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com.bgs.zombie.dismount.kill.ragdoll 1.04
Push the ragdoll zombie in this FREE realistic 3d physics game!Select the direction and force, and then tap to throw the zombie!This is the one game where you do not shoot the zombies- yup, noshooting here - you just launch them so they fly! (and then fallreally hard). This game is perfect after a stressful day of work -time for a break! - Multiple zombie skins - 3D levels - Realisticphysics - Simple yet addictive: aim, select the force and throw thezombie! attributions: "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution3.0 Kastenfrosch- Achievement sound nenadsimic- Coin sound
Ukraine War: Angry Terrorists 1.06
The Angry Terrorists are attacking the DonetskAirport!Putin is supporting the terrorist Rampage in the conflict hestarted!Save the Donetsk Airport!3D Graphics!Choose from many weapons.Defeat separatist tanks and soldiers.Glory To Ukraine!The war must be Won! Enemies must not win!
Ragdoll Physics: Stickman FREE 1.15
Ragdoll Physics: Stickman is here for FREE! Push the ragdoll andstickman in an amazing 3d simulation! Do not attempt these hard anddangerous tricks at home with friends! Talk about this game onFacebook! Select your favorite character and level! Do not worry -you will not kill the ragdoll, because it is not alive, so you canhave all the fun you want! Features: - 4 cool levels - 5 ragdolls/stickmen - realistic physics attributions: "EDM Detection Mode"Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: ByAttribution 3.0 Kastenfrosch- Achievement sound nenadsimic- Coinsound
Running Pony 3D: Little Race 1.13
Create, paint and race your pony in this little runner arcadegame!You must dodge all of the obstacles to get a high score!Thepony is back! And this time it is up to you to paint the small ponyand help it succeed in running as far as possible and impressingits tiny pony friends! This is the cutest game ever, and theatmosphere is designed to make you love this game! The fun littleworld of the ponies awaits!- Awesomely cute 3D graphics- The trackis different every time!- Customize the pony’s hair color, paintthe body color and wings colorSound credits: noirenex, nenadsimic,music by Athius
Penguin Run 3D HD 1.09
The age of the Penguin Race has arrived! It is up to you to runthrough the ice - cold arctic and avoid the obstacles in an amazingadventure! Join the club of gamers that chase the elusive HighScore using Google Play Game Services and become the record -breaker for this game! Dash past the ice obstacles and attack theice giants with the Laser in this amazing polar environment! Iexpress my gratitude to all that play! Recommended for players age6 and above! Instructions guide: Rotate (Tilt) your phone or tabletleft or right to move Tap (press) your phone's screen to shoot!Don't Swipe - that does nothing Features: -Unlockable hats,sunglasses and penguin colors - customize your penguin so that itwill become the awesomest runner! -Amazing 3D Graphics! -Destroyobstacles with your LASER! -Action-packed adventures! sounds -bubaproducer,noirenex,nenadsimic music - Running Mad :D byCannonXIII
Unicorn Pony Pet Care 1.05
Create your Unicorn Pony and take care of her!Clean the Unicornwhen he/she gets dirty, feed the Unicorn apples, oranges and hay (wheat ). Play many fun games with him - run through the forest,jump through the sky and play ball. Clean the mess the unicornmakes, water the wheat, orange tree and apple tree so it makes foodfor the Unicorn Pony to eat! As you take care of the Unicorn hewill Level up!If you like horse or pony games you will love thisgame!
Hamster Dash: 3D Run 1.09
Run through a brilliant 3d world and avoid any rock obstacles,enemy stone giants (they will appear later), palm trees and allsorts of other obstacles as a cute hamster! Unlock new hamsterswhich look very different yet very cute and cuddly! REMEMBER: thisis not a game about any mere guinea pig - these are hamsters!Please do not confuse them!Hamster Dash: 3D Run Features:★ Avoidthe Obstacles!★ 12 Cute Hamsters!★ Amazing hamster fur effect★ Easyto start, hard to master★ Can you beat your friends High Score?★You cannot tap to jumpThis truly is the best running game abouthamsters! sounds - bubaproducer,noirenex,nenadsimicmusic -Toriya-HustleByMerancape
My Little Unicorn Dash 3D HD 1.11
This is an exciting game for all boys and girls! Become theprincess of the amazing unicorns and race through glorious tracks,with many cool and dangerous obstacles! Do you have what it takesto get a High Score? The gameplay is a real rush - you must use theleft and right arrows to move the unicorn, and swipe upwards tojump! You will run through a forest environment, full of pink andpurple colors, and a very nice style! It is very easy to startplaying but you need to practice a lot to beat the high score! MyLittle Unicorn Dash 3D HD Features: ★Amazing Cool Unicorns! ★Coloryour Unicorn's Hair, Wings and Body! ★Beautiful 3d graphics!★Endless runner level generation - always more fun! This is thebest game for fans of horse riding, ponies and unicorns! This is a3d game that will draw you in with it's high-definition 3dgraphics. We hope that you will enjoy playing My Little UnicornDash 3D HD just as much as we enjoyed making it, since unicorns areamazing animals and this game should bring fun and joy! Soundcredits: noirenex, nenadsimic, music by Athius
com.bgs.stickman.unknown.battlegrounds 1.0202
Get ready, player! Time for a grand stickman battle! Find a gun andstart shooting and killing the stickmen player enemies in the largebattle ground. SUBG Features ★ Large multiplayer battleground ★ pvproyale battle ★ Lots of of stickman 3d models ★ Choose your gun:shotgun, pistol or machinegun Will you be the royal champion inSUBG? it is Unknown
WW1 Battle Simulator 1.06
The epic war has begun! In this ww1 sim, you will have to battle tosave the world! You will need all your strategy and tactics toachieve victory! .. no more trenches - just tanks n guns! remember- world war 1 is the prequel to ww2! Sounds:freesound.orgMusic_Geoplex_Drift
Stickman Tank Battle Simulator 1.09
The final and epic war of the stickman universe has arrived - it isworld war 3 ( takes place around 120 years after ww2). Use yourtactical knowledge to be victorious in every battle in this neweststickmen battle simulator! Features: ★ TABS battle gameplay ★ Manydifferent tank types ★ accurate physics, tank and soldiers A.I. ★Great 3d environment and stickmen graphics!Music_MadhouseDUDE_Mayhem Sounds_FreesoundOrg
com.bgs.mech.battle.simulator 1.03
The mech wars of the year 3070 have lead to the last epic battle.Features: • Battle simulator gameplay • Totally awesome andrealistic mech damage and explosions • Beautiful 3D battlefieldenvironment • Tank, robot spiders, warrior robots ( mech ), anddesert buggy units Be the commander of the ultimate mech army! Therobot battle awaits... Sounds_freesound_orgMusic_McGorilla42_Hidden-Tension
AR Tape - Take Measurements 1.0
AR Tape - Take Measurements Allows to tape measure distancefromdevice camera to a fixed point on the detected 3D plane. Howtouse: Target Aim on the detected plane and start to use ARtapemeasure tool.Calculate distance in meters and centimeters.Youcanswitch to centimeter(cm) from meters. 1.Take QuickMeasurements2.Ad Free, for forever 3.Vibrant UI 4.Measure in metersorcentimeters Note: Please note the app requires ARCore 1.0 orabove
Stickman Fps Shooter: 3D Rasstrel 1.01
Who are you? ans: You are a stickman. Why are you shooting andkilling other stickmen with your gun! ans: No one hows. probs cuzshooting is fun. What does rasstrel mean? ans: it means shooting inrussian. Features: = Gamepad ( joystick ) Support = 3D levels,stickman and gun models, ragdoll = Fast paced shooter experience =Many weapons: melee, small gun, shotgun, m16, machine gun, mp5,ak-47 = Easy controls = Play offline, fully free, no internetrequired! = Over 1000000000000000000000000 levels!! = musiccredit:MrMaximus-Video-Game-Action
Stickman Street Fighting 1.05
Stickman!!! Fight through the street levels and defeat the enemystick fighters! Collect weapons such as melee weapons , machinegun, pistol and saw. No one really knows why the fighting in thestreet began, but YOU will become the ultimate stickman fighter! -Gamepad , joystick controls support - Offline game , no internetrequired - Fight through over 100 stickman street locationsMusic:IoChron_TrAnCeD_Mastery
Stickman Multiplayer Shooter 1.08
Stickman Multiplayer Shooter is the new PvP Stick game from BestGames Studios. - stickmen customization coming soon - Many gunchoices: shotgun, m16, AUG HBAR, FN P90, sniper rifle - Onlinemultiplayer game - Gun skins for your stickman - 2d stickmen worldwith ice and dust levels