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Shadow Of Lights - Neon 1.0.1
Black Atom
Shadow Of Light - Fight Against ShadowInfinite Dash Game.Light Up all the platforms and win against shadow.Features:* Colourful Neon graphics.* Infinite Game play with increasing level of difficulty.* Simple and Sober game play to Increase level ofconcentration.* Easy Tap control.* Amazing Power Ups and Bonus.Dash as far as you can and push away all Darkness away from theworld.Hope you all like our work. Please Rate and Review us.
SpaceMass - Endless FIght 1.0
Black Atom
SpaceMass - Be Contract Killer of SpaceandPower up Ship Stormblades.Our special edition game for Comic book and SpaceGameLovers.Enjoy playing Deadly Space fight with Aliens and SpaceCreatureswith comic book graphics and Sounds.Features:* Unique comic book graphics with cartoon comic effects.* Three types of Unique Game Play modes :1 Ten Waves : Clear 10 different levels of game play and breakalllimits.2 Endless Waves : Fight Endless with space creatures and be therealhero of SpaceMass.3 BangBang : Just watch your hero to fight withdeadlyBuzzers.* Different kind of powers for getting helps in between.1 Speed Up : Be Speedy and roll in the space.2 Golden Gun : Get Golden Gun and level up your gun strength.3 Big Bang : Acquire big Bomb and clear surrounding area in aflashof time.4 Life Booster : Boost up your life , Stay charged to fight.* Dual Game Controls.1 Tilt Control : Tilt your device to control Space Ship..2 Touch Control : Touch on Screen to control Space Ship..* Amazing space sound effect with .* Colourful Comic style visual effects.* Google Game play Integrated.1 10 Waves Hero : Hit high Score in 10 Waves Mode and be Herointhis Leader board.2 Endless Hero : Make high Score in Endless Game type and be topinthis Leader board.3 BangBang Hero : Smash high Score in BangBang mode and setyourglory in this Leader board.4 Life Time score : Play more and more , Set your cumulativeScoreat highest and become Super Hero of SpaceMassFight your best and clean up the Space.Hope you all like our work. Please Rate and Review us.Like us Our Facebook Page to stay Connected on ourUpdatedworks:BlackAtom - Official :
Extreme Tracks Puzzle 1.0.0
Black Atom
Extreme Tracks - Free Puzzle Game.Grid Based Puzzle game.Arrange tracks and make a way for Trains.Lots of interesting levels with increasing difficulty.Features:*. Simple Graphics with grid based puzzle arrangement.*. 160 Levels of Game play with increasing levelofdifficulty.*. Simple and Sober game play to Increase levelofconcentration.Clear all the levels with your intelligence.Hope you all like our work. Please Rate and Review us.