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BetterMe helps you achieve your personal wellness objectives bybuilding and modifying your meal and workout plans. Thousands ofsatisfied customers have rated the app 5 stars and left theirenthusiastic reviews on GooglePlay and AppStore. BetterMe lets youhave the expertise of fitness and diet specialists in the palm ofyour hand without ever having to hit the gym. Currently, BetterMeis available in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese andGerman. Start off with BetterMe by answering these questions aboutyour wellness: a) What are your goals? Do you want to lose weight,or gain muscle mass and get fit? b) What is your fitness level? c)What are you diet and meal preferences? All you have to do next iswait for the custom workout and free meal plans from BetterMe andcheck in with the app daily to achieve your dream health, weightloss and fitness results. BetterMe app offers a plethora ofexercises and workout plans to choose from that vary in length andintensity. No special equipment needed, only your dedication andresolve. To build on the benefits of constant physical workouts,BetterMe offers a list of well-balanced and sensible meal planscompiled on the basis of your dietary habits and needs. Unlike mostweight loss and fitness apps, we will accompany you on every stepof your journey to a healthier, more fit you by: - offering tipsand guides on proper diet; - helping you set your customized weeklymeal plans; - offering you workouts to get rid of excessive fat; -offering you sprint interval workouts; - demonstrating every stepin our instructive videos; - providing tips on proper exerciseexecution. This is how BetterMe fitness and app will help youfollow the wellness and weight loss plans you’ve set: - We help youset a goal; - We help you build endurance; - We offer research andscience-based workout routines; - We oversee your meals and diet.BetterMe will send you reminders and motivating messages toencourage your training and healthy diet. All BetterMe users cantry the app for free by signing up to a free trial period. Duringthe free 3-day trial, you’ll get the star treatment and will beable to try the fitness and diet features. BetterMe app users canchoose the subscription plan that suits their needs best, byconsidering the workout, the diet, and the costs. Our Premiumsubscription plan offers unlimited access to every level of everyimaginable workout routine in exchange for a single payment. Foryour convenience, BetterMe subscriptions are set to automaticallyrenew within the 24-hour period prior to the subscription end date.You can cancel your subscription at any moment, too. Constructivecriticism is always welcome. Our fitness, weight loss and dietspecialists, as well as our developers, are working constantly toimprove the user experience and cater to a wider range of ourcustomers’ needs. Contact our client support