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Race Team Manager 2.2.2
Big Bit Ltd
In Race Team Manager you live the life of anup-and-coming team boss across various racing categories. Work yourway up from the junior leagues to the pinnacle of motor sport andbecome a championship winning team!RACE DAYFeaturing all the best parts of a traditional racing game,overtakes, spectacular crashes, pit stops and blocks are all fullyinteractive using the latest cutting edge graphics and specialeffects. As team manager it’s also your job to call strategy fromthe pit wall, instructing when and how hard to push the car andstrategically call the optimum moment to pit.MANAGEMENTOutside of Race Day you decide when and how to upgrade your car,and manage your driver and mechanic relationships. You’ll also needto sign sponsorship deals and ensure your team hits their targets.Build up enough reserves to go racing at the highest level andinvest in your facility to boost on track performance.EXPERIENCEGameplay is short burst and immediate, but there’s more than enoughhere to keep you coming back for months. Whether you’ve got acouple of minutes or hours to spare there are races to be won andmanagement decisions to be made. Will you focus on the car, yourteam, the sponsors or your facility? As long as you’re winning youcan run your team as you see fit!