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Word Crossy - A crossword game 2.3.7
Betta Games
Word Crossy’s Second Anniversary is Coming! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and aheartfelt thanks to all our players! We are simply amazed by theincredible outpouring of support we have received over the last twoyears. To celebrate the Second anniversary, Word Crossy is bringingAdditional levels, missions, rewards, and excitement! -Golden Piggymode: Collect as much Golden piggy as possible and become a WordMaster! -Limited time event: Complete the set tasks to obtain hugeamount of rewards. Only at the Second anniversary event! -SuperTournaments: Compete against other players every weekend. Higherthe rank greater the rewards! -5700+ Levels: An endless array oflevels that are suitable for all players. Train your Brain andSharpen your Mind! Word Crossy is a relaxing Word game where youconnect letters together to form words on a crossword-style board.Learn while you play! With over 4,600 levels and thousands of wordsranging from simple to complex, Word Crossy will help you become atrue Word Master. Daily Challenges and Super Tournaments allow youtest yourself against even greater challenges while earningfantastic rewards! No Time Limits, No Pressure. Gameplay occurs ata leisurely pace - without any time limits or pressure - making ita great way to comfortably pass time. Spell out words amidstbeautiful backgrounds and tranquil tunes to bring serenity to yourspare time. An enjoyable blend of Word Find and Crossword-stylegames Innovative gameplay modes, appealing visuals, a variety ofgameplay features, 5700+ challenging levels, and much more.Features: 1080p HD Visuals: High resolutions graphics provide anexquisite visual experience Built-in Dictionary: Learn new wordsand expand your vocabulary while you play! Daily Challenge:Complete levels to earn Stars which can then be exchanged for MindStones. Butterfly Mode: Catch butterflies and become a Word Master!New Visual Design: Constantly optimized UI and gameplay provideusers with a better gameplay experience. Don’t miss out on the gamethat’s already been downloaded by over 18 million players! Note:Word Crossy is free to play, but you can also make in-app purchasesto help you enjoy the game even more.
Word Villas - Fun puzzle game 2.0.0
Betta Games
Design your dream home with Word Villas! This game is the perfectcombination of Word Puzzles and Home Decorating. Start youradventure by helping Rachel renovate her old house and start a newlife! Solve challenging word puzzles to renovate and decorate thevarious rooms and areas in the house. Fix up what's already there,redesign to give new lift, and choose from impressive options! Givethe old mansion a complete makeover! Interact with many vividcharacters and unlock an addictive story involving new friends,romance, adventure, and drama! What makes Word Villas so special? ●Unique gameplay: a combination of word puzzles and home decoratingprovides a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience. ● Home design:- Use your design skills and creativity to renovate and decoratethe house with various styles and themes; - Make your own choicefrom hundreds of unique furniture and decor. - Explore the houseand unlock more areas for renovation. ● Exciting word puzzles: -Simply swipe the letters to build words to collect rewards! -Challenge yourself with different Modes, including Normal, Hard andExpert. - Thousands of unique levels await, and more are beingadded! ● Fun characters and a story full of twists: - Say goodbyeto the past mess, start a new life! Establish and expand your ownB&B business. - Make friends and experience a new life, allwhile restoring the old mansion. Will romance bloom? Will you findyour true love? What are you waiting for? Solve challenging wordpuzzles, unleash your creativity, and start your makeover now! LoveWord Villas? Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on WordVillas news, contests, polls and other fun stuff:
Dream Home Solitaire 1.0.16
Betta Games
Welcome to Dream home, where you help the little girl Tina tofulfill her dream, and search for a comfortable and warming Home.Build her the dream room the way she wants! Clear through andeliminate dynamic CARDS to get pass challenging levels, renovateand decorate different rooms. Unlock more interesting stories whileplaying. So what are you waiting for? Game features: Fun gameplay:match and eliminate CARDS for clovers to help Tina renovate herrooms. Interior decoration: high freedom building design, a widevariety of styles to pick from! Interesting items: Uniqueenhancement items and visual for a extremely fun gaming experience!Not satisfy with decorating just one house? More houses are waitingfor you to renovate! Cute pet: Get to know a cute little bear whois always there for you. Unique storyline: experience wonderfulstoryline, accompany Tina on journeys to progress and growth.Invite your Facebook friends to check out your masterpiece. Jointhe Dream Home! Show off your designing talents by decorating andremodeling bedrooms, cloakrooms, children's rooms and other areasof the house! Thousands of design options to choose from, followyour heart to pick the design that you love, and finally createyour own dream house! Dream Home is a free to play game, but somein-game purchase are required for certain items. If you do not wishto use this option, simply go to the device's access andrestrictions menu to turn it off. Do you still like Dream Home?Find out more about Dream Home! Facebook: Anyquestions? Please contact our technical support department
Mergical 1.2.6
Betta Games
Welcome to the fantastic Mergical Island! This is a mysterious landfull of magical fantasies. Here, you can explore the lost world,also to build and design the island based on your preference! Aperfect merge and building game! Due to a spell casted by a wizard,all life forms on this island are in a resting state, the thickclouds blocked out what was once a prosper and beautiful city. Withthe power of music, you accidentally arrived at this land, usingyour merge and puzzle solving skill you can awaken this land andrestore it to its former self. With your talent and effort, you cancollect ancient tomes, extraordinary plants or flowers, artisticbuildings(houses, fun park, mobile park, and etc) and elegantmusical instruments. Meanwhile, there are some magical creaturessuch as cute cats, waiting to be awakened, once awake, they willbecome your best friends in rebuilding the island! Are you ready tobuild your dream home? Now is the best time to start! SpecialFeatures Character Design
 * Variety of character features. Mergeto unlock up to 14 different types of characters, each type bringsyou a unique set of elements, which will make your island moreprosper and colorful. Merge items to awaken the island * More than600 types of items for you to interact and merge. * Place 3identical pieces next to each other, and witness the amazing thingscome next. * Collect the magical and mysterious musical notes tohelp you restore this land. * Use the collected materials toredesign or upgrade your buildings. Variety of gameplay and quests* Use unique and elegant buildings to decorate your awesome island.* Fun and exciting level for a limitless exploration and gameplay.Download now, and design your new world! Follow our Facebook fanpage to stay updated on allthe latest update or to chat with other mergies!
Dream Island
Betta Games
Dream Island, a new free-to-play challenging puzzle game, hasfinally arrived! Being a spinoff to Dream Home, the supportingcharacters Wilson and Lori are the protagonists of this new game.In this game, the two will transform and renovate an entire islandwith many amazing stories being told. At the same time, you canenjoy a classic card game, exercise your brain and become smarter.Game features: -Build and Renovate: Create the island of yourdream! -Classic Card Game: Kill the boring time while keeping yourmind sharp! -Interesting Stories: With a unique and fun storyline,this game will keep you interested in the long and short term.-Dress Ups: The characters no longer need to wear the same boringoutfits, mix and match the way you want! -Cute Pets: Whether youlike dogs or cats, this game has all the cute pets you love! Loriand Wilson meets in a villa on Dream Island. Being two completestrangers, why did they decide to live together? And Why did theystart renovating the island? And what happens to their relationshipover time? The answers are waiting for you in Dream Island. Sodownload the game and enjoy! Dream Island is a free-to-play gamewith in-app purchases for a more exciting experience. We hope theitems you purchased can help you in the most crucial time! We loveto hear your feedbacks or suggestions, so please send them to ouremail at the following Or followour Facebook page to share your experiences with Dream Island
Disc Golf Rival 2.1.1
Betta Games
Want to play disc golf without leaving your house? How abouttestingyour skills against thousands of other people? Check outthis game,the most fun online real-time competitive disc golf gamein theworld! With gameplay tuned for authenticity and spectaculargraphicsand effects, our game will provide a totally immersivedisc-golfingexperience. Over 100 courses are waiting for you! JustDOWNLOAD nowto start playing with people from all over the world!Easy to pickup and play - Detailed instructions for beginners! -Simply swipeyour finger to make perfect shots! Explore yourabilities and earnrewards - Diverse courses cater for differentlevels of players! -Gain rewards to upgrade your equipment! -Challenge yourself tounlock over 100 courses! Social mediaintegration - Invite yourFacebook friends to join you! - Acceptdaily gifts from yourfriends! - Upload and share your personalprofile with otherplayers! DOWNLOAD and BEGIN playing now! Moresurprises are waitingfor you to discover!
Betta Games
Welcome to Townest: Alfred’s Adventure! Check out this magicaltownfull of mysteries. Help Alfred restore his hometown, renovate,andpass levels to find clues on his missing grandmother.Afterclearing each colorful match-3 level, you can unlockdifferentregions to go to and restore the town. Clear levels tofind clueson Alfred’s missing grandmother, which will lead you tothe finalrevelation. So, what are you waiting for? Install anddesign yourown town! Game features: - Exciting match-3 levels:Hundreds oflevels with many awesome boosters and explosivecombinations! -Interior design: Move buildings freely and renovatethe entiretown, and design the town the way you want! - Specialmerge: gethigher level buildings by merging 3 of the same lowerlevelversions! - Magical materials: Merged buildings can alsoproducemagical materials while offline. Shake your phone to obtainall themagical materials. They can be merged into magical books tosummonvarious buildings as rewards! - Unique storyline: HelpAlfredrestore his hometown, search for clues on his missing grandmabymatching pieces! - Lively characters: Various characters-suchasAlfred, Vincent the crow, bookstore manager, etc. They willallaccompany you on your adventure. - A huge magical town:Amysterious magical town for you to explore, discover thesecretsand gain the power to restore it to its former self.Townest:Alfred’s Adventure is free to play. It would be the bestgame foryou to spend time and share with your friends. Come andplay itnow! Like to know more about us? Learn more here:Facebook: questions or feedback? Please let us