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Super Champions: Future Battle 1.0.0
Superhero’s life is amazing. Not just because everybody loves themand wants to be like them. But also superhero get’s a realopportunity to help their own civilization. Saving Universe fromdestruction is their main duty and aim. Even a little threat canbring really serious consequences. And it doesn’t matter what kindof crime is committed. Crime should be punished.You are the lasthope of humanity.Your city is under attack. An army of your enemyis going to smash everything on their way. Don’t let them leaveonly destruction behind.There’s no time to lose. Attack! Fight forthe future of the Galaxy. Every day you’ll face new challenges suchas a war with gang of gangsters, fire fighting, invasion ofaliens.This world is under your protection.Be the only guardian ofthe Universe. Complete all missions and quests in this adventure ofopen-world!