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CIVA Pro 1.0.1
ABOUT THE SIMULATOR Over the past two decades, the pioneers attheInstitute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery have led the worldinthe creation of the Craniofacial Interactive Virtual Assistantforsurgery or CIVA Pro which provides innovative methods ofteachingand distributing surgical knowledge. Using an interactivesurgicalsimulation platform, ten surgical procedures have beenbroken downinto discrete steps for both medical professionals andpatients'families. The viewer is able to trigger intra-operativesurgicalvideo, voice over, images and 3D labels at various pointsin theprocedure to access didactic knowledge necessary tofullyunderstand complex three-dimensional surgical concepts. Likeapilot trained on a simulator before commanding a planewithpassengers, this groundbreaking teaching tool will teach anewgeneration of surgeons trained in intricate procedures onacomputer before they operate on a child's face. OUR VISIONTheAtlas will allow thousands of surgical residents, interns,fellows,medical students, as well as experienced surgeons, to gointosurgery with more confidence and a deeper medicalunderstanding. Anew generation of surgeons will be infinitelybetter prepared and,most importantly, children and adults withcraniofacial anomalieswill be better served, in the United Statesand around the world.myFace is providing access to the simulator ona pro bono basis asa means to educate the world. CREDITS The CIVAPro was created by aunique partnership of philanthropy, industry,the Institute ofReconstructive Plastic Surgery and the Departmentof PlasticSurgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. Powered By: TheBioDigitalHuman Platform - BioDigital Inc. Medical Directors:Roberto L.Flores and Joseph G. McCarthy Craniofacial ModelingConsultant:Barry H. Grayson We would like to thank the followingorganizationsfor their vision and support of this ground-breakingproject: KLSMartin Milbank Foundation Dorothea Haus Ross FoundationJorgePosada Foundation.
BioDigital Human - 3D Anatomy 4.2.0
The BioDigital Human is the most comprehensive 3D virtual model ofthe human body ever assembled, and the only application thatincludes interactive 3D anatomy, physiology, conditions, andtreatments. Our Human Library contains over 700 3D anatomy models,and is the most comprehensive, scientifically-accurate, andwidely-used virtual model of the human body ever assembled. Perfectfor learning anatomy and enhancing health literacy, people aroundthe world are using the BioDigital Human to learn and educate onanatomy, physiology, treatments, and health conditions such ascancer, heart disease, injuries and more. The BioDigital Humanonline application, included in your registration and available, empowers you to create your own custom 3Dmodels to visualize anatomy and the inner workings of the humanbody. Trusted by 3,000,000+ students from nearly 5,000institutions, the BioDigital Human is used globally by leadingmedical schools, health systems, medical device, pharmaceutical andeducation companies including J&J, NYU Medical, Apple andGoogle. Proven to increase learning retention by 43% as compared tostudents learning with traditional resources, and to improveassessment by 16% as compared to learning by cadaveric prosection.PRESS: “Think: Google Earth meets the human body” - ABC News “Thevirtual body as the health education equivalent of Google Maps” -The New York Times “xbox, Gray’s Anatomy combining to become a wayto look inside the body” - MSNBC APP FEATURES: - Validated,professional-grade complete male and female 3D human anatomy models- Over 20 Regional and System-based anatomy models - Over 600interactive 3D health condition models - 8 different languages -Personalized library for quick access to your content - 3Dinteraction tools to rotate, zoom, draw on, dissect and sharemodels - Easy to use, intuitive interface that makes searching andsaving simple - Includes use of BioDigital Human online, accessiblefrom any device at - Unlike image based apps,true interactive 3D allowing you to see anatomical structures fromany perspective ANATOMY SYSTEMS: - Cardiovascular system -Connective tissue - Muscular system - Digestive system - Lymphaticsystem - Endocrine system - Nervous system - Skeletal system -Respiratory system - Reproductive system - Urinary systemSPECIALITIES: - Allergy & Immunology - Cardiology - Dentistry -Dermatology - Endocrinology - Gastroenterology - Infectious Disease- Nephrology - Neurology & Psychiatry - Obstetrics &Gynecology - Hematology & Oncology - Ophthalmology -Orthopedics - Otolaryngology - Pediatrics - Pulmonology -Rheumatology - Urology COST: The free version provides 10 modelviews / month and storage of up to 5 in your personal library. ThePersonal Plus Upgrade is available at $19.99/year and givesunrestricted access to our entire library of 700+ anatomy andhealth condition models, with unlimited storage of 3D models inyour personal library. Registration also provides access to theBioDigital Human on web, available at, thatprovides additional tools such as authoring 3D models and developertools. Subscriptions are charged yearly & automatically renewunless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before end of thecurrent period. Payment will be charged to your Google Play Accountat confirmation of purchase. You will not be able to cancel asubscription during the active period. You can manage yoursubscriptions in your Account Settings after purchase. View ourTerms of Service at View ourPrivacy Policy at