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Battle Soldier Survival Game C16.6
You were deployed as a soldier to fight it outwith the enemies for your country. However, the nuclear war inwhich your country was dragged forcibly had ruined everything. Thewinning nations’ soldiers are hunting down any remaining loyalistsof the fallen nation. You have to survive through this ordeal. Yourchances are bleak and the only hope of survival is to present arobust challenge to your enemies. This game tests the strength ofyour character and your skills as a soldier as you shower a volleyof bullets on your enemies to snatch moments of living from thehands of fate. Your moves need to be strategic so as to intuitivelyjudge the position and motive of the approaching enemy. This willonly allow you to get the better of him.The battlefield is all set and you are bound to get a compellingexperience playing this game. The intensity of the game and thechallenges posed are incredible. There are various levels withinthe game wherein your ammunitions grow in size and diversity as yousuccessfully cross one level to move on to the next. The deftnessof your fingers will save you from certain game death in thisoverwhelming battle soldier survival game. The atmospherics of thegame will give your goose bumps. As the game progresses and thetension starts building, you will feel your pulse racing, heartpounding and head spinning in sheer excitement. The graphics of thegame compares to that of other classy and universally acclaimedgames. Gear up for the challenge.Game features:• Multiple levels of high intensity game play• Diverse array of exciting weapons and ammunitions• Superb atmospherics and cool graphics• Sensational audio• Awesome graphics
Contract Hunter - Block Strike C10.2.2
Lock and loaf for extreme missions in ContractHunter - Block Strike! This exciting first person shooting actionadventure game will provide hours of stunning game play and intenseshoot out fun! Dash through stunning pixilated 3D worlds as youhunt down dangerous enemies and strive to earn the ultimate perksin your goal to become the ultimate survivor.~STORYLINE~An armed robber steals into a house, where upon gaining entry intoa heavily secured room he presumes to be full of riches, he comesupon a teenager. This youth is trussed up in a makeshift cell.Seeing the weapon, the teenager begs," Please... just kill me." Theburglar is stunned speechless for a brief time. But also curious,he sets his task and weapons aside to help the teen escape.Slinking from the cell, the teenager smiles, revealing jagged rowsof razor sharp teeth. "My gratitude, Dear Servant," the teenhisses, then strikes out.Unleashed upon the metropolis, this fiend has wreaked havoc, andis now headed for the Capitol. Under a secret governmentinvestigation, you are sent out to study the creatures habits andits origins, when you discover the thing has the ability toduplicate itself into mass and varying numbers. Suddenly yourinvestigation has taken a devastating turn: a fight forsurvival.~ENEMIES ARE EVERYWHERE~It's a race against time in this fight-for-survival universe! Thisexciting running and shooting game pits you against the cruel handsof time, but will reward you handsomely if you succeed. To up yourchances of winning this mission, claim a mega power-up uponlaunching this game by watching a brief video ad. The powerful perkyou'll receive will be yours until you die. As you enter the firstmap, a missions screen will inform you of the number of enemies youwill need to defeat and the time given to complete this task.Collect blocky weapons and perks as you run the course and kill alltargets. Time is of the essence, so fight hard and strike fast. Ifat any point during your journey you run low on ammo or health,video clips can earn you the supplies you need to keep up the goodfight. Every second counts in this fast-paced FPS showdown!Top Features:◆ Block Warfare Based Game Play◆Cool, Modern Pixilated Graphics◆ Intense FPS Combat◆ Ammo and Health perks◆ Melee and Firearm Weapon Variety◆Protect Your Health◆ Challenging Maps to Conquer◆Game Timers◆Hand-to-Hand Combat◆Loading Screen Game Tips◆Power-UpsGame Levels:◆Shield Dome Outside◆Shield Dome Inside◆SpacecraftEnemies:◆Enemies With Guns◆Enemies With Dark Powers
Hero Legacy Survival Games C10.2.2
Hero Legacy Survival Games will satisfy yourtaste for war and mayhem and then some! Wield a selection of coolmelee and firearm weapons as you play as a powerful warrior arc whois set to siege the castle of a terrible tyrannical king set todestroy his race with black magic.GAME PLOTEvery human being is born with a birthmark signifying a great deedthey are fated to do in their lives. The heir to the kingdom hasjust been born and across his face is the mark of fire, theforetold symbol of a catastrophic war between magical born humansand the Orcs.Our main character, an orc, has grown up with this omen hangingover the heads of his villagers. After a debilitating war with aneighboring clan that killed the chief orc, leaving him as the nextin command as the Chosen of the council. In the wake of thisweakening battle, news comes that the new king has risen an army ofpowerful wizards and ordained them to conjure a potent spell towipe out the orc race in an unfounded basis that the orcs are adormant threat waiting to surge and mutilate the human race. As thecouncil's Chosen, his descendants are from the wise shamans andthus is able to wield magic. Gathering his fellow warriors, ourhero must storm the king's castle in hopes of stopping his plan andsaving his race.Game Features: Game Timers Increasing Difficult Game Play Melee And Firearm Block Weapon Collect Health And Ammo Perks User Friendly Interface Loading Screen Game Tips Entity Map
Cosmic Raid Survival Games C16.6
Cosmic Raid Survival Games is am immense firstperson shooter world with rich 3D pixel graphics with easy touchscreen controls and varied challenges and fun rewards. Downloadtoday and join in the fun!✱✱✱PLOT SUMMARY✱✱✱"The Council of Five" are a group of alien races that protecthumans against less peaceful races. Honoring a treaty made with thehumans to endorse their human world leader as long as that personcomply to certain requirements.As an intergalactic war rages, the vengeance of a neighboringgalaxy i intent on creating a rift between the Council and thehuman race. Knowing they cannot breech the protection of the Five,they place an undercover agent among the humans and clone thepresident. They replace the true president with the clone who isbeing controlled by the enemy aliens who are using them to goagainst everything the humans and the council agreed upon.Our hero, a highly decorated war veteran, must use his cunningskills to kill all hostiles and expose the hideous evil and restorethe peace between Earth and the Council of Five before it's is toolate and the humans are swept away by the hands of war.✱✱✱HOW TO PLAY✱✱✱This exciting sci-fi war stimulator game is high on fun, with aneasy to play concept that is highly addictive and challenging tomaster. When you launch the game, you'll be invited to view a briefvideo ad in exchange for a mega power-up that you can use until youdie. This video is followed by the map select screen. As you enterthe first level, you will be given a number of enemies to defeatand the time in which you must complete the task. This mission ishighly important, and if you wish to walk away the bearer of apowerful permanent weapon, it is vital your mission be met withsuccess. View more videos to earn special perks as needed or watchout for hidden ammo, health and blocky weapons in the terrain. Easytouch screen controls allow you to easily manipulate yourcharacter, run, jump, choose between weapons, aim and shoot. Goodluck to you!Game Features:- Intuitive User Interface- Hand-to-Hand Combat- Map Style Level Select- Menu Screen with Settings- Earn Power-Ups- Ammo and Health Perks- Melee and Firearm Blocky Weapon Pickups- Loading Screen Game Tips
Mutant Island Survival Games C10.2.2
Mutant Island Survival Games is a brutalcombat challenge that pits you against the immortal souls of thesupernatural. This fully immersive FPS gaming experience employshard hitting battles, double the action and endless challenges withepic rewards. Test your skills, plan your moves as you tear throughwaves of undead beings and battle your way to victory!♢♢Dynamic Running and Shooting Action ♢ ♢Time to embark on your most challenging mission yet! Arm yourselfwith fierce weapons as you prepare to march the darkest corners ofmodern day society to hunt the souls of the wicked. When you launchthis exciting running and shooting action game, you'll be able tocollect cool rewards by viewing a brief video ad. the power-upyou'll receive from this action will be yours until you die. Selectthe first landscape to conquer from a map-style level select and beprepared to march against the clock. An integrated game timer willbegin ticking away the time you have to defeat a given number ofenemies the moment the map loads. Read through your loading screengame tips to gain the upper hand against your foes. Battle quickand battle fierce. This warzone is unforgiving. Viewing video adscan supply you with ammo and health when you need it the most,otherwise collect these perks as you navigate the worlds betweenbattles. Soak in the beautiful 3D pixel graphics, but don't let thescenery fool you- this land is merciless.Top Game Features:-Addictive And Massive Maps-Efficient Weapon Controls And Easy Touch Screen Controls-Fight Your Way Against Dozens Of Foes-Plan Strategically-Increasingly Difficult Survival Challenge-Heated Gun Battles And Ruthless Snipers-Pixel Style Defense Game-Game Timers-Loading Screen Game Tips-Power-Ups
Block Battle Survival Games C10.2.2
Block Battle Survival Games is your go-tosource for all your FPS excitement. This hit saga is set to impresswith immersive 3D graphics, easy to control interface and greatweapon and enemy variety.THE TALE BEINGS...I, the heir to throne, have been asserted into my position earlierthan expected with the untimely demise of my parents. Not even outof the school room yet, everyone on my father's council believes Iwill be an easy target to exploit to their own gain as they tearapart my kingdom as they use me as their puppets. I will not acceptthis. I plan to establish my dominance, and that's why I haveemployed the assistance of one of the most powerful war heroes inall the realm....WAR RAGES ON...Download this free hit FPS game and collect cool power-ups rightaway when you view a brief video clip. That's a reward before youeven enter the battlefield! Easy touch-screen controls, map-stylelevel select and a range of melee and firearm weapons will be atyour disposal as you blast through extreme maps filled withunstoppable foes. For the first level, you will receive yourmission instructions, which is a comprehensive list of the enemiesyou must defeat and the time in which you have to do it. Fail, andyou may proceed, win and you will move forward with your head heldhigh and a new mega permanent weapon to wield for your triumphantvictory. The land is yours to conquer. Proceed with caution asevery step could be your last. This is war after all.Game Features:-Massive Maps-Efficient Weapon Control-Dozens Of Foes-Strategic Game Play-Increasingly Difficult Survival Challenge-Heated Gun Battles And Ruthless Snipers-Pixel Style Defense Game-Game Timers-Loading Screen Game Tips-Power-UpsLevels:-Village in desert-Space Station-Destroyed Facility
Block Lands Soldier Legends C16.6
Prepare for a highly dangerous missionthatwill require all your skill and focus. Set in a fun classicpixelenvironment is an exciting FPS world rife with incrediblydifficultenemies, timers, power-ups, and so much more. Download forfree todiscover how truly unique and thrilling this war simulatorworldreally is.In Block Lands Soldier Legends, you are given a series ofassassinmissions in which you must carry through. Your family isbeing heldhostage, so every move is life or death. There is no timeto waste.Even if you don't agree with the methods of your orders,you mustobey or risk everything you care about the most. Scour thedistantcorners of the land and odd locations and kill all targetedenemiesto earn a pass to the next set of instruction on yourjourney tofreeing your family and being rid of this blackmailburden.***GAME PLAY***Each mission is a timed one, leaving you little time to scourthelands for enemy fighters and ensuring their threat is nomore.Complete your mission in the time given and earn a weapon.Toassist you in your hazardous mission, you will be offeredtheopportunity to watch a brief video ad upon launching thisgame.Accept and earn a power up that will give you an advantage attheonset of the game. These videos can also earn you moreammunitionduring game play, so be sure to take the chance whenneeded. Simpletouch screen controls allow you to easy manipulateyour characteras you run, jump, crouch and shoot your way througheach excitingmap!Top Game Features:- Power Ups- Timers features for each level.- Game boasts enemies with higher damage and health- Player can get acquire ammo by watching a brief video ad- Loading bar tips- Sensitivity settings- Game mode difficulty