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Top Model Fashion Super Star 1.0.0
Hello Girls, You have a great chance towinfashion awards and become the next top model in a reality show.Soget ready to look perfect on the red carpet and competeagainstother star models to win the award. Start your makeover witharelaxing back massage and use the different types of massagingoiland creams. Once you are done with Spa, go to the hair salontowash hair and choose amazing different hair styles and don'tforgetto color your hair with many different varieties of haircolors.When you are all done with spa, get yourself ready byselectingbest makeup like eye lens, eyeliners, blush, lipstick andmuchmore. After that, select beautiful outfit to look gorgeous ontheshow. Finally, after completing all the activities take adeepbreath and start your journey to the fashion awards eventandwin.Key Features:Enjoy royal makeover at your own salonEnjoy smooth spa care and facialTons of choices for outfitsSelect different makeup styles, dresses and hairstylesChoose your favorite background and take photosCompete in a variety of photo shoot challengesRealistic Fun in this game for girls with catwalk and red carpetforsupermodelsEnjoy complete makeover with new unique styles of tools and becomeaTop Model in this game.Experience the fun journey the spa, makeup, dress up,magazineshoot, runway to a beauty contest.Have fun with BestopStudios games! One of the best GameforGirls!
Pregnant Mommy & Newborn Baby 1.0.1
Play pregnant mommy and newborn babyandexperience the most beautiful phase of any mother's life. Thisgameis about a mommy who is going to deliver a sweet baby aftersomedays. Play and go through four different views of this game.Thefirst view starts with checking the temperature of a mother withathermometer then checks heart beats and take measurements ofherstomach. Check blood-pressure and see the baby on the screenforthe first time and also check baby's heart beats and size. Inthenext view, there are many activities and that includesgivingmother medicines, feeding her fruits, reading a book,listening tomusic & much more. After that, give baby a bath,shampoo hishair and give him a shower. It's fishing time in thelast view,help babies to catch some fish.Features:- Very easy to play with extraordinary graphics- Check the health of mommy with different tools- Help Mother See baby on the screen for the first timewithultrasound echography- Read a book- Give a bath to baby for the first time- Give fish food and catch themPlay this game and help pregnant mommy by doing differentactivitieslike a checkup, give a baby shower, do fishing &muchmore.We hope you will enjoy our Pregnant Mommy & NewbornBabyGame.Have fun with BestopStudios games! Best Educational GameforKids!
High School Pretty Girl Party 1.0.0
Play this High School Pretty Girl Partygamewhere the girl is going to attend a high school partybutunfortunately, she has got so much work to do to look pretty.Willyou help her for the same? If yes then in that case you needtoremove braces and wires from teeth, then clean eyes and makeherwear beautiful eye lenses. After that, do some makeup whereyouwill select the mask, wash face and remove pimple. At last,youneed to apply a decent hair style and also choose a coolbag,beautiful necklace, footwear and much more. Play thisentertaininggame and change an unattractive girl into a verybeautiful angel,also share it with your family and friends.Features:- Excellent design and graphics- Remove braces and wires- Clean her eyes make her wear different color lens- Enjoy the process of makeover- Style her with dress, bag and a pair of footwear- Help her look attractiveComplete tons of makeover activities with School pretty Girlandenjoy.Play this game and make an unattractive girl an angel bydoingmakeup, dress up & much more.Have fun with BestopStudios games! Best Game for KidsandGirls!
Airport Manager Simulator Kids 1.0.1
We all have been to the airport andalsowondered how planes take off, land, how they are washed andmanyother things. So for all those questions you should playAirportManager Simulator. Here first view is the visa office, whereyouneed to check the passport and put badge on theirpassport,according to their destination country. Then you will beredirectedto the control tower where you need to park differentkind of planeaccording to their place. Then comes the washing viewwhere youneed to wash planes and make them clean. In the simulationyou willmake the plane fly by switching on the entire button,settingparameters in the radar and much more. In this game, we alsohave asection for the lost and found where you can find out anyitemwhich you have lost. In the painting part you will be able todrawand fill colors in that sketch.Features:- Check passport and give visa according to that- Park planes on their correct places- Wash plane and make them clean- Check luggage with amazing checking tools- Do painting and fill colors- Make plane fly and feel like a pilotExperience airport activities by performing exciting tasks andmuchmore.In this airport game you have to manage the airport, airline,usethe radar, do passport control,wash airplanes, take off and land the plane and manyotheractivities on the airstrip.Have fun with BestopStudios games! Best Game for KidsandGirls!
Cinema Movie Night Kids Party 1.0.1
Movie nights are great fun, but withCinemaMovie Night Kids Party you can run your own cinema and havemovienights every day of the week!Running a cinema business is no easy task, you'll need to be ontopof your game if you're going to make a success of it. Therearemany tasks to perform when you're the manager of a cinemacomplexand each one must be done well to keep your customers happyandlooking forward to their next time.Your new business needs some fixing up before you can open tothepublic, nobody likes a musty old cinema with beat upoldseats.Movie goers can find it hard to find the theatre in the firstplace!Help guide them to their chosen cinema in a fun puzzle gamethenopen up the box office and start selling tickets. You'll needtoprovide each customer with their exact order - 2D or 3D?Luxuryseating? And most important of all, what movie do they wanttosee?Before they go in, guide them through the snack bar - whodoesn'tlike a tasty treat at the movies? And when they're all readyandthe movie's begun you'll need your trusty flashlight to pickoutthe noisy customers. Why do some people go to the movies andmakeso much noise?The movie's over and it's time to clean up. All thosespilledpopcorn boxes and candy wrappers. But don't be surprised ifsomecustomers leave more than they intended, the lost and foundischoice full of weird and wonderful items. Don't worry,everyonecomes to find their lost property sooner or later, justmake sureyou give them the right thing!Cinema Movie Night Kids Party makes management fun whileteachingyour children all about running their very ownbusiness.Key Features:Management skills - There's plenty of scope for children tolearnabout how to manage a busy business.Puzzle games - Every task is a puzzle developing handeyecoordination and logic skills through fun and games.Multitasking - You can't run a business like this without beingableto do more than one thing at a time!Customer Service - Kids can learn that running a business isn'tjustabout making money. Being good with people makes all thedifference,from helping them find the theatre to selling them theright ticketand even how to deal with noisy customers gently butfirmly!Help the customers to pay the cashier with the credit card whentheybuy the film ticket!The movie night will be fantastic in this movie theater!Remember to clean the cinema and prepare drinks & snacks asCokeand soda in this educational game!Popcorn are so delicious while watching a movie ! And if youlostsomething, go to lost and found office!Become a future CEO superstar with Cinema Movie Night KidsPartygame and give your kids an early start on themanagementladder!Have fun with BestopStudios games! Best Educational fun GamesforKids!
General Surgery Be a Surgeon 1.0.1
Oh!! She has injured herself andsheimmediately needs medical attention. So, for that you need tohelpher to recover from the injury. She has a back injury so, firstofgive the injection and then clean the wound with the helpofalcohol. Then cut it with the cutter and apply surgery on itbyreplacing it with new skin. Her knee is also injured so,firstlyscan the knee and then cut the damaged part and replace it.Andthen there's also an injury in her nose, so perform a surgerythereand then try to fix the bone. At the end, take the stitchesandhelp her to recover from the stomach injury.Features:- Play a professional surgeon- Take stitches- Help her to recover from the injury- Extraordinary graphical design- Treat various parts of the bodyPerform the knee surgery with all of your girls.In this game you have to do surgery as a real surgeon andmakeoperations to the skin, knee, nose, bones, stomach.You'll have to give stitches and make injections tosuperheroesagents on missions.Get help from plastic surgery to replace skin of thesecretagents.Play this game and learn how to take them medical care ofapatient.Have fun with BestopStudios games! Best Game for KidsandGirls!