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Easy Pregnancy - Get Baby 1.1.8
Want to get pregnant? Want to know the gender of your baby? EasyPregnancy - Get Baby will help the women try to conceive. It willpredict which day you maybe have a baby or not. With Easy Pregnancy- Get Baby, you can also track your period, ovulation and fertiledays. Easy Pregnancy - Get Baby will help you to predict yourfuture baby gender. Predict which day maybe have a boy or girl.Features: ★ Predict which day you maybe have a baby or not ★Predict the baby gender, a boy or girl ★ Predict the next period,fertile and ovulation date ★ Backup your data if switching phone ★Track and record your period ★ Export data if needed
Love Tracker 1.0.2
Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!Love Tracker is coming!Love Tracker is powerful!With the Love Tracker,The concrete information of your sexual activities with yourdarling can be recorded!The frequencies of making love between you and your darling can berecorded!!The length of each sexual time can be recorded!!!The favorite love style between you and your darling can berecorded!!!!HER Menstrual period and the pregnancy chance can berecorded!!!!!You can even write down your feeling after each sexual activity inLove Tracker!Love Tracker is exactly a love diary and all the love informationcan be recorded and showed in the love calendar!Your love diary will be fully recorded in the love calendar!With Love Tracker, You can know more clearly about yourself andyour darling, and decide your love activities at your ownwill!Features:■ Record the duration of making love automatically oncestarted■ Choose your making love styles and types of each lovemaking■ Change the title of each item to your inclination■ Choose whether or not the condoms used in each lovemaking■ Choose whether or not the contraceptive pills taken in eachlovemaking■ Record the frequencies of making love and show the concreteinformations of each time■ Record and forecast HER menstruation and in the calendar■ Show and forecast the pregnant rate of each day in thecalendar■ Select the degree of satisfaction of each lovemaking■ Write down your feeling about each lovemaking in the lovediary■ Delete the history and informations of making loves if youwantTrack a ton of data in the calendar: duration of each lovemaking,frequencies of lovemaking, menstruation period, pregnant rate,fertile days, degree of satisfaction of each lovemaking, whether ornot the condom used and contraceptive pills taken, the history ofmaking loves, etc.Believe me! Love Tracker will surprise your tremendously with itspowerful and costumer-oriented functions!Just an easy press, it will keep time and make recordautomatically!All you need to do is to Enter and do some choice questions aboutyour love activities!Then the Love Tracker will keep your love diary in the lovecalendar!You can also rename the titles in the Love Tracker to your owninclination!So easy! So humanization!Don’t hesitate anymore and download the Love Tracker right now,writer your own love diary in the love calendar!