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Cleaner - Antivirus Pro 1.6
Is your phone getting slow? You don't have enough storage space forall your pictures, videos…? Always afraid of viruses, malware,Trojans? Does your battery die so fast? "Then CLEANER-ANTIVIRUS PROis your app." Cleaner-Antivirus Pro as the best new Cleaner andAntivirus app for free! -▶Keeps your device secured andprotected from any harmful risks. -▶Protects your privacy anywhereyou go. -▶Never be bothered by your battery dying. -▶Your phonealways fast and smooth.   ★ JUNK CLEANER (Junk Files)Cleaner-Antivirus Pro’s Junk cleaner helps to clean your devicefrom all kind of junk files such as junk pictures, junk videos,system junk, cache junk… which helps to improve your phone’sperformance and boost its speed using Junk cleaner, as itdisallowed your device from running slow and lagging because ofJunk files, Junk cleaner allows you to enjoy using a faster phoneas it free up your phone's RAM providing you much more storagespace.   ★ APP LOCK App Lock helps to keep your privacyprotected all you have to do is to use the App Lock function ofCleaner-Antivirus Pro to set a password for your important appssuch as: Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messages,photos, etc… Protect and secure your privacy using the feature AppLock.   ★ PRIVATE PICTURE Got private pictures on yourdevice that you want no one to see? Easy, Private Picture featureof Cleaner-Antivirus Pro keeps all your private picture protected.Just one click and you get to lock your private pictures, eitherusing pattern or 4 digit code.   ★ BATTERY SAVER (BatteryManagement) Save your phone's battery power using Battery Saver, Asyou start using Battery Saver you don’t need to worry about youbattery’s life anymore. Cleaner-Antivirus Pro’s battery Saver killsbackground processes so that your battery life gets extended.Moreover while charging it, a beautiful lock screen displaysinformation about your RAM, Battery, and Storage.  ★ Antivirus-Cleaner Cleaner-Antivirus Pro is a powerfulAntivirus-Cleaner, that works on blocking and removing viruses fromyour device after scanning every app on your phone searching forany harmful apps, files… Antivirus-Cleaner one of the bestAntivirus apps, All to keep your phone safe and protect yourprivacy.   ★ NOTIFICATIONS Manager Cleaner-Antivirus Profrees up your phone from non-interested annoying notificationsusing Notifications Cleaner, As it cleans junk notifications fromyour notifications’ bar. Notifications Cleaner stops trashnotifications from popping up and slowing down your phone.  ★ BOOST MOBILE Increase your phone's memory by freeing yourRAM by the feature Boost Mobile which helps boosting the phone'sspeed and gives you a speedier phone. One click onCleaner-Antivirus Pro’s Boost Mobile function and you get fasterand smoother phone.  
Paris Metro Subways Map 1.0
This metro subway offline map application will be the bestassistantfor any Paris visitor or resident using the Parisiansubway metrolines App works offline even without connection to theinternet. Allthe subway metro lines of Paris are included. Paris'sbest subwayoffline metro map! Up-to-date with all the metro subwaylines, ParisMetro Subway map includes all the lines in operation.The map ishigh quality and non interactive. This app contains justa map withcurrent metro subway lines. This will help travelers insubway metrotrains to find the metro subway line stops. You canzoom in and zoomout map, map scrolling to make the best of ourMetro Subway offlinemap for Paris - France. Features: Up-to-datesubway map with all themetro lines. Large Metro Subway Map. Simpleand easy to use map andno Settings are Required. Pinch to Zoom inan out. Double Tab toZoom and Focus. Fast loading - no connectionneeded: Our SubwayMetro Lines For Paris Works offline. Usefuloffline maps for Paristourists and residents.
New York Subway Map 1.0
This metro subway offline map application will be the bestassistantfor New York City visitor or resident using the NYCsubway metrolines App works offline even without connection to theinternet. Allthe subway metro lines of New York City are included.NYC's bestsubway offline metro map! Up-to-date with all the metrosubwaylines, New York City NYC Metro Subway map includes all thelines inoperation. The map is high quality and non interactive.This appcontains just a map with current metro subway lines. Thiswill helptravelers in subway metro trains to find the metro subwayline stopswith bus and railroad connections. You can zoom in andzoom out map,map scrolling to make the best of our Metro Subwayoffline map forNYC - USA. Features: Up-to-date subway map with allthe metro lines.Large Metro Subway Map. Simple and easy to use mapand no Settingsare Required. Pinch to Zoom in an out. Double Tabto Zoom and Focus.Fast loading - no connection needed: Our SubwayMetro Lines For NYCWorks offline. Useful offline maps for NYCtourists and residents.
Translator - Voice & Text Translate 1.2
With our free tool translator all language translator, youcaninstantly translate to more than 99 different languages andspeakto anyone in this world freely, Simply type the word or thephraseyou want to be translated, select the source language or justletit to auto detect the language, and the language into whichyouwant to do the translation and press the "Translate" button.Justbellow, In that text box, the translation will be displayedandready to be copied to any other application, email, sms,whatsapp,facebook or whatever you want. Free Translator 2018 ispowerfultranslation tool. Our translator is free and perfect totranslatetexts and voices fast and easy. what are you waiting for ?Downloadall language translator and start translating now. Thefreetranslator app will helps you to learn the language. Withlanguagequick translator online you won't have communicationproblems. Youmust have internet connection for the correct use offreetranslator. Moreover, so you can have a better understanding ofthetranslated language, we have provided you with a button thatspeaksthe words with the original accent. Whether it's becauseyou'relearning languages or because you're traveling to a countrywherethe language could be a barrier, this is perfect translatorforyou. No more communication problem or language problem withthisonline language translation app because it also performvoicetranslate as free language translator app. You can alsotranslatecomplete phrase and sentences with easy languagetranslator app.You can copy, bookmark and share text translate withothers. If youwant to share your translations with your friends sothey can learnalso different languages, you can easily share itusing the sharebutton directly to your facebook wall, send itthrough WhatsApp orfacebook messenger, email, sms or any otherapplication you haveinstalled on your mobile device. Also, if youlike any sentence,word or phrase, you can save it to your favouritetranslation soyou can access it later so easaly, and we have thehisory of allyour translations if you want to remmember. Featuresof FreeTranslator 2018: Text & Voice Translate: -Beautiful andeasyinterface to use -Friendly Material design -Favorites list tosavewords -Instantly translate words and phrases -Share buttontosocial media and messages -Translate spoken text and listen tothetranslation -All language translator -Speak you desiredtranslationwith the voice recognition Translator languages list :-AfrikaansLanguage , Albanian Language , Arabic Language ,AzerbaijaniLanguage , Basque Language , Bengali Language ,BelorussianLanguage , Bulgarian Language , Catalan Language ,ChineseSimplified Language , Chinese Traditional Language ,CroatianLanguage , Czech Language , Danish Language , DutchLanguage ,English Language , Esperanto Language , Estonian Language,Filipino Language Translator, Finnish Language , French Language,Gallic Language , Georgian Language , German Language ,GreekLanguage , Gujarati Language , Haitian Creole Language ,HebrewLanguage , Hindi Language , Hungarian Language , IcelandicLanguage, Indonesian Language , Irish Language , Italian Language,Japanese Language , Kannada Language , Korean Language ,LatinLanguage , Latvian Language , Lithuanian Language ,MacedonianLanguage , Malay Language , Maltese Language , NorwegianLanguage ,Persian Language , Polish Language , Portuguese Language, RomanianLanguage , Russian Language , Serbian Language , SlovakLanguage ,Slovenian Language , Spanish Language , Swahili Language, SwedishLanguage , Tamil Language , Telugu Language , ThaiLanguage ,Turkish Language , Ukrainian Language , Urdu Language ,VietnameseLanguage , Welsh Language , Yiddish Language Translator.
PDF Reader & PDF Viewer 1.0.1
Meet out PDF reading Application and viewing any PDF documents:books, files, presentations, comics, music notes. Create PDFFilesDirectly from your phone using our PDF Reader Viewer,CreatorApplication Would you like to read your favorite PDF eBookon yourphone or tablet easily? So our Free PDF Reader, Viewer willmeetall your needs. This is a completely free and reliable PDFfileviewer for your android devices. This application have asimpleinterface and makes it easy to read PDF or manage files onyourphone. Application's Features: ✔ Automatic scan for all yourPDFfiles on your phone ✔ Simple interface to view all your PDFfileson your smartphone ✔ Instant search of your desired PDF filestofilter all your PDF files on your smartphone that contains thewordsearched ✔ Scroll down to the desired page of your PDF filewiththe right side scrollbar on the PDF Reader Viewer Application✔Manage files easily Directly from our PDF Reader and Viewer✔Create PDF Files with our PDF Creator ✔ Rename PDF files ✔DeletePDF Files ✔ Share PDF Files
Tattoo My Photo 1.0
Tattoo my Photo app lets you put new tattoo designs on what everyouwant, Tattoo yourself on your own photos. Just choose a picfromgallery or take one using camera, choose the inked tattoodesignthat fits your style, rotate, resize, save and share youreffect!Let your friends think that you are really tattooed ;)Tattoo myphoto with app is the best tattoo design app for men andwomen. Thistattoo maker allows you to create awesome tattoo myphoto. Withattractive design tattoo stickers and many tattoofonts, you canmake your tattoo photo without pain or skininfection. No need todownload separate tattoo for boys or tattoofor girls application,this Tattoo my photo is perfect tattoodesign software which ishelpful to create your tattoo photo withno effort. Simply selectwell categorized tattoo designs to placeit on your photo and set itat the perfect place. Also you canwrite tattoo name on your imagewith typing any name in specialtattoo fonts. Created tattoo imageusing this app will look likecompletely original tattoo on yourpicture and you can save yourtattoo photo. Then you can share it onsocial media. Tattoo Designson photos now. Draw tattoo,Paintingtattoos, the best tattoo maker!Do you want to be the professionaltattoo editor? If you lovetattoos, you will appreciate our amazingtattoo designs from aroundthe world! Use your tattoos ideas tocreate your own tattoo art.Tattoo my Photo is a tattoo maker forboys is a best application oftattoo design apps for men. No painwhen you put tattoo on my handby the use of tattoo photo editor.Virtual tattoo maker easilyapplying tattoo on my photo and alsogive you a real tattoo look.Tattoo photo editor for boys has lotsof men tattoo design ideassuch as black & gray, dragon,horoscope, quotes & fonts,love, scorpion, swords, beautifulbutterfly. Also provide tattoofor arm, forearm, chest, legs, 3d,shoulder, neck. Tattoo apps formen gives you various tribal tattoodesigns like the NativeAmericans, the Maori, the Borneo, the Celtictribal and Polynesiantribal. This is gives best inspiration thatwill make you lookawesome with tattoo design apps. You can easilyfind stylish andunique tribal tattoo design for men in this app.Share your effectswith your friends with tattoo photo suit You willget Differenttattoo designs with Tattoo My Photo app. You will alsoget Colortattoos. Tattoo for men. A cool Tattoo Editor application.Tattoogenerator on photos. Tattoo for women. A tattoo design appforandroid. Design tattoos in photo on your body by this TattooDesignApplication. A good Tattoo maker photo editor ApplicationTattoo aphoto with your name.. You can use this application asTattooStudio. Tattoos Maker lets you try design any tattoo withoutanypain! with Many Types of tattoo like Birds Tattoo, crosstattoo,love tattoo, emotions tattoo, butterfly tattoo, flowertattoo, firetattoo, boys tattoo, girls tattoo, designer tattoo,snake tattoo,Star tattoo. Our editing tool contains a lot ofartistic tattooideas for kids, both girls and boys, tatto for womenand men(browse for example rose, dragon, polynesian or tribaltattoos andmuch more!). you can also add your own text tattoo.Choose a font,type a text and it is ready! Now you may add your owndesign fromother photo. Just choose one from gallery or find somein internet.How to use: - choose photo from camera or gallery, -press tattoobutton to add new tattoos or text tattoo button to addtext tattoo.- place the tattoo on best place on your body. Movemarkers,rotate, resize and edit to best suit. - erase unwantedparts ofdesign, - add another ink to your picture. - you canchangetransparency of tattoo, flip, change colors and more filters,-finally save & share the result image!
Hairstyle Photo Editor 1.0
Hairstyle Photo Editor is the best photo editor app that allowsyouto edit any face with different Hairstyles, beard styles,mustachestyles & glasses. Change your HairStyle by usingHairstylePhoto Editor and Look More Stylish. Hairstyle Photo EditorAppcontains a collection of HD Man Hairstyles, beard styles,mustachestyles & glasses. Hairstyle Photo Editor App is an easyto usephoto editor tool where you can perfectly change Hairstyle,BeardStyle & Mustache style of any face. 100+ man ManHairstyles,beard styles, mustache styles & glasses available inourmHairstyle Photo Editor Application. * Hairstyle PhotoEditorFeatures * - Select Your Photo to Edit with our HairstylePhotoEditor from your Image Gallery - You can crop or rotate yourphoto- Select the Hairstyles, beard styles, mustache styles&glasses you want to add - Adjust with your finger and set itssizeto your head - Add a Filter or a Bokeh - Add a text and adjusttextto the size you desire - Add a Sticker to you photo - SavetheHairstyle Photo in your gallery - Share Your photo in SocialMedia- Give us your feedback to help you if you have any difficultyHavefun with our Hairstyle Photo Editor .
Translate German To English 1.0
Translate German to english is a free translator that translateanygerman word or phrase into english Features: -Free GermantoEnglish Translator -English to german -Audio Pronounciation-Hearyour translation in english -Hear your translation in german-Hearyour translation in more than 99 language natively -Share ourappover social media with one click -Voice recognition -Easy andfreeto use Easy to use and contains german english voicetranslation,also you can speak words or phrases and our freeTranslate germanto english will write down your word or phrase andclick ok totranslate it to the english or any language you choosefrom themenu. Translate german to english have also more than 99otherlanguage all over the world with accurate translations, allyougotta do is choose the language you want and type the germanwordor phrase and let the app surprise you with translation.
com.btpro.subwayslondonlondon 1.0
This metro subway offline map application will be the bestassistant for any London City visitor or resident using the Londonsubway metro lines App works offline even without connection to theinternet. All the subway metro lines of London City are included.London's best subway offline metro map! Up-to-date with all themetro subway lines, London City Metro Subway map includes all thelines in operation. The map is high quality and non interactive.This app contains just a map with current metro subway lines. Thiswill help travelers in subway metro trains to find the metro subwayline stops with bus and railroad connections. You can zoom in andzoom out map, map scrolling to make the best of our Metro Subwayoffline map for London - United Kingdom. Features: Up-to-datesubway map with all the metro lines. Large Metro Subway Map. Simpleand easy to use map and no Settings are Required. Pinch to Zoom inan out. Double Tab to Zoom and Focus. Fast loading - no connectionneeded: Our Subway Metro Lines For London Works offline. Usefuloffline maps for London tourists and residents
Eye Color Changer 1.2
Are you looking for different eye color, you ask a lot about howtochange your eye color, how to change eye color, can you changeyoureye color, how to change your eye color naturally, well, allthesequestion can be answered with our eye color changer. EyeColorChanger lets you to change the color of your eyes lens, adjustthearea of your eye, choose different eye color and eye stylesUsing aunique blending technique creates an effect that looks verynaturaland real on the eyes. It works equally well for both darkand lightcolored eyes. single eye or both of your eyes with thisnew freefeature. Its very simple simulation app for changing eyecolor ofyour choice. show your art, and pick your favorite color orlensamong very big list of eye lenses. also, you can play withopacityto make your eye color looks more realistic. Features: •Choosefrom different realistic and natural eye colors • Eye colorchangerthat makes your color eyes looks so realistic. • Change thesize ofyour eyes to make them bigger and more beautiful. • Selectyourphoto from gallery or camera. • Change your eye size • AnimalEye,Cat eyes, different eye colors and other special eye effects. •Tryon new colored eye contacts and colored eye lenses. • Easy tousefor an eye color changer photo editor. • Save photos to gallery.•Share your photos via facebook, instagram, whatsapp andothersocial networks. Eye Color Changer is an ultimate app for youtotry out various eye colors and lenses on your own photo. Youcanhave green, blue, brown or multiple color eyes! cat eyes,crocodileeyes and many other creatures eyes you can choose from.You caneven have one of each! Do you want to try out cat eyes? Howto doselect left/right eye? With Eye Color Changer you can try allofthese and many more colors and lanses with just a simple click.
BlueLight Filter Eye Protection 1.0
BlueLight Filter for Eye Protection is an optimal nightfiltercreated by BTPRO to provide warmlight night screen in ordertoensure eye care against light blue wavelength from screen lightandgive you pleasant relaxed night reading while curingsleeplessnessafter twilight with night mode. Use blue light filterapp a nightlight anti glare to relieve eye strain and protect eyesfrom bluelight flux, and prevent all kind of unwelness likeinsomnia andrestlessness, chronic migraine, sleepless chronicheadache,glaucoma and cataract. -Reduce the blue light to relieveeyefatigue and protect your eyes -Provide customizable filtercolors,the filter strength can also be dynamically adjusted -Verystable,greatly reducing the possibility of Force Close -Completelyfreeand Easy to use -Effectively reduces all blue light thatcausestrained eyes. Great for those who use their devices all daylongand are feeling fatigued. -Bluelight Filter for Eye Protectionisgood for your eye care, so you never have to strain youreyes.-Reduce eye strain. -Customized eye protection to use, asyoucontrol the filter, based on what you need and use most often.
Stickers for Whatsapp 1.0
Cute and funny stickers for WhatsApp all in our app Stickersmanypacks and categories of stickers that you can use. Have agreattime by sharing these ultimate varieties of Funny chatstickers.Send your favorite stickers to your friends, best stickersforwhatsapp WAStickerApps Feature & what the app contains: >HDquality of Various stickers. > Lots of Stickers pack added>User friendly app, so easy to use. > Less memoryconsumption> High performance - Love Stickers - New yearStickers -Christmas Stickers - Happy Birthday Stickers -InspirationalStickers - Couple Stickers - Congrats Stickers - MemeStickers -Rage face Stickers - Boys & Girls Stickers How to useLoveWAStickerApps: - Select Whatsapp Sticker button - Click onStickerRaw - Click 'ADD TO WHATSAPP' button - Confirm action, itshouldshow success message - Open WhatsApp app and go to a chatscreen -Tap on the Emoji button - You will see a new sticker iconat bottom- Tap on it, and you can now use the stickers pack youjust added.
Translate Free Translation 1.0
Are you travelling to a foreign country? Need to communicatewithanother language? You can easily solve that! translateinstantlyusing more a lot of languages using our universaltranslation app.All you have to do is type your phrase in yourlanguage and selectthe language you want to translate and thelanguage you want totranslate to and just press the buttonTranslate. One more featureis to make the app say the wordstranslated for you with theselected language using the correctaccent that you might not knowhow to pronounce. Wherever you are,not matter what country are youvisiting, our translator app is yourperfect companion, from now onthe language is never an obstacle! •Get free translations fortext. • Listen to translations with aclear voices. • Switchbetween different dialects when youtranslate. • Transliteration,Sharing, Favorites, History, and muchmore. Supported Translations:Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese,Croatian, Czech, Danish,Dutch, Finnish, Filipino, German, Greek,Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese,Serbian, Swedish, Russian , Ukrainian, Spanish,Slovenian,Vietnamese.
Christmas stickers for Whatsapp 1.1
Christmas is just there, and occasion to meet with family afriendsa have a great time together. So get ready for it. Createawesomechristmas postcards to surprise your friends and family withtheseapp. Make these holidays and the entrance to winterfunniercreating a personalized postcard specially designed forthem. Thestickers will do the magic and will create laughs.-Christmas trees-Father Christmas -Christmas hats and socks-Motives -ReindeerSled/Sledges -Ribbons -Gits -Snowmen -Stars-Lights &decoration -Snow / winter layers -And Merry Christmas/ happywishes texts -Frames and photo frames -Christmas Tree (X-MasTree)-Gift Box for Christmas -Santa Claus for Christmas -SnowmanSantaClaus -Santa Hat Stickers -Text Chat Christmas Stickers-MerryChristmas -Noël WhatsApp sharing stickers is now available!Sendyour favorite stickers to your friends. What are you waitingfor?WhatsApp Stickers App contains all sorts of stickers orderedindifferent categories. Debbing Santa Clause Stickers forChristmasWhatsApp Stickers WhatsApp Stickers WAStickerApps(WAStickers) Newstickers for WhatsApp, download now the newWhatsApp stickers. Thisis awesome way to say ‘Marry Christmas’.This “Christmas Stickersfor Whatsapp” free Stickers pack appspecially created forWhatsapp. You just have to add differentcategory of Stickers Packsfrom given list. Easily Share yourStickers Messages with Christmasemojis and stickers this christmas.Say anything in Xmas dressingto your friends now. Express yourselfwith Christmas Stickers youwant in this Completely Free app! Makeyour Christmas more special,create the best Christmas chats morebeautiful by adding theseadorable Santa stickers, Christmas treestickers, Christmas giftstickers, Christmas party stickers andSanta gifts in your chat.
Bluelight Filter Lite Eye Protection 1.0
BlueLight Filter Lite is an Eye Protect, Eye care, Night Screen,asa filter warmlight and caliginous screen can relax youreyes,adjust clock and prevent eye stress and eye disease,especiallywhen using phone during night shift, it's better for youreyes.Turn your phone to night mode with our Blue Light Filter LiteThisis a LITE version of "BlueLight Filter" light blue completeandfree protecting eye and eye care. This applicationprotectssmartphone users from bluelight exposure, causing insomniaandamblyopia Features - Blocking the blue light that reduceseyefatigue - Blue Light Filter adjustment function - Reduce bluelight- Eye protector from screen light - Very easy and lite Whatisbluelight? - Bluelight is blue colored light with very shortandvisibel wavelength between 380 and 500 nm(nanometer). It usedtoserve as medical treatment for pimples in dermatology.However,many experts say that persistent exposure of blue light isquitedangerous. Namely, long time exposure of bluelight mightcausexerophthalmia and even bring damage to retina nad eyelens.Furthermore, bluelight exposure from smatphone and TV in thelatenight, sound sleep would be interupted by hampered sleepinducinghormons secretion.