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Timely Alarm Clock 1.3.2
Timely is the beautiful Alarm Clock for Android, featuringastunninguser experience and revolutionary cloud integrationtobackup andsynchronize your alarms with multiple devices.Settinganalarm hasnever been easier: Just swipe from the edge of thescreenand set thedesired time by dragging a bar. Tap to makeadjustmentsof 5minutes.Beautiful wake-up experience: Hand-crafted,highqualitysounds and our innovative Smart Rise featuretransformwaking up inthe morning into pure delight.Your taste,your style:Choose from ourgorgeous color themes to match your veryown style.Or use ourdesign-tool to create an all-new look. Selectone of ourhand-crafteddesigner clocks to fit your taste.Never getup lateagain: Usechallenges with your alarms to make sure you arereallyawake whendismissing an alarm. Think pressing buttons is notfancyenough? Turnyour phone to snooze it. Additionally,Timelyrecognizes when youlift your phone and reduces the alarmintensityby lowering thevolume.Connecting your devices: Manage,dismiss andsnooze alarms onall your devices at once. Cloudsynchronizationenables a seamlessexperience across phones andtablets. As a plus,everything getsbacked up.Ready, Set, Go: Useour stopwatch tomeasure time withstyle. And setting a countdown isas easy aswinding up a kitchentimer.Designed for tablets: Nomatter whatkind of device you own,Timely just looks perfect.More:Widget,Google Now integration,recurring alarms, awesomeanimations,adaptive snoozing, fade-in,DashClock extension, volumebuttons tosnooze.Learn more: