to everything along the street, and it was onlyafter the third that I actually noticed who was on them... me.Snatching up the paper from the vacant video store window, I peeredat the face on the poster. It was undoubtedly my own. As covert asthe mission was, there I was, photographed without my knowledge.And beside it, another of me in another guise, with yet anotherphoto of me in everyday clothing. Alarmed, I glanced down at myattire-- and realized the picture was from today. Whipping around,I studied the street around me, using my experience as a tracker tolocate the spy tracking me. I found him-- and narrowly missed beingshot in the gut. Recoiling, I was lucky enough to catch a glimpseof suspicious movement from the corner of my eye before anotherassailant was upon me. It seemed I had more than one attacker afterme. In fact, as I dove for cover and for a weapon, it seemed thewhole town was after me. As a successful hitman, you make enemies.I just didn't know how many I'd actually made...★ ☆ Eliminate all Enemies ★ ☆An enemy who is employed as a therapist has used hypnosis on ispatients- embedding "trigger sentences" in their minds to createhimself a personal army of assassins who are completely unaware oftheir new employment. these hired guns are now after you. It isyour mission to slaughter each end every one of these targets in adeadly game of cat and mouse. When you begin this game, you will beunarmed. Locate any hidden weapon you can find and equip it. Onceyou are armed, start fighting foes and collecting perks to stayalive. Exploding barrels will be of use to you throughout thelevels and will allow you to strategically take down enemies.Battle across three unique combat scenarios, each with their own 3Dbattlefield and unique challenges. Take control of this mission anddominate this world of high stakes deception.Features:-Hidden melee and firearm weapons-Collect health and ammo as you progress-Limited health and ammo selection-Efficient weapon controls and movement-Progressive play challenge-Entity map for aerial view of oncoming enemies-Interactive surrounding include exploding barrels
Skyblock Soldier Survival Game C17.3
One fine morning, you open your eyes and findyourself stranded on a floating city with a war raging. You are inthe outfit of a soldier. As you start coming to yourself, theevents that occurred to you last night start unfolding before youreyes. Bleary eyed and still feeling spaced out; you see a gunshothurtles past you. You spare not a single idle moment to understandthe gravity of the situation. You start groping the ground and grabthe gun lying in close proximity to you. As you start wanderingthrough the land escaping deftly stray gun shots that come yourway, you realize that this is the dreaded floating city whoseinhabitants are engaged in a gory civil war. You have to escapethis mayhem at any cost. Your only chance of survival is to battleit out. There is no time to ponder over your prospects.The intense game needs passionate involvement for optimumenjoyment. There are multiple levels and your life gets manychances of revival. As you continue battling it out with the fierceopponents, you have to push yourself to the brink of endurance tocollect survival points. Your eyes have to dart consistently toinstinctively sense any approaching danger and eliminate the samedecisively. You will love the cool weapons at your disposal. Theadrenalin rush that accompanies this game play will simply defyyour wildest imagination. There is no end to gory fighting. Yourintuition needs to be accelerated so as to sense and frustrate themotives of your enemies.Game features• Several rounds of intense gameplay• Cool, blazing weapons• Extravagant graphics• Awesome atmospherics• Sensational plot• Awe-inspiring music and sound• Multiple options to survive
Avenge Kings of Block Shadow E.2.3
Save the world from disaster in Avenge Kingsof Block Shadow, the epic new first person shooter game thateffortlessly blends fan favorite pixel graphics with explosiverunning and shooting action. Enjoy a vast selection of weapons andmake the most out of your pickups. Race through challengingterrains as you track down enemies and become the hero. Save theday! It all starts here!✦Dominate Action-Packed Campaigns✦A rip, a rift in the delicate veil that separates the kingdom ofthe gods from the human race. This breech has opened up a veritablevortex that has born one of the most dangerous and powerfuldemigods known across all the realms. Crossing through the veil,the mighty demigod arrives with his legions in an invasion againstthe nation to rule all human beings...Frost has touched the world, painting it a silver that blankets theworld in a new beginning. Apparently Mother Nature has not receivedthe memo that a storm is brewing and this new beginning is notvirginal, but will bring bloodshed as the beats of the underworldsuccessfully brought to Earth prowl the nations under the direct oftheir master. She does not know there will be no peace. She knowsnot the domineering intentions of this omnipresent demigod...As an elite agent of a powerful office, when word that globalsecurity has been threatened by this immortal presence, it is up toyou to heed the call and see to it that this evil force does notdefeat the human race in a quest to conquer and enslave blockkind.LEVEL #1Winter has spread her icy fingers over the land, while Jack Frostblows his mighty wind, covering the tracks of the mighty and makingyour quest that much harder. Among the frozen lakes, the toweringpines and the hills of snow, you find it all too easy to locate theenemy. Perhaps because they are in turn, looking for you...LEVEL #2A great divide sets the stage for a battle, a confrontation ofwills, pitting mortals against gods in the fight for dominance.There's no place to hide, so plan your attacks well. An agent mustalways have a steady head and an even steadier hand is he is toconquer of his enemies.LEVEL #3In the remote foothills of your native nation, where the dividingveil separates the mighty from the flawed, the final battle willtake place. Run, climb, jump, shoot, punch... whatever it takes toensure your land is not overwhelmed by these mysterious foes.Defeat them all and close this gateway for good.
Metal Cube Guns: Battle Gear C16.6
Metal Cube Guns: Battle Gear is the non-stopFPS action game you've been waiting for! Intense and challengingbattles and powerful enemies await you in every stunning level.Quest across three unique combat scenarios, each with their own 3Dpixel battlefield and missions. Each of these maps offer a newchallenge when all objectives have been met: the maps plunge youinto darkness and dare you to conquer the enemies in the cover ofnightfall. Fans of first person shooters, action games, shootinggames and free Android games will love this fast-paced running andshooting adventure. Unlock an arsenal of weapons and perks to helpkeep you alive as you take on extreme missions. Download now toaccept the challenge...✢✢Destroy the Opposition✢✢Artificial Intelligence gained sentience a decade ago, but thegovernment had been keeping it a secret... until now. Terroristshave succeeded in infiltrating the capitol. They have executedseveral government leaders and have at last captured the presidentand vice president. They demand a withdrawal of all soldiers onforeign soil, and those soldiers are to begin a new regimen oftraining immediately as the terrorists stake their claim over thegovernment. The outer territories are in utter chaos as the worldwaits in anxious terror over the demands of these radicals.Loyalties are quickly made, sides taken, and suddenly neighbors andfamily are pitted against one another in civil war as thediabolical terrorists prepare to assert their dominance over theregion. Those loyal to the kidnapped leaders are quicklyoverpowered by the turncoats who believe their loyalties willgarner them the right to survive. The land is quickly dying out,choked by its own people. No one knows what to do... no one but asingle person, in charge of the covert "emergency unit." This"unit" is a believed work of legends. No one knew what his facelooked like, or his real name. They only knew him by his alias-Obituary. Activation begins, and Obituary jerks to life, his eyesaglow with malice and determination. The lone holder of thisclassified information quickly flees before he is discovered,leaving this artificial intelligence unit to do exactly what it wasdesigned to do... win wars.Play as Obituary in a land embroiled in chaos. Confront constantchallenges and overcome powerful foes. Kill all block terrorists ina unique pixel world. Hidden dangers about and it will take yourevery skill to survive this bleak landscape. When you begin thisgame, you will be without a weapon. Unarmed, you must locate aweapon before you can fight the enemies that surround you. Meleeand firearm weapons can be found through each map, as can aselection of ammo and health packs. Exploding barrels allow you touse your surroundings to overcome warriors. Endless hours ofchallenging fun await you. Prepare to protect yourself with yourwits, reflexes and weapons. The fate of the world rests on yourshoulders.Game Features:Complete all objectives...✓Mobile FPS system✓Block world style graphics✓Tight controls✓Strategic combat✓Survival mode✓Beautiful frames✓Intense frontline shooting action✓Dynamic action
Cube Prison: The Escape C18
Cube Prison: The Escape is an extreme blend ofunimaginable battles and devastating enemies set against stunning,but deadly landscapes. To escape, you must be prepared foranything. There's only one way out, and that exit is through enemybase. You are a dead man within these walls, but survival andsweet, sweet freedom awaits you beyond these seemingly impenetrablewalls. Are you ready to break free and make the most daring escapeof your life?***PREPARE FOR LARGE MAPS***Cube Prison: The Escape boasts massive landscapes riddled withunforgiving enemies, powerful weapons and the perks you'll need toaid in your survival. In this bleak, modern block world, you canactually use the surroundings around you to help you complete thelevel, such as explosive cylinders or rioting inmates. To create agame that caters to elite gamers who challenge themselves to themost exciting and extreme games, we had to design maps that arehuge. Because of the sheer size and the magnitude of enemies ineach level, load time can take awhile. We ask that you sit back andenjoy the brief breather and rate kindly. After all, this is a freegame.★ ☆And so it Begins...★ ☆Nightmares present themselves in many ways. Heart pounding, sheetsoaking fear drives these dark dreams. Most will wake up from theseterrors none the worse, but others are captive prisoners to thesehorrors in both sleep and wakefulness. For longer that you canremember, you've fed off these fears. They've driven you to conquerrealms beyond the imagination. In your journeys, you've seen theunimaginable, experienced the cruelty and madness of the world andnever once looked back. It's an addicting, adrenaline rush that youcould no more walk away from if you were forced at gun point. Thelap of luxury and creature comforts of home, family and friendsbelonged to Others, not you. Perhaps you were just wired different,or perhaps it was due to circumstances. But as in everything, therecomes a time when you must wake up from even the most euphoricdream...You've spend your life storming the muck slung floors of deathcamps and haunting the halls saturated in the metallic stench ofblood belonging to one too many penitentiaries. The only personbrave enough to break into a prison. It is in a cruel twist offate, you are wrongfully accused of terrorism and end up within thehigh-security prisons where you are on death row for your crimesagainst the capitol.For a man who has spent his life on the outside, looking in, youare now suddenly thrust into the position of the man on the inside,looking out. These brutal confines are a nightmare all their own,with means of torture and extraction far beyond the imaginings ofeven the devil himself.To survive... to escape, you must fight your way to survive and dothe unthinkable to escape. You must be prepared to do anything,even if it means pulling the trigger or getting to the wardenbefore you are to be executed. Confront endless mobs of guardsarmed with the most elite modern weaponry and go head-to-headagainst inmates who will stop at nothing to see to their ownfreedom. Battle these barbaric warriors hand-to-hand, then wieldyour own epic weapons against them as you amass your own artilleryfrom among the living and the dead.★ ☆SEE AND FEEL THE ACTION★ ☆Immersive tablet and Android game play are at your fingertips. Fansof free online action games will fully enjoy this explosive worldcraft style 3D block world. Stunning visual effects and easy,intuitive touch screen controls allow for a gaming experience oflegendary proportions. Quest to destroy all who dare stand betweenyou and freedom until you can claim the title of ultimatechampion.Features:-Entity map for aerial view of oncoming enemies-Choose weapons easily or fight hand-to-hand-Weapons: Katana, M1911, M4, MP5, Shotgun, Sniper, AK-47-Adjust movement and aim sensitivity on the settings menu
Battle Soldier Survival Game C16.6
You were deployed as a soldier to fight it outwith the enemies for your country. However, the nuclear war inwhich your country was dragged forcibly had ruined everything. Thewinning nations’ soldiers are hunting down any remaining loyalistsof the fallen nation. You have to survive through this ordeal. Yourchances are bleak and the only hope of survival is to present arobust challenge to your enemies. This game tests the strength ofyour character and your skills as a soldier as you shower a volleyof bullets on your enemies to snatch moments of living from thehands of fate. Your moves need to be strategic so as to intuitivelyjudge the position and motive of the approaching enemy. This willonly allow you to get the better of him.The battlefield is all set and you are bound to get a compellingexperience playing this game. The intensity of the game and thechallenges posed are incredible. There are various levels withinthe game wherein your ammunitions grow in size and diversity as yousuccessfully cross one level to move on to the next. The deftnessof your fingers will save you from certain game death in thisoverwhelming battle soldier survival game. The atmospherics of thegame will give your goose bumps. As the game progresses and thetension starts building, you will feel your pulse racing, heartpounding and head spinning in sheer excitement. The graphics of thegame compares to that of other classy and universally acclaimedgames. Gear up for the challenge.Game features:• Multiple levels of high intensity game play• Diverse array of exciting weapons and ammunitions• Superb atmospherics and cool graphics• Sensational audio• Awesome graphics
Pirate Ninja Hunter Games C18
The ninja is on the prowl. His motives areinspired by the acts of piracy. The luster and clang of gold causesa Mephistophelean glint to light up his eyes. This game ensconcesyou in the role of this deadly ninja pirate and allows your crudestemotions to get a free rein. Roam about with your predatory motivesand get about assassinating those with the coins. Pirate NinjaHunter game is sheer thrill to play and keeps you engrossed. Youhave to measure up to the agility of the Ninja with your expertfinger moves on the screen. The soldiers of the king are behindyou. The longevity of your character depends on the deftness withwhich you maneuver the ninja on the screen and strategically planout your moves. You have to efficiently vault over the obstacles inyour path and intuitively sense the intentions of the soldiers, ifyou want to stay alive and continue with your plundering. This gametests the resilience of your nerves and promises tons of fun.The game has been created to overwhelm your senses with sheergaming delight. The game embraces a holistic approach and is amasterpiece to keep you entertained. This game would certainlyprove to be the ace of all Ninja games you may have played tilldate. Gory game playing has been taken to the next level with thisgame. The thrill in the air is palpable. Your entire being willbecome imbued in cool delight with this game. Intense drama wovenin the game.Game features:•Fabulous graphics•Authentic re-creation of China of the yore•Awesome atmospherics•Lethal weapons•360 degree view of the battlefield•Intuitive controls
Contract Hunter - Block Strike C10.2.2
Lock and loaf for extreme missions in ContractHunter - Block Strike! This exciting first person shooting actionadventure game will provide hours of stunning game play and intenseshoot out fun! Dash through stunning pixilated 3D worlds as youhunt down dangerous enemies and strive to earn the ultimate perksin your goal to become the ultimate survivor.~STORYLINE~An armed robber steals into a house, where upon gaining entry intoa heavily secured room he presumes to be full of riches, he comesupon a teenager. This youth is trussed up in a makeshift cell.Seeing the weapon, the teenager begs," Please... just kill me." Theburglar is stunned speechless for a brief time. But also curious,he sets his task and weapons aside to help the teen escape.Slinking from the cell, the teenager smiles, revealing jagged rowsof razor sharp teeth. "My gratitude, Dear Servant," the teenhisses, then strikes out.Unleashed upon the metropolis, this fiend has wreaked havoc, andis now headed for the Capitol. Under a secret governmentinvestigation, you are sent out to study the creatures habits andits origins, when you discover the thing has the ability toduplicate itself into mass and varying numbers. Suddenly yourinvestigation has taken a devastating turn: a fight forsurvival.~ENEMIES ARE EVERYWHERE~It's a race against time in this fight-for-survival universe! Thisexciting running and shooting game pits you against the cruel handsof time, but will reward you handsomely if you succeed. To up yourchances of winning this mission, claim a mega power-up uponlaunching this game by watching a brief video ad. The powerful perkyou'll receive will be yours until you die. As you enter the firstmap, a missions screen will inform you of the number of enemies youwill need to defeat and the time given to complete this task.Collect blocky weapons and perks as you run the course and kill alltargets. Time is of the essence, so fight hard and strike fast. Ifat any point during your journey you run low on ammo or health,video clips can earn you the supplies you need to keep up the goodfight. Every second counts in this fast-paced FPS showdown!Top Features:◆ Block Warfare Based Game Play◆Cool, Modern Pixilated Graphics◆ Intense FPS Combat◆ Ammo and Health perks◆ Melee and Firearm Weapon Variety◆Protect Your Health◆ Challenging Maps to Conquer◆Game Timers◆Hand-to-Hand Combat◆Loading Screen Game Tips◆Power-UpsGame Levels:◆Shield Dome Outside◆Shield Dome Inside◆SpacecraftEnemies:◆Enemies With Guns◆Enemies With Dark Powers
Hero Legacy Survival Games C10.2.2
Hero Legacy Survival Games will satisfy yourtaste for war and mayhem and then some! Wield a selection of coolmelee and firearm weapons as you play as a powerful warrior arc whois set to siege the castle of a terrible tyrannical king set todestroy his race with black magic.GAME PLOTEvery human being is born with a birthmark signifying a great deedthey are fated to do in their lives. The heir to the kingdom hasjust been born and across his face is the mark of fire, theforetold symbol of a catastrophic war between magical born humansand the Orcs.Our main character, an orc, has grown up with this omen hangingover the heads of his villagers. After a debilitating war with aneighboring clan that killed the chief orc, leaving him as the nextin command as the Chosen of the council. In the wake of thisweakening battle, news comes that the new king has risen an army ofpowerful wizards and ordained them to conjure a potent spell towipe out the orc race in an unfounded basis that the orcs are adormant threat waiting to surge and mutilate the human race. As thecouncil's Chosen, his descendants are from the wise shamans andthus is able to wield magic. Gathering his fellow warriors, ourhero must storm the king's castle in hopes of stopping his plan andsaving his race.Game Features: Game Timers Increasing Difficult Game Play Melee And Firearm Block Weapon Collect Health And Ammo Perks User Friendly Interface Loading Screen Game Tips Entity Map
Cosmic Raid Survival Games C16.6
Cosmic Raid Survival Games is am immense firstperson shooter world with rich 3D pixel graphics with easy touchscreen controls and varied challenges and fun rewards. Downloadtoday and join in the fun!✱✱✱PLOT SUMMARY✱✱✱"The Council of Five" are a group of alien races that protecthumans against less peaceful races. Honoring a treaty made with thehumans to endorse their human world leader as long as that personcomply to certain requirements.As an intergalactic war rages, the vengeance of a neighboringgalaxy i intent on creating a rift between the Council and thehuman race. Knowing they cannot breech the protection of the Five,they place an undercover agent among the humans and clone thepresident. They replace the true president with the clone who isbeing controlled by the enemy aliens who are using them to goagainst everything the humans and the council agreed upon.Our hero, a highly decorated war veteran, must use his cunningskills to kill all hostiles and expose the hideous evil and restorethe peace between Earth and the Council of Five before it's is toolate and the humans are swept away by the hands of war.✱✱✱HOW TO PLAY✱✱✱This exciting sci-fi war stimulator game is high on fun, with aneasy to play concept that is highly addictive and challenging tomaster. When you launch the game, you'll be invited to view a briefvideo ad in exchange for a mega power-up that you can use until youdie. This video is followed by the map select screen. As you enterthe first level, you will be given a number of enemies to defeatand the time in which you must complete the task. This mission ishighly important, and if you wish to walk away the bearer of apowerful permanent weapon, it is vital your mission be met withsuccess. View more videos to earn special perks as needed or watchout for hidden ammo, health and blocky weapons in the terrain. Easytouch screen controls allow you to easily manipulate yourcharacter, run, jump, choose between weapons, aim and shoot. Goodluck to you!Game Features:- Intuitive User Interface- Hand-to-Hand Combat- Map Style Level Select- Menu Screen with Settings- Earn Power-Ups- Ammo and Health Perks- Melee and Firearm Blocky Weapon Pickups- Loading Screen Game Tips
Mutant Island Survival Games C10.2.2
Mutant Island Survival Games is a brutalcombat challenge that pits you against the immortal souls of thesupernatural. This fully immersive FPS gaming experience employshard hitting battles, double the action and endless challenges withepic rewards. Test your skills, plan your moves as you tear throughwaves of undead beings and battle your way to victory!♢♢Dynamic Running and Shooting Action ♢ ♢Time to embark on your most challenging mission yet! Arm yourselfwith fierce weapons as you prepare to march the darkest corners ofmodern day society to hunt the souls of the wicked. When you launchthis exciting running and shooting action game, you'll be able tocollect cool rewards by viewing a brief video ad. the power-upyou'll receive from this action will be yours until you die. Selectthe first landscape to conquer from a map-style level select and beprepared to march against the clock. An integrated game timer willbegin ticking away the time you have to defeat a given number ofenemies the moment the map loads. Read through your loading screengame tips to gain the upper hand against your foes. Battle quickand battle fierce. This warzone is unforgiving. Viewing video adscan supply you with ammo and health when you need it the most,otherwise collect these perks as you navigate the worlds betweenbattles. Soak in the beautiful 3D pixel graphics, but don't let thescenery fool you- this land is merciless.Top Game Features:-Addictive And Massive Maps-Efficient Weapon Controls And Easy Touch Screen Controls-Fight Your Way Against Dozens Of Foes-Plan Strategically-Increasingly Difficult Survival Challenge-Heated Gun Battles And Ruthless Snipers-Pixel Style Defense Game-Game Timers-Loading Screen Game Tips-Power-Ups
Cube Wars: Clone Commando C18
Cube Wars: Clone Commando is your destinationfor thrilling first person shooter action! Expect extremechallenges and worlds full of intelligent enemies, treacherousterrain and dangerous obstacles.***A MISSION GONE WRONG***You are a space traveler on a mission gone wrong. Your ship headedinto a black hole, and you expected to die. A spinning vortexclaims power of your ship, tossing it violently around as if itwere no more than a toy. Immediately you hit your head and knockyourself unconscious. When you gain consciousness, you realize yourcrew did not make it, but somehow you did. As you rush to thecontrols, the scene before you is unlike anything you've everwitnessed. You aren't in Kansas anymore. Hell, you aren't in thesame dimension or the same century. Suddenly your high tech shiplooks like a remote controlled car in the face of the mega shipsbeyond you that are engaged in a heated battle. In the nextinstant, a tractor beam engages your ship and as you are suckedinto its orbit, you search your surroundings for a weapon of anykind. It's highly unlikely the creatures of this galaxy arefriendly, and even if they are, you are a stranger-- a threat totheir world. It's time to prepare for the worst...***A FIGHT TO THE FINISH***Race against the clock in this exciting FPS adventure game. Anintegrated clock ticks down the time you have to eliminate a brutalgroup of power-mad enemies in order to earn a powerful permanentweapon to carry with you through the game. An advantage might benecessary, and it's your if you chose to view a brief video ad. Thepower-up awarded will be yours to use till you die and just mighthelp you in your mission of survival. Additionally, these video adswill be a great help if you find yourself with minimal health orshooting blanks. Loading screen game tips present opportunities tolearn more about the game and offer ways to improve your skill anddefeat your enemies. Unlock all levels in the map-style levelselect screen. Challenge yourself to the end and become theultimate champion. Along the way collect epic modern day melee andfirearm weapons, navigate cool pixilated worlds and utilizeuser-friendly touch screen controls to aim, shoot, jump and run.The world is yours to dominate... if you have to fortitude andskill to survive! Cube Wars: Clone Commando is primed for ultimateaction!Game Features:-Hand-to-hand combat-Collect blocky weapons, health and ammo-Power-ups-Game timer-First person action adventure shooting-Pixel game graphics-Precision aiming-Entity map-Confront intelligent enemies
Block Strike Contract Soldier C17.2.2
Block Strike Contract Soldier is athrill-a-minute blockbuster ride full of unique challenges andunstoppable enemies. Only the truest contract killers will know howto get this job done.***GAME STORY***It wasn't like any conspiracy he'd ever seen. It had harsh edges,dirty metal, spikes and looming towers, and yet it held a beautythat was hard to comprehend. At least, to anyone who would utilizethese features to their own benefit. Con knew how to take advantageof his surroundings, it's what made him the most valuable contractkiller in the all the districts. Surveying his targets, Con knewexactly what he needed to do and knew exactly the number of hits hehad to make to live up the end of the bargain and collect his fee.Then he saw him. Hell, he changed everything. And suddenly Conworried he was in over his head. Maybe this hit man business wasn'tfor him after all...***FIRST PERSON SHOOTER ACTION***Expect all the gritty, dirty, dangerous dealings you've come tolove about FPS games. This exciting thrill ride is action-packedfor the best adrenaline rush on the market! Blast pastblood-thirsty mobs who are out for the kill. Receive missions onthe number of foes you are expected to eliminate to get the jobdone. Collect power-ups by watching brief video clips, seek outcool modern weapons, utilize necessary perks, and if you are in abind, turn to the video clips for that extra boost to ensure atriumphant contract! Equip your favorite weapon or go at ithand-to-hand. However you fight, do it without regrets.Top Game Features:-Game timers-Entity map-Hand-to-hand combat-Game timers-Loading screen game play tips-FPS battle scenarios-Variety of different missions-Increasing difficult game playTop Game Levels:-ACS Factory-ACS City-ACS City Street
Block Battle Survival Games C10.2.2
Block Battle Survival Games is your go-tosource for all your FPS excitement. This hit saga is set to impresswith immersive 3D graphics, easy to control interface and greatweapon and enemy variety.THE TALE BEINGS...I, the heir to throne, have been asserted into my position earlierthan expected with the untimely demise of my parents. Not even outof the school room yet, everyone on my father's council believes Iwill be an easy target to exploit to their own gain as they tearapart my kingdom as they use me as their puppets. I will not acceptthis. I plan to establish my dominance, and that's why I haveemployed the assistance of one of the most powerful war heroes inall the realm....WAR RAGES ON...Download this free hit FPS game and collect cool power-ups rightaway when you view a brief video clip. That's a reward before youeven enter the battlefield! Easy touch-screen controls, map-stylelevel select and a range of melee and firearm weapons will be atyour disposal as you blast through extreme maps filled withunstoppable foes. For the first level, you will receive yourmission instructions, which is a comprehensive list of the enemiesyou must defeat and the time in which you have to do it. Fail, andyou may proceed, win and you will move forward with your head heldhigh and a new mega permanent weapon to wield for your triumphantvictory. The land is yours to conquer. Proceed with caution asevery step could be your last. This is war after all.Game Features:-Massive Maps-Efficient Weapon Control-Dozens Of Foes-Strategic Game Play-Increasingly Difficult Survival Challenge-Heated Gun Battles And Ruthless Snipers-Pixel Style Defense Game-Game Timers-Loading Screen Game Tips-Power-UpsLevels:-Village in desert-Space Station-Destroyed Facility
Block League Heroes United C18
Protect yourself with your wits, quickreflexes, and vast array of weaponry in Block League Heroes United!Endless hours of challenging fun are yours when you download thisfree FPS adventure game. The fate of the world rests squarely onyour shoulders. Be the ultimate hero!✱✱✱AND THE STORY BEGINS✱✱✱Once we were heroes. But everything has changed since then. Noweveryone believes we are just group of crazy eccentrics with thenotion that we can stop the world from ending. Which is exactlywhat we are. A sad fact, but that's exactly what's the entireworld's boiled down to: We're all just trying to survive.The earth has been ravaged by war, famine, disease, and devastatingstorms. In the wake of these tragic events, one man steps forward,claiming responsibility. In turn, he promises the devastation willend with his new world order. All the world has to do is pledgetheir loyalties to him. As the world leaders convene to discusswhat to do, it was then we stepped forward to take realaction.✱✱✱TAKE DOWN ULTIMATE FOES✱✱✱Play as a true super hero on a mission to foil an evil plan tocontrol the planet. To succeed, you must use all available resourcein your fight for the win. A series of unique challenges presentthemselves as you navigate rich 3D worlds rife with danger. Gainthe upper hand when you collect a power-up at the beginning of thegame by watching a brief video clip. The reward received is yoursto use until you die. As you launch the first map, you'll receivemission instruction informing you of the number of enemies todefeat as well as the time in which you have to complete this task.That's right! You'll be against the clock in the first map wheretime is of the essence. If you manage top beat the clock, a megapermanent weapon is in it for you, so fight hard and shoot fast!Easy, intuitive touch screen controls put you in control of yourcharacter and allow you to easily run, aim and shoot!Game Features:-Intuitive User Interface-Hand-to-Hand Combat-Map Style Level Select-Menu Screen With Settings-Earn Power Ups-Ammo and Health Perks-Sophisticated Blocky Weapon Pickups-Loading Screen Game TipsLevels:Military BaseModern CityEnemy HideoutEnemies:CyborgsArmy menMilitary PersonnelWeapons:PistolMachine GunsShotgunsSniper Rifles
Cube Strike War Encounters C18
Political turmoil, rebel alliances and brutaldemonstrations take Cube Strike: War Encounters by storm. Thissuper hit game dares you to accept the challenge it poses. Chooseyour weapon and prepare to explore and dominate six extensive mapsas you destroy enemies and survive dangerous battles. Each enemywill test you in a new way. Every level will reveal new menace. Itis up to you to manage your health, collect the necessary perks,and wield devastating weapons to stay alive. Are you ready?✴✴✴Complete challenging missions ✴ ✴ ✴Tensions mount as world leaders await the implications of a warbetween nations. When a leader whose power has been threatenedmakes a last ditch effort to stake his claim in politicalproceedings refuses a contract of peace and unity, thousands ofrebels take to the streets to see his removal from power. Thisrefusal is only the beginning of a series of failings for thenation's political landscape. While war looms imminent over a landthat possesses great military advancements, the world sees adesperate need for a hero who can eliminate threats and save theworld from a terrible war that stands to take the lives of manymore than it already has.Map #1The busy city streets are rife with demonstrators whose opinionsare so desperate to be heard that the rebels have turned dangerousand are as willing to kill as to be killed to make their voiceheard. Challenge the multitude, stand up to the mighty. Collect avariety of hidden weapons and perks to survive the attacks.Map #2Each step is potentially your last as you go head to head with topagents of the desperate prime minister at the presidential buildingwith lush gardens that prove to be the perfect place for enemies tohide and attack. Watch your back. There is no guarantee of survivalas powerful enemies emerge to deal the greatest damage.Map #3As measures are taken, the threats to a nation's economy becomedevastatingly clear. Both businesses and individuals suffer astrades are closed off and threats are made. The war ravaged town ofan infliction district will see your final mission. Ready yourweapons for the ultimate fighting experience that will test yourevery skill. Prepare to immerse yourself in battle as survivalbecomes increasingly difficult and enemies strike hard andfast.**** DEADLY LEVELS ****-Extensive weaponry awaits you through each level-Explore thrilling, 3D landscapes that deliver amazing pixelgraphics-Make use of your entity map and health meter and advanceprepared-Take on new enemies and battle your way through a myriad ofchallenging levels, each bigger and more dangerous than thelast-As the game progresses, be prepared to war with mobs of army clanfighters that increase in numbers as you advance-Enjoy explosive speed variations that makes for an awesomecinematographic feel-Make use of found ammo and health to ensure you survive eachbrutal level
Cube Planet Soldier War Games C17.4
Unbelievable advancements in science haveopened up newer frontiers for earthly beings. Fiction, which onceused to amaze people, is now a stark reality. The threat of cosmicwars and apocalyptic aftermath looms consistently. You have beendeployed by the government of earth as a loyal soldier with theresponsibility of safeguarding earth from aggressions of othercolonists. The game starts on the eventful day on which lethallyequipped colonists start their ingression within the territorialboundaries demarcated for the earth. You have to frustrate the wilyintentions of the soldiers and keep the citizens of earth frombeing harmed. A war of great intensity ensues wherein you joinforces with your co-warriors to frustrate the colonial plans of theenemies.The game offers unlimited opportunities for passionate sci-fi roleplay. The weapons at your disposal would leave you awe-struck.Ultra-modern gear and next gen weapons will make your eyeballs popin sheer wonder. As the ball of fire would hurtle past you, youwill feel a visceral sensation of chill run down your spine. Thegame has been developed meticulously to offer you ultimate roleplay. Your nerve would be strained while handling the sensationthat accompanies the game. The sheer pleasure is hard to resist andwould make itself apparent from your grimace. The atmospherics havebeen developed to simulate the world of the future where sciencewould hold much more sway than the present time. The futuristicgame is sure to win you over.Key features of the game:• Futuristic sci-fi weapons offering unadulterated experience ofthe future world• Cool atmospherics promoting incredible game play• Extravaganza of graphics and sci-fi scenarios• Awesome sound• Mind-boggling simulations and sci-fi prototypes
Craft Attack Ninja Storm C16.6
Cybernetics has progressed exceptionally fast.Cyborgs are being developed at a massive scale to create a fleet oflethal Ninja soldiers by a wily scientific mission, somewhere inChina. You were part of a cyborg Ninja experiment but your pastmemories still linger on. Due to some electromagnetic fault, yourmemory was not obliterated as designed by your creators. Takingrecourse to this faint memory of a humane past, you have to chalkout an effective strategy to set yourself free from the clutches ofthe evil creators. This call for deadly fight with the soldiers andthe deftness with which your moves are maneuvered will decide yourprospects of survival.Craft attack ninja Storm is a game of wits. It offers tons ofexcitement and the tenseness in the air is palpable. Your muscleswill get taut as you would battle your enemies out on the screen.The nimbleness of the Ninja will prove to be the decisive factor.You have to adroitly guide the character on the screen to itsdestination with your shrewd gameplay. The game requires intuitiveplanning and strategic moves. Craft attack Ninja storm is a gameset up in advanced lab ambience and the environment has beenrealistically re-created on the screen. The music befits andcomplements the environment adequately. A flurry of cool weaponswill be at your disposal to help you aptly in the game of escapingthe clutches of sly cyborg creators.Game features:•Authentic Ninja setup in hair bristling lab setup•Superb graphics meticulously done on screen•Sensational audio and cool atmospherics•Volley of lethal weapons•Multiple levels of thrilling gameplay•Scores of points to be earned•Exciting Plot
Cops Vs Robbers: Mine Games C16.6
Cops Versus Robbers: This has been made forthebest of mobile experience. It is all about eradication ofenemy,mission impossible, and becoming hero overcoming all odds.It isabout navigating enemy infested landscapes. The touchscreenscontrols and the graphics make it an altogetherawesomeexperience.The game is about a boy growing in a black market once he wassoldby his mother for drugs. Being a part of the system he knowsmuchbetter the things that were happening inside. This helped himtotake on the evil empire which was a big danger to thenationbecause of the link with foreign terrorists. It would bewrong tostate that he was on the side of the government but as ofnow hisenemy number one was the world around and anyone who stoodin theway was certain to be destroyed.The Best Of Game PlayIt is a tough task surviving in this world of survival ofthefittest. One needs the best of reflexes, wits and weapon tostayalive. The game therefore is full of challenges and also comeswithhandsome rewards. The players will certainly be on the edgeoftheir seats as they start the first level and move up the game.Itis all about finding ways to exterminate any enemy and lay handsonthe mega weapon. The touch screen is user friendly and helps youtojump, run, choose various weapons and make use of them. Youalsocan collect daily rewards with the help of a brief videoavailablein the opening screen.As one moves through the various levels you will have tounearthdeadly weapons. You must also look to enhance your healthand lookfor ammunitions which are not in abundant supply to say theleast.If you are in a bind and are firing blank shots and arestaring atcertain death, you can redeem yourself by watching avideo and earnthe perks which you badly need. The game is all aboutbeing able toshoot with accuracy and power as the first person. Ofcourse youhave a number of weapons to choose from. Get loaded andstart theexciting action !!Main FeaturesGet hold of permanent power ups. Battle enemies with health andhighdamage tools.Short video helps to earn more ammunition.Levelofdifficult can be adjusted to survive tough challenges. Hand tohandcombat is there. Pause menu helps to change new weapons.Comeswithmission selection map and entity mapVarying gamecontrolspossible.Different LevelsCamp: You will be in camp dwellings, with typical dwelling,storingand living facilities.Urban Town: It helps you get the most favorite weapon and takeonthe urban landscape which has amongst other things gas stationandmarket.Floating Casino: Here it is about fight for survival. It isadangerous terrain full of enemy fighters. You have to useyachtsand boats to take down enemies.