Bit Dreams Apps

Puppy Pounce 2.0
Bit Dreams
Dogs will do anything to chase a bone...evenjumping over an infinite loop of hurdles. Puppy Pounce is sosimple, a dog could play (playing games is hard with paws). Thisgame is great for kids all ages too.Instructions: Simply click on the arrows to move to differentlanes to avoid and jump hurdles, collecting bones as you go. Butdon't miss any!
Bit vs Bit 4.1.0
Bit Dreams
NOTE: You may have to press menu buttons withtwo fingers.It is an all-out war between the blue-bit and the orange-bitfolk: a race to be the first civilization to conquer the cyberworld for the coveted bits! This top-down arena shooter is sure toplease arcade gamers or those who want to relive the retro gamingexperience on their mobile device. The art has a faux-8-bit feel tothem, still providing interesting aesthetics as you play quick andexciting rounds. So get hunting for those bits! 00100111Cool Features:-FOUR sweet game modes (Death Match, Capture The Flag, Payload, andMultiplayer)-Pseudo-retro bit graphics-Item shop**Tip: It's better with friends! Connect up to 4 players inmultiplayer!**Twitter: to the support of the fans for all these years. Keepbitting!~
Steady Ear 3.1.2
Bit Dreams
Need a quick study tool to sharpen your pitch and beat recognitionskills? This tool (or game if you prefer) can be used by all ages,whether it's baby's first piano or a veteran who wants tostrengthen his listening skills. Steady ear will keep your musicalear steady! Instructions: It's recommended you set the contour toaround 3-5 and 4-6 beats in total for average difficulty. Hit "PlayMusic" on the ear training screen to hear the sequence of notes.Tap the screen on the right beat (from left to right) and pitch(numbered from top to bottom, highest to lowest) and then tap"Submit" when satisfied. Features: * C, G, and F Major Keys * 1-8pitches, 1-8 beats per 1-4 measures * Share your score with yourfriends via another app! Questions, comments, any feedback isappreciated, so please leave a rating/review or email us.
Bit Golem 2.0.2
Bit Dreams
Long story short: Your creator Abacus (the ancient calculator), hasabandoned you (a sentient rock monster) and his other creations inhis winding, perilous dungeons. Your only chance of escape is tonavigate its dangerous rooms and defeat Abacus once and for all toleave the cursed place - and an old life for a better one. Thisgame features an optimized engine from the hit "Bit vs Bit", a darktop-down art style, and a variety of enemies and bosses to takedown and get to the top of the leaderboards. Play through all 25levels multiple times to reach leaderboard prestiges (whensigned-in to Google Play Games) and prove you are a legendary stonesorcerer! See the Bit Dreams website for lore and other games, andfeel free to leave feedback on what could be improved to the game.